Comfort Zone Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Devaki shifts to Coimbatore

It’s been six months since Mala got married and settled down in Chennai. Her home was not very far from Devaki’s and both of them spent a lot of time together when ever possible.

Devaki’s son Karthik got along famously with aunt Mala and uncle Krish. Devaki’s husband Kumar too became quite fond of the newly married couple in his own reserved way.

Mala picked up a job close to her heart: geriatric care and remained busy. Devaki as usual did not work and continued to remain a homemaker.

On Devaki’s return from Coimbatore after the marriage, Mala enquired about her dad and Devaki told her that he was happy that Mala was married, but a bit down that she was away from him. He said he would soon get used to that.

Mala broached the subject of Devaki’s time with her dad and Devaki was honest enough to admit having had a good time with him and both she and Venkat uncle had no regrets as to what happened between them, without going into details. Mala too was at peace that her dad was happy. Her only worry was him staying all alone at Coimbatore.

Mala tried her level best to get her dad move to Chennai and remain in the same city. Venkat politely refused this suggestion since he liked being independent and wanted Mala to have her own life.

Though reconciled to her father’s decision, it still nagged her once in a while. Devaki also advised her to leave Venkat alone. In her heart of hearts, Devaki was hoping like hell for Venkat to agree to Mala’s proposal and shift to Chennai for obvious reasons.

Providence thought otherwise. It intervened in the form of Kumar, Devaki’s husband’s new business venture. He had succeeded in buying tea estates in the Nilgiri Hills, four hours drive away from Coimbatore. Therefore he decided to shift to Coimbatore along with Devaki and Karthik to remain close to the tea estates.

This was heavenly music in Devaki’s ears and she was ecstatic. When she conveyed this to her dear friend Mala, she too was happy that Devaki would be in Coimbatore and be able to look after her dad in emergencies.

Mala conveyed this to her dad. Venkat was stunned and told her that it was a great piece of news and he too was ecstatic. He suggested to Mala that Devaki and her husband with their son could move to another house of his, next door to the present one. Kumar was not averse to this and told Devaki to attend to the shift.

Devaki messaged Venkat: “Dearest, I think we were meant to be close to each other and it has come about in a way I could never imagine. Can’t wait to shift and be near you”.

Venkat who was euphoric replied:”Yes my love, I couldn’t agree with you more. Hope all our wishes will be fulfilled. I am thrilled that you are all going to stay next to me.”

Devaki and her family shifted to Coimbatore and with Venkat’s help settled down quickly. Kumar who was an alumnus of Lawrence school Lovedale a residential school near Ooty was keen that Karthik too studied in the same school.

Devaki was not all that enthusiastic about her only child staying in a hostel from such a young age. It took a lot of convincing on Kumar’s part to make her agree to the proposal partially. He went to the extent of roping in Venkat uncle for support.

Since Lovedale was only four hours by road, Devaki eventually agreed. Karthik who was six years old was more than keen to study in the school in which his dad studied.

Devaki, her husband, and Karthik drove to Lovedale over the weekend and got the child admitted in Lawrence School. Karthik fell in love with the sylvan surroundings in which the school was located. Devaki too grudgingly admitted that it was a good choice. Having stayed in Coimbatore till she got married, it was her first visit to Lovedale, though she has crossed that place and gone to Ooty many a times.

The academic session was to start two weeks hence and they returned to Coimbatore after an overnight stay at Lovedale.

Since Kumar was busy with his business, it was left to Devaki to sort out the child’s admission preparations. Kumar had requested Venkat uncle if he could help, to which he agreed whole heartedly. It looked as if providence was throwing them together on its own.

Venkat and Devaki went around shopping in Coimbatore, with an enthusiastic Karthik in tow and the nanny. Devaki who was apprehensive initially was highly amused and overjoyed when the youngster started to call Venkat ‘Thatha’ (grandfather in Tamil).

Venkat too was thrilled to bits. She looked on indulgently when the 60 and 6 years old males accompanying her started getting on famously and were engrossed in each other. After shopping they visited a mall to have lunch and then Karthik watched a two hour animated movie along with the nanny. Karthik was ecstatic.

Venkat and Devaki went and sat in another theater close by to watch an adult movie. Though Devaki was in Coimbatore nearly a week, this was the first time she was really close to Venkat. Even in her wildest of dreams Konya Escort she never imagined that she would be with her lover Venkat in a public place. It was heady, at the same time she felt deliciously illicit.

As usual Venkat was in his dhoti and a collarless long silk shirt known as ‘jibba’ in Tamil. Devaki was wearing a sari with a sleeveless blouse. She cuddled close to him as soon as the lights had dimmed in the theater and rested her pretty head on his right shoulder.

As luck would have it, they were sitting in the last row and had the box enclosure all to themselves. Surprisingly the seat was like a love seat with no armrest between them. Venkat put his arm around her and hugged her fiercely, caressing her soft uncovered shoulder.

He gently placed his lips on Devaki’s luscious mouth looking up at him and entered his tongue inside. Devaki whimpered into his mouth. His hand left her right shoulder and slipped underneath her sari to cup her right breast. Devaki squirmed in her seat. She could feel her pussy getting wet and rubbed her thighs together.

Her left hand reached across and felt his dhoti all tented up. She felt his cock heat through his dhoti and caressed it. It jerked in her hand. Devaki lovingly started fondling his fully erect cock over his dhoti.

Not to be left wanting, Venkat’ fumbled in the dark to open her blouse to gain access to her breasts. Devaki deftly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. Now Venkat slowly started massaging her tits. It stiffened in his fingers like smooth pebbles. She gently turned half left and lowered his head and fed her left nipple into his hot mouth.

Venkat started to lovingly feed on them like a baby. Luckily he had the presence of mind not to slurp whilst sucking them. Her juices started to flow and she mashed his lips on her boobs.

Devaki now methodically pushed Venkat’s long shirt up and opened his dhoti. It’s basically a wraparound dress, easy to wear and equally easy to remove. Once his boxer was exposed she pulled his cock out of the front opening in the boxer.

In the engorged state it was in, it took a bit of effort on her part to pull it out. It did pain Venkat, but the pleasure of being held in her dainty hand overtook the pain. She commenced massaging the silken skin. She disengaged her nipples from his mouth and he straightened his head and whispered, “What’s wrong”.

Devaki whispered back, “Nothing” and before he realized she bent down and her lips engulfed his organ. Venkat couldn’t help emit a low moan in pleasure.

The rows were widely spaced for comfortable leg room. Without taking her mouth from his cock, she knelt down in front of him between his knees and started sucking him earnestly.

Venkat once again marveled at her sexual imagination and surrendered himself completely to her ministrations of his raging cock.

Devaki opened her mouth as wide as she could and took in his cock head and started rhythmically bobbing her mouth up and down his shaft and simultaneously licking the side of his long cock. She started to deep throat his penis and it slid down her throat. She tasted the precum that filled her mouth.

Venkat was overwhelmed and his orgasm started from his extremities and he ejaculated into Devaki’s mouth in a deluge. It went straight down her throat. She ensured that not a drop spilled out. Venkat with great difficulty managed not to yell when he climaxed.

He pulled her up and made her sit next to him and kissed her with passion. He made sure that all his cum was licked clean from her mouth. Mingled with her saliva it tasted heavenly.

Next his hand slipped down and slowly managed to get into her panty. He zeroed on to her clit which was dripping wet and commenced rubbing it gently. This went on for a while and Devaki also had a massive orgasm.

She climaxed noiselessly with a shudder. Having satisfied each other in a remarkable fashion both of them got dressed properly and relaxed till the movie got over. Fortunately for them, the theater was very well air-conditioned and their sexual tryst did not make them sweat.

Devaki whispered to him; Venkat, now that I am here permanently, it is going to be very difficult for me to remain away from you. I love my husband and child, but my love for you seems to be on a different plane altogether. Its not just infatuation as I thought initially”

Venkat whispered back: “The feeling is mutual my love. After your second visit to Coimbatore I started falling in love with you. Your trip here for the marriage clinched my feelings for you.

In fact once the marriage was over, I thought of shifting to Chennai to be in the same city as you. Mala’s invitation to me to come to Chennai and settle down seemed God sent. But, I didn’t want things to get complicated for you and I knew that separation will make my love for you stronger.”

He continued. “I didn’t know miracles existed in this day and age. You coming here is nothing short of a miracle. We need Konya Escort Bayan to be circumspect so that we don’t give rise to suspicion in anybody’s mind. I am very fond of young Karthik and Kumar also is a decent bloke.

“I don’t want to hurt anybody. Our love is out of this world and we will nurture it as secretly as possible. Our houses are connected to each other via the terrace and I have a cozy penthouse there. We will be able to meet there to consummate our love for each other”.

Saying this he once again kissed her with passion and told her that,” Don’t worry love, we will take life as it comes.” When she heard this, Devaki’s heart swelled with pride and affection for this wonderful lover of hers.

She told him; “I consider myself to be the luckiest girl in this world to have a lover like you. I love you with all my heart. I will obey you as your daughter’s friend and as your lover. We will get together only when Kumar is away”. He nodded his assent.

After the movie was over, they went to the next theater and picked up Karthik and nanny and drove home. Venkat on reaching home quickly arranged for the penthouse to be done up. He also got a spare set of keys for Devaki so that she had complete access to that room. They decided to communicate through coded SMS.

In the meantime Devaki joined a NGO group and started doing social work to keep herself busy and started to enjoy it. Venkat was the one who got her into this after taking permission from Kumar.

Two weeks later, Kumar and Devaki drove to Lovedale to put Karthik in Lawrence school. After staying there over the weekend they returned to Coimbatore. Devaki suddenly started to feel Karthik’s absence from day one. The busy social work schedule saved her from turning depressed and lonely.

Couple of days later Kumar left Coimbatore on an extended business trip for a week or so. Devaki messaged Venkat that she will be waiting for him in the penthouse after dinner.

When Venkat entered the penthouse and switched on the light he found Devaki reclining on the bed very much like a duskier version of Spanish painter Goya’s ‘The Naked Maja’. She had her hands behind her head. Her right leg was slightly inclined to the right and on top of her left ankle. Her pussy and underarm were clean shaven and smooth like silk. He was once again amazed at her raunchiness.

Since he was dressed only in dhoti, he too got naked in a jiffy and joined her on the bed. For a while they worshipped each other with their eyes. Venkat saw Devaki’s nipples hardening in front of his eyes. Devaki noticed that his cock was fully erect.

Her eyes opened wider when she found that Venkat had shaven his pubic region completely and it was smooth. Without his salt and pepper bush, his organ looked longer and sexier. She told him so.

He replied that since her pussy was smooth shaven, he wanted to reciprocate. He also wanted to see how it looked when both their hairless organs were coupled to each other. Devaki told him: “You too seem to be thinking of some thing new every time we meet.”

“Yes my doll, with a sexy teacher like you, I have no problems in thinking out of the box.”

Saying this he gently took Devaki in his arms and meshed his lips on hers. They both remained fiercely lip locked for a while with their bodies were entwined to each other.

Devaki held his head and caressed his hair. Venkat left her lips and gently bit her boobs. Their eyes were mad with lust. Her hands now caressed his smooth and hairless erect dick, dripping already.

She looked at it longingly. She held it with her hands and Venkat felt hot stabs of pleasure. She kissed the top and then took it in her mouth. She started sucking his dick with great care and tongued it thoroughly.

Venkat gently turned her around and got into 69 position. He was below and she was on top of him. He started to kiss her sweet smelling and clean shaven pussy and massaged her clitoris and labia with his lips.

He licked her smooth labia and proceeded to inner lips. He clamped his wet lips around the pussy and then sucked hard. Devaki moaned. He continued licking her pink looking clitoris up and down and flicked it with his tongue.

“Ooooohhh…..! Venkat lick my clit right there.” Devaki responded.

Venkat intensified licking her now swollen clit and Devaki yelled; “I am cumming my darling” and climaxed.

He felt her pussy wet and dripping, with her cum. He put his mouth and sucked her and swallowed every drop of her sweet cunt juices.

She goaded him on, “Oh God Venkat, go on its soooo…. good! Aahhh….! I ‘m about to cum again”. He increased his speed and licked harder and faster. She screamed again and had another massive orgasm.

Venkat left her pussy and slowly moved his lips up and started to lick the area between her cunt and anus. He saw her puckered hole from close quarters and he couldn’t resist flicking his tongue over it.

Devaki who was basking in the after glow of Escort Konya her 2nd orgasm jumped and almost dislodged her cunt from his lips. Venkat held on to her tightly.

Venkat told her to relax and continued licking her anus. Devaki felt nice and started to enjoy his ministrations there. She relaxed and this opened up her hole further. Venkat tentatively put the tip of his tongue inside and when she didn’t object started to slowly shoving it inside.

This was the first time Venkat had kissed anyone there. Not even his late wife Kalyani. In any case, Devaki was the only other woman with whom he had been intimate.

Her clean hole tasted tangy but pleasant. His tongue went in further and started to systematically piston in and out. Devaki who had been averse earlier to any interest being shown on her anus was now craving for it.

The sensations were different from the licking she received in her cunt, but equally enjoyable.

Every time she was with Venkat, he seemed to be taking her to new heights of sexual gratification. Her hips now started to move in time with his tongue going in and out of her anus. She was soon fucking his mouth with her ass. The third orgasm started to build up and both she and Venkat increased their tempo.

And this third orgasm was violently wonderful. She ground her ass on Venkat’s face and lips and for a while Venkat had to hold on to his breath so as not to suffocate. However it was her cunt which once again let out its juices. She felt as if her ass was trip wired to her cunt and triggering such a cum.

Though in a 69 position with Venkat’s cock in her mouth, Devaki was pretty engrossed in her own pleasure all this while. She now started sucking his dick more passionately. With no hair on it, it kept going in and out of her mouth smoothly. She slipped his organ out of her mouth after a while.

She began to trail her mouth down the shaft and reached his smooth shaven balls. She gently took them one by one in her mouth and sucked on them like a child would do to a lollipop. Venkat felt sensational.

She now started licking the area below his balls and reached hid anus. Venkat started to squirm and tried to get away. She told him that she too wanted to try what he did to her a while ago.

He let her have her way. Her tongue commenced its action slowly. It began to ream in and out of his hole. His hole was fully lubricated with her saliva.

She now wet her fingers with her pussy juice and slowly inserted her little finger in his anus. Wet with her juice and his own juices it slipped in smoothly. She started to finger fuck his anus. Venkat started to mew like a cat with pleasure. She took her little finger out and quickly replaced it with her middle finger. This being longer, it went in more. His sphincter muscles started to open and close in timing with the in and out motion of her middle finger.

Devaki started to caress his insides gently in a circular motion feeling around for a knobby flesh and found his prostate. She started to massage it rhythmically. Her mouth continued sucking his cockhead.

Venkat was already in a high state of arousal because of her fellatio and her finger fuck. Her massaging of his prostate made his hips to start shuddering in ecstasy. He was conscious of his cock in her mouth and made sure she didn’t choke on his huge organ.

Devaki on her part now had only his cock head in her mouth and started to suck it with gusto. Venkat went over the edge and started to climax with the ministrations on his cock and prostate. Devaki swallowed as much of his cum as possible.

He was discharging his cum in a deluge. He had never before cum so violently. It spilled over on to her chin and chest.

Like a delayed fuse he vocalized his feelings: “My God Devakiiii… I am cumming and cumming and am unable to stop.” It dribbled to a stop eventually.

He quickly pulled his dripping cock out of her mouth and slid down her body. He mashed his lips on Devaki’s which was full of his cum with passion. Devaki passed some of his cum back to him and swallowed the rest of it. Both their bodies were entwined to each other in the after math of passionate sex.

They disengaged their lip lock and looked deep into each other’s eye. Both were highly satiated after a bout of such unconventional sex. Once again they had shed their earlier inhibitions and were ready to experiment hitherto untried sexual acts.

“When did you ever think of stimulating my prostate? Even though I have read about it, I thought it was only gays who did this”, asked Venkat.

She told him; “It looks like you haven’t read “Kamasutra. It tells you about this. But I went through ‘Wikipedia’ to find out more and how to go about it. I wanted to give you pleasure in as many ways as possible.”

Venkat told her: “My sexy little love Goddess, you are one day going to kill me with your sexual variety and I wouldn’t mind dying cumming in your cunt or in your mouth like now”.

Devaki replied: “It’s the same with me. I too wouldn’t mind lip locked or hip locked like this with you when my time is up”.

The next night Devaki wanted to make love on the open terrace. It was a full moon night and she wanted to be fucked by Venkat under the moon and stars. Venkat too was game.