Crossings Ch. 03a


3. Across The Border (part 1)

I woke to Callie nuzzling my neck from behind, one long, lithe, strong leg draped over my waist, her graceful foot very lightly brushing me. I was rock hard. My neck, my earlobe, her teeth nibbling, her tongue, her lips. To wake like this is one of my biggest fantasies … something like it only happened to me once before, with Joanna not long after we first shared a bed, and I’d been completely out of my head, both of us coming hard. I groaned to remember.

“Fuck me like an animal,” Callie whispered, my earlobe between her teeth, and my mind just fell away. She came once, twice, three times as I drove into her, each time harder than the last, once missionary, once with her beautiful long legs over my shoulders, the last time with me behind past her magnificent bottom, but for me it was like I’d been forbidden. She was wearing some kind of flexible cord like a long strip of supple leather around her wrist and forearm, not something I’d seen before.

“Stop, please, oh goddess, stop,” she said, gasping. “Bob, honey, that’s so good.” She moved forward, me sliding out of her, then rolled me over.

She began unwrapping the cord from her forearm. “Morgan gave this to me last night, that new girl of yours is quite the firecracker.” With one end still tied to her wrist, she started wrapping the other around the base of my cock, my balls, criss-crossing, figure eights, the other end still around her wrist. She tugged it, tugged me, and goddess, I felt it through my whole body … she literally had me by the balls, and I was loving every moment. She came closer, began teasing the tip of my cock with her tongue, then her lips, suction inside her mouth, and then her hands, her thumbs stroking my frenulum in gentle circular alternating motions, more nibbles, up and down me, like she’d been taking lessons from Jess and Dani both. She tugged again, harder, then reared up and turned around, lowered herself slowly, her beautiful sex coming ever so slowly closer to my waiting, eager mouth, I felt her lips and tongue and teeth on my cock again, one of her arms above her, tugging … it reminded me of her on a horse, riding one-handed the way she so effortlessly could, one-handed like I was a rodeo bronco. She finally let me kiss her, lick her, lapping, worshipping, adoring my beautiful Callie.

“Oh Bob,” she gasped, shuddering. Her awareness was in me and mine in her; I knew so well what she liked best just as she knew me, and I was getting closer to the edge every moment.

“We might have to try this with Morgan,” she said, and with that thought my orgasm became inevitable, me holding back as long as I could because I knew this was going to be even more special than usual, and also because I wanted to save it until Callie came twice more; I could feel both peaks on their way. She cried out, her tears falling onto me, tugging me again. I clutched her beautiful, supple, warm soft firm cheeks, to my mind the absolute best butt in the world, squeezing hard with my hands, my thumbs over her hips, squeezing as hard as I ever had, my nose on her perineum, suction in her passage, and then my tongue was on her clit. She yelped and bucked and if she had more breath in her lungs she might’ve screamed, and then I came in her mouth as she was coming in mine, it went on and on, like an out-of-body experience, and goddess, it was glorious.

She rolled off me, batted the back of her hand against my stomach, hooked an ankle around the back of my head and sat up using that as leverage, smiling at me. Then she spun around on her wonderful ass, lay down next to me, kissed me deep. She still had a little taste of me in her mouth.

“I love you,” she said, smiling. I put my arms around her, holding her tight, but gently.

“I love you, my beautiful Callie,” I said, our tastes mingled in my mouth.

“Feeling better?” she asked.

“I can still feel something, I think it came from the chocolate, but something also happened with Mike’s cognac. Am I the only one?”

“It was the most delicious dessert I’ve ever tasted,” she said, “but whatever it did to you doesn’t seem to have happened to me.”

“I don’t know that I want to share you with Morgan,” I said. “She might be a creative little tart in bed, but she said she’s a virgin, and it’s been too long since it was just you and me, and that’s all I really want.”

“You didn’t seem to mind with Dani yesterday,” she said, smiling.

I smiled back. “Callie, my love, you love Dani, too, and Jess, and Kelsey and Stu.”

“And Taylor,” Callie said, the ghost of a smile still on her face. I would smile that way for the rest of my life every time I remembered Taylor, even as I mourned her. I told Callie everything that happened with Morgan in her car.

“I think the real reason Mike invited you and Mariano to his study was so Grace could grill me,” she said. “She didn’t expect me, didn’t expect Mariano, it’s like she thought she knew when and how you would come here, but I was a surprise, our relationship a kind of … impediment. She Manisa Escort was relentless.”

“She reminded me of someone when I first met her,” I said. “I still haven’t figured out who, but then Morgan does, too.”

“She reminds me of Sati,” Callie said.

I thought about that, recalling that Morgan had reminded me of Sati. “I can see it,” I said. “You know how I have this kind of extrasense, that helps me know things I shouldn’t, either from the world around me or from someone else’s inner thoughts, feelings.”

“It’s the only thing you haven’t been able to teach us,” she said.

“I think Sati got it, or at least some of it while she was with me, but then when I first came to Newberry, she had me to herself for two full days, and those days were pretty intense. I was nowhere near being all there.”

“Grace is a really intense woman,” Callie said. “Mike and Joe and Morgan and even Kevin, in his way … when I’m with you I can usually sense some of what goes on inside other people, but I got absolutely nothing from Grace or Morgan or Joe.”

“I didn’t really try, though at one point I felt like I could with Mike,” I said. “But I also felt like if I did, someone else would know. I felt something like that when we sent energy to Dani and Jess from Shasta … I don’t think we should do anything like that again.”

“We should shower,” Callie said. “You were pretty out of it, but Morgan said breakfast would be at 8, and it’s already 7:30.”

“You first,” I said. “I’m still enjoying this beautiful afterglow.”

“Together, dummy,” she said, and slapped my belly. “It’s not too late to get lucky again.”

We didn’t, there wasn’t time, but we managed to straggle to the front door of Morgan’s house with Mariano by 7:55, all cleaned up. A man in clothes like the ones James wore last night opened it no more than three seconds after we rang the bell, his eyes down.

“Please come in,” he said, and we did. Wicker baskets with each of our names on them were in the entry, the same socks and shoes we’d worn last night, though Callie’s basket was covered and seemed more full than mine or Mariano’s.

Morgan joined us almost as soon as we changed shoes and socks, and what she was dressed in was amazing. A brief chemise in black, green, bright yellow, sunrise orange, a bronze like dark caramel in the pattern of a young sunflower. A different pair of heeled ghillies, just a little eyeliner and lip gloss, the first makeup I’d noticed on her, bronze toenail polish reminiscent of her hair but metallic with more gold, nothing evident on the close-trimmed nails of her small fingers. The sunflower pattern was hard to look away from, it drew the eyes in, spirals radiating in both directions from its center between her navel and solar plexus, the center subtly shiny. Then there was the bee on her hip, right where it flowed into her trim belly, suggesting so much, a really quite realistic-looking bee except it was larger than any bee ever. She must’ve been wearing a different bra than yesterday, because this chemise, more form-fitting than last night’s peasant blouse, showed her shapely breasts to much better effect. She saw my gaze brush across them and her amazing nipples hardened instantly, the erect portion easily a centimeter wide, half again as long, and tilted up like an invitation. Callie took my hand and squeezed. My head was spinning again.

“Morgan,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady, “is this your design? It looks wonderful on you. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Morgan shivered. Or maybe it was a shudder. She smiled, I think trying to put herself together just as I was, and a few moments later when her shivering was done, she actually curtsied. Very, very gracefully.

“I had help,” she said. “I sketched the design, I call it ‘Surya’, but I’m not that kind of artist so we found someone who was. He helped me translate my sketches to this pattern. Then we worked with a dress shop to translate the design into just the right fabrics, just the right proportions.”

She twirled, her hands above her head, her hem rising. If she were wearing underwear, she wasn’t wearing much. The only reason I didn’t think she had the best ass in the world at that moment was because the woman who I thought did, my beautiful Callie, was holding my hand. Even so, Morgan should’ve been in anyone’s top 5, not just mine. The only thing keeping her hem from revealing even more in that twirl was a woven brocade bronze-colored belt, snug around her hips.

“People tell me I have good taste in clothes,” Morgan said.

“You absolutely do,” Callie said. I might’ve said something, but I was still spinning from Morgan’s twirl. Or maybe it was just Morgan.

“You need new clothes,” Morgan said, pointing at me, and then at Mariano. “I want to pick something out for you before you leave me for … Mexico.” She was looking at just me now. “Your shirts don’t fit, like they were made for a different man, and, well … you have much too good a physique to hide,” and then she was shivering Manisa Escort Bayan again.

“You are a very talented woman,” I said, which seemed to intensify her shivers and she closed her eyes, and as her shiver died away she smiled, just for me, as if to say I had no idea how right I was, and as she saw me realize that, she smiled more, with a slight turn of her head and just a little blink.

They had a chef. Maybe they had more than one, but whoever was working this morning made one of the top-two Italian breakfast scrambles I’d ever had in my life. I’ve tried, but this was better than anything I’ve made myself, and I said so. The chef came out to shake my hand after Grace relayed my compliments. He seemed very pleased indeed but his eyes didn’t meet mine.

“I buy most of my clothes at an outdoor equipment co-op,” I said to Morgan. We were pushing back in our chairs.

“I know a place like that, a really good place, and it’s on the way,” she said.

Joe and Kevin rose. Joe had a paid internship at a commercial real estate developer’s executive office. He said his goodbyes.

“Bob, Mariano, will you join me in my study?” Mike said.

We did. He had a basket of flip phones, still in their packaging. He gave one to Mariano and two to me.

“These’ll work on both sides of the border,” he said. “I had one of my assistants bring them earlier this morning. One for Callie, if she needs it.” I nodded.

“Is there a good place here for me to call?” I asked.

Mike and Mariano left me alone in Mike’s study, Mike saying his goodbyes and wishing us a safe journey. I used the phone I bought in Nevada City to call one number after another, all the numbers I’d called from the car yesterday plus two more I’d remembered since then. There was no answer at any of them. It was hard without my address book – I’ve gotten out of the habit of memorizing numbers. Then I thought of one of our neighbors, the neighborhood matriarch who knows most things that go on there. She’s lived there a lot longer than we have. I called information and got her number.

“Pat,” I said when she answered, the first person besides Morgan that I’d managed to contact for months. “It’s Bob, your neighbor. I’ve been completely out of it for a few months, it’s a long story, a kind of amnesia, but I came out of it yesterday and I haven’t been able to reach Joanna or Rowan, or really anyone until just now.”

Pat took a long breath. “Bob, I’m glad to hear you’re doing better. Joanna moved. Things got really strange for her two months ago.”

“Do you know how to reach her?”

“I can leave a message, but don’t know when she’ll get back to me.”

“Can you give me her number?”

“She’s the one who needs to make that decision,” Pat said.

Uh oh … that didn’t sound good. “Is she OK? And the kids?” I asked.

Pat paused, another thing that didn’t feel good. “I’m going to let her answer those kinds of questions,” she said, “in her own time. Please don’t ask around here until she contacts you. She will when she’s ready.”

“Thank you very much for letting me know,” I said, an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, and gave her the number of the phone Mike had given me. Why was I going to Mexico? I should be going home.

“I wouldn’t expect a call back until the middle of next week,” she said.

“Thanks, Pat … I hope you’ve been well.”

“I’m OK, but we’re all still shaken up by everything that happened the day you disappeared, and then … later.”

“Can you tell me anything about that?”

“I’ll give your message to Joanna,” she said. “I’m glad you’re doing better, but for now, please stay away.” She hung up.

I returned to the sitting room. Grace, Callie, Morgan, and Mariano were chatting over tea and coffee and finger sandwiches. Something in my expression must’ve been the exact opposite of a poker face because Callie got up as soon as she saw me and hurried over for a close hug. Morgan followed a few seconds later and put a hand on my shoulder.

“I was able to reach a neighbor,” I said, trying to keep my breaths even. “She wouldn’t tell me much, but asked me to stay away until she hears back from my wife.”

Callie and I untangled. Grace took one of my hands between hers and then got an interesting expression on her face, like she’d sensed something in me. She stepped closer. It almost seemed like she was sniffing. I took a moment to let myself feel Callie’s perception that Grace reminded her of Sati, and the moment was all it took … yes, Callie had not only nailed the resemblance, Grace was an actual goddess like Sati, which would make Morgan a demigoddess. Grace’s eyes widened as she saw me process it.

“You and your friends live in interesting times,” she said, her eyes in mine. The intensity of Morgan’s eyes, and her gaze, had come from this woman right here.

“You’ve been very hospitable, Grace … these have been difficult months but my friends have helped me grow through it, I’ve been so fortunate. I wish nothing but blessings Escort Manisa on you and your family, and I thank you so much for understanding, and for last night and this morning.”

She smiled, angling her head, then Morgan took my arm and wound her other arm around Callie’s waist, walking us to the entry with Grace where four packages awaited, three gift bags that had our names on them plus a picnic basket. Mariano’s and my bags held only our socks, which had somehow been washed and dried since we came in before breakfast.

“For your socks and mocs, as keepsakes, may they keep you warm and comfortable for many years,” Morgan said, then while Mariano and I changed back into our usual socks and shoes, we put her gifts into the bags. She leaned in close to Callie and opened her bag so they could peek in together. I would learn more later, but heard Morgan’s whisper: “You can wear the laces like I do or detach them, either way Bob’s eyes will bug out of his head when he sees you in these, you have absolutely breathtaking legs.”

“We had chef make something with the leftovers you brought from the restaurant last night,” Grace said. “It should be good for the road. I hope you don’t mind that we kept some, I had a taste myself and it was as good as Morgan said. Perhaps we can visit together, another time.”

“They also cater, Mom,” Morgan said, which made Grace smile. They whispered to each other for a few moments.

Grace offered her hand and cheek to each of us; we kissed one and air-kissed the other.

“Safe travels,” Grace said as we opened the door and reemerged into brilliant SoCal sunshine.

Morgan’s cabrio top was down. “Will you drive with me again?” she asked. I looked to Callie, who nodded.

Morgan smiled at me, a remarkably sensuous smile, then turned to Callie.

“Thank you,” she said, gave Callie a kiss on the cheek, then led Callie and Mariano out her driveway, through the Hills of Beverly, down Santa Monica Boulevard to the freeway. It was past 9:15 and Friday traffic was lightening, but it helped to use the carpool lanes. We headed south for a few miles, exited and parked in a small odd-shaped lot near the freeway. Inside, the store looked a lot like my usual place in Canada, though smaller. Morgan led us to the menswear and walked through like she owned it, picking out three shirts for me within a minute, put her hand on my arm, pointed to the changing rooms.

“Show me each one,” she said, and kissed me on the cheek.

Then she did the same for Mariano, who also needed pants.

I emerged from the dressing room wearing a dark blue striped shirt. Morgan walked to me, placed her hand on my stomach and seemed to totter, her breath drawing in sharply.

“Isn’t that nicer?” she asked, her eyes half closed.

“It looks good on you,” Callie said, nodding in approval. “Next best thing to custom.”

“Try another,” Morgan said.

Mariano and I emerged from our dressing rooms at about the same time, him sporting new pants as well as a new shirt.

Morgan evaluated Mariano first, had him turn around, then me. Her fingers traced on my shoulder.

“Good,” she said. “Next.”

When I reemerged, she held a brimmed hat, put it on my head, her other hand on my shoulder. She frowned.

“The hat’s good but the shirt doesn’t fit,” she said.

“It feels OK to …” I began.

“Quiet,” she said. “My gift, my rules. You’ll see.”

Callie found a women’s hat similar to the one Morgan picked out for me.

“Beautiful,” Morgan said, beaming.

I found a nylon belt with Kokopelli figures on it, and Morgan saw it.

“Nice,” she said, “but this one’s better,” and handed me one made from dyed canvas with two metal loops, also a pair of expedition pants in a smaller size than the ones I was wearing, which were a little loose since I’d reshaped my body. That’d been just two mornings ago.

Three shirts, a pair of pants and thermal briefs for me, some of which I hadn’t even tried on, plus a hat matching Callie’s and several changes of clothes for Mariano, all in barely 20 minutes. Morgan insisted on paying.

“You’re good,” I said to her.

“You have no idea,” she whispered into my ear.

“Now, lunch,” Morgan said. “Follow me,” she said to Callie. It was 10:00 AM, and we’d finished breakfast just an hour and a half ago. “You’ll like this place.”

We drove maybe half a mile. A little restaurant in its own older building on a corner, surrounded by much larger, newer places. It was filling up rapidly even though I could see from the posted hours that it’d just opened.

“Four steak burgers, medium rare, with hickory sauce and the Oregon cheddar,” Morgan said when we reached the counter. “Two orders of fries.” She paid. Cash. It looked like they didn’t take anything else.

By the time we ordered there were no more open seats in the place, and the line was out the door.

It was one of the best burgers I’d ever tasted, cooked perfectly, the sauce spicy. Morgan ate less than half of hers, offering me the rest, and I was happy to finish it. Some of the sauce must’ve escaped my mouth because Morgan licked it from my cheek and then kissed me on the lips, her tongue depositing that sauce back on mine. A quick kiss, expert, deep and to the point. I was glad to be sitting down.