Coming Together As A Family


Douglas came home from work to his eldest daughter kneeling in front of the couch, her hands firmly gripping his youngest’s inner thighs. Aspen’s face was deep between the spread legs of Brylee in a flurry of wet slurps and loud moans.

With her little sister’s fingers running wild in her hair and love juices running down her chin, Aspen was eating pussy like soft cherry ice cream in danger of melting. She had to use a raised hand to communicate ‘you’re late!’ to her father from behind to not interrupt her tongue-fucking.

“I’m so sorry,” he shouted over Brylee’s screams of pleasure. The situation did not seem out of place to him at all. Douglas put down his laptop bag, threw his keys on the console table, kicked off his shoes, and rushed to the scene while digging his cock out of his pants.

“Hum hon had!” (Come on, dad!).

“Can you fluff me a little, please? I had a long day.”

Aspen rolled her blue eyes (not that anyone could see them) and took her dad’s semi-erect cock in her hands. Her strokes were clumsy from the multitasking, but she still felt the warm penis swell between her fingers and thumb. She let go as soon as she deemed it hard enough for anal penetration on a well-trained and hungry anus like Brylee’s.

“There we go. Get in there,” Douglas said with Brylee’s little bubble butt raised in his palms. Aspen had made him some room but kept the tip of her tongue running circles around the girl’s engorged clit. In a slow but steady motion, he pushed the entirety of his big erection deep into the tiny asshole, rubbing against Aspen’s nose on its way.

Aspen, finally free of her duties, rolled down from couch to floor, where she invested a few precious minutes catching her breath. The incestuous beast with two backs rotated for full use the cushioned seat. Brylee’s little perky lemons pressed against her father’s shirt, which he was awkwardly undoing for skin-to-skin contact while plowing his little girl in the ass. bursa escort A change of holes doubled the intensity of Brylee’s moans; from the sound of it, heaven for her was a deep cock.

“If I’m late for my movie date with Sean, you’re taking over all of my shifts this week,” Aspen said while taking off her T-shirt because of its wet collar, and getting used to her tongue being back inside her mouth.

“Fair enough. I love you, Honey. Sorry again for being late.”

Aspen sighed. Everyone was just trying their best. “Love you too, dad. You’re all set for an evening without me?”

“Yeah, your Uncle Joe is coming over after dinner, and he’s staying the whole weekend. It’d be nice if you could give us an hour break when you come home, though. Which won’t be too late, right?”

“Well… if Sean were to spend the night here, we could take Brylee off your hands for at least four hours.” A big-breasted, topless Aspen was making her best puppy eyes at her father.

Douglas stopped slapping his balls against Brylee’s bum for a moment. His face was not only twisted from disapproval; he was also squirting his seed at the bottom of his daughter’s rectum. “… Fine,” he grunted on his final rope.

“Great! Thanks, dad. See you tonight. Bye, Brylee. Have fun!” Aspen disappeared into her room to get changed before her dad regained his senses. He was more receptive when ejaculating.

Brylee answered with a likely unrelated moan. She was cumming her little heart out from the anal pressure on her g-spot, and that was a good thing. Douglas let her suck on his fingers to help keep his dick hard inside her and used his other hand to pinch her nipple the way she liked best.

It wasn’t a fruitful life; Brylee wasn’t going to become the veterinarian she wanted to be. But at least she was happy. The poor girl had a stroke about a year ago while masturbating, and the doctor said her high oxytocin levels were the only thing keeping bursa escort her alive. In other words, she would die if she stopped cumming for more than a few minutes.

“Erm, little help here! Aspen!” Sean yelled out.

Aspen quickly rounded the doorframe, breasts swinging, having just finished up in the bathroom next door. She and her boyfriend had spent their first night together cummysitting Brylee. They explored their bodies while keeping Brylee entertained in a hot, utilitarian threesome. Through the kindness of his heart, Sean was willing to put up with the fact his new girlfriend came attached to a cute, insatiable nymphette. Brylee being so easy to please made him feel like a sex god, and Aspen also got to reap the benefits of his self-esteem.

Taking a few minutes to freshen up after two hours of non-stop sex in which she finally lost her virginity might have been a deadly mistake, though; Aspen’s sister lay unresponsive in bed while her boyfriend gave her light taps on the cheeks. “Oh my god, Brylee! What happened, Sean? I wasn’t even gone five minutes!”

Sean was on the verge of tears. The best night of his life had turned so suddenly into the worst. “Everything was going fine until she went limp,” he stammered. “I wasn’t even that deep in her throat; I swear she could breathe just fine.”

“You can’t get your dick sucked when I’m not there to eat her out! Girls don’t cum from giving blowjobs, Sean!”

Brylee’s father and uncle, alerted by the commotion, arrived on the scene and rushed to perform an emergency double-penetration like a sexual Heimlich. “Cum, dammit, cum!”

Aspen kneeled between the two men, ignoring her boyfriend’s sperm leftovers oozing on her face, because of Brylee’s sudden uprightness, to get her tongue on any erogenous zone she could find between the two family cocks. Anything to help.

After almost ten minutes of fucking holes, sucking nipples, and licking bursa eskort tender skin, a shy, tired moan gave them hope. Dad and Uncle doubled their efforts, pounding Brylee so hard that Aspen had trouble keeping her tongue on the taint. Finally, with breasts pinched hard and two loads being pumped into her, every one of Brylee’s muscles tensed, and her pussy gushed all over her sister’s nose.

“I got it from here, Douglas,” Uncle Joe told his brother. “Why don’t you take Sean home?”

Sean was standing watch over the orgy, shaking his head like he still hadn’t fully processed what happened. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know… I thought…”

“It’s alright, buddy. You’ll know for next time.” Douglas put a hand on Sean’s shoulders and guided him outside. Behind them, Uncle Joe continued to ram Brylee’s ass from behind. Though Aspen’s help wasn’t needed anymore, she felt like every slap of her uncle’s balls on her face while she ate her sister’s pussy with more enthusiasm than ever helped atone for her mistake of leaving Brylee’s life in her boyfriend’s hands and cock.

The doctor had taken over fucking duties to give Brylee’s father some rest. Sitting in his chair, he was examining the girl’s pupil dilation with a penlight while she jumped on his cock. She moaned with as much passion as she did at home, greatly raising expectations for the girl in the waiting room nervously awaiting her pelvic exam.

“No improvement, I’m afraid,” the doctor told a dejected Douglas with dark circles under his eyes. A girl so young yet with more sexual experience than any pornstar milking his balls dry made it hard for him to concentrate on bedside manner. “But as I’ve told you many times, mmph, Mr. Furtado, no one is asking you to, mmph fuck me, continue this incestuous stimulation. We can easily… oh shit I’m cumming… fuuuck… The doctor dropped his penlight so that both hands could squeeze Brylee’s butt as the two of them came.

“Where was I?” he asked as the bouncing resumed for a second round. “Right. We can easily put Brylee in a medically induced orgasmic state until we find a cure.”

“I’m here for her checkup, doctor, not another one of your lectures.”