Cousin Monica – Tales Ch. 02


“Hu-hello?” asked Monica.

“Hey Mon, it’s….me,” I said.

“Oh. Oh hey!! Heeeyyy…” Her voice sounded weak and she trailed off. Sobbing she said, “How…how are you?”

“I’m ok. Long time. I…I heard what happened. I am, so, so, sorry, Monica,” I replied.

She exhaled, started to cry, and said, “Th-thanks…um..where are you nowadays..”

“About two hours south of you. How are the kids? Have you told them?” I asked.

Letting out a wounded laugh, “…they were here when Mike had his heart attack. They saw the ambulance and everything…oh my god!!” Her words gave way to tears. Her composure kicked in and slowly started again. “They’re at my mom’s house for now. I can’t…can’t bear to have them see me like this. I’m going over in the morning to pick them up. I put them to bed…they look like little angels, ya’know,” she said and trailed off again.

“You’re alone?” I asked incredulously.

“Hmm-hmm,” she replied. She was having trouble speaking.

“I’ll be right there,” I replied.

“Wha….wait wait. You’re coming here. It’s two hours though. No no no…the house is a mess and….” she said.

“Mon, you shouldn’t be alone right now. Do you have anyone else who can come over to stay with you?” I asked.

“My sister’ll be here in the morning from Phoenix to help with the kids. Mom wanted to come over but…we were never been close after her divorce,” she replied.

“Ok. I’m on my way. Just relax. Do you need anything?” I asked.

“No. I’m ok. Maybe..maybe some tissues,” she replied. Another desperate laugh escaped her mouth.

“Ok. Ok. I’ll be there as soon as I can,” I said and hung up the phone.

My mind raced. How would I get there, did I remember? Yep. I grabbed my bag and threw in some clothes. I jumped in my car and headed off. The trip would take about two hours, but more like one with the way I felt like driving. Mike and Monica had moved to a more secluded part of the state after they married. It was easier for me to think of her far, far away though she never was. Locked in a castle, out of reach.

I would just miss rush hour and get into the mountains as it Niğde Escort was getting dark. I had to stop for gas, “Dammit” and as I continued it began to rain. Each drop was like memory. So many kisses, too many to count and who does. I did. But I would never tell her.

We went hiking once in the back woods behind her father’s house.I’d been on break from college. The sun had set and all the trees turned blue as the woods grew dark. We crossed over a stream that she playfully said was our boundary into Dreamland. Leaving all that “stupid adult shit” behind. I’d never seen someone hike in a skirt before. She gotten off work just before I got there and didn’t feel like changing. And off we went. Following deer trails that ran along the stream. I watched her hips swing back and forth as we walked, resisting the urge to lick her pale legs from end to end. It was getting dark when we came to a small group of rocks.

“Here we are,” she cooed.

“Where we are?” I asked. Not realizing the order of my words right away, “I mean…”

She giggled. Her black hair blending into the night away from her pale face. Taking off her jacket she laid it on the ground and took a lighter from her pocket. There was a stone circle I hadn’t seen before. She flicked the lighter to life and began to light the crumpled newspaper underneath some firewood.

“Oh I see,” I said sarcastically. “This wasn’t planned at all.”

She laughed in that beautiful way she does. Her features glowing slowly as the light grew stronger. “C’mere,” she said. Patting the ground next to her. I sat down just as she took off her shirt. Her C size breast stared at me, moving slightly. She flipped one leg over my head and spread them. Hiking her skirt up I saw her vagina in the firelight. She wasn’t wearing panties. “I just want you to watch. Ok?” she asked without expecting an answer

“Su-sure,” I replied.

With her knees bent, Monica’s right hand found its way to her pussy and began to rub. I couldn’t look away. The flicker fire, even when it popped or crackled loudly, could not tear me away from watching her molest herself. After some rubbing she inserted Niğde Escort Bayan a finger, closed her eyes and tilted her hair to the right. One finger, then two went in. The squishing sounds grew louder and kept pace with her moaning. I was so turned on. I kept rubbing my cock through my jeans. She squeezed her eyes shut, licked her lips and inhaled sharply as she let out a yelp. Her fingers slowed and my mouth opened in awe. She took one of the fingers that had been inside her and put it in my mouth. I sucked greedily.

“Take your cock out and stoke,” she commanded.

I fumbled madly as she removed her finger. Struggling to free my penis from its cage I finally released it to the night air.

She bit her lips and hummed.

“Well?” she asked sternly.

“Uh…wha…what?” I replied hesitantly.

“Stroke it, boy!!” she ordered.

I obeyed, almost twitching to see what would happen next. Monica sat back and again began to rub once more this time with her eyes open. I was so hard it hurt and purposely stroked slowly so I wouldn’t cum too quickly. College had brought me lots of good times but nothing like this. Lately my hand was all I’d had…on hand. Monica had turned more towards the fire so I could see every droplet of swelling and pussy juice between her legs. This time she moved at a frantic pace cumming several times, each time warning me.

“I’m cumming…oh oh gggggggggoooooddd!!!” she screamed through gritted teeth.

Then she abruptly stopped and with the same hand, covered in her wetness she gripped my shaft. I at back as she leaned forward to lick and bite the head of my cock.

“Ok. You’re hard enough,” she said. She had no idea.

I gulped having no idea what she was thinking. She laid back on her jacket and spread her legs. My heart stopped. Her hand was still on my cock, tugging it towards the unbelievable.

“Y’ok?” she asked, raising her eyebrows, letting a small laugh escape.

I nodded as though my head would be shaken loose from my shoulders. I couldn’t believe it. I would be able to…to have sex with Monica.

“Here’s let me help you with this. Escort Niğde You look like you need some help,” she said. Pulling a condom out of her jacket, Monica opened it and wrapped my dick in about three seconds. Then she guided me gently into her and gave a little squeeze.

I couldn’t talk. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her feet pulling on my ass into her. I started slowly at first.

“Good,” she said. “Now let me feel you. Push all the way…in.”

She exhaled suddenly and her voice went up. She looked down in her pussy with my cock sliding into it. “Ahhh…good,” she purred.

“Now, a few..more..times,” her voice quivered. “Good, now roll your hips.”

She noticed my blank look. I couldn’t believe I was here, inside Monica. I was astounded at the feeling.

“Here. Let me show you,” she said, looking directly into my eyes. Her hands came to my hips and showed me the motions. It felt incredible. I repeated them, adding speed. “There you go…Woof!!” she said.

She raised her hips as I moved faster. “Yea, yea, yea, Coz. Fuck me. Oh I’ve always wanted you to fuck me,” she said quickly. She squinted and grabbed the back of my neck. I kissed her and went in deeper. She let go and gasped. I slipped my hands under her shoulder and gripped it from the back, pulling her towards me. She reached back to the ground to push back against me. “Oh grrrrrrrrrrd,” she growled. Her mouth went wide as she came. “Yesyesyesyesyes – fooooooooooocccccckkkk mmmmeee. Oh fuck me good!” She came again. “Ugh!! Are you going to cum, cousin? I really want you to.” I’d been holding off this wonderful moment this whole time, watching her, never wanting it to end.

“Oh yes, Monica. Definitely…Oh, oh…YEAH!” I replied eagerly. As I approached my orgasm it began to rain. Heavy drops of rain pounded my back and I pounded Monica even harder. I kissed her hard and came. At the same time a streak of lightening split the sky, my cum erupted into the barrier. My cocked erupted over and over, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I kept thrusting everything I felt for Monica in my orgasm.

“Wow,” she said, “I felt that.”

Another strike of lightening that turned into headlights as I passed another exit. What would I say to her, I asked myself over and over. God, was I there yet? My wipers going at full speed. I would have to slow down once I hit the back roads and I was almost there.

Hold on, Mon. I’m coming.