Daddy Caught Me


I had just showered and was laying on my bed, playing a video game on my phone naked. I was too tired from the shower to get dressed and only my daddy was home and he was downstairs in his office, so it was fine that I lounge around in my room naked.

After a while of not being able to beat a level, I got bored with the game and started touching my body. I had played with myself in the shower, but didn’t make myself cum and my pussy was still wet, needing release. The cold air in my room made my nipples stand at attention and my left hand plucked at them while my right hand dipped into my core and swirled around my clit.

I couldn’t hold back the soft moans that escaped my mouth as I toyed with my pussy, soaking my fingers.

Daddy was in his office, he wouldn’t hear me and mommy was at an office party so she wouldn’t be home until late anyway. I could probably be as loud as I wanted.

Blindly, I reached into my bedside table to pull out my magic wand vibrator. I leaned over to the back of my bed and plugged in my favorite toy, turning it on and teasing my body. I started slowly, touching my nipples with it, sending waves of pleasure up my spine.

My right hand continued to gently stroke my clit while my left hand dragged the vibrator down to meet it. The second the vibrator made contact with my clit I let out a loud moan and humped the vibrating machine I held between my legs.

“Oh, oh god,” I moaned totally oblivious to the world around me.

I increased the pressure on my clit while I let out a string of moans, my pussy dripping onto my bed sheets. I was so close I could feel the muscles in my body beginning to tense up.

“Just what do you think you’re doing, young lady?”

I dropped my toy in shock, my eyes sprung open and I moved to cover my body with a pillow as my daddy stood in the doorframe to my room with an angry expression on his face.

“D-daddy I was just,” I stuttered searching for an answer.

“Just what?” Daddy moved towards the bed he stood just next to me and bent down to pick up the vibrating toy that fell. “Just about to cum, maybe?”

My cheeks were tomato red from embarrassment and I buried my face in my pillow.

“I thought you hurt yourself and you were up here crying in pain and when I come in you’re in here with your legs spread and humping a vibrator like a common whore! I thought I raised you better than that!”

“You did, Daddy! I’m so sorry!”

“Where did you even get something like this?” Daddy sounded so angry and I bit my lip, not wanting Rize Escort to answer the last question.

“Well, I’m waiting young lady.”

“Well, do you remember when you gave me some money last month so I could get mommy a birthday present at the mall and I told you I lost the money…I actually used it to buy that…”

“Are you kidding me? So not only are you a whore, but you’re a lying whore, too?”

“No, daddy I’m not a whore!” I yelled defiantly.

“Who do you think you’re raising your voice at?”

“S-s-sorry daddy,” I looked down.

“No, I don’t think you are. I think you need to be shown some discipline!”

Without another word, daddy tore the pillow away from me, dragging me off the bed as I tried to hold onto it. He sat in the spot I had just occupied and then tossed my body over his lap as I struggled to break free.

“Daddy, let me go!”

“Oh no, baby girl, you need to be taught a lesson,” I felt my daddy’s hand on my ass and then a sharp pain as he brought it down with a smack.

“Ow daddy!”

“Shut up!” he yelled, bringing his hand down two more times.

“Lying to me, buying vibrators with my money, masturbating like a little slut, you deserve this!”

He smacked my ass until it was red and hurt when he rubbed it.

“Ow daddy, please no more, I will be good,” I said with tears running down my face.

“I don’t think you will be,” daddy said as he took his hand from my red cheeks to my swollen pussy. It was still dripping wet and I still needed to cum desperately and the second my daddy touched me there, I knew he could feel it.

“If you’re going to act like a slut, I might as well treat you like one,” he murmured to me while dipping two fingers into my tight pussy.

“Oh daddy no, stop! I’m a virgin, stop!”

Daddy laughed, “There is no way you are a virgin after the way you were playing with yourself before.”

“No daddy, I swear!”

“Guess we will have to find out, won’t we.”

Daddy pushed me off his lap and back onto my pillows. I looked up at him as he undid his pants and his erection sprang free. He dick was so big in my virgin eyes, it looked so scary with its bulbous head and veiny shaft. I was paralyzed, all I could do was watch my daddy strip off his shirt and then climb on top of me.

He leaned down to press his lips against mine in a very un-father-daughter kiss. He slipped his tongue against mine and made me kiss him back while he reached in between my legs to thrust two fingers into my wet pussy.

“Oh Rize Escort Bayan daddy,” I moaned. Despite not wanting this, I couldn’t deny that this was feeling so good, especially when I had been so close to cumming before.

“What a little whore, moaning for more already, and from your own daddy fingering your little pussy.”

I said nothing, just moaned louder as he pumped his fingers in and out of me, his thumb brushing against my clit.

Pleasure started to build up in my core again and I could feel myself about to cum again when my daddy suddenly stopped completely.

“Oh daddy, please,” I cried out, moving my hips in circles, seeking out the fingers that were just about to make me orgasm.

I found the fingers when he shoved them into my mouth and the taste of my pussy spread all over my tongue as I tasted my juices for the first time.

“Clean it all,” daddy demanded and I had no choice but to obey. I sucked at his fingers, sliding my tongue in between them to clean them completely and when he was satisfied, he pulled them out and then spread my legs wide.

“Look at this pretty pussy,” daddy said as he admired my body. My pussy was freshly shaved from the shower and soft to the touch, much different than daddy’s hard, throbbing cock.

“I’m gonna fuck this pussy until you can’t stand straight,” daddy said, mostly to himself as he fisted his cock and slid it against my slippery folds.

Without warning, he popped the head of his cock into my center and I jumped, feeling myself stretch to a limit I had never gone to before. The most action my pussy had ever had was fingers and my daddy’s thick cock was way bigger.

“Oh, so fucking tight,” daddy moaned, feeding my hungry pussy inch after inch of his long shaft.

When he reached my hymen, he looked me in the eye and smiled, “What a good girl, you are still a virgin.”

“I told you,” I said, finally realizing that I was about to lose my virginity to my own father. “Please stop now!” I said struggling to pull away.

“You think I’m gonna stop now?” Daddy chuckled, pulling his hips back slightly and then ramming forward, tearing through my hymen in one forceful stroke.

I moaned out in pain, my muscles tensed completely and I could feel my pussy gripping my daddy’s cock like a vice.

“Oh stop, it hurts,” I moaned out.

“It’ll feel good, just give it a while,” daddy explained while beginning to build a steady rhythm. I could feel every inch of his dick as it slid in and out of my freshly used pussy. Escort Rize He started to pick up pace and reached in between our bodies to flick his thumb over my clit a few times. It felt good and I started to relax, enjoying the feeling of being so full in a place I never knew I needed to be.

I started thrusting back, meeting his forceful thrusts and moaning out my pleasure.

“Yeah, that’s a good little whore, fuck yourself on your daddy’s cock,” he said, stopping his own thrusting and just watching me hump at him while I pulled at my nipples.

“Oh daddy, I’m gonna cum,” I announced when the pleasure started to become too much. This was the third time I felt my body reaching towards an orgasm and if I didn’t cum I was going to go crazy.

Daddy wasted no time, he gripped my hips and started his wild thrusting yet again, pounding my pussy mercilessly.

“Oh you’re going to make daddy cum baby girl,” he announced.

“Pull out daddy, don’t cum inside of me,” I asked, still moving towards my own climax.

Daddy seemed to find the request funny cause he laughed and continued his harsh fucking, now dragging my hand away from my tit, ordering me to rub my clit.

Lost in my pleasure, I rubbed fast, small circles around my clit, feeling a pressure building in my lower belly.

“Oh daddy, daddy,” I moaned. My head fell back into the pillows and my eyes slammed shut, just a little more stimulation on my clit and my body exploded like a firework. A long, deep moan sounded from my throat as I rode out my climax on daddy’s still cock inside me.

“Oh yes, baby, milk daddy’s cock,” he said groaned in my ear and I realized that my daddy was cumming inside me, completely unprotected.

“Daddy no, I could get pregnant!” I moaned, still coming down from my orgasmic high.

He said nothing, just continued jaggedly rocking into my pussy, pouring incestual seed into my fertile little pussy.

When he finally stilled, he let out a long sigh as he laid on top of me, catching his breath and letting his cock soften inside me.

After a moment of total silence, daddy announced he was going to pull out of me and I moaned at the sudden shift inside my abused little cunt.

“You won’t be needing this anymore,” daddy said, picking up the toy that was still buzzing, unplugging it from to wall and wrapping up the wire.

“Next time you feel the need to play with this cute little pussy, you be a good girl and come straight to daddy okay?”

I nodded, not really agreeing to the statement, but daddy smiled and leaned down to kiss me again. He left the room after collecting his clothing and shut the door behind him.

I may have agreed to go to him the next time I needed to cum, but I was already working up a plan as to how I could get my vibrator back.