Cory’s Coming


“Are you going to use up my entire day’s supply of givadams?” She asked as I handed her my form for the third time. A patient smile tugged at the sides of her mouth. She was a lovely woman with a body that seemed to be caught somewhere between the enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom of maturity. Even at the late fifties age that I guessed her to be she had some very good points, like narrow hips and a prominent mons the bulge of which could still be seen under the fabric of her dress. I wondered if that was by accident.

“I’m sorry.” I said, meekly. “It’s just that sometimes these forms are very difficult to understand.”

She looked back down at the form and studied my answers. “OK.” She said. “How about if I change ‘Place of Birth’ from Holy Trinity Hospital to Wilburn, Texas? And if I make ‘Reason for Visit’ read ‘Bi-annual Flight Physical’ instead of ‘My Health’? The rest might work out OK this time.”

I nodded.

“No, wait a minute. Lessee… Two kids, right?”

“Yeah.” I answered. “My wife found out what caused them and quit doing it with me.”

She laughed in a very pretty voice. “You’re divorced, right?”

“Yeah.” I answered. “My wife went to find someone to do that with.”

“Wait over there. Find a Time Magazine that covers some significant year in your life and read it. I’ll be right out.”

When she opened the door to the back office a light shining through a window momentarily outlined the silhouette of her figure beneath her clothes.

“OK.” She said when she returned. Again the silhouette. “He’ll be with you in about five minutes.”

I watched her as she put things away and otherwise prepared to close the office. She had tarnished silver hair cut to the bottoms of her ears, which peeked through to show off their little pearl earrings. She had smile lines at the corners of her mouth and eyes that must have catalogued every smile she had ever smiled. Her lipstick, dayworn, was a darker red than younger women might wear, and her eyes occasionally looked at me through the top half of wire-rimmed “granny” glasses. “What?” She asked.

“I’m sorry?”

“You were staring at me. Is there something gross on my face?”

“No, not at all.” I answered. “You have… I… You’re very pretty.” I said.

“You’re just toying with me now.” She teased.

“No, really. I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just that you… You really are very pretty.”

An intercom buzzed and she answered it and nodded to me. “You can go in now.” She said. “Good luck.”

The examination was over quickly. “You’re healthy as a horse,” the doctor told me. “I’d fly with you anywhere. Go home.” He signed my certificate and started shutting down his office.

She had her coat on and her purse ready when I came out. “Next time try and get here before five.” She said, not angrily.

“My appointment was for four-thirty.” I said. “I was right on time.”

“So. Blame it on me. Just for that you have to buy me supper.”

“I take it you’re not married.” I said, as we sat across from each other in the Butter Pecan Diner.

“My ex-husband never really learned what caused the kids.” She said. “Then he went all fundamentalist on me. I became a nasty brazen jezebel temptress in no time at all.”

“And you divorced him?”

“I shot him. No, just kidding. Actually he was killed in a car accident on his way to his twenty-year-old girlfriend’s house. Her loss. My gain. Do you fly a plane for business reasons?”

“No. I just fly it. I’m retired. I use it to explore.”

“What kind of plane do you have?”

The waitress came up to take our order. We ordered the mushroom bacon burgers and soda. “I have a Grumman.” I said. “It was that or a new Harley, but I figured I’d get killed on a Harley.”

“Traveler, Cheetah or Tiger?”

“You’re familiar with them?” I said with surprised delight. “I have a Cheetah.”

“My dad was a flight instructor. He used to take me to the airport and explain all of the airplanes to me. He was fond of Grummans too.”

“Did you learn how to fly?”

“No. I hate it.” She said. “Scares me silly.”

“Me too, sometimes.” I said. She had something in her personality that was effervescent. Maybe it was the way her face never took her words seriously. We made small talk and ate supper and chatted over dessert and coffee and agreed to meet there again the next night.

The next night we agreed to meet again.

On the third night she was dressed in what I would call a cocktail dress, although it wasn’t black; it was beige, and the skirt was short and she had great legs and I felt really proud being seen there with her. I told her so. “That’s the first time in a long time anyone has ever told me that.” She said. “In Kütahya Escort fact, I don’t think anyone has ever told me that.” She blushed and sat down.

We ordered the mushroom bacon burgers which had sort of become “our” food. I noticed a nervous energy in her that I had not seen before. She picked at her food. “It’s been three years since William was killed.” She said. “And I’ve been very lonely. I haven’t been with anyone that makes me feel the way I feel when I’m with you.” Before I could respond to that she leaned close to me. “Let’s skip dessert.” She whispered. “Would you mind awfully much taking me someplace and… And fucking me silly?”

When we got in the car she pressed her knees against mine. She blushed a lot, and sat with her eyes pointed downward. “I hate to use this phrase,” I said, “but my place or yours?”

“Do you have a nice place?”

I shrugged. “It works for me.”

“Your place. My neighbors seem to have an overly protective concern for my welfare.”

“And you’re not afraid to be with me?”

“Oh heavens no. Doctor Kennedy knows I’m seeing you and he has all of your records.”

“That’s reassuring.” I said.

There were a few awkward moments after we reached my apartment. We knew what we wanted to do, but weren’t sure just how to get it started. I made coffee and poured a little brandy in each cup. We sat on the sofa and she scooted up next to me. We made a token effort to exchange pleasantries over coffee, then she set her cup down and turned to me. “The only way to do this is to do it.” She said. She kissed me, and I felt half a lifetime of insatiate physical desire in that kiss. She caught my hand in hers and guided it to her breast, then kissed me, then breathed heavily for a moment, then pushed my hand down to her lap and pulled up her dress and moved my hand between her legs. I worked it up to her panties and felt them wet. “Maybe I could take these off for you.” I said.

She lay back and let me pull her panties off and moaned softly at her own brazenness. I put my hand between her legs and felt wet slick flesh and she moaned again, and suddenly pushed my hand away and stood up. “That’s not going to be enough.” She said. She stripped off her dress and bra and stood there wearing only her shoes and a pearl necklace. She pulled me to my feet and practically ripped buttons off of my shirt and we were soon completely naked together.

She showed herself to me as she was. She had a great shape and had looked good draped under the clinging fabric of her clothes, and there were a few places where the more than half a century of her life had sculpted embarrassments. Her naked-lady suit had been mussed by it’s constant usage and it needed ironing. Her breasts, diminutive enough in her youth, had apparently given up altogether and now hung like flat empty pouches with nipples. A cesarian scar with radiating stretch marks pointed accusingly downward to her mons, which was a prominent triangle of flesh sparsely covered with silver and blond hair. A dimpled crevice began at the bottom of it and trailed underneath and allowed her inner labia to protrude. “So. Pretty grim, huh?” She asked.

My eyes went to the sparkle in hers. “I’m no budding Adonis myself.” I said. And I’m not. I have as many years in my skin, and while I’ve taken some pretty good care of myself, the fine muscle tone that I had thirty years ago has wilted, and I have scars, and I have bulges of my own, and my six-pack has long since been emptied.

“You’re beautiful.” She said.

“And you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” I said. And we moved to each other, and held each other, and felt each other’s warmth and I could feel her heartbeat against mine and I smelled her hair and kissed her ear and her neck and she lay her head on my shoulder and we swayed to music only we could hear.

My hand went to her bottom and lifted and pressed her against me and she hissed softly as both her and my erotic selves awakened from their bored slumber and greeted each other with amused anticipation. “It’s been so long.” She sighed.

I lifted her in my arms and she weighed nothing. I carried her into the bedroom and lay her gently on the bed and she looked up at me with her eyes widely dilated to let the light of me in. I’m not sure when we fell into each other’s love, but it might have been right then.

She pushed me over on my back and straddled me and closed her eyes as she lowered her body and guided my cock into herself and I felt her wet warmth spread through my cock to my heart. She looked down at me from the heights of her female gender and smiled and pressed her hand to her abdomen. “I can feel it all the way up to here.” She whispered.

So could I. Something was Kütahya Escort Bayan happening to that part of me that was in that part of her. Our souls were locking together the way two dogs get locked together when they mate. It would likely take more than a broom handle or an old lady with a water hose to get us separated.

Our first effort at bringing each other to orgasm ended in mirth. We collapsed against each other in a laughing fit, no more orgasmic than before. “I was right there!” She moaned, and we laughed harder. “So was I.” I groaned, and we laughed even harder and we held each other tightly as we laughed and both of us knew that this was not going to be just another fuck.

We rolled on our sides and I tried to keep my cock in her but it popped out and we kept our foreheads together instead and kissed and looked into each other’s eyes from so close that all we could see was our spirits glittering back at us. Her warm body, her warm, fragile body pressed nakedly against mine and we held each other as though letting go would let us fall off the cliff and land splat into the middle of our loneliness again. “I’ll come with you.” She whispered. “I promise.” And I understood her promise at every level it was meant.

I pushed her on her back and slowly explored her body with my fingertips and my eyes and occasionally my lips. I kissed each of her nipples and she watched me, her chin doubled from looking down the way a mother looks at a nursing baby. I traced the center seam of her skin down to her navel, an outy, and I kissed it and she giggled at the tickle of it. I traced a finger down through the scar of her cesarian until I reached her mons, then moved down and gently pushed her legs apart and her labia parted and the pink bits popped up like the paper figures in a children’s book. I rested my chin on one hand as I probed with the finger of the other. All the while she watched me with an amused smile on her face. “Do I pass inspection down there?” She asked.

I leaned forward and kissed her clitoris and her labia and smiled back at her. “You would pass the inspection of the angels themselves.” I said. “You’re beautiful down here.” I touched her rigid little clitoris then trailed my finger down between her ruffled inner labia and pushed it into her vagina. Then I pulled it out, slick with her lubricants and traced the seam down yet further.

“You’re not going to put it in… Ooooppp.”

I gave her a moment to get used to this intrusion.

“Just how far in there did you shove it?” She hissed.

“All the way.”

“I’m not accustomed to having things go in there.” She said. “That’s for things to come out of.”

“Who told you that?” I asked. “This is one of your funnest apertures.” I felt her sphincter muscle work as her body adjusted to my finger’s presence.

“It’s nasty.”




“You can put your finger there but absolutely nothing else.” She said. “My poop will fall out.”

“Put your knees up.” I said.

“You’re not going to LOOK at it!”



“Because it’s as much a part of you as any other part, and right now I’m all about you.” I said. “Besides, you’re a sexy wench down here.”

“So I’m a wench, am I?” She said, her legs going up until her knees nearly touched her nipples. She had her eyes closed now. “This is embarrassing.”

“Probably. But it’s damned sexy. Didn’t your husband ever play with this part?”

“I told you. I was a filthy slut jezebel nasty whore. My husband never played with any part of me after he met his twenty year old angel.” She opened her eyes and watched me study her anus. I moved my finger in and out gently and watched as the purse-string muscles tightened against it. Finally I pulled my finger out and leaned forward and kissed it.

“Ohhh, now you’ve done it.” She said. “Go wash your hands. And scrub your teeth. And gargle. Better still, let’s take a whole shower. I’LL do the washing.”

We soaped each other and kissed, then rinsed each other and kissed, then soaped each other again. “Now put your finger in there.” She said.

“Are you sure? I thought you didn’t like it.”

“I didn’t say that. It’s just nobody’s ever done it before. It felt sort of different.”

She turned around and I put my finger in her ass again and she moaned and backed toward the pressure. I kissed her neck. “Maybe after I get used to it you can do it more often.” She said. Then she turned around, pulling my finger out and pointed her finger at me. “But don’t you dare put anything else in there, buster.”

I caught her hand and kissed it and promised her that I would never do that. Then she turned me around. “Your turn.”

“You’re Escort Kütahya not.” I said. She did. Frankly, nobody except a doctor had ever done that before.

“Oh ho! So you aren’t used to it either.” She laughed. She kissed the back of my neck. “Gah, you feel hot inside there. Am I that hot in there?”


“Weird. Very, very weird.” She mused. She pulled her finger out and washed her hands twice.

“It’s not that nasty.” I said.

“Indulge me.”

“What else would you like me to do that you’ve never done before?” I asked.

She got sort of a funny look on her face as she thought about that. “There are so many things… William would never do any of them with me…” She grinned. “Would you put your mouth… I’ve always wanted to see if I could come that way, you know, like with your mouth down there.”

“It’s called cunnilingus.” I said. “Eating out. Want me to eat you out?”

“That’s so crude. Yes.”

“First let’s rinse it out really good.” I said.

She dutifully soaped herself down there and rinsed. We went to the bedroom after we dried. She lay down on the bed with a look of guilty anticipation. “Make sure I don’t smell bad.” She said. “You’ll tell me if I do, right?”

“You don’t.” I said. I lay between her legs and she opened them and then raised her knees to her nipples again, holding her legs up with her hands. I kissed her there and she gasped softly, then I worked my tongue against her clitoris and labia and she moaned. She let her legs go and they went behind my shoulders and her hands went to my hair and gripped it like handles and held my face in place. “You can make me… Come…” She gasped. “Oh my god… Oh my god…” Suddenly she lifted her hips and pressed her pussy even harder into my face and she worked it against my jawbone and she wailed loudly at the sudden surge of erotic intensity she felt. She caught her breath and held it and let it out with a rush and her hands pushed my head down hard and she yelped and I felt her pulse surge into a pounding thud as her orgasm swept through her. Her legs stiffened and trembled and she arched upward and clawed at my hair to hold my face in place and slowly worked herself down, oh god, her pace slowed, oh god, her body relaxed, oh god, her moans softened, oh god, oh god, oh… my… god… And she lay still. Then she pushed my face away. “Don’t touch anything down there.” She hissed through a grin of absolute consummation. I amused myself by studying the engorged thickness of her clitoris and inner labia until she twisted over on her side and curled into a fetal position and tried to hold the orgasm inside her as long as possible.

I moved up behind her and held her and gently kissed her hair then her neck and she straightened out after awhile and backed her bottom up against my stomach. “You don’t want to come?” She asked.

“Guys can come anytime.” I answered. “I just like to watch you do it.”

She reached behind her and guided my cock into her pussy and backed up on it. “I want to feel you come now.” She said. “While there’s still some of mine left in me.”

It didn’t take long at all. I pumped into her a couple of times and suddenly I was riding it like a surfer in a giant wave. She squealed when she felt my semen surge into her, and she kept me inside her for as long as she could. When my flaccid cock finally fell out of her she turned over to face me. “I only know one useful four letter word.” She said. “Do you want me to say it to you?”

“Be careful with it.” I said. “Some of those words can…”

“I love you.” She said, her eyes sparkling fire into mine.

I was breathless. It is such a powerful word. I put my arms around her and pulled her tightly to me and kissed the top of her head. “I love you.” I said. And somehow all of the years of loneliness fell away from me and my whole world became this woman who’s body pressed against mine. She kissed me, and when our kiss was complete, and our souls had melted together I could see tears in her eyes and felt tears in my own eyes.

“Neither one of us ever has to be lonely again.” She said.

“Nor will we be.” I said.

She turned over and snuggled her bottom back into my stomach and pulled my arms around her and that’s how we fell asleep.

We are apart from time to time since that night. But it is only our bodies that are apart. Our united soul stretches like sweet elastic taffy, always pulling us back together into a sugary nougat wad, always tucking her delightful little bottom into my stomach, always snuggling warmly into my arms. Maybe we’re a little old to be acting like virgin newlyweds. Maybe we have a few too many miles on us to be starting this long trip together, but neither of us have the least notion of how we could not be together. The orgasms we share are just as intense as they were when we were kids, except they mean more to us now. We don’t just flop them out and play with them. We take our gentle time about them because they are truly acts of love we give to each other.