Coming Down on Daughter

Double Penetration

“She’s done it again.”

“I guess we need to talk to her, eh, hun?”

“Can you?” she asked with a tired smile she seemed to be fighting to give.

So Henry kissed his wife on the cheek, stood up and strode over to the staircase just outside of the living room. He took the tall flight of stairs slowly thinking about his 18-year-old daughter Ashton and how her dancing classes had now led to her posting twerk videos on her instagram account. It wasn’t just the dancing that had Henry and his wife April concerned about their daughter, it was the clothing she was wearing in her videos. “Or wasn’t wearing,” Henry thought aloud as he reached the bottom of the stairs and turned right to head down the hall to his daughter’s bedroom. He could hear music blaring through the wall of her room already.

Henry, 54, was an outstanding father. Or at least he considered himself to be. Ashton was the third of four children. His two oldest were boys and they were off in college across the country at the moment. Ashton was his only daughter and he made sure she was active from the age of 5. After all, they could tell from a young age that she loved to sing and dance. He and April enrolled Ashton in gymnastics, ballet, modern dance and sports like softball and soccer. She eventually stuck to dance and soccer, which in Henry’s opinion, combined to give his daughter the beautiful fit figure that she has.

The raunchy hip hop music continued to blare as Henry reached her room and knocked twice on the door. No response. He knocked louder. Still no answer. She must not be able to hear, he thought. So he announced himself.

“Ash, I’m coming in.”

It was apparent upon entering that she hadn’t heard him. Henry’s mouth hit the floor before he could catch it.

There was his daughter, ass out facing him, twerking in a pair of blue booty shorts that stopped halfway down her ass and a white sports bra. Her long brown hair cascaded down her shoulders and her head was turned to the side with a wicked grin playing across her mouth. She opened her eyes and saw her dad’s reflection through the mirror at her desk and suddenly stopped.

“Dad!” she screamed. “You just messed up my video!”

Henry, with remote in hand, powered off the stereo then set it down and faced his baby girl.

“Honey, we need to talk,” he said calmly, taking his daughter’s wrists and sitting softly on the side of her bed.

“Ashton, your mother and I are concerned about what you’re putting online,” Henry stated matter-of-factly while his daughter stood between his legs and rolled her eyes. Henry, nevertheless, powered through.

“We think these twerking videos will give people the wrong impression, and who knows who happens to stumble upon them! What if one of your teachers is watching them? I don’t want one of those creeps getting the wrong impression about you, baby!” Henry finished with a concerned, but loving tone and looked up into his daughter’s beautiful blue eyes.

“But dad,” Ashton protested weakly.

“What is it, sweetheart?”

“I don’t know,” Ashton stepped back and sat down next to her father on her bed. They were no longer holding hands. “I don’t know if I can talk to you about this.”

“Sweetie, you can tell your dad anything. Haven’t I always said that? Haven’t we been close that way?”

“I know,” she said quietly. “It’s just, it’s just this is more of a mother, daughter type of discussion I think.”

Henry wrapped his big arm around the small of his daughter’s back and pulled her into his shoulder. He kissed the top of her forehead and she looked up into his eyes.

“Why don’t you give me a chance, Ash?”

“Okayyy,” she relented.

Henry let her go, she sat up straight and looked straight ahead as she began to open up to her father about her horniness.

“You see dad, I come back from my dance classes with this pent up frustration in me and these videos are my way of releasing it.”

As Henry listened, it didn’t take him long to realize what was going on with his young daughter. She was horny. It was unsettling to him, of course, but at least he figured she wasn’t being fucked by some stupid teenage boy who didn’t care about her.

“I see. Well, sweetheart, there are other ways of releasing that.. frustration you’re feeling. You don’t need to be posting these promiscuous ass-dances online,” he said sternly.

“Ok, but dad, can you watch me really quick? I want you to see this combination I learned this week. You haven’t watched me dance for awhile,” she almost pouted to him as she gained her feet and took the remote to turn the music back on.

Ashton was dancing before her father could respond. As she went into her routine, Henry realized he didn’t want to. She was right, after all. He hadn’t watched his daughter perform of late. Her classes were during the time he was finishing up work and commuting back to the house. He rarely could get off in time to even pick her up. That responsibility was largely falling on the shoulders of April or their youngest Nevşehir Escort son, Anthony.

So Henry sat there and watched. Yet as he watched his beautiful daughter moving her hips, torso and her arms to the music at such a graceful tempo, he realized she was looking right into his eyes. She started to wind her body and then fell again into a twerk rhthym with her beautiful ass shaking out of her shorts.

A desire suddenly sprang up inside of Henry that he couldn’t fight any longer. It was the way she was looking at him as she danced with her gorgeous ass cheeks flopping up and down in front of his face. He wanted his daughter and he couldn’t fight it any longer. For the last six months or so she’d been walking around the house in these daring outfits and Henry and his wife hadn’t been firm enough with her about making her stop. He loved seeing his beautiful daughter’s body but it was also luring him into a place he really didn’t want to follow. Only he was there now and it was no longer his choice.

Ashton finally came to a stop and looked at her dad curiously.

“What did you think?”

“Baby, you are amazing. You must know that. You keep getting better every week it seems,” Henry said, genuinely impressed. “Sit down,” he took her hand and pulled her to his lap. “We also need to talk about these… outfits you’re wearing around the house in front of your mom and I, and even Anthony.”

She frowned, casting her eyes down, likely knowing what was coming.

“Ashton, it really isn’t appropriate for you to be dressed this way in front of us.”

“But, mom dresses sexually! I thought you encouraged us to all be comfortable with one another?”

“That’s true..” he had to admit she was right there. They were a family and Henry always wanted them to be completely comfortable with each other. He thought it developed a tighter bond between mother and son, father and daughter, sibling to sibling – and he was right. His family was as tight as could be.

He had a problem, though. Ashton was too good-looking for her own good. It was causing him feelings he shouldn’t be having and he was sure Anthony, 17, was having as well.

“The thing is, sweetheart, you’re body is…”

“What?” daddy. She looked at him intently, genuinely curious as to what he thought.

“Well, it’s very alluring. And I know your mom is worried about this habit you have of wearing these alluring outfits around the house, in front of,” Henry paused here, “well me and your brothers.

“She also doesn’t want it to become a habit where you are dressing like this out in public. That’s another way you can give off the wrong impression.”

“Is it a problem for you dad?”

“No, baby,” Henry said quickly. “Come on. You know I love you. It’s just the habit I don’t want you to form. You can’t dress like this to go out shopping with your friends or out to a dance club. Ok?”

“Ok, dad. I haven’t been, just so you know.”

“Great, that’s my girl.”

Henry kissed his daughter on the mouth as was their custom on occasion. He held her head between his hands softly and then pulled her into his chest for an embrace. After a long moment he released her.

“Now as for that frustration, there’s other ways for you to get rid of that. I don’t want you putting up these videos anymore.”

“Well, what ways are there, dad?”

“Well, sweetheart. The problem you’re having is that you’re building up a sexual desire when you dance and you aren’t finding any release. That’s perfectly natural for a girl your age. I take it you aren’t having sex?” he looked down at his daughter, finding her eyes.

“No, dad.”

“So you’re a virgin still?” he asked quietly.

Ashton nodded her head gently.

“Baby, I’m so proud of you.” He kissed her on the forehead. “Really, it’s such a wonderful thing you’ve been so strong. That said, I think it’s time we taught you some things.

“Like what?” Ashton asked earnestly. Henry could tell she was really excited to learn.

“Well, for one, how to take care of your needs yourself. Ashton has your mom explained to you about masturbating.”

“No. What’s that daddy?”

“Take off your shorts, baby.”

Ashton looked hesitant. “I’m not wearing any underwear, dad.”

“I know,” he said assuredly. “Don’t worry,” and he gave her his most confident smile.

So Ashton slid her shorts off and her dad, as quickly as he could so as not to draw concern from his wife for how long he was taking, explained to his daughter about how to play with herself. Ashton took time exploring her body as he watched. She was figuring it all out rather quickly.

“Ok, so we’ll go get you some toys and I think we should put you on birth control, too, ok sweetheart? I’ll tell your mom.”

“Birth control? Why do I need to go on that, dad?” Ashton asked unsure.

“Well, I think it’s time you started having sex, too,” responded Henry.

Ashton thought he was kidding. She had a boyfriend but only of a few weeks now and they Nevşehir Escort Bayan were not anywhere near that place in their relationship. Who was she going to suddenly start fucking?

Henry saw the concern on his daughter’s face and understood what she was thinking.

“I was thinking that I could start teaching you some other things you need to know that only I can really teach you.”

“You want to fuck me, dad?” Ashton looked at him startled.

“Well, I think you’re ready and there’s no better person for you to learn from. It’s all going to be in the desire to teach and have you prepared for your adult years. I don’t want my baby being shown the wrong things or being abused in college. No way, no how!” Henry finished with a smile and his daughter leapt into his arms.

“Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, daddy!” Ashton screamed out. “Can we start now?”

She was standing there stark naked save for the sports bra she had on. Henry didn’t see any reason to prolong their first lesson. He had been ready from the moment he first entered her room and saw that beautiful ass staring back at him, after all.

“Sure, but one thing Ashton, can you twerk for your daddy again?”

Ashton looked down at her dad who she loved more than anyone in the world and a huge smile spread across her face. Her perfect teeth, uniform in shape and size and porcelain white flashed quickly and she stood up.

“Of course, daddy!”

The music blared over her speakers again and Ashton moved more sexy than ever. She swayed and bounced to the beat, her arms worked in unison, passing over her chest than down to her legs and then out to the side, almost pumping her body to the music. She kept looking back at her father, locking eyes with his, every now and again. The wicked grin forming on her mouth periodically. She really knew how to tease, Henry thought.

As she danced there naked before him, Henry quickly slipped out of his jeans and underwear, placing them aside and threw off his shirt. Last to go were his socks. Ashton gyrated again, this time she shook one ass cheek at a time and peered over her shoulder and her naked father sitting on her bed, with the biggest erection she had ever seen. Granted, she hadn’t seen many. Her experience with porn still in the elementary stages.

Ashton smiled another wanton smile at her dad and then looked straight ahead, continuing her dance. That was it for Henry. He let go of his cock and kneeled just behind his daughter, thrusting his face right into the glorious ass she was shaking for him. He started licking her cut and massaging his face with her ass. She was so wet. He was in heaven.

“Oh baby girl, don’t stop,” Henry said with a mouthful of his daughter’s vagina. All Ashton heard, though, was a muffled garble of syllables.

“What was that, dad?” She said laughing. She expected she knew what he wanted. Ashton didn’t slow down for a second. She kept grinding right on her father’s face as he ate her pussy.

She couldn’t take it anymore. Her father’s tongue was twirling around her vagina, playing at her clit and stroking her g-spot. Ashton’s moans squeeked out of her mouth and she bit her lip.

“Oh, that’s so good, dad.”

Henry’s cock was aching. At 8.5 inches and thick as a telephone pole, he was impressive. Ashton was still biting her lip as she looked down at her dad, wondering if she couldn’t even take that thing. She turned around and lifted her bra off, facing her dad as he sat back down on the bed and took a deep breath.

“Dad, do you think I can handle that?”

“We’re going to have to go slow. You’re very wet so it’s just going to be a matter of you accepting my size, you understand?” Henry spoke tenderly, stroking the soft skin of her arms all the while. He held her gaze with his eyes and waited for her response.

“Yes, dad.”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. Your dad would never hurt you. You’re my baby,” and with that Henry pecked her sweetly on the lips again, then again on the side her forehead.

“OK, I want you to stand up, face the wall and brace yourself with your hands.”

Ashton did as she was told, standing slightly shoulder width apart with her hands raised above her at the same width. She poked her ass out slightly waiting for her father to enter her.

“That’s perfect sweetheart. Now just relax. Here we go.”

Henry gripped his cock with his right hand and gently teased his daughter’s slit forward and back with his cock for a few moments, testing how slick she was before entering his daughter ever so slowly. Fuck, she was tight.

“Are you alright, baby?” Henry asked his daughter. She let out an audible gasp as he entered her, but nothing more. Henry had about three inches in his daughter, just a little more than the tip.

“Mhmm. Give me more, daddy.”

“I will. Just be patient sweetheart.”

Henry began pulsing in and out of his precious daughter, a 10 out of 10 if there ever was one, at a very steady, patient, rhthym. He was giving her Escort Nevşehir just 3-4 inches at a time, letting her get accustomed to his size – and wetting her appetite for more.

A minute or so elapsed and Henry bent down and kissed his daughter’s neck. “How does it feel, Ash?” he whispered into her ear. At just over 6-foot-2, Henry towered over his 5-foot-8 daughter. She had long legs which meant their hips met perfectly when he took her from behind. Despite being in his early 50’s, Henry was in optimum shape. He was a former professional soccer player in England and still worked out regularly.

“Oh daddy,” murmered Ashton lovingly. “Are you all the way inside me?”

Henry paused and looked down. “No, baby. You have half of me inside you.”

“Only half, daddy?” Ashton almost pouted. She was begging for more and she knew her dad understood.

“You want it all, darling? Can you take it?”

“Oh, yes daddy. I’m ready.”

With that Henry put one hand on his daughter’s lower back and entwined his other in her curly brown hair gaining some leverage. He slid himself in all the way forward until he was balls deep. He could feel his cock pressing against her cervix.

“Oh fuck,” Ashton screamed. Even though the music was still playing loudly, Henry was worried about her being heard and he quickly covered her mouth with the hand that was in her hair.

“Don’t use that language, darling.” Perturbed at his daughter’s dirty mouth though he was, Henry smiled to himself and then commenced pounding his beautiful daughter. “You have to be quiet. We don’t want your mother or brother coming in on us.”

Ashton lightly bit her dad’s finger in response and spread her legs out slightly further to accomodate him. He was going to town on her now.

“Oh daddy, you’re fucking the shit out of me,” Ashton whispered up into her dad’s ear. Henry responded by slapping her ass rather firmly.

“What did I tell you about your language?” he asked sharply.

“I’m.. sorry,” Ashton grunted as Henry continued to bury himself in and out of her.

Her body was absolutely on fire now, she could feel her father reaching all the way up into her stomach (or so it felt) and then it happened. She felt a dam burst within her. It was the most intense feeling she had ever experienced. So immensely pleasurable and yet it sapped all of her strength. She gasped, her legs quivered and shook and she faltered as her daddy continued to pound away.

“Oh… my… God,” she finally uttered and Henry lifted her up by the undersides of her knees, spreading her legs open. He could feel her orgasm cascade through her; his cock was now sloshing in out of her loudly and he was about to cum himself. After a couple of strokes with her hoisted in the air, he fell back on the bed and let her ride him at her own pace for a few minutes.

“That’s it, Ash. Grip my cock. Feel it with your muscles and take it in and out at your own rhthym,” he said, proudly watching his daughter learn her way around his dick.

“Like this, dad?” Ashton was looking back at her ass as she rode him to a steady pace. She was taking about five inches of his pole at a time.

“Very good, baby. You’re a a very quick learner,” Henry smiled at her.

Ashton leaned down and kissed her father passionately. It was the most tender, loving kiss they had ever shared together up until that point. It left Henry almost dumbstruck. Ashton smiled and arched her ass out, her neck and head all the way back as she continued to piston her ass up and down on her dad.

“I know.”

Henry had calmed his senses enough to keep his orgasm at bay as his daughter rode him. Now, with a few minutes having elapsed, he pulled his daughter off of him and placed her face down on her bed.

“I think you’re ready for another position, baby.”

It was Henry’s favorite. He loved entering his woman from the back, her face down into the mattress in order to use his body weight to smother her. So he did just that giving her a pillow to prop her head up. He placed his arms on either side of her and with his pulsing telephone pole of a cock itching to unleash its load began absolutely digging into his daughter.

Ashton gasped and filled her mouth with her soft pillow. Her father was fucking her with all of his crazy energy. His cock was pistoning so deep within her she thought he was going to tear into her stomach. It was amazing.

Henry hoisted himself up on his fists and continued on. He was getting ever so close. He felt his daughter cum again and that did it. As his body slapped against her for the hundredth time – or so it felt – he unleashed his seed into her womb. Henry came like he had never before, unleashing seven ropes of cum inside his daughter and when he was finished he collapsed on top or her, his cock still buried to the hilt inside of her vagina.

“God damn,” Henry finally uttered weakly. He kissed the back of Ashton’s neck as her head was cocked to the side.

“Daddy, did you pee in me?” Ashton asked curiously. She felt a warm sensation flood within her, it was like the opposite of what she felt multiple times within herself previously during their lovemaking.

Henry still content to lie on top of his daughter, buried within her, shook his head and began stroking Ashton’s long, brown curls.