Cuckold in the Family Ch. 03

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My story of submission continues with a special night orchestrated by my 20 year old daughter Cassie. Last Saturday she had me pick her up from home instead of her and her boyfriend coming to my place for an afternoon of me serving as their cuckold.

Cassie was wearing a new outfit, which was normally the case as she pretty much had carte blanch with my credit card. She told me she had made reservations at the Bistro. . . the most expensive restaurant around. She promised that tonight would be unlike any other I was used to. My tiny dick was hard just thinking about what demented perversion I was in store for.

I had come to realize that my daughter was ten times more wicked than her mother ever had thought of being to me as I served as her cuckold daddy.

We arrived at the restaurant and were shown to a secluded circular booth in the back corner. Cassie was a lovely young woman who looked much older than her twenty years would indicate and it was obvious of course that our arrival together was a father taking his daughter out to dinner for a special occasion.

Shortly after we were seated another “guest” arrived. A large thirty something black gentleman arrived at the table and was introduced to me by Cassie as her new “friend” Jason. He shook my hand and sat down to the right of Cassie so that we were each on one side of her.

Cassie explained that her and Adam had been having troubles and she was expanding her horizons and was about to expand my horizons as well. She had met Jason on a swingers website and he was an experienced “Bull” who had served as a dom to other white couples and was quite good at servicing hot wives, or in this case, a hot daughter while her daddy would serve them as their cuckold.

I was in shock. I had always fantasized about my ex fucking one or more black men while I watched but watching my daughter’s tight young pussy get destroyed by a BBC had not been in the discussion before. I was about to find out evidently what it was like to watch gorukle escort my daughter go black while I watched helplessly.

The waiter came and went and took our order for drinks and appetizers. He did not even think about carding my daughter as she easily looked to be about 25 years old. It was also becoming apparent to me that the waiter knew Jason. Something about the way they spoke to each other, a nod and wink, not sure but I took it to understand that they knew each other and the waiter seemed to be privy to what was about to take place that evening.

After a brief discussion about what the new “rules” would be with our new found relationship or situation as the case may be I was soon to understand that Jason would be referred to by me as “Master” and Cassie would be “Mistress” moving forward. I was no longer allowed to speak unless given permission. Both Jason and Cassie made it quite clear that I would serve them as a slave and if I stepped out of line the repercussions would be serious and perhaps even brutal.

I kept my head bowed and only spoke if directed by the new “owners.” They ordered dinner for me, a side salad dry and an order of asparagus. They both opted for the Porterhouse steaks with baked potatoes and asparagus. The bottle of wine was close to $200 none of which I would taste. The waiter seemed to be getting a kick out of the show, watching the sissy daddy submit to the young couple.

The booth was definitely secluded and I was forced to watch my beautiful daughter climb under the table and proceed to suck the big black cock of her new beau. He asked me how it felt to watch my little girl suck a black man’s cock. I was speechless and he said that my reluctance to answer me would cost me. “I’m sorry Master” was all I could come up with.

Cassie had an amazing oral skills as she swallowed that 9+ inch cock to the base time and again without any gagging. After about ten minutes of deep throating him she took his load into her mouth. altıparmak eskort bayan As she returned to her upright position, with a smile on her lovely face and cum dribbling down her chin the waiter arrived with the salads. He gave Jason a wink and left again.

Cassie grabbed my dry salad and proceeded to spit her mouthful of her new lover’s cum onto my salad.

“Now you have salad dressing Daddy” was her response to which I replied “Thank you Mistress.”

A nod from Jason was followed by Cassie reaching over and giving me a deep french kiss, sharing the remaining sperm that lingered in her mouth. My tiny dick sprang to attention having my daughters tongue in my mouth for the first time.

Cassie announced to Jason that her daddy had a tiny hard on and giggled. Jason reached in his pocket and slid a fresh condom across the table and directed me to go to the restroom, put the condom on and jack myself off into it, then return to the table. I said “Yes Master” and quickly went to the restroom as directed.

As I jacked off into the condom the other stall was occupied and it sounded like the occupant of that stall was also jacking off. I quickly returned to the table with the cum filled rubber in my hand. Servers had delivered the food already and the couple had already tore into their steaks. I was instructed to deposit the contents of my condom onto my plate of asparagus and did so obediently. The waiter arrived, having come from the direction of the restroom and after only a nod from Jason, he proceeded to pour the contents of yet another spent rubber onto my plate of asparagus. After a stern stare from Jason I said “Thank you Sir.” for the additional cream for my main course.

Cassie seemed a bit preoccupied and I soon discovered that she was “rubbing one out” as they say thru her thin silk undies for both her bull and her daddy to see. After she had rubbed herself to an orgasm, she slipped her panties off and reached over and nilüfer eskort bayan shoved them into my mouth and told me suck her juices. I was starting to like this new master’s style.

Now Jason was actively finger fucking my daughter’s bare pussy. She quickly came again. He obviously was demonstrating his dominance over us both and we were both very into it. Cassie pulled my empty wine glass down between her legs and filled it with a glass of my own special wine from her bladder. I drank it down eagerly.

The couple continued to consume their steaks and drink their wine while I choked down my salad and cum drenched asparagus. I was informed that I would be eating a lot of it as would my new master as asparagus makes cum taste awful and I would be swallowing a steady diet of both my own cum as well as that of my Masters. My pleasure was not the primary goal here but instead my humiliation which would be heightened by the taste of nasty sperm.

After dinner the check arrived, $350 or so and I was instructed to add a $250 tip to the waiter for his “special” service. We returned to my place and I prepared for a night of fluffing, watching and clean up duties.

I wasn’t feminized like I was normally used to but instead just made strip naked and sit obediently as my daughter’s new bull fucked her in every hole. Frequently taking out his cock and shoving down my throat until I choked and gagged on the massive piece of meat.

The size of Jason’s cock was really stretching Cassie’s previously tight cunt. He also created a gaping hole in her ass that left a hole that appeared as if it would accommodate a baseball bat. She was obviously in pain but was also ecstasy at the girth of her new lover’s cock.

He climaxed hard deep into her pussy. When he was finished I did my best to clean his large dick off with my tongue. Cassie proceeded to inform me that she was no longer on the pill and that it was up to me to clean the sperm out of her freshly fucked pussy if I didn’t want to have a black baby for my first grandchild.

I spent the next half hour in pure bliss as it was the first time I was allowed to lick my daughter’s pussy. I was as thorough as I could be performing my clean up duties. I am really going to enjoy the new dynamic of our relationship. Stay tuned for part 4.