Connor Comes to Visit


Connor’s Visit

by Nightwhisperer

“How have you been, Connor? I wondered if you’d be here today.”

“I’ve been looking for you. I’m really looking forward to seeing the story we talked about posted up on Literotica.”

“Will it excite you to have a story about you posted online?”

“Yes, it will.”

“What would you like your name to be in the story?”

“Anything but my actual name. I guess you could use Connor, as long as the only other descriptor is my age.”

“I only have a vague idea of your age.”

“Like I wouldn’t want it to say I’m from Chicago or what I do and stuff. I’m 24.”

“Ah, I thought closer to 30.”

“No, I’m still pretty young.”

“Yes, almost a baby.”

“I guess it would be fine to use my real name. I’m sure there are millions of guys around my age with my name.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Few people if any will think the story is anything but fantasy.”

“Well, it is about fantasies, it just involves real people.”

“Yes, a story about a very hot looking young straight guy in Chicago who has very kinky, not at all straight fantasies.”

“That’s a good point.”

“Okay then, it’s decided, you’ll be Connor. You have no idea how often I’ve already mentally written and rewritten the scene in which you are being fucked up that lovely ass of yours for the first time by a beautiful woman wearing a big black strap-on while I hold your head in my hands and slowly long dick your drooling mouth.”

“You fantasize about me even though you have a new boy?”

“Oh yes, I am quite taken with you.”

“All because of my ass in that photo I posted in my Collarspace profile? Lol.”

“No, while I do very much like your ass I’m most attracted by less physical things. I like that you are aloof and just slightly arrogant, but naturally so not because you try to be.”

“I see.”

“Oh come on, don’t be bashful, you know I enjoy fucking the brains out of straight guys like you who play at cock teasing. That’s what keeps you coming back, the hope of eventually having my dick up your ass. By the way, I did get a message from Ariel over the weekend, it was very brief and mainly about the virus. She asked if you and I were still in touch, so at least she remembers that I mentioned you.”

“I’m glad to hear that, maybe you can loop me in on the email chain? Would it be okay if I give you a suggestion for the story? Well I’ll just go ahead and give it. I was thinking it could be about me as a newbie visiting you and Ariel. Might include a group party one night if you would.”

“Interesting, I too was thinking the story might involve Ariel. I know you very much want to meet her. Your idea of including a group party in your visit is interesting. If I remember right, your profile on Collarspace mentioned you have an interest in exhibitionism, public play and humiliation.”

“I would just like to be presented as someone who has been interested in BDSM but is a newbie eager to try new things, like I really am.”

“I understand. Ariel and I are both very experienced with boys like you, Connor. I’m going to spend some time reviewing the Curious About, Like, Love, and Live For lists on your Collarspace profile to get some ideas for the story.”

“It’s been a while since I made that list. If they’re not already there be sure to add strap-ons, gags, and leashes.”

“I just looked. Gags and leashes are already listed under Likes, and strap-ons under Curious About. I knew a boy…particularly a jock boy…with an ass like yours would have at least a curiosity about strap-ons. So tell me Connor, do the girls like your butt as much as the boys do?”

“The ones I talk to online do.”

“I know Ariel will definitely love your ass.”

“I thought she already said she likes it.”

“She did. I told you that, and that she would have you on all fours most of the time. I’m saying she will definitely enjoy actually having it.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought. I realized it is my best asset as a sub so that is why I have it as my profile pic.”

“I can’t recall if I’ve asked you before, have you been fucked yet or will we be taking your cherry when you visit?”

“Have I been fucked in my ass? No, not by a strap-on, or even a dildo and definitely not by a guy, but I’m not a BDSM virgin.”

“I am pretty sure you’ll be very hard while she fucks you. She loves to hold a guy’s cock while she’s fucking him. She keeps him on the edge until he’s begging her for more.”

“You’d be right. How long does it typically take to finish a story?”

“Connor, I noticed that Spanking was listed among your “Likes.” That’s a very good thing for a persistent, demanding boy to like.”

“Sorry. Missed that one. You can consider Spanking a Love. Others have wanted to spank me too.”

“I greatly enjoy having novice straight boys like you sprawled out up on the sofa while I’m training them to suck my dick. When their tongues or lips fail to obey an instruction properly, I slap their naked asses until they learn to perform Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort correctly.”

“Doesn’t it feel better to have them suck from their knees? That is my favorite way. I like to have girls on their knees”

“Oh yeah, most of the time, but some guys just need to be spanked while their sucking dick to sear into their souls exactly how their status has changed. Not to worry though Connor, I know you want to be put on your knees and you will be spending a lot of time there.”

“I see.”


“We’re here!” I yelled as I opened the door leading from the garage into the large stone-floored kitchen of my home in north Arlington, Virginia. “Come in, Connor, put your bag down.” Not hearing a response to my announcement of our arrival, I tried again, “Ariel! We’re here!”

On the trip from National Airport — Reagan National Airport to those who are not long-time Washingtonians — I told Connor that his Mistress for the weekend had arrived from Toronto earlier that morning. I also reviewed with him basic rules, our expectations of him and the punishments he could expect should he break rules, disobey or fail to please during his 70-hour stay, all things he and I had previously discussed and agreed upon.

The first rule was enforced as soon as we arrived at my home and I drove into its garage and closed the door. Upon exiting the car Connor immediately stripped naked. He would remain so at all times while in my home unless Ariel or I instructed otherwise. Since he lived alone, I got Connor used to being naked around the house during the weeks leading up to his visit by having him remain naked while he was at home for four hours every day. He also got used to having his masturbatory habits taken out of his control.

Along with getting the young jock used to being naked around the house I put him on a daily jack off schedule. Well, not exactly a jack off schedule since I never let him cum, an edging schedule. Once each hour during his four-hour period of enforced nakedness jockboy had to edge himself and then report that he had done so, which he obediently did. I have to admit that I did enjoy receiving his reports on Skype. “1:57 p.m., finished the first hour.” . . . “2:21 p.m., Edged for the second hour.” . . . “3:06 p.m. Did the third hour.” . . . “4:09 p.m., Edged the final time.” What can I say, he’s a horny boy. I should punish him for not waiting a full hour before he masturbates each time, but I know how difficult it is for him not to beat his meat.

While waiting for Ariel to join us in the kitchen I had Conner stand silently at the end of the center island with his muscular legs slightly spread and his hands clasped behind his back. His hefty balls were lifted up tight in their sack which caused his thick, slightly swollen penis to arc out enticingly. During our many chats leading up to his visit, Connor had made a point of letting me know his cock seldom leaked even under the most intense stimulation. I had decided early on to make a special effort during his visit to see how true that was.

My thoughts were interrupted as Ariel almost silently rounded the corner from the hallway and stepped onto the kitchen smiling at me as her open palm landed a loud slap on what I instinctively knew was Connor’s tightly clenched left butt cheek.

“So, I hear you have been whining and nagging, and carrying on at Michael about how much you wanted to meet me. Is that what you’ve been doing, naughty boy?” Ariel fairly hissed into Conner’s ear as she pinched its lobe between her thumb and index fingertip and dragged the startled young stud around the kitchen island to a barstool upon which she perched herself. “Bend over my knees and keep your hands clasped behind your back,” she ordered, releasing Connor’s earlobe and patting her leather encased thighs.

“Yes, Ma’am…but please…”

“Sssshhhhhhh,” Ariel pressed an extended finger to her puckered lips as she reached up and again taking ahold of Connor by his earlobe twisted his head around so he was facing her. “Be silent unless ordered to speak. Now ass up over my knees and keep those hands clasped behind your back.”

As Connor began to lower his torso onto Ariel’s slightly parted leather clad thighs, she brought her left forearm down across his muscular shoulders and shoved his naked chest down, holding him there with his head hanging face down against her left thigh.

“I understand you’re straight. Is that correct?” Ariel asked in a soft patient voice.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m straight,” Connor replied from his bent over position.

The loud cracking sound of flesh striking flesh filled the room as Ariel right hand lifted high in the air then swung down landing its palm hard against Connor’s out-thrust backside, landing full center on his right butt cheek.

“Owwwwww!!!” the handsome young jock muttered but not very loudly as his lovely ass shivered.

“Wrong answer, Connor,” Ariel stated patiently. Shall we try again. “Are you straight?”

“Oh my god.”

“It is a simple question. You should Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort know the correct answer. Are you straight?”


The loud almost painful sound of Connor’s ass receiving another hard slap this time on its left cheek filled the room.

“Owww!!!…Plleeasse!!…I am…”

Leaning down so she could almost whisper into his ear, Ariel continued, “You are not straight, Connor. No, not any more. Not while you are here. While you are here you are what we say you are. Do you understand?” She punctuated her question with yet another excruciatingly hard smack to Connor’s ass.

“”Aaaaggooww!!! YESS! I understand Mistress!”

“I’m not sure you do yet, Connor, but you will,” Ariel stated calmly as she leaned forward pressing her full, cotton tank-top covered breasts down against his left shoulder and side while speaking into his ear.

“Owww!!! Aaagghhh!!! Nnoo!!!…Plleeaasee!!! God!! Mistress!!! I’m nothing!!!!

I leaned back against the island and watched as Ariel held Connor’s naked body down over her leather covered thighs and proceeded to thoroughly spank his bottom. I couldn’t help but smile at how Connor’s wiggling, twisting, twirking butt almost appeared to be to dancing under the steady rapidly lifting and falling rhythm of the repeated loud cracks of her palm against his flesh. Then she stopped.

“Good boy. I think you do understand now,” Ariel said almost as a sigh her arms now resting across Connor’s silently heaving back. “Are you straight Connor?”

“No Mistress,” came a soft reply almost floating up from beside Ariel’s left thigh amid muffled whimpers.

“What was that naughty boy I couldn’t hear you?” Ariel inquired patiently.

“No Mistress, I am not straight,” Connor replied again, softly his resignation clear.

“Tell us what you are naughty boy and be clear so we can have no doubt,” Connor’s new Mistress demanded of her slave.

“I am what you and Master tell me I am. I exist to serve, Mistress,” the young slave finally submitted.

“Good. Now stand up as you were when I entered the room,” without another word Ariel stood almost causing Connor to fall off her legs onto the floor.

Connor immediately assumed his previous position before Ariel dragged him over her knees, standing up straight, feet well apart with arms behind his back and hands clasped together, face up and eyes forward.

“That’s very good, Connor,” I said, “Your feet should be a little wider apart.”

Connor instantly wiggled both feet until they were an additional three inches apart.

“Perfect. You are a newbie, so as part of your training you are going to learn the positions we require of you. Anytime either of us tells you to assume Present Position this is the position you will assume. Do you understand?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir. I understand. This position is the Present Position,” Connor answered.

“Connor, during your stay with us you will wear several collars. The collar we are going to strap on you now is your slave collar,” Ariel informed Connor as she strapped a one-and-a-half-inch wide black leather collar accented with a chrome buckle and a single row of small flush mounted chrome pyramid studs.

As Ariel was strapping the collar around Connor’s neck, I told him, “Before we go out for dinner we’ll get rid of your pubes and any butthole hair if need be. At that time Ariel or I will strap a matching harness around your package. If we decide you require a leash that’s where it will be attached, to your neck or your package.”

A little while latter with Connor having been shown the bedroom he would be using for the weekend and the things he brought with him put away, Ariel took our young slave to my home gym for a short workout while I attended to some office work. For the next half-hour or so while I finished up the last of my work for the week I was treated to the distant sounds of various pieces of equipment in my well-equipped gym being utilized and an occasional yelp caused I assumed by Ariel correcting some deficiency. When I wandered down to the gym about thirty-minutes later I was amused to find Connor up on my treadmill jogging at a brisk pace with his very stiff cock arching up and swinging from side to side above his swaying and bouncing ball sack. Ariel was seated comfortably on a stool beside the treadmill urging him to keep running with hard cracks of a leather paddle to his very red ass. “Keep running Connor,” Ariel would calmly say over and over, “Lift those knees up higher,” she encouraged as she landed swat after swat on his undulating buttocks.

“Yes, Mistress! Thank you, Mistress!” the collared and sweat coated young man always instantly replied as the paddle burnt his ass, his muscles strained and his knees lifted as high as they could for her.

Smiling over the machine at me, Ariel placed a hand on Connor’s shoulder and as she shut off the treadmill told him he could stop running. Guiding the trembling young man away from the machine she slowly began to push him to his knees. I took that as Kadıköy İranlı Escort an indication that this might be a good time for me to make some preparations for the evening.

With Connor now collared, panting, sweat-coated and on his knees before her Ariel placed the fingertips of her left hand lightly against the underside of his chin and gently tilted his handsome face up until he was looking into her eyes. “Slide my shorts down.” She commanded.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied as his hands reached up to her hips and his fingers hooked under the waistband of her shorts and began to slowly ease them down her long legs.

“Panties too…slip them off,” she instructed.

“Yes…Thank you, Mistress.”

“Your slave cock is so hard Connor…why is that?”

“You’ve shown me your beautiful pussy, Mistress.”

“Spread your knees very wide Connor…very wide. I want to see your balls resting on the floor and your ass back on your heels so your cheeks are spread wide apart,” Ariel instructed. “That’s lovely. Now stroke your hard cock for me, Connor, and reach back with your other hand and with just the tip of your index finger I want you to tickle your virgin asshole…just tickle that tight little pucker while I lower my pussy down onto your mouth.”

He had jerked off imagining something like this so many times. Was this really happening…was she really standing over him, looking down at him with her pussy about to press down against his upturned mouth? Then suddenly her voice snapped him back to reality, “Open your mouth wide Connor.”

Panting almost like a dog waiting to receive a treat, obediently stroking his rigid cock for her amusement Connor stretched his tongue out and gazed up into his Mistress’s eyes as the folds of her warm, moist pussy settled on his wide-open mouth and spread over his extended tongue. Ariel ground her mound down against his handsome face. “Use your tongue and find my clit Connor. Do you feel it?”

“Yeaasshhh Maaaam,” Connor’s pussy muffled voice responded as his tongue twirled around her sensitive nub.

“Rub it with your tongue as you would a stiff little cock,” Ariel commanded the now already on the edge of cumming young man . “And don’t even think about cumming without permission, Connor.”

“Nooooo Maaam,” her sub gasped as his tongue began to flick, rub and twirl at Ariel’s clit doing his best to pleasure it as he imagined a cocksucker would a demanding dick.

“Mmmmm…Ohhhh that is sooo nice, Connor. I do think you have natural talents that need to be developed,” Ariel purred as she rocked her pussy against Connor’s upturned mouth as the masturbating young jock nibbled and tongued her clit. “We will give you ample opportunity to develop your cock sucking talents this weekend…but enough of this for now.” That said she lifted her pussy off her masturbating sub’s face. Patting Connor on the cheek Ariel bent to pick up her shorts and panties, and as she walked out of the room said, “Go to your room. Remove your collar. Take a shower. Put your collar back on and join us in the living room.”

As Connor turned to go Ariel’s voice stopped him before he reached the doorway. “Oh, Connor, before you go take these,” she said while moving to a built-in wall unit and opening a cabinet. Reaching inside she took out two small identical boxes. “These are Fleets Enemas. They contain mineral oil. The instructions for using them are on the boxes. I want you to clean yourself out,” she stated the last bit while looking directly in his eyes.

Thirty-minutes later with Connor now fresh from his shower and it being late in the day, I took him into the kitchen to teach him how to prepare Ariel and my cocktails of choice, a vodka Martini up for her, very dry with an olive, and mine a bourbon Manhattan, also up. While we were alone I spent a few minutes training Connor how to be a proper servant — to carry and present a drink tray and to stand silently and unobtrusively against a wall with head held high, hands clasped behind his back with his pelvis thrust just slightly forward as if offering his package. After all, I had spoken highly of him and wanted him to show off at his best for Ariel.

Over the next hour Connor proved what an excellent student and dedicated sub he really was as he served Ariel and I flawlessly while we chatted, catching up on all that transpired since the last time we had been together. Granted, early on he did require some correcting, particularly because when not actually busy serving he forgot to stand straight with his butt and shoulder blades touching the wall and his hard cock thrust forward. On those occasions Ariel or I would quickly have him bend over our laps for a ten-swat spanking. He only needed three of those before he learned to focus. I have to admit, watching Connor’s very red ass and always stiff cock move around the room as he served hors d’oeuvres, cleaned crumbs off the table and refreshed our drinks was not an unpleasant sight at all. His performance pleased me greatly.

Eventually with drinks in hand and Connor, our now perfectly trained young butler accompanying us with his right hand balancing a round cocktail tray upon which sat a small polished stainless steel egg from one end of which extended a very thin eight inch long wire, Ariel and I escorted our guest down to my playroom which was separated from the gym by short hallway.