Crime and Punishment and Pleasure

Female Ejaculation

“Master, please tell me, what was your favorite experience with me?” she asks, curled upon his lap. He looks down, lovingly and smiles. Stroking her head, without hesitation he fondly recounts his proudest memory…

Black high heels accentuating your lovely legs to taught perfection, they gleam, wrapped in black fishnets, contrasting dramatically against ivory skin. Straps rising up your thighs to the garter encircling your waist. Smooth, bare stomach exposed below the shimmer of light reflecting off your latex bra. Devilish smile curling playfully at your mouth, eyes glimmering with mischief as they peer past the cascades of red hair framing your face.

Dropping to hands and knees, you cross the space between us and pose before me, sitting on all fours at my feet waiting for your command. You look up at me, eyes peeking through the strands of fire dangling before your face. Fingertips softly grazing your cheek, I brush your hair back and behind your ear, so I can see your expression. They sparkle with sexual energy overlain with a look of obedience and tinged with playful anticipation meeting my downward gaze.

“But what to have you do?” I rhetorically wonder aloud. While I will not speak this to you directly, I am thrilled enough, just to drink in the elegant eroticism that you exude as you present yourself before me. So grateful this Master is to be honored with your obedience, I would rather make you a pleased pet than issue you degrading commands tonight.

“My sweet pet, please be so kind as to turn around for me”. Without hesitation, you crawl forward and playfully brush against my leg as you rotate your body to point away from me.

I reach down, and as softly as possible, run my fingers down the back of your shoulders to the top of your bra, across the upper limit of it, then downward to bare skin again. Lovingly, I continue my caress downward along your spine, slowly, gently moving lower on your back, the soft sensations spreading sweet pleasure radiating from your back throughout your skin.

As I approach the glorious curvature of your tight little ass, I caress the tops of both cheeks as I turn my hands, so the heels of my palms now rest upon the firm muscles at the base of your back. Then, applying a firm, but gentle pressure, I circulate my wrists, allowing my palms to manipulate those muscles, releasing all tension and ache built from your crawl to me.

Standing, I push the chair back and away from me, the scraping sound drawing your attention to turn your head. Mesmerizing eyes gaze back at me longingly, as I stand behind you.

“No cheating,” I say in a soft, but authoritative tone. “I don’t want you knowing what is coming next.” You smile sweetly at me and then return you face forward. Content in your obedience, I step around to your side and lean forward. Bending over you I position my lips mere centimeters above the pale bare skin at the summit of your back. With a gentle exhalation, I blow your hair off the back of your neck, sending a pleasurable chill through your body. You shudder once, then again as you feel the soft warmth of my lips press against the base of your neck. Each subsequent kiss I place, moving me from the bottom left of your neck towards the top and right side, I press slightly harder and pause slightly longer before pulling away again.

The contented sigh escaping your lips, motivates me to pamper you further. So, as I round the side of your neck, I let my lips seal to your skin and suck inward ever so softly, while gently caressing the captive flesh with the tip of my tongue. The sigh now shifting to a slight moan, I release my kiss and move further upward, letting my face nuzzle against your neck as I go. Reaching my next target, I purse my lips and blow a tender breath over your ear and you tremor with delight in response. Extending my tongue, I run its tip along the edge of your earlobe, curling it over the top of your ear and drawing that inward to my mouth. As I pull you closer, I lower my teeth to your ear, nibbling at the tender flesh in my bite, careening electric excitement through your head.

Releasing your ear from my teeth, I whisper to you, “Nod your head for me, have you been good today?” As your head shakes to and fro, red lock dancing around your face, I continue, “Ah, I see. And should you be punished then?” You respond by vigorously bobbing your head up and down.

Standing back up, I firmly command, “Place your cheek to the floor” Obeying immediately, you press your face to the hardwood, thereby arching your back and raising your ass higher into the air. Smiling, I circle back around to your other side, leaving space for what is to come.

Reaching down, I slide my hand over your left cheek, then up to your Pendik Yabancı Escort panties, which I then forcefully yank down to your knees. With your ass now bare and exposed, I noisily crack my knuckles and exhale loudly and deliberately. I drop to a knee beside you, place my hand upon your rear, and then draw back, cocking my arm high in the air. Bringing it down slowly, I map the trajectory of my swing, then raise it back into the air. I see the muscles in your thighs tighten as your ass becomes taught and firm before me.

“Pet, flip your head and turn to see me. But, do NOT change your position.” I sternly speak. You flop from your left cheek to the right craning your neck at an uncomfortably awkward angle, so that you can meet my intense eyes staring down at you. I can see in yours, that you are anticipating the spanking I had in mind. “As I thought, this will not do…” I state, as I stand and walk away from you, leaving you without the punishment you not so secretly desired.

Crossing the room, I open the cabinet that is tucked in the corner. The weight of its solid oak doors heavy and creak the hinges as I pull the doors open, exposing the array of tools and toys inside. My eyes move over the different devices in our arsenal, until I find the one that I want to use. The myriad of options intrigue me, but I have housekeeping to put in order before making my selection.

Looking over at you, I confirm you have not moved and are not peeking to gain any insight into what I am now planning. “Yes, a simple spanking would have sufficed, for a naughty day, my pet,” I begin, “but willfully trying to get me to spank you when you want it…” Closing the doors, hard, the slamming of the wood resonates through the room adding emphasis to my speech. Continuing, as I spin on my heel, “That, is going to earn something more…” pausing for effect and then letting the last word drip with menace, “Creative”.

Crossing back to you, I begin snapping the single hand whip in the air, watching you twitch as each crack shatters in the air. Returning to your side, I raise the whip above my head, and turn to look at you. Smiling threateningly, I close and open my eyes in an exaggerated blink. While I spoke no words, my command was understood completely, and you tightly shut your eyes, so you can no longer see, when, or how, I will strike you.

With myself now shrouded from your vision, I tuck the handle of the whip into the waistband of my pants, while withdrawing from my pocket what I truly intended to use. Stealthily shifting directly behind you, I move the tip of the oversized and studded glass dildo in my hands to mere centimeters behind your anus. Bracing, I then drive it hard into you, causing you whole body to seize in shock as you fall, splayed to the floor.

I let out a laugh to meet the groan of discomfort that followed the sound of you thudding to the ground. Placing my knee on the small of your back, I press down, but with just a gentle force. I press down, not enough to induce any more pain, but enough to assert that I am in control, and your attempted ploy had failed.

“So, my pet. I believe that punishment was more fitting, wouldn’t you agree.” Knowing what I want to hear, you simply whimper a barely audible, “yes master”. Satisfied, that not only the dynamic had been set right, but that you were not injured by my maneuver (knowing you would not have played along if you were). I removed my knee from your back, while saying, “you shall stay where you are.” Striding across the room, I open the bottom drawer of the bedside table, withdrawing the bottle of lilac infused massage oil. Turning back to you, I command, “you will rise and face me.”

“Remove your bra, then walk towards me, slowly” Obediently, you do as ordered, crossing the distance between us one deliberate step at a time, as you slide free of the latex. I gaze, lustily as you step into the reach of the window, pale moonlight now shining on equally pale breasts. There small, but perfect shape, raising the desire within me, as I watch them tremble slightly each time your high heels contact the floor. Standing less than an arm’s length before me, you stop, and I raise my eyes to look deeply into yours. Voice now softening, “My dear sweet thing, you know I do not wish to hurt you, though I will not tolerate such insolence. However, I will never let you suffer long. Lay on your stomach on the bed.”

Gliding down onto the Egyptian cotton sheets, you feel the gentle caress of the soft fabric slide against your nipples as they are touched to the surface of the bed and they harden to the silky sensation. As you complete laying down on the bed, the sheets practically hug your body, as you are welcomed into their Pendik Yeni Escort comforting embrace.

With you sweetly nestled on the bed, I climb on beside you. Swinging my leg to first straddle your waist, then settle down upon your rear. You sigh softly at the security of feeling my weight on you. I shift slightly backward, my own ass pressing on the base of the hard glass shaft inserted in yours. Popping open the lid of the bottle in my hands, I tilt it forward letting its sensual oil spill upon your back. You shiver slightly as the first drops reach your skin, but then softly purr as the oil runs down your spine to pool at the small of your back. Setting aside the bottle, I drop my hands to your sides and patiently run the tips of my fingers along your sides and onto your back.

Pressing my palms first into the pool of oil, I then firmly, but gently push them upward sliding gracefully up your back with the lubricant softening the skin as I go. With your back glistening in the moonlight cascading over the bed, I alternate pressure between my fingertips and knuckles as I work free any tightness I find. Your soft, supple skin yields itself to my every movement, the muscles beneath releasing like the post-orgasmic grip loosening on a lover’s waist.

Leaning forward so I can reach your shoulders and neck, I allow my pelvis to slide forward and feel your body respond as you feel my hardness against you. Beginning at the top of your shoulders, I move my fingers expertly around the back of your neck, as you sigh with pleasure. As my hands massage your neck, I slide my legs over your thighs, positioning my feet between your legs. Delightedly, I grow against you as your body twitches with pleasure when my toes find the wetness that has been building since you laid down.

Reaching to my waistline, I retrieve the whip from its holding place and let it fall on your skin. Slowly, I snake the braided leather back and forth along your back. Coiling my arm backwards, I gently lash the whip against your shoulders with enough force to leave a light mark, but no more. After several successive swings, and feeling your wetness deepend against my feet, I toss the whip aside.

With you now approaching where I want, place my hands to your shoulders. Instead of resuming the massaging pressure, I turn to the gentle raking of my nails down your back, all the while continuing to maintain movement with my feet along the lips of your vagina. The combined sensations shoot tantric tendrils through your body. As I reach your lower back, I shift myself from upon your ass to behind it, to make room for my hands to continue their downward path, dragging my engorged shaft over the curvature or your ass. Once at your cheeks, I press my nails harder into your tender skin, leaving streaks of brightened red in their wake, drawing not blood, but excited “ooh’s” from you.

From the cupped crease where your legs meet ass, I lighten the pressure as I drag my fingertips along your inner thighs. Once I reach the top of your fishnets, I shift so that both my hands encircle your right thigh, and slowly roll the stocking down towards and below your knee. “Raise your foot to me, my pet,” I speak and your black heeled shoe glides up beside me. Sliding off your heel I place it on the sheets, smirking as I do. Pinching at the netted fabric at the tip of your foot, I pull the remaining stocking from your leg, letting the fabric caress your calves as it slides sensually down. With your foot cradled in my hands, I run a single tongue stroke down the center of your foot, and shivers of joy shudder your frame.

Repeating the sequence with your left leg, I take extra time and care to pamper the precious, pedicured toes. Giving each digit its own gently suckling, I hear you moan softly with delight. Placing your foot gently back upon the bed, I raise myself up on my knees and tell you, “Roll over for me.” Turning from your stomach to your back your seductive eyes lock with mine and I see the hunger burning within you. Dipping forward, I crawl up you so that you can feel my cock through my pants against your pussy. I press once into you as I position myself with my face inches from yours, never having broken eye contact. “Raise your hands above your head, my dear,” my command is issued and obeyed with eager delight.

Reaching behind me, I snatch the discarded stockings, and drag them along your legs and stomachs, As the fishnets reach your breasts, I move them directly across your raised nipples, letting the tender flesh catch in the opened cross-work pattern. Tilting forward, I slide the stockings up your arms, until I have reached your wrists. Looking down into your eyes, the soulful compassion of mine clearly reflected Pendik Masaj Salonu in the lustful longing of yours. I slide my hands artfully around yours, wrapping them with a figure eight pattern and binding them together. Once fully tied to each other, I press a deep loving kiss to your lips and then move my body above you to secure your bond to the head of the bed with the other stocking.

As I glide past, I feel your breath upon my chest, then abdomen, the stiffness in my pants increasing. As if sensing my growing desire, you take the risk to lift your head, extend your tongue and run it down the center of my stomach. Now it is my turn to shudder slightly with pleasure, but I do not let it distract me from completely securing your bonds. Pulling back, I place a hand under your head. Grabbing a fistful of hair, I give you a playful yank, saying, “that was awfully naughty, but I can forgive your unbidden action. This time…” Encouraged, you smile friskily up at me as I release your head.

Sitting back upon my heels, I run my fingers down your stomach and to your inner thighs, before letting them tease tantalizingly close to your pussy. Just as you think I may slide my fingers inside you, or perhaps, undo my pants and place myself within you, I take my hands and self completely from contact. “Well, well, my love. It would be a shame to waste your beautiful heels, wouldn’t it?” I speak seductively as I grab the heels I had intentionally left on the bed for this very purpose. You tilt your head up to see what I am doing, and as you catch the glimmer of light reflecting off the shoe in my left hand, your face beams with delightful recognition.

Curling my fingers within each show, I run the point of the heels down along your arms and across your chest, tracing the outline of your exposed collarbone. As I turn them upward, along your neck I follow the graceful lines to your chin and over to your lips, You greedily take them into your mouth when they reach your lips letting your tongue run around the stems of the heels, while shifting your gaze from the shoes to me, as if to say with your eyes, “This will be you too, my dear”.

Pulling them away from you, before the oral manipulation persuades me to abort my plan for more instant gratification, I slide the smooth sides of them against the soft skin of your breasts. Rotating them in my hands so the tips of the toes graze your stomach, I encircle your areola with the heel’s points, before pressing them bitingly into the soft flesh. Your sharp intake of breath is immediately chased by the subtle moan of pleasure in the pain, and I quickly run the heels down your abdomen before the sensation fades. Reaching to your pelvis, I turn the heels towards you and insert them, glidingly through your dampness into the soft wonders deep inside with ease.

Groaning in pure ecstasy, you begin to push your pelvis forward to meet each penetrating thrust of the heels. Angling my wrists inward and outward, I let the them do what my dick never could, go multiple directions at once. The gyrations of your hips increasing in rate as the passion within you intensifies at the feeling of your heels fucking in you so many directions, while simultaneously feeling the pressure within your ass from what still resides there.

Hearing the gasping of your quickening breath, I seamlessly shift the shoes from two hands to one, allowing me to continue the penetration uninterrupted while freeing my right hand. With that liberated appendage, I reach down and begin to gently massage your clit, elevating your pleasure into the stratosphere.

Working my fingers back and forth in opposing directions, the middle running along the top and the index running along the bottom, your clitoris radiates pleasure, spreading warmth through your being. Quickly that warmth turns to fire and the oscillating motion begins building waves of spasms racking your body, each one more intense than the last. Reaching a fevered pitch, you begin shouting “God yes. Master, OH! Master!!” Each exaltation of pleasure and rhythmic trembling of your body spurring me on, I increase the pace and pressure until I feel the levy within you burst, juices pouring forth onto the shoes and my hands. Withdrawing the heels from you, I toss them aside letting them clatter to the floor.

Moving over your leg, I reach up to release your hands from the bed, if not from each other, then lay beside you. With my body against yours, I feel your hands begin reaching for my manhood. I intercept them with mine and interlace my fingers with yours. Running my tongue along your ear once last time, finding myself in whispering distance, I give you my favorite order, “Enjoy my pet, just enjoy.” Content in your happiness and knowing my own physical pleasure will come soon enough, I guide your hands to your stomach, and drape my arm over you. There, I patiently enjoy your satisfaction while letting the anticipation in me build for later.

“Master,” she speaks, their loving eyes locking, “That is my favorite too.”