Corporate Assets (Chapter 8)

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Corporate Assets (Chapter 8)Chapter 8Raymond reached down and stopped her. “Somebody else wants you”, hesaid. Sandra lifted her head from his cock and turned around. During her fellatio Carmen and Hector had taken off their clothes. Rachel was still clothed and seated on the couch. The two men grabbed Sandra and stood her up. The moved her to her desk and shoved all of the papers and notes off the top of it. “Guess that takes care of all your paper work”, said Raymond. “Get on the desk.” Sandra climbed on the desk. “On you back”, ordered Hector. Sandra lay down with the back against the cold desktop. The men grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down the desk until her head hung off the end. Then Hector reached down and opened her mouth. He guided his cock into her mouth. It was slightly longer and larger than Raymond. Neither of the men had any body hair except for a sparse patch around their cocks. From her upside-down position Sandra could see his balls hanging from his cock. Hector moved forward and buried his cock up to the hilt. With her head in such a position, Sandra’s mouth and kütahya escort throat were in a straight line and Hector literally put his cock into her throat. Sandra began to choke and gag. “Uuuuugghhh!” She couldn’t breathe. She began to put her hands up, but Raymond grabbed them and held them down. Hector pulled back and Sandra could breathe again. He then forced the entire length into her mouth. She gasped around the cock which now filled her mouth and threatened to choke her to death. Again he withdrew and then returned. Sandra realized that she could breathe through her nose while the cock was deep in her throat. This at least kept her from choking.Then Hector stopped her sucking and removed his cock from her mouth. Carmen stood in front of Sandra. “You like cock. Let’s see if you lick pussy as good!” she said. She took Sandra’s head in her hands and pulled it toward her thick dark mass of pussy hair. Sandra tongue came in contact with Carmen’s clit almost immediately. Sandra flicked her tongue against it. She felt Carmen shudder in delight. Sandra then ran her tongue escort kütahya down Carmen’s pussy slit. She forced her tongue into the woman’s pussy. It was already wet. Carmen ground her hips against Sandra’s face and Sandra pushed her tongue deep into the other woman’s cunt. Her tongue played over the wet and warm area like a snake. Carmen reached down to grabbed both of Sandra’s large tits. She roughly squeezed Sandra’s large brown nipples. “That’s enough”, Sandra heard Rachel say. Carmen left go of Sandra’s tits and stepped back. “It’s time for the lesson”, said Rachel to Sandra.Sandra felt someone grab her ankles and pull her. Her head hit the edge of the desk. She was being turned over as she was pulled. Finally she was on her face bent over the edge of the desk. “You’ve really got a fat ass,” she heard Rachel say from behind her. “I think it needs some working out!” With that Rachel struck Sandra ass with her hand. Sandra cried out and started to stand up. Hector grabbed her hands and stretched them in from of her. Raymond held her hips down. “You`re going to kütahya escort bayan learn not to talk to me the way you did!” said Rachel. Sandra felt another smack against her ass. Then another and another. Then there was a steady stream of them. Each stung worse than the one before. Sandra sobbed as she took this spanking from her secretary. “I know how to put people in their place, too!” said Rachel as she struck her boss’ ass. Sandra’s white ass was now a mass of red splotches. Each was in the shape of a hand, until almost all of her large ass cheeks were bright red.Then the spanking stopped. Sandra’s head was on the desk and she sobbed for breath. Fingers explored her pussy. “Hey, she’s wet!” said Raymond. “I think she really likes this stuff.” His fingers explored her pussy. He pushed one, then two into Sandra’s cunt. He withdrew them. She felt his cock pressed against her pussy lips. Then the head was in her pussy. Hector shoved the entire length into her. His hips came in contact with her tender ass cheeks and she cried out in pain. “Oooowwww!” He pulled back and then rammed his cock home again. Hector continued to hold Sandra’s hands pulled out and down against the desk. “Hey man, leave me some”, he laughed at Hector. In and out went Raymond’s cock. Each time he struck her ass Sandra cried out.To Be Continued…