Course of Passion Ch. 03


Course of Passion — Day 3

Stuart and Lyn awoke with a start when the alarm went off at 6.30 still tangled from the night before. Stuart sleepily brushed his finger tip over Lyn’s breast. She gave out a contented “mmmmm” as she readjusted herself and stroked his chest in return. They lay there facing each other gently kissing as their hands roamed over each others bodies until the alarm sounded once more 10 minutes later to remind them to get up and get ready for the final day of the computer course.

They both got up and showered together, lathering each other with suds. Once again Stuart couldn’t help but become aroused at Lyn’s touch as she used his shower gel to cleanse his penis.

“Haven’t you had enough?” Lyn laughed as he rose to the occasion. She playfully began moving her soapy hand up and down his length as he closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

“Save it for later!” Lyn ordered as she rinsed the soap from her smooth skin and stepped out of the cubicle. She stayed in the bathroom towelling herself down whilst Stuart finished rinsing himself, her naked body captivating him as she dried herself.

“You really are the sexiest woman I have ever been with!” Stuart confirmed as he got out of the shower and smacked her lightly on her buttocks as he went back into the bedroom.

“And the naughtiest!” she called after him, smiling to herself.

Lyn got dressed as Stuart threw on his old clothes so that he could return to his room and change into fresh attire. Stuart then headed down to breakfast expecting to see Lyn there but she was nowhere to be seen. He sat there eating alone wondering where Lyn had got to until it was time to start the days course. Lyn meanwhile had drove to the shops in town to pick up some supplies for their last night together.

After the other course members had arrived and taken their seats Lyn addressed the class.

“I know that you all want to get away early seeing as it is Friday so I thought that if we do not break until Lunch time we should get finished and then you can all get on your way. How does that sound?”

The class members sounded their agreement and Lyn promptly carried on with the training, flitting to and fro between the students assisting and in Stuart’s case cajoling him to learn. He found it most difficult to concentrate when he saw Lyn leaning over one of the computers, her firm bum enticing him cruelly.

It seemed an eternity to Stuart until, at about 1pm, Lyn finally called a halt to the class and announced that the class was finished and that they were free to go once they had collected their certificates of attendance. Of course Stuart was the last to receive his and once the other class members had left Lyn said to him,

“Give me half an hour and then come to my room. I have a little surprise for you.”

Stuart’s mind immediately went in to overdrive wondering what the hell Lyn had in store for him. He sat agitated in the lounge area of the hotel just waiting for the time to pass. Finally 25 minutes later he could wait no longer and rushed up the flights of stairs to her room.

When he got there the door was wedged ajar and he pushed the door open to see the curtains pulled and the room only illuminated by candles. Lyn was not in the room and called out that he was early and that he should make himself comfortable. Stuart sat on the bed and loosened his shirt a little, the anticipation driving him crazy.

A couple of minutes passed until Lyn came into the room carrying a bag of something and wearing her dressing gown. She could see the look of intrigue on Stuarts face as she entered and stood at the foot of the bed. Lyn removed the gown to reveal the tiniest little nurses’ outfit imaginable. The top of the dress barely contained her breasts at all, hardly covering her nipples. The hem of the dress was so short that if she bent over at all it would have risen up above her gorgeous, firm little arse and left very little to the imagination! Underneath the uniform Lyn’s perfect toned legs were covered with white stockings that matched her tiny white thong as both had diamante stones around the tops.

Stuart’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he blurted out,

“Holy shit! I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

Lyn smiled demurely, secretly pleased at how amazed Stuart was with her appearance.

“I take it you approve?” She asked.

“Bloody right I do! You look stunning!”

“I told you I had a little surprise for you!” she said.

Lyn moved round to the side of the bed and sat next to him, the hem of her outfit riding up to show of her thong. Playfully she placed her hand on his forehead as if measuring his temperature.

“My, my, we seem to be a little warm!” Lyn giggled, “Maybe we should remove some of your clothing to help you cool down.”

With that she undid the buttons on his shirt and let him drop it on to the floor. Lyn started stroking his chest and stomach before unbuttoning his trousers. Stuart lifted up his rear to allow Lyn to pull his trousers down fully, leaving him half lying there in just his boxer shorts.

“There! That’s better, you look Malatya Escort cooler already.”

“Hardly!” he replied, “I feel as though my blood is boiling.” Lyn lowered her head and their mouths met, cutting off any further comments from Stuart. She pressed her lips tightly against his, the force of her kiss startling him into opening his mouth. Lyn’s mouth reciprocated and she began darting her tongue inside his mouth whilst her hands caressed his torso. Stuart’s hands were busy as well, sliding up and down her soft, smooth thighs, gaining momentum with every stroke until his thumb flicked against her crotch.

Lyn smacked his hand away when this happened again as if to say “Uh, uh, wait!” She held on to his wrists and made sure that he did not touch her, all the while her tongue and lips were ardently devouring his mouth. When finally Stuart understood that she did not want him to touch her just yet Lyn released his wrists and her hand continued with its massaging. With her other hand Lyn released Stuart’s now erect penis from his shorts and gently scraped her nails along its length, causing him to groan in ecstasy. Her nimble hand wrapped around his cock and masturbated him, slowly exposing the head of his cock. Pre cum began to dribble from it as her hand engulfed his head, glistening in the light from the candles in the room.

Lyn then broke their kiss as she manoeuvred down the bed. In doing this the hem of the nurses outfit rode up to reveal her bare cheeks. Stuart couldn’t resist smacking her buttocks again, a little more forcefully this time. Lyn just wiggled her peachy behind and said,

“You can do that all you want, I don’t mind being spanked when I’m naughty!”

Needing no further encouragement Stuart began smacking her bare behind, alternating cheeks. Whilst receiving her punishment Lyn took his hard on between her lips and began sucking his cock into her wanton mouth. Lyn knelt there with his cock deep inside her, playing with his testicles whist Stuart kept spanking her, her bum cheeks reddening under his attentions. Lyn’s cock sucking became faster and more furious with every spank. Her hand was grasping his length and was wanking his cock inside her mouth. Her thong was becoming wet now with her pussy juices beginning to flow. Stuart’s cock began to throb dangerously with the excitement building. Just as Stuart thought that he could not go on Lyn broke free and released his cock, allowing him to regain his composure just in time.

“Seeing as how I’ve been so bad nearly making you cum, maybe you should spank me properly?” Lyn half asked, half begged.

Without waiting for his reply she lay across his lap with her bare arse glowing in the candle light.

“Tell me if I go too far, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I will Stu, but you won’t hurt me!”

With that Stuart slapped her buttocks, a little harder now causing little whimpers of pleasure and pain to escape from Lyn’s mouth. Her bum cheeks became warm to the touch and after each slap Stuart gently stroked her globes causing tingles to surge through Lyn’s body. Just how much Lyn was enjoying this Stuart wasn’t aware until he began to feel the wetness from Lyn’s pussy coming though her thong. Stuart could not resist, after another spank, running his hand down the cleft of her arse and delving between her legs to feel the wetness there. Lyn’s groan of pleasure was music to his ears as he carried on smacking her behind with one hand whilst beginning to stroke her wet panties with the other. Lyn opened her legs a little to allow him easier access to her quim whilst thrusting her rosy buttocks up to meet his hand.

Stuart became bolder and bolder until he pulled her thong to the side and slipped a finger inside her warm, soft cunt. Lyn lay there in ecstasy whilst Stuart continued to spank her arse whilst fingering her tight little slit. It was only a matter of minutes before Lyn shuddered uncontrollably as her orgasm approached. Unlike Lyn however Stuart had no intention of stopping and with one last hard smack he sent Lyn over the edge as her pussy flowed with her cum over his finger and hand. Again and again Lyn thrust her pussy against him until the final crescendo subsided.

“Oh fuck, I was supposed to surprise you not the other way round!” Lyn gasped.

“It was the least I could do with you dressed like that for me!” Stuart defended.

As Lyn struggled up and sat on Stuart’s lap she never looked hornier than at that moment. Her breasts had escaped from the top of the uniform during the spanking and her tits were standing proudly out, her nipples as hard as iron. The bottom of the uniform was around her waste with her bald fanny glinting in the light of the dancing candles. He face was aglow with exertion and was as red as her arse cheeks were. The fire in her eyes seemed never to be extinguished and the smile that played across her face showed the lasciviousness she felt.

Lyn sat there her tight little bald pussy pressed against his swollen member, gently rubbing her wetness up and down his body without letting him enter her. Lyn continued teasing his cock to even greater hardness Malatya Escort Bayan until without warning she allowed his cock to enter her warm haven of pleasure. His entire cock was swallowed in one stroke inside her wet little hole causing Stuart to gasp in delight.

“That’s so fucking good baby!” Stuart exclaimed, as Lyn began slowly to ride his cock. She lifted herself almost entirely of his cock before plunging herself down on to him, impaling herself on his manhood. Again and again she fucked him, sucking at his cock with her tight pussy walls, swallowing him entirely inside her love tunnel. Stuart could stand it no longer and at the point of no return grabbed hold of Lyn’s hips and thrust his cock into her. Wave after wave of cum erupted into her, filling her womb with his seed until he relaxed finally, spent.

“Jesus! You are amazing,” He whispered, “your pussy is so tight that I can barely stand it!”

“Mmmm,” Lyn purred, “And I just love the feel of your cock inside me. I can feel it when you cum inside me and I just want more!”

With that she lifted herself off of his shrinking cock and rearranged herself in her uniform. His cum was leaking from between her pussy lips and she took a little on her fingers before sucking his seed from them all the while staring deep into his eyes. Stuart had never seen anything quite so perversely erotic and wondered just what he had done so right to deserve this.

Lyn then got off the bed and rummaged inside the bag that she had brought into the room. As she did so she told Stuart to lie on his back and relax. Stuart did exactly as he was told, nervously excited about what was coming next. Lyn came out with a bottle of clear liquid. Lyn sat there and removed her stockings and used them to tie his hands to the headboard, stopping Stuart from being able to move or touch her.

“Now for your second little surprise!” She teased.

With that Lyn stood on the bed and began slowly and seductively to remove her outfit. First she pulled down the top of her uniform to release her swollen breasts, heaving with excitement. Gradually she lowered the uniform further until it slid down her firm legs so that she was now standing there in just the tiniest of white thongs, the dampness clearly visible on the crotch.

Finally Lyn hooked a finger of each hand inside her panties and slid them down her legs until she was standing there in front of Stuart completely nude. Lyn began stroking herself all over. First her breasts, then her belly, her thighs, her pussy, all over her body. Stuart’s breathing was getting shallower and shallower as his excitement raged once again.

Lyn stood over him and took the bottle and poured a little into her hand. She rubbed the oil into her hands before they began gliding over her beautiful smooth skin once more. The oil glittered as it was spread across her chest, her hands gently massaging the oil across her skin. Her boobs were glowing in the candlelight as her hands travelled further down. Lyn continued to cover herself with the oil, covering her taught belly until it too glistened in the soft light. She applied more to each leg before letting a little more into her hand she reached between her legs.

Lyn’s hands both rubbed oil around her hairless pussy, her fingers sliding smoothly over her pussy lips. Her oil covered fingers glittered as they delved between her legs. Stuart could hardly believe his eyes as this Beautiful, sexy woman was oiling her entire body and masturbating whilst standing over him. Lyn’s hands were everywhere. Caressing her tits, stroking her thighs, oiling her nether regions, her fingers sliding between her moist lips and plunging into her sex. Faster and faster two of her fingers disappeared into her cunt, her pussy juice mixing with the oil and dripping onto Stuart’s chest. He desperately wanted to escape his bondage and ravish the horny slut in front of him. But all to no avail.

Lyn continued to slide her fingers inside her, adding another digit to those already inserted. Her cries of pleasure flooded Stuart’s senses as wave after wave of pleasure centred on her cunt. After a little struggle she managed to insert a fourth and stood there fucking herself with four of her fine fingers. At this point she could barely stand, her legs were quivering so much. To combat this she turned around and knelt over Stuart’s chest with her arse facing him. Her oil covered hands wandered over her red buttocks, the oil soothing the burn a little. Her hands returned to her pussy as she reinserted three fingers into her sopping wet snatch. With her other hand she played with her little arsehole, oiling it up barely inches from Stuart’s face. Stuart’s was barely blinking, desperate not to miss a second of this truly horny display. Lyn’s fingers continued to ravage her own cunt whilst her other hand toyed with her butt. Her finger slowly disappeared inside her puckered little hole, sliding easily in her anus. After a couple of minutes of this a second finger was added and it was like this that Lyn finally came. Her cum flooded over her three fingers that were frantically frigging her soaked Escort Malatya pussy hole whilst two fingers were buried inside her arsehole. Her cum flowed down onto Stuarts face and chest as he strained at the stockings holding him down. Exhausted Lyn collapsed down on to Stuart as the spasms subsided in her cunt. She lay there a few minutes whilst recovering from her delirium before rinsing her hands in the sink and returning to the debauchery.

Stuart upon her return was begging her to release him,

“Lyn please, let me go. I want you more than ever; Please let me fuck you!”

Lyn just smiled whilst shaking her head.

“Oh no, not yet!”

With that Lyn took up the oil and poured a little onto Stuart’s chest and began rubbing it in as she had done to herself. She straddled his lap and continued to cover him all over with oil, leaving his cock until the very end. Then she slid her oily hand down along his length and cupped both of his balls in her hands, gently massaging and squeezing them until they felt like they would burst. Then she returned her attention to his magnificent erection, sliding both hands around it and up and down. She knew that after the show she had put on he surely wouldn’t last long but even so was surprised at just how quickly Stuart tensed his entire body before cumming with a roar, his cum firing into the air. Lyn continued to slide her hands along his length all through his orgasm, spurring him on to empty his balls of their cream.

“Yeah Stuart, give me all that cum, that looks so fucking good, your cock erupting like that, cum for me baby, Yeah!”

Stuart lay there afterwards insensible as he fought to catch his breath as Lyn continued stroking his oily cock and playing with his bollocks. Finally as his flaccid cock lie dormant Lyn released Stuart from his purgatory, unaware of his reaction.

He forcefully took her in his arms, their slippery bodies pressed together as his mouth ardently pressed against hers, his tongue devouring her mouth, his hands slipping across her back and down to her buttocks. He slid a finger down between her cheeks and toyed with her arsehole as they kissed. Then he rolled over so that she was on her back and he took hold of the stockings and tied her down as she had him.

There he left her whilst he went to her wardrobe in which he found a scarf she had brought.

“Perfect!” he though as he returned to the bed.

Stuart placed the scarf around Lyn’s head as a blindfold before retreating to observe the beautiful site.

This gorgeous woman was powerless and blinded whilst lying naked on the bed, unable to prevent him from doing anything he wanted. Lyn was secretly loving every minute of not knowing what would happen next and could hardly wait for the obscenity to continue.

Stuart took his time to find aids to assist in his torment whilst Lyn just lie there her chest heaving. He picked up one of the candles and without warning dripped a little candle wax on one of her nipples. The shock made Lyn squeal in surprise as Stuart did the same to the other breast. He trailed the wax down towards her pussy, stopping just before the wax could drip there. Lyn cried in frustration as he retreated leaving her to lay there, her mind racing and her excitement building.

Next he took one of her shoes with a stiletto heel and scraped it over her oily body, teasing and tormenting her breasts, trailing the heel down towards her slit before veering away at the last moment. Time and time again Lyn desperately wanted the journey to end at her pussy only to be disappointed. Every now and again Stuart would allow his finger to brush against her delectable skin or to tease her nipples. Once or twice he would flick the tip of his tongue against Lyn’s clit, only to remove it the moment she realised what was happening.

Lyn’s desperate cries were getting more and more frequent as Stuart teased her mercilessly, her pussy was soaked with her juices as her tits were harder than ever. Every touch, every sensation brought forth a shudder of delight or a moan of pleasure.

By now Stuart’s cock was rampant once more and he knelt over her head without touching her. Lyn felt his presence and tried in vain to lift her head to him. He simply lifted himself out of her reach until she lowered her head in submission.

“Please baby, let me see, I want to know what you are doing, I want you to FUCK ME!” Lyn cried.

Stuart simply laughed silently as he lowered himself down towards her head once more. He took hold of his raging penis and placed it against her lips. Startled Lyn wondered what was happening until the realisation dawned upon her. She immediately opened her mouth to allow Stuart to slide his cock inside. When he didn’t do so she cried in desperation; until Stuart could stand it no longer and pushed his cock into her waiting mouth. Lyn began furiously sucking on his dick whilst Stuart slid his cock in and out of her slutty mouth. Deeper and deeper he went, his cock invading her mouth until it was full. Stuart didn’t stop there as he forced the end of his cock down Lyn’s throat, fucking her mercilessly until she had taken his cock completely. He then pulled his cock out completely and left Lyn searching for his phallus desperate to continue sucking. Once more he plunged his prick down into her throat, this time holding her head so that Lyn couldn’t escape until he let her.