Daddy You Can Fuck Me Better Than Anyone


Daddy You Can Fuck Me Better Than AnyonedeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedThis story is about a man Ravi in his early 50s, living with his wife and 21-year-old daughter Sneha. His son was 25 years and was studying abroad. Ravi was into his business and was living a very happy life.His wife, who was going through a pre-menopause stage, had lost interest in sex, though they had some great times in bed in their younger days. Ravi was a content man. He always supported her and never forced her to do anything, at least not for sex.Sneha had graduated from her college. She wanted to work before she took up any further studies. They were a happy family and had great bonding, especially Sneha and Ravi. They both were more friends than father and daughter. Sneha always looked up to her dad for any kind of problems in life. She used to openly discuss with him, and Ravi always advised her and never discouraged her in any situation.Sneha had just passed her teens she stood 5’4” tall, a nice slim figure with beautiful curls on her hair. She had a nice dusky complexion which made her look very ravishing. She had curves at the right places. Her tits were 34 B cups with a thin waist, with not too heavy on her hips. In short, she was a very sexy girl, though Ravi never had any sexual feelings for Sneha.This incident on which this story has been written changed the whole relationship between father and daughter. Hope you guys like it.It was the month of April in the year 2017 when Ravi’s wife had to leave for Bangalore to visit her longtime school friend for a week. She arranged everything for both before she left.The story now in the words of Ravi.The first two days were normal routine kind. It was Saturday night. When I was watching television, Sneha came and sat next to him, “Hey dad what are you watching?” she jumped on the sofa very close to me.It was not a weird situation as many times she used to jump on me for fun. “Nothing great, just a boring horror English movie”“Dad no, you are not watching this boring movie.” She got hold of the remote and started to surf other channels but sadly nothing interesting was going on. “Damn nothing good on TV. Let’s play poker dad” I smiled and agreed. We went to my bedroom to play, she was in her regular nightwear, a loose spaghetti short top with no innerwear and hot shorts as bottoms. I was in shorts and t-shirts too.We both started to play. Sneha had to bend down to serve cards and every time she used to do that, I was getting a glimpse of her tits, and her small light brown nipples. The situation was odd for me because I had never seen her tits since she had developed them.After three games she said, “Dad it is too hot can we have some beers?” I smiled, “Yes why not sweetie.” She ran to get two pints of chilled beers. We clanked our bottles and again continued with the game. Every time when I saw her tits, I was getting hard in my pants.Unfortunately, I had not worn briefs inside my shorts, which was making the bulge very visible. I guess Sneha saw it, but she acted normal. We were three pints down and my state was getting worse.There Sneha was getting a bit tipsy too. Every time she used to win a game, she was jumping, which made her small 34 B tits jump and jiggle. Now the devil inside me had taken over my mind and I was thinking very differently about my daughter.There was lust in my eyes for her. Possibly because I had not had proper sex from past one year because of my wife’s state. I wanted to control my feelings, but my mind gave in. I got a brilliant idea, “Hey sweetie this is getting a bit boring why don’t we spice this game up?”She was too high with alcohol to guess what her father had in mind she just simply asked, “Ok dad how you would like to spice this game?” I replied, “From now on anyone who wins can ask another person for a truth or a dare.”She got excited, “Wow dad this will be good. I have played this game on a rolling bottle with my friends it was nice.” Little did she know that her father had something very different in his mind. “Ok quick get some more beers. Let us have a nice time together.” She ran to fetch some beers.“Ok, here it is now. Let’s play” My lust had taken over my guilt. I could sense something very drastic was going to happen, but I didn’t care. She was too hard to resist. We played the hand which I won, “Ah nice my turn is first truth or dare?”She replied angrily, “Ok uhmmmm truth.” I thought before I could ask anything bold, I will wait because I didn’t want to ask something which will make her feel awkward from the word to go. “Ok do you have a boyfriend?”She was a bit too tipsy to be shy to reply that “I am currently single. Yes I had a few during my college days” I smiled and we dealt another hand again I was the winner. “This is bursa escort not fair dad ok truth again.”I laughed before I asked, “How many boyfriends you had in the past?” She was counting in her mind. “I was in 3 relationships, but none last more than 3 months.”“Why was that?”“Sorry dad only one question at a time, you can ask again if you win again.”Next hand, she won. “Yippee, I win, ok truth or dare?” I thought for a while, “Ok truth for now.” She had a cunning smile on her face, “Ok dad did you ever have any other women before you got married to mom?”“Well, I had a girlfriend for 4 years in college, but we never could marry each other because her father was a very strict man.”“Aww so sad. I am sure she was pretty.”“Yes, she was a pretty woman. Hey, you said no 2nd question you are cheating.”We laughed a lot before we dealt another hand. This time I got lucky, “Truth or dare?” She said truth again, “Hmm did you have sex with any of your boyfriends?” She turned pale when I asked her this, and she refused to reply.“Hey game is game, you have to reply what is been asked to you.”“Ok ok, yes I was involved physically with all of them, but only restricted till oral, I was never involved in the main stuff. You know what I am saying”She looked down when she finished saying. I raised her chin and looked straight into her eyes. “It is ok. We all have had fun in our time until it is safe, then nothing is wrong so relax, but why were you not involved in that main stuff?”She was silent, “Dad please can I pass this question?”“Hey baby we are more friends than dad and daughter, aren’t we?”She smiled, “Ok but this will be our secret, promise me.”“Yes sweetie I promise”She was giggling, “Well, hum they were not fit for that main stuff. I mean they were quite immature to handle stuff like that. I think a man has to be more matured to do that main stuff like a man like you dad.”That came as a bit of a shock to me. It gave me a huge hard-on inside my pant. I had to keep a pillow so she cannot see it, but I was too late. She did see it, but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she started dealing the next hand. This time she was lucky. “Truth or dare?”“Ok, dare,” I said. After 4 pints of beer Sneha was not in her senses because she said something very bold.“Ok dad I could see a bulge in your pant I would want you to show me what is that bulge from.” I was amazed at what she had just asked me to do. Deep inside I wanted that to happen, but I never expected Sneha to give the first go. So without much hesitation, I stood on the bed and removed my shorts.Sneha dropped her jaw when she saw my 9” long cock which was at all-time hardness. “Wow dad, you certainly have a great tool if I compare to all my 3 boyfriends you are the longest.”She licked her lips with her tongue which was quite a gesture. I was too shocked to react and was about to wear my shorts when she stopped me. “Hey, dad just relax, and leave that shorts where it is, you look good this way.” She giggled when she said this.I sat there, with my 9” hard cock pointing towards my sweet daughter, who was now staring at it and biting her lips. This gave me a blood rush in my cock I just wanted to shoot my load there and then in her young pussy. But I wanted this to build up well.I won the next round. Before I could ask she said, “I want a dare.” I thought for a while before I asked, “Ok you said you liked daddy’s tool, come and play with it.” Blood flushed out of her face, but not for long. She moved on my side on her knees.Slowly she put her hand on my hard cock she was just holding it and hesitating to make any move, “You can play with it sweetie it will not bite you.” Without any further delay, she rolled my foreskin down she started to stroke my cock. Her small hands wrapped around my hard cock gave me a huge urge to cum.“Do you like it, baby?” She just smiled at me and nodded. I pulled her face towards mine and I kissed her lips. I was slowly and softly sucking her lips. Her grip on my cock tightened. She was responding to my kiss well.She was pushing her tongue in my mouth. Guess she had learned to kiss from her ex-boyfriends. My hands were moving on her back, caressing it softly. She moved her hand off my cock to sit on my lap now. She was kissing me very hard. Her hands were running in my long hair.I moved her strap below her shoulders to expose her 34 B cup tits. She had small very fair tits, but her nipples and aureoles were dark. Her nipples stood huge compared to her tits size. She let a moan in my mouth as I touched her tits and rolled my finger on her already erect nipples.She held my face to kiss me hard, she shivered as I pinched her nipples hard “Oh daddy that feels so nice.” She broke the kiss as she moaned to tell me that, I looked at her I could see the love bursa escort bayan for me in her eyes.“Ok baby we need to think and talk before we get involved into this. First, this kind of relationship between dad and daughter is considered a taboo in our society, but I care a damn. I believe a dad and daughter are man and woman first. I have always liked you, baby. If you are ok with this and if you can keep this a secret, then only we should move further, or we stop right here.”Without giving a thought she said, “Dad, I have had hots for you. I guess I tried to be with boys my age, but I never liked them. I always wanted to be with a matured man like you, so why not you, dad? I don’t think there will be anyone else better than you who can take me into this world of lovemaking”We didn’t speak another word after that. I made her all naked for me and she did for me. Soon we were both in our birthday suits and kissing wildly. Our hands were all over our naked bodies. Soon her hands reached my hard cock which she held again, and she was stroking it hard.On the other hand, I was kneading her tits in tandem, pinching her nipples again. I lowered myself on her small tits which she happily held for me to suck. I flicked my tongue on her erect nipples, “Wow dad that’s feeling amazing. I love what you are doing.”I sucked her erect dark nipples with my lips. This made her moan even louder. She started to push my head on her tits for me to suck them harder.I obliged her by sucking both her tits and nipples I turn till she felt sore.“Oh, dad your sucking has made me wet there.” She pointed between her legs I smiled, “Ok baby let me take care of that too.” But she instead made me lie on my back and kissed me hard on my lips. Her small hand was wrapped around my hard cock stroking it.She broke the kiss, “Dad, wait I need to take care of something before you do that to me.” She moved down like a pro licking my nipples, tickling my navel, finally to my cock. She licked the pre-cum with her tongue which gave me shivers, and slowly she was blowing me up with her lips.I was in heaven and moaning loudly. I moaned and declared, “Oh fuck princess this feels so damn good. I will be shooting my cum anytime.” She just kept sucking me harder, her fingers stroked my cock faster.I shot my first load deep inside her mouth, hitting her throat. Then one more, then another. I kept shooting my load inside her mouth till it started to leak out of her lips from the side. She removed my cock out, “Was I good, dad?”She had a bright smile on her face. “Fuck baby where did you learn to blow so well?” She smiled, “My last boyfriend taught me, was I good?”“Oh fuck yes, I have never had such an amazing blow job till today.”We kissed hard while I laid her on the bed. I gave a hard squeeze on her tits. “Oh god, dad, that feels amazing.”“Well it is daddy’s turn to pleasure his princess, have you ever been licked by any of your boyfriends?” She shook her head. Without wasting any time, I got between her legs, smelled her clean shaven pussy. It was already wet, I pressed my thumb hard on her swollen clit she shivered so hard that her whole body shook.“Oh fuck dad what did you just do?” I played with her clit for a while before I lowered my tongue on her clit and flicked it hard. She screamed aloud before she felt her first orgasm. Already I could taste her juices flowing out.I sucked her pussy lips. Sometimes I was pressing her clit with my finger. She was in heaven. The whole room was filled with her moans. I inserted one of my fingers in her wet pussy. As soon as I moved it in and out, she started to buck herself up indicating me to go deeper.I didn’t want to go much deeper as I wanted to break her cherry with my cock inside her pussy. But I got hold of her G spot. The moment I touched it, she moaned loudly,“Ohhhhh Godddd daddy ahhhh that feels just amazing. I have never felt so good, don’t stop daddy ahh I am cumming already”A few more flicks on her G spot gave her a huge orgasm. She shuddered so hard, clenching the bedcover with her hands. It took 10 minutes for her orgasm to subside. I took her into my arms and gave a nice tight hug. I knew what a woman needs that after a good orgasm.She slept into my arms for 15 minutes when she woke up she came up and kissed me “DADDY, YOU ARE THE SWEETEST”I kissed her back. Our tongues started to play again. My cock was ready for another round. “Daddy please fuck me, please make me a woman from a girl.”“Ok baby this is going to a bit painful, so are you sure?”Her gleaming eyes said, “I am ready to be deflowered by my sweetest daddy.”I put on the condom and slowly got over her petite body. I wanted to relax her tense body before I could go all the way. So I kissed her while she spread her legs in anticipation, escort bursa but I was in no hurry. I licked her neck, ears just when I was sucking her dark erect nipples, she screamed, “Daddy fuck me, fuck me now.”She got hold of my hard cock and placed the tip at her pussy entrance. I could feel both the fear and excitement in her eyes. I kissed her lips while I pushed my cock slowly inside her pussy. Then a little more and more, tears flowed from her eyes as I gave that final push to break her hymen.She was in pain, so I stopped with my cock still inside her pussy half way my lips were sucking hers and I did that for the whole 5 minutes.“Is my princess feeling ok now?” She just nodded yes, which was enough for me to understand that she was ready. I lifted my body a bit and gave a final push. My whole cock was inside her pussy now.Tears still rolled down her cheeks, but she had a smile this time. A smile of the pleasure she had extracted from the whole act. Soon she started to buck her hips, indicating me to fuck her.I didn’t waste a second. I moved my cock in and out of her wet pussy, “Oh fuck daddy this is amazing. I am in heaven fuck me harder now daddy ahhhhh” I kept pushing harder and deeper inside her wet juicy cunt. Her body shivered as she experienced her first orgasm with a cock inside her.She kept cumming, as I kept fucking her hard. “Wow daddy this is so awesome; I have never felt so good till today” I plopped my cock out of her blood and cum filled pussy. We slept in each other’s arms until she could breathe normally.Sneha was playing with my nipples her hand went down to remove my condom. “Hey, baby why are you removing the protection, do you want to change it?”She removed the condom and climbed over my lap while I was still lying down “Daddy I want to feel your raw cock in my pussy, can I?”“No baby we cannot do that. You can get pregnant it’s not safe”“Daddy, stop worrying about that, I have been on pills from one year.”As she said that, Sneha guided my cock inside her wet pussy. Soon she was riding with my whole cock inside her pussy. Her tits were jumping. I could not resist to hold them and squeeze them. Soon the whole room was filled with our moans.Our bodies were perspiring. I could feel my cock touching her pelvic bone. “Oh, daddy please pinch my nipples, that gives me a great sensation in my pussy.”I obliged her. I had her erect nipples between my fingers. I was pinching them hard. She was in another world. Sneha was experiencing orgasms after orgasms. “Oh fuck daddy, this is sooooooooo amazing. I want you to cum inside me now. I want to feel your cum in my pussy now. Cum for me daddy cum inside your daughter’s pussy. Make me a woman daddy.”Her pleads worked a few strokes and my balls overflowed with my cum shooting inside her cunt. “Oh fuck Sneha, daddy is cumming inside you.”Soon I emptied my balls inside her pussy. She dropped like a dead log on my hairy chest breathing very hard. I moved my cock out of her pussy. With our mixed juices flowing out of her pussy she stayed in this position for a long time, I made her lie down and gave her a tight hug.“Hey, baby are you ok?”“Yes, daddy your princess is a woman now. She is happy that her daddy was the one who helped her to be a woman.”We slept in each other’s arms until I woke at 7 am. Sneha was lying naked next to me. As I was moving out of the bed, I felt Sneha’s soft hands holding my wrist. “Ahh my princess is awake”I bent down to kiss her, “Good morning beautiful.”“Good morning daddy. Wow that was one hell of a night for me, hope you enjoyed too daddy?”“Oh yes baby this was awesome you are an amazing lovemaker”“Thanks, daddy, I still have to learn a lot from you.”“Ok my sweetie, daddy will teach you everything. Now I will go have a bath and prepare breakfast for both of us.”“Yes daddy I am starving too.”We both ran in our respective bathrooms. I was in the kitchen in no time making eggs and coffee for both of us. I felt Sneha’s hands wrapping around me from back, “Daddy, I love you so much.”I turned around and made her sit on the platform, “Daddy loves you too sweetie, but I need to speak to you. Soon mummy will come back, and I want you to be as normal as you have been until now. I don’t want you to show any kind of signs to mummy that we are in love. Please don’t make things difficult for all three of us. I know you are young and you have this urge of sex more than me. But if you really want this to go on for long, then you will need to have lots of control and willpower, will you do it, baby?”She pulled my face near her and kissed me hard. “Yes, daddy I will. I will do this for our love, but you have to promise me that whenever we get a chance, and if it’s safe, you will make love to me”“I promise you, baby.”Sneha and I had great lovemaking sessions for years. I taught her everything that a man and woman can do on the bed, from oral to different positions of lovemaking.I hope you all have enjoyed reading my story please add comments on my stories,,,,,