Cuckold Confession

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Cuckold ConfessionMe and my wife Emily got married four years ago and have enjoyed reading about cuckolded husbands, especially the ones where Black studs fuck the wives. They fueled our fantasies. For the last couple of years I had badgered her to give it a go herself to find out what makes Black guys so good.I became even more insistent when a Black youth joined the firm straight from college and became one of my apprentices last year. Carl was 18 but from his remarks and his way with girls, he was clearly very experienced at fucking them. I had seen that he was very well endowed by the bulge in his jeans and, on a couple of occasions in the toilets, had seen his cock. It was really massive even though only limp. I began imagining him getting it up Emily’s pussy. I was seeing strong visions of my 28 year old wife enjoying it while I wanked. Then I read in a magazine about such a scenario. Emily enjoyed it and said, “I bet if I went with Carl, I could make you do all those things in that letter.” I agreed it was true, I probably would. That letter really did fire Emily’s interest and I noticed her resistance to my idea of her going with Carl had weakened, so I pushed even harder until she finally gave in and agreed to give it a try. I think at first it was to shut me up, but the idea grew, until it was her suggesting we did it. I took her out a few times with the lads, including Carl. Now Emily is a very sexy girl with a nice firm figure; she never had trouble in attracting male attention. I could also see Carl was taken with her, as she was with him. He’s over six feet tall and good looking with a big, muscular body. He’s into boxing and weight-training and he’s very tough and strong.At work I suggested that as he fancied my wife so much, he should meet Emily on a more personal basis. He said he’d love to … and clipped me round the head and sent me flying! I hated to think what damage he could cause me if he really wanted to. I knew he was the guy for Emily but told him that if he did fuck her, he had to use a rubber like I did. He said he never used them so I said, “OK, it will be alright as she wanted me to lick her out after.” He said, “Man, you’re weird. I’ll gladly oblige, though. You tell her I’d love to screw her even though I can’t see it happening.” I assured him we meant it and he would end up fucking her if he wanted to. When I told Emily she went over the top, but I kept egging her on to let Carl show her a good time and to find out if Black men were the best. In the end, against her better judgement may I add, she gave in and said, “OK, I’ll go with him to please you and to find out if they are better at pleasing a woman, but if his cock çanakkale escort is all its cracked up to be, you had better be prepared for the worst … I may find him irresistable once I’ve had him, and want him all the time. You’ll also have to keep your word and lick me clean afterwards.” I said I’d do anything she wanted, but that she had to take him without using rubbers if she wanted me to lick her clean of his spunk. She said that it would be alright as long as it happened just before her period.The next day, I told Carl all that we had discussed and that Emily was prepared to go all the way with him. My young apprentice couldn’t believe his luck, but he put a damper on me by saying he wouldn’t want me around at first. He also said he wanted to do her that night, which was a good week before we had planned, but I agreed. I phoned Emily at work and told her everything and that I had agreed to Carl having her that night. She went mad at first but then calmed down and agreed. She said she had to go shopping that afternoon for some new things to wear. I told her to get something extra special. I told her that white silk stockings would be in order, and very high stilettos, as Carl liked girls who wore them. She said she would sort it all out in her own way.As we worked, I watched Carl and imagined his powerful, smooth, ebony body laying across Emily’s creamy white figure. I had to relieve myself twice that afternoon. All the time in my mind was the sight of Carl’s young, Black cock ploughing deeply into Emily’s hairy minge, and then spunking all the way up inside her. I saw me down between her legs licking it all out, and swallowing the combination of their sex juices. That evening I nervously watched Emily prepare herself, which gave me a corker of a hard-on. She said, “If we go through with this, things will never be the same for us, you know.” I told her that I understood and was willing to share her with a young, virile stud like Carl, and that I would keep my end of the bargain and do everything I had promised. She smirked knowingly. I gasped when I saw her fully dressed for her meeting with my young mate. The dress wasn’t that outrageous, being just a plain greyish colour and knee length but it buttoned up the front and she had left several lower buttons undone and a couple at the top so it showed off a lot of cleavage. She had bought a pair of really high-heeled, white court shoes and I could see she had white stockings on and a plunging white lace bra. She looked the business and she knew it. She looked fabulous. She wore her gold jewellery, bracelets, gold watch and rings, including her engagement and wedding rings which sparkled escort çanakkale in the lights. Her golden hair shone and my insignificant cock jumped to attention. All five inches of it.Emily eyed me up, taking notice of my erection. She said, “OK Robert, this is your last chance. If you don’t want me to go through with this, say so now. Show me you don’t. Kneel down and have a wank. But if you want me to go ahead, you must leave now so that I can be alone with him.” Despite my throbbing cock and the overwhelming urge to wank off, I turned and left. She called out, “You’re going to regret it; I’ll show you that young and Black can do a better job for me and that you’re useless to me as a man. I’m going to let Carl do as he wants with me, you pathetic wimp.” I left the house with her scornful words ringing in my ears. I sat in the car and waited for Carl to arrive and played with myself as I waited.Carl arrived early; he didn’t see me as he walked up. I felt apprehensive and sick with jealousy. I began wishing I wasn’t letting it happen and that it was me about to fuck her. Then I came all over my trousers as my sexy wife showed him in. She saw me and walked over swaying her hips seductively. She told me not to come back for at least three hours. As she walked away, she turned back and said loudly, “I’m going to get fucked properly for once, by a real man. I’m going to let Carl come inside me, so go and wank your pathetic dick over that!” I went to the pub. I got jealous but also very aroused at the thought of young Carl making it with my wife and ruining her for me. I waited almost two hours but in the end I’d had enough, I was going to put a stop to it. I’d decided I didn’t want Emily to become his woman. When I got back, the bedroom door was locked. I heard them laugh, then Emily saying loudly, “Oh oh, sounds like the wimp is back.” I heard Carl say, “Let him see what he’s missed and what you’ve had.” She unlocked the door and I burst in, then stopped dead at the sight before me. Emily stood semi-naked in just stockings and high heels with her hands on her hips and a haughty smile on her pretty face. I looked past her to see Carl laying naked on my bed, leering at me, his long, thick cock lay across his thigh still wet and sticky. It still looked massive as it gleamed in the light, still slimy with her juice.Emily looked at me, annoyed, and said, “Well, what do you want?” My resolve crumbled as I looked at her beautiful body, thick white stuff dribbling down the insides of her thighs. Her neck and breasts were covered in love-bites and there was that air of confidence about her that finished me off. I mumbled that I was sorry and turned away, çanakkale escort bayan defeated but she stopped me leaving and said, “Come here, down on your knees.” I hesitated, then obediently obeyed her. She stood there, legs apart, spunk now running onto her stockings. She had her hands on her hips and looked arrogantly down at me as I shuffled forward. “Well, come on then,” she said. “Get a move on, get your tongue going, lick me out.” My face was only inches away from her gaping hole and the smell of her sex and the spunk was overpowering. I looked over at Carl, hoping for help, but he was watching intently. Then I buried my face in her sticky cunt and licked at it like mad. Emily grasped my hair and held me in so I couldn’t escape. By then, my self-respect had gone and I wanted to lick her and taste them on my tongue.I wanted her to humiliate me in front of him; I wanted to be the sex slave of my wife and a boy ten years younger than me. She held me as she slowly worked her way back to the bed and all the time I kept licking. She lay back beside Carl and raised her leg over my shoulders. Her cunt gaped enormously, having been stretched by his thick cock. It looked so big, bigger than I’d ever seen it before with spunk bubbled and frothed inside it. As I licked, I saw Carl’s cock harden out of the corner of my eye, and grow until it stood proud in all its glory; it was all of ten inches long. My respect for him grew and also my respect for Emily having taken such a monster. She had proved she was all woman, while I was proving I was all wimp. I tried having a wank as I licked and swallowed all that spunk but she told me not to. Even so, I kept trying until that is, Carl told me to obey my orders. Emily started to come on my tongue and her legs tightened around my neck. She then went over the top and her body thrashed around, but the next thing I knew, I was being ushered away by Carl; he wanted to take her again. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was to fuck her for the third time. I knelt beside them as he entered her and I took hold of my cock, but Emily saw me and told me to clear off and to leave them in peace. I tried protesting but Carl got off her, his cock straining and covered with her come and guided me out before locking the door. I heard her laugh. I stood outside that door listening to the sound of my wife getting fucked and had my wank in silence, followed by several others. He didn’t leave until the next morning when I drove him to work.At work, he got me to do everything; he kept reminding me how much Emily had enjoyed his way of fucking, and how well I had licked her pussy out after. Pretty soon, all our mates knew, and most of the others, as he bragged loudly to everyone that he had fucked his foreman’s wife and he took great pleasure in describing the way I licked his spunk from her hole. I felt humiliated and intimidated by him, but in my perverse way, I enjoyed the humiliation.