Command Performance


This afternoon, like so many other lazy sweltering summer afternoons over the past few years; Bridget, Jamie, Laura and Cassandra lay around Bridget’s parent’s pool, baking in the sun, and working on their perpetual tan. The girls, for the last couple of years, always spent every minute they could at Bridget’s new house, especially on long hot days such as today. The girls were especially animated this afternoon as today was the first day of their summer break and all of them were quivering with excitement at the prospects of a long fun filled vacation.

The giant Olympic sized pool, and always stocked liquor cabinet of Bridget’s new stepdad made this THE place to hang out and it was a rare day when the house was not filled with all her friends. Now that they had all gone off to College the prior fall, and this was their first summer back, they saw no reason to change the tradition.

All of them liked nothing more than sitting by the shimmering pool in their skimpy bikinis, catching some rays and enjoying a few pitchers of margaritas as they lazed the day away, not a care in the world. Sometimes Bridget and her friends would make their way up to the country club, if they were feeling especially bored or spiteful, just to charge up the juices of some oversexed preppy boys. Today though they wanted to just hang around the house and soak in the great weather, free booze and start the summer off right.

Bridget and her friends were also all stunning, and not a man’s head would not turn, nor little head not start to throb when they came around. All having just turned twenty they were quite the erotic vision; long legs, firm breasts and tight asses, they all were every man’s wet dream come to life. When they were all together they behaved the worst though as they liked nothing more than to keep all those horny boys jumping at the club. Their reputation among the preps was notorious as they each were incorrigible cock-teases individually and definitely over the top when together.

Bridget especially enjoyed nothing more than getting some hard bodied, rich, young college doofus all hot and horny, have him buy her drinks all night before leaving him high and dry. Despite her reputation though she never was want for willing victims since she was beyond gorgeous. As she and her friends lounged around the pool, each regaling the group with their own plans for the summer, the sound of the lawn mower fired up and reminded each of them of the other benefit of visiting Bridget’s house, her hot step brother Thomas.

Thomas’s father (her new stepdad) was very rich, and Bridget’s mother was quite fortunate that after her bitter divorce to her real father she had found love again. It also certainly didn’t hurt at all that that her new love was loaded and now she and her daughter were set for life. Suddenly able to easily afford college, as her new wealthy stepfather paid for everything, their lives had dramatically improved materially; including this giant house with the pool along with the membership to the country club. As a side benefit to this new arrangement, the deal also came with her new step-brother.

Bridget thought Thomas was sizzlingly hot, but thought it slightly creepy to act upon it. She certainly did not mind looking at him often as he was very easy on the eyes. A few years older than her, he was most definitely a hottie. Tall and very fit, he worked out constantly and kept his body lean, deliciously muscled and quite cut. Many a night she frigged herself to sleep as she dreamt of feeling how his hard cock would feel in her womanhood, but these were just dreams. He too was home for the summer but unlike her, he was not having a tenth of the fun as she was.

Ironically where she was doted on and spoiled extravagantly by her new step-dad, he constantly rode his own son’s ass, who he thought was nothing but a giant fuckup. Thomas certainly did nothing to disprove the stereotype as he was constantly in trouble; drinking and driving, failing out of classes, getting fired from part time jobs, smoking weed, the works. He was smart, rich and handsome but it appeared, not very lucky otherwise. Poor hot Thomas was a total doofus, but certainly a hot doofus she thought.

Just a few weeks earlier he had wrecked his Dad’s new Porsche and that was the last straw. Forced to “work it off” this summer around the house, Thomas was trapped. Given the size of the estate, this was a big and unending job so any summer plans he had had were now just as wrecked as that car. Stuck at home with no transportation and forced to work off his debt, he knew he had a long boring summer ahead of him. His dad riding his ass constantly certainly did not make things any easier.

As the blazing afternoon wore lazily on, the thick hot air caused everyone to sweat as the early June sun bore down on the estate. Thomas came around and started mowing the grass around the pool (the gardener, as well as the rest of the servants, had been given a three month vacation at THOMAS’S expense). As soon Kadıköy Yabancı Escort as he came into view he was instantly noticed by Bridget and her friends. Each of them looked on very appreciatively as he was shirtless and wearing very loose shorts and tennis shoes but nothing else. The hot June afternoon already had worked its magic on him as he was drenched in sweat, the rivulets on perspiration wetting his hairy chest down and making him even more appealing to the girls.

‘God Bridget, your brother is FUCKING HOT!” giggled Jamie, as the other girls giggled and vigorously nodded their assent.

“He is my STEP brother you idiots and yes I GUESS he is hot, but it still seems a bit wrong”. Bridget snapped back, feeling self-conscious about leering after her “brother” even if they were NOT blood related.

“OH come on Bridget” Jamie continued “It is not like he is REALLY your brother, he is just your step brother.” Sighing she added “Christ almighty, if I had a hottie like that waltzing around the house half naked I would be putting the moves on him in five minutes.”

The others giggled their agreement as Cassandra announced “Surely you gals have noticed that Thomas is checking us all out. Just look at him, he can barely keep his eyes off of us.”

It was true, he was looking. How could he help but look? The girls were beyond beautiful, and given that they were at a private home their bathing suits were chosen to achieve MAXIMUM sun exposure with a MINIMUM of tan lines, so he was being treated to quite a delicious display of female flesh not normally so delectably presented.

Thomas, in addition to being a giant fuckup, and despite his good looks and wealth, was surprisingly a total washout with women; always getting tongue tied when around some pretty coed. Continuously stealing glances at the acres of nubile sweaty young female flesh lounging around the pool, he was already hard and hopelessly hooked. He sighed as he knew he could look but certainly not touch as he would never in a million years approach any of Bridget’s gorgeous friends. He could not help but stare, and to his embarrassment and mixed feelings the girl that was getting him the hottest was his STEP-SISTER! Try as he might, he could not stop sneaking peeks at her long gorgeous legs and barely covered tits and within minutes he was painfully erect.

Bridget blushed as she felt his eyes on her and noticed his obvious bulge, both excited but also a bit disturbed by the idea of her Step Brother getting a woody by her. It was true, he was checking them out and knowing this her friends just giggled harder and started to hit more provocative poses just for his benefit. It was obvious that Thomas was becoming quite distracted by the feast displayed before him and as Laura stretched out her long legs and wriggled her toes, the sound of the lawnmower running over a flower bed broke the silence. It was obvious he was hopelessly horny now, and from the destruction that he had just wrought on the flower bed, he appeared to be thoroughly enjoying their show.

The girls all laughed, and looked at one another as the sounds of flowers meeting a violent and untimely death pierced the air. Seeing the apocalypse being brought down on the garden, Laura laughed and was the one to make the suggestion.

“Look Bridget, since your brother is trapped here all summer, I think we have a golden opportunity here to have an even MORE spectacular summer than normal.”

“Oh, just exactly what did you have in mind?” Bridget replied as the other girls all sat up in their lounge chairs to listen.

“Well, it is obvious that your brother is enjoying looking at us, so why don’t we use this to our advantage. I say that if we put our heads together, we can have turn that boy into our own private servant for the whole summer. Just think of it, that hot brother of yours attending us half naked all day every day. Your parents are NEVER home, so this could be the best summer of our lives if we work it right.”

Laughing Cassandra called out “Half naked, hell, why not have dear brother FULL ON NAKED!”

“HE IS NOT MY BROTHER!” Bridget angrily interrupted as she snapped, but then suddenly smiled as a thought entered her head. “It is an intriguing prospect though. He is in such deep shit with my step-dad right now he is practically a servant already! He knows he is on thin ice with him so maybe we can use this to our advantage.”

As they chatted, she kept glancing over at Thomas who was pulling up weeds while sneaking glances as he toiled and sweated. As she stretched her legs out and wiggled her toes in a stretch she saw him close his eyes and openly sigh.

“BINGO!” she grinned as she instantly thought of a plan. Listening to her idea, the other girls howled in laughter and could not wait for night to come.

Thomas could not hear them, but continued to look on longingly at their gorgeous curves and shamefully he had to admit, their tasty toes. These delights just made Kadıköy Yeni Escort him throb even harder in his loose shorts so much so he had to pause to adjust himself often and thus was making slow progress on the weeding. Little did he know then that this was going to be the hardest summer of his life.

That night at dinner, Bridget took a long time getting ready, picking out JUST the right outfit to snare her prey. Grinning, she admired herself in her selection and within minutes she walked down the stairs towards her little trap. Dressed in just a small thin spaghetti strap white sundress, no bra or panties and barefoot her look had been chosen for maximum erotic impact, especially for a little foot freak like her step-brother. It had taken her hours to pick the right look, but from the open mouthed gaze on Thomas’s face as he saw her, it was obvious she had chosen well. It was also painfully apparent that he was definitely getting MASSIVELY turned on by her when she bounced down the stairs and he first saw her, his eyes instantly drawn to her bare toes before they wandered up to soak in the rest of her beautiful curves. The tent that formed in his shorts definitely telegraphed to Bridget that her choice of outfits was well chosen.

Thomas, still wearing only the shorts he had on earlier in the day had not had a chance to take a shower yet as he had endless chores to complete. To teach him a lesson, his dad had let the estate staff take the summer off so he was going to be VERY busy performing their duties. As she sat across from him at the dining room table, his eyes greedily looked her up and down, his gaze glued to her chest. He was trying to be subtle but helplessly he was drawn to stare at her ample cleavage.

Prior to her sitting he also was drawn to her adorable feet and her delicious painted toes. He often would jack off and fantasize about having those puppies in his mouth while his cock slid in and out of her tight, wet hole and tonight she looked like his dream come to life. He was a foot man no doubt, and hers were glorious and begged for worship. This was his stepsister, so he knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help it as he sat there drooling.

He was shocked back to reality instantly as his dad came into the room and scowled, asking about the destroyed flower bed. Feeling the hot gaze of his angry father on his face, he instantly turned away from Bridget to look at his plate. JESUS, his Dad would KILL HIM if he knew he was perving on his step-sister so he tried hard to be less obvious but could not look away as his eyes slowly rose to drink her in. Glancing over to Bridget though, who sexily winked back to meet his gaze, he couldn’t help feeling that she was taking advantage of this situation.

When they all were finally seated at dinner, his stepmom looked at Thomas with a slight air of disgust, saying it didn’t seem proper for him to be eating at the table shirtless and only in his shorts. Apologizing he said he would go change after dinner, but was hungry after mowing the grass all day and had not had a chance to take a shower yet. As this conversation continued, Thomas almost leapt out of his seat and hit the ceiling as he felt his step sister slowly snake her barefoot up his leg and began to rub his bare inner thigh under the table.

Coughing, he tried to look cool, but his cock, which had been hard before was now about to tear out of his shorts with this new development. When he looked back at Bridget and she gave him another playful wink his face flushed. Thomas’s mind now raced with all sorts of erotic thoughts as he tried desperately to maintain his composure as he felt her toes start wriggling their way into the leg of his shorts to find their way to their target. Slowly and deliberately she burrowed up his open pant leg until she found what she came for. When she did and then began to stroke his cock and tickle his balls with her delicious toes under the grey thin fabric of his shorts he was done for. Thomas was going crazy with lust, sweating profusely but stoically continued eating as if nothing was happening as the assault on his manhood continued under the table.

He knew his step-sister and her friends were cock-teases and he (and his friends) had been on the receiving end of their games many times before. At first when his Dad got remarried and he suddenly found himself with a hot step-sister he thought he had won the lottery. When he also discovered that she had a bunch of beautiful friends who liked to lounge around their pool in their g-strings, he thought it was the mega-jackpot lottery. He quickly discovered what many guys before him already had learned that no amount of effort (especially from a gameless doofus like him) would ever break into their walled compounds. Because of this, he tried to avoid getting caught in her trap, which she always seemed to like to lay. Despite this though, he could not help but leer as she was smokin!

When dinner was mercifully over he raced up the stairs Kadıköy Masaj Salonu to take his shower, and half thought he should make it a COLD one. Not only was he very hot and sweaty, but after Bridget’s endless foot tease at dinner, he was even more obscenely hard and needed to take care of that situation right away. Thinking about her toes in his lap, he planned on pounding one out and going to bed. He already had his jackoff fantasy written in his mind, and she and her friends would be the stars of his mental movie. As he stripped off in the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain he almost yelled out as he discovered Bridget was already standing in the tub, just as alluring in her sundress and looking incredibly hot and quite aroused.

As she gazed down at his exposed throbbing cock, she asked “Is that for me BRO?” and giggled as he quickly scrambled to grab a towel and cover himself. He was getting pissed now as he knew he was just being played with, but when she whispered the next words into his ear as she ran her fingers over his bulging towel, he gulped.

“Now Thomas, I know you need some relief for this monster you are packing, but I do NOT want you to waste it in the shower. Come to my room after you bathe, NAKED AND HARD. I want to see you pop off in person.”

Thomas gulped even harder and blinked twice. Was this a dream? Could this really be happening? When she reached under his towel and lightly squeezed his balls, he was snapped into reality and could barely breathe.

“And I tell you what bro. If you give me a good performance, I will perform for YOU TOO. “

Thomas almost came right there as he quickly nodded his ascent, and she went back to her room. After she left he took the fastest shower in his life and wrapped his towel around himself again. As he padded down the hall, he looked twice to make sure his parents weren’t around and quietly opened the door to her room.

It was completely dark inside except for a bright spotlight shining right on her bed. She sat to the side in a chair with both her delectable feet up on the arms and her legs spread very wide. From his angle he could see half way up her sundress and watch her hands lazily stroke her own inner thighs. Seeing this wet dream come to life he did the impossible and got even harder.

“Ok Thomas, here is the deal” Bridget started. “You get up on the bed, lose that towel and stroke off, but not like you normally would alone in your room, I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are pounding into my pussy.” Sighing deeply she breathily continued “God, this makes me hot! So, you keep stroking and pounding for my show and when I say stop, you stop. If I like your performance, maybe we can turn that fantasy into a reality.”

Thomas, barely restraining his raging hormones, leapt on the bed and got onto his knees. Quickly stripping off his towel, he was completely naked before her.

Bridget smiled and had to admit she was getting very wet now. Her step-brother was UBER hot and his six pack abs were quivering as his full long hard cock smacked up to meet them. She had stolen glances of him naked before in the shower, but this was the first time she was able to linger her gaze on his nude body, and it was quite the sight. Smirking she told him to turn around and face the wall and start wanking. Now he could not see her at all, but she had the spectacular view of his dimpled muscled ass flexing as he began furiously pumping into his own hand.

Slightly blushing, he formed a small O with his left hand, and despite being slightly embarrassed, began to pump with wild abandon as she instructed him HOW she wanted him to perform. Having him jack off this way, pumping into his stationary hand made it easier to imagine that it was Bridget and her hot friends he was nailing instead of his palm.

As he stroked, she called out encouraging words from the corner which only caused him to get closer and closer to blastoff. Instructing him to move to the left or the right so she could get a clearer view of his action, she finally settled on him face down on her bed with his ass high in the air as he desperately humped himself and allowed all his naughty bits to be seen in their full bouncy glory. Finally, after about 10 minutes he cried out and said he was about to shoot at which time she commanded him to stop and turn to face her. His cock drooling and his face all red, he did as she asked and at that moment the overhead light came on and flooded the dark room with bright harsh light.

The look on Thomas’s face was priceless as his eyes adjusted. Kneeling completely naked on his step sisters bed, his hard cock throbbing and twitching for release in his hand, he now discovered he had been setup. There in front of him was his step sister, but also all of her hot friends from earlier in the day. They could barely restrain their laughter as they pointed at him as he desperately grabbed one of her stuffed animals and held in front of himself to cover up.

“No covering up BRO!” commanded Bridget. “We want our property PROPERLY displayed!” Continuing she added “We got it all on Laura’s phone and with one flick of her hand she will upload it to her Facebook account. I imagine you won’t want all of the girls at college knowing what a pervert you are, will you?”