Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons is Coincidental.

I’m Tony B any critique on this story will be very welcome.

As I sat having my lunch in the college cafeteria, this girl came in, and as she Got something to eat, another student quietly said “Nice.” I looked as she left The counter, she came passed the table I was sitting at, going to a window seat. As she put her tray down some of her papers fell to the floor. Going over I help Her retrieve the sheets of notes. “I think we’ve all done that at some time or other I have a couple of times. I Hope I haven’t muddled them too much. Oh excuse me I’m Richard.”

“Thanks Richard, no problem I’ll sort them OK, I’m Pam.” She replied with a Sweet smile.

These tables are too small really. I think they just want us to eat here and do Studying elsewhere. Pam hmm that’s a nice name I have a cousin Pam Back in Des Moines.”

“You could be right about the cafeteria for sure. Are you from Des Moines? Richard?”

“Just outside the City proper, where’s your home town Pam?”

“Upstate at Watertown.” She said as she sorted her papers. “Would you like to Join me Richard?” Pam asked, smiling.

“Sure, thanks” Richard said as he went to get his tray. “Call me Rick, that’s ok I find Richard is stuffy, not friendly. So what are studying Pam?”

“Math, Business Management and Economics, how about you, what’s your poison?” Pam said chuckling.

I have Chemistry, Physics and Math. Who’s you Math teacher Pam, I have Mr Robins in room 205.”

“Oh we have a common class, Mr Robins is mine as well.”

“Great, for me that is my next class at 2.30. Do you have anything before then? Pam? If not we could go out and have a coffee or an ice cream maybe.”

“An ice cream sounds nice, like you, math is my next class as well.”

“Ok then an ice cream it is, we’ve got some time to spend so we don’t have to Rush. I’ll take you to the parlour down by the lake; I think you’ll like it. My Cars in the parking lot.”

We both picked up our books and left the cafeteria and headed for the parking Lot.

“What kind of car do you have Rick?” Pam asked as she walked at Rick’s side.

“My buggy, that’s it, the metallic blue Mustang, the convertible,”

“Oh wow, nice wheels. ” Pam exclaimed.

Richard got on and opened the passenger door for Pam to get in. As she did her Skirt rode up her leg showing her knees and a bit of her fair skinned thigh.

“I haven’t ridden in a convertible before, nice.” She said as she got in, Resting her hands on her bare knees.

“I wont let you blow away,” Richard said with a chuckle as he drove out of the Parking area.

“I like your blouse Pam. The gypsy look looks good on you. It’s Very pretty. So your first term here. I’m in my second term.”

“You like my blouse, thanks. It’s nice and soft and airy, on the shoulder or off always comfortable, that’s what I like about it, I guess it does have a gypsy look to it. I’m glad you like it Rick.” Pam said with a little flush as she looked at him smiling. Yes and the first time away from home for me as well; seam’s a bit strange. Do you live in a dorm Rick, I was lucky and got a room on campus.”

“No I have an apartment, see that red brick building ahead. That’s the block were I live, up on the 3rd floor at the back. So what’s it like living in the dorm.” Richard asked.

“A bit confined to me right now, I’m used to having my space. I’ll get used to I guess.” She replied

“Yes that understandable I guess, well here we are.” Rick said as they arrived at the ice cream parlour. As they got out of the car Richard asked “What flavour would you like Pam.”

“Hmm, a chocolate swirl or a vanilla cone please Rick.”

“Ok, you go find somewhere to sit and I’ll find you, inside or outside ok, I’ll find you.”

“Ok.” Pam said as she turned and looked around, as she did she saw the lake at the back of the building. She walked back to the bank and found a spot down by the water under a willow tree. She walked over and sat down and looked out at the sparkling water. She looked around to see Rick looking around for her. “Rick over here.” Pam said with a wave.

Richard walked toward Pam who had one leg bent allowing his eyes to see a far skinned thigh and glimpse a peek of white panty. “Chocolate swirl as the lady ordered.” He said as he handed Pam her cone and sat down by her smiling. “A nice spot here, I come here quite a bit, you cant move down here on the week-ends, like a zoo at times.” Richard said.

“It certainly is a pretty spot Rick, can you swim in the lake?” Pam asked as she enjoyed her cone.

“No swimming allowed I’m afraid, it’s just an ornamental lake. There is a nice park across there.” Richard said as he pointed to the pathway along the bank

They sat quietly and enjoyed the quiet and the cool ice cream. As Pam finished her cone, turning to Rick asked. “Can we take a look in the park Rick” Looking at her watch added, “We have some time still.”

“Sure why not.” Getting Nevşehir Escort up he took Pam’s hand and pulled her up. She stumbled into him as she stood. “Oops sorry Rick.” she said, her cheeks flushed as she gripped her bottom lip between her teeth.

“No problem.” Richard replied, his arm still around her soft shoulders. Letting her go Richard led the way to the footpath into the park. They strolled up the path as it meandered passed shrubs and park benches, coming to the brow of the rise the park spread out in front of them.

“This is very pretty Rick.” Pam said, as she turned around and took in the vista. As they walked on down into a small glade, Pam asked, “Rick is there a restroom in the park?”

“No I’m afraid not Pam.” Rick said a little startled.

“I have to pee in the worst way,” Pam said, red faced.

“Lets go over there to the shrubbery, nobody would see you their Pam.” Richard said quietly taking her hand, and added “Pam I’ll hold your panties for you don’t want to get them wet. Here take my hanky”

Pam letting go of Rick’s hand walked around the shrub and lifted her skirt and slipped out of her panties and tossed them to Rick. He peered at the filmy article and felt its texture with his fingertips, visualized the warm treasures that they hid when on Pam before quietly slipping them into his pants back pocket. Squatting behind the shrubbery Richard could hear the soft ‘sss’ as Pam pee’d onto the grass. As she finished she rose and straightened her skirt as she strolled to where Richard was standing.

“There you are, that feels a lot better and no one’s the wiser, and I saw nothing. ” Rick said as he took Pam’s hand warmly in his.

“I’m so embarrassed Rick.” Pam said as she squeezed his hand in hers. They slowly strolled back towards the ice cream parlour hand in hand.

“Don’t feel embarrassed Pam, no really. I wasn’t, no really. You are a very sweet girl and shouldn’t feel that way, ok.”

“Thanks Rick that’s so nice and I think you are a great guy. You know how to treat a lady, I would like to have your phone number, please.” Pam said squeezing Rick’s hand.

“Sure, I’d love to have your as well, who knows we may want to compare math notes some time or other. I guess we’d better be getting back for our math class.” Rick said ash he opened the door got in and opened the passenger door, Pam slipped in and her skirt rode up pretty legs again, she slid over close to Richard and pressed a leg against his as she rested a hand on her knees. Richard put a hand on Pam’s and she squeezed playfully and separated his fingers letting them slip down in between her soft thighs. Richard slowly curled his little finger back and Pam slowly slid there hand higher up her thighs letting his little finger come to rest touching the first pubic curls, then slid his hand back down toward her knee’s, as she adjusted her skirt, “you have nice soft hands and a soft gentle touch Rick.” Pam said as she let go of his hand and gently caressed the bulge in his pants as she bit her bottom lip.

“Well lets what we have in stock for us today shall?” Richard said as they picked up there books and headed to class.

“What classes after math do you have Rick.” Pam asked adding, “Me I have no more classes today.”

“Yeh I have Physics then I’m done for the day.” Richard replied as he held the door for Pam to go through. “So what had you in mind Pam.”

“Well I wondered if you’d like to go have a burger or something afterwards.” Pam said as they climbed the stair to the 2nd floor.

“Ok why not, meet you where?”

“There’s a nice blue mustang in the lot, how about there.” Pam replied chuckling cheekily.

As they reached room 205 Richard said “Ok sound good, I’ll be there by 4.20 ok.”

“Great.” Pam said as they walked into the room. The desks were set in an arc around the room facing the black boards. Richard sat and Pam carried on to a desk three desks from Richard. Mr Robins came in and set an equation problem on the board and said for the class to try to solve it, he sat at his desk and started working on some papers, as the class was busy working on the problem. Richard glanced across to where Pam was sitting; she was working away on the equation. Richard started tussling with the problem and after a few minutes had it all but solved when glanced back at Pam. She was still busy, pen to paper; she had her other hand on her thighs and was caressing them, slowly slipping her hand up under her skirt toward her silken pubic curls. As she did her skirt rode up and exposed her thighs all the way up to her light brown hair covered crotch. As she touched her love lips her legs parted slightly, she looked up at that moment and saw Richard looking at her. All flushed she pulled her hand away. Richard shook his head slightly indicating for her to keep on, not to stop, and winked at her, slyly. He Went back to the problem and completed it. Glancing around Pam had a finger titillating her love lips as her tongue licked her lips Seductively. Her eye’s looking out from under her brow as she Nevşehir Escort Bayan watched Rick.

“All right people.” Mr Robins said as he got up from behind his desk. Pam slipped her skirt down over her knees on hearing his voice. “Lets see how you did with this equation.” After the class as a whole solved the problem Mr Robins set out what had to be studied for there next class and dismissed them for the day. Richard left the class and waited for Pam outside in the hallway. Coming out she strolled over to Rick and grinned cheekily at him and leaning kissed him on the cheek, handed him a slip of paper saying I see at the end of your class ok sweet thing.”

“Ok you sexy thing, you stay soft and caress able meanwhile eh!” Richard replied kissing Pam on the forehead.

Richard had a hard time concentrating on the text of the day and was glad when the research assignment was handed out and the class finished. He kept seeing Pam caressing her love lips, and sensually licking her lips during their math class. He had got an erection, just seeing Pam enjoying her ministrations.

As Richard went outside the front entrance he could see Pam sitting on the trunk of his car. Her top was now off the shoulder and her hair down and wafting in the summer breeze. Light brown and wavy, just down to her soft shoulders. Pam saw Rick and waved to him eagerly.

As he neared the car Pam asked “How was physics Rick.”

“It’s challenging especially when you’re having a problem concentrating on the subject, and that was me today for sure.” Richard replied stopping in front of her, “You look so attractive sitting there. So what do you want to do Pam?”

‘Well now, I need to go to a women clothing store some time but right now I could go a Pepsi, how about you.” Pam replied casually.

“Ok, well there’s a ladies store down town close to the parlour we were at earlier. We can go there and then go for a drink afterward.” Richard said as he opened the car door for Pam. She slid in and Richard got in as Pam sidled across up close to him her bare knees showing.

Pam’s hand rested on Richard thigh as they drove away from the college. “So what did I do for you in class Rick.” Pas asked chuckling and eagerly awaiting his answer. She wondered what he would say.

“Wow, what did you do for me? You gave me a show and what a show. I don’t know how I didn’t shoot a wad in my pants sweet thing. You were so sexy and sensual, really enjoying the feeling you had. Were you nearly cumming Pam.”? Rick replied, blushing a bit.

“I was getting quite excited, hot and quite juicy, your hanky was very handy.” Pam said getting it out of her handbag. “It’s quite wet, see.” She said touching it to Rick’s nose.

“Hmm sexy Richard said squeezing Pam’s hand on his thigh. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Oh was it sensual and super hot.”

Richard pulled outside the ladies wear store.

“You can wait here for me if you like Rick, or you can come in with me, if you like.” Pam said as she got out of Richards car. Richard got out and held the store door open for Pam to enter.

“Lets see Lingerie.” Pam remarked.

“Over there.” Richard said pointing to the left.

“Oh yes that’s it sweet thing. I’m shopping for bras and panties.” Pam said blushing a bit. “Seeing as you have a pair of mine.” She said chuckling playfully.

“Maybe I can help you, what Bra size are you oh sexy girl.” Richard asked patting Pam’s butt.

“38B full cup in a sheer fabric or under cup wired half cup, ok?” Pam replied.

“Ok, lets see what there is here.” Richard replied. After looking for a few minute found a filmy Bra panty set in white material, the bra was a half cup and front clasp fitting. On looking closer the panties were crotch less. “How about this set Pam?” Richard asked holding the hanger up. “It says 38B.”

Pam took the hanger from him and looked at the articles, finding the size tag nodded. “Hmm that’s the right size all right. Any in Black or Red I wonder. You have a very sexy eye my boy.” Pam said grinning cheekily.

“Sensual black here and under this Red negligee.” Richard said holding up the articles. “I think you’d look ravishing Pam, My treat for you my sensual sexy lady!”

“No Richard you’re not paying for this stuff.” Pam said really blushing and biting her bottom lip.

“As I said, my treat and I want to anyway.” Richard said as he gave Pam his Discovery card, adding. “Go ahead and I’ll sign the receipt, ok.”

Pam carried the bag of undies in one hand and clutched Rick’s hand in her other, squeezing it and rubbing up against him as they left the store and got in his car. Pam slid across the front seat really close to Rick and turned his face toward her and kissed him tenderly and long on the lips. “What am I going to do with you, we hardly know each other and here you are buying me revealing sexy underwear. And I love it. Rick can I ask how old you are, me I’m 22, that’s for your ears only, ok?” Pam asked.

“No problem, me I was 24 last month, and as for how old you are, I wouldn’t Escort Nevşehir venture to ask. To me you look 19 maybe. As for my getting you the things, I like you and I would like to get to know you more. What would you like to drink Pam, are you hungry?”

“Yes I am hungry. I don’t know the town, what are the food options here Rick?”

“Not a bad selection really. Chinese, Italian, Greek and East Indian or burgers.” Richard said.

“Really wow, how about Chinese, I haven’t had that for while. Sounds good to me.” Pam replied as she rubbed the back of Rick’s neck.

“No argument from me ok lets go.” Richard replied and started the car.

Pam had her arm around Rick’s neck as she sat close by him saying quietly “I’d like to get to know you some more as well Rick. First impressions say that you appear to be a nice guy, not pushy and aggressive, You a caring guy for sure and that I like a lot and you smell good you rascal you.” She said tousling his hair with her fingers. What thing are you into Rick?” Pam asked.

“I like swimming, hiking and camping. Play a bit of tennis and baseball. Indoors I like reading. Mainly spy stories. I like listening to some pop music and some of the classics as well. So what are you interested in Pam?” Richard said as he pulled up just down street from the Chinese restaurant. They got out and strolled to the entrance, which Richard held open for Pam to enter. Richard and Pam were ushered to a booth and were informed that their waitress ‘Mailee’ would be over shortly. After handing us menu’s departed. A few minutes later a waitress arrived saying that she was Mailee and enquired if we wanted anything to drink.

“Pam would you like some wine or something else maybe?”

“Hmm some wine sounds nice, yes please.”

“Ok, red or white?”

“I prefer white.” Pam replied, smiling.

As Richard was selecting the wine to order Pam was admiring Mailee attire. It was Red silk with a dragon’s head on the front of the bodice. That was embroidered. There was something about its eyes. She looked away momentarily then looked back. The dragon’s eyes were sewn in green thread and the centre was dark brown, and rose. Richard ordered a bottle of white wine. Mailee left, saying that she would get their meal order when she came back with the wine. Pam and Richard chose what they wanted. Mailee arrived with their wine and two glasses. She poured a glass each. Richard gave their order to Mailee, and they sipped their wine as she departed with their order.

“Hmm this is very nice Rick, I guess you’ve been here before! You were busy with the menus when Mailee was here. When she brings out meals take a look at her dress. The dragons head on the bodice. Its eyes are embroidered and there is something unusual about them. You take a look and see if you can pick up what it is that appears strange.” Pam said quietly. She kissed Rick on the ear, letting her tongue trace its outline as she slipped a hand into her lap and sliding onto Rick’s thigh. Richard put his around Pam’s bare shoulders, his hand resting lightly against Pam’s arm. She put glass on the table and took Rick’s hand and eased it over so as to let rest against her soft blouse covered breast. Richard curled his little finger back so it touched Pam’s blouse, slowly moving it around it touched her nipple, Pam’s response was to squeeze Rick’s thigh and to sigh “Hmm that feels so good.”

“Indeed it does Richard replied, adding “your hand is causing a stirring that feels good as well.” Running his fingertip slowly and lightly over the erect nipple. Pam had just slid her hand over against Rick’s now very stiff penus bulge when Mailee returned with a stand to put their food on saying, “Be very careful the plates are very hot.” She smiled and put a plate in front of them. As she put Richards’s plate down she peeped at him while her head was down, Richard noticed. Touching his plate said “Thank you Mailee, sss they are hot.”

“I see what you mean about the dragons eyes, very unusual, and very pert nipples, you think.” Richard said grinning at Pam adding “Yours as well my pretty.”

“Hmm you could be right, well I’ll be.” Pam exclaimed, as she spoke Mailee came back with a tray laden with their meal selections. As she put the dishes on their table Richard said “Your outfit is very attractive Mailee. That is some dragon you have there, the eyes stare you down, quite lifelike.”

“Thank you sir, you like the eyes, they look angry but are soft really. They draw you to them, like you can feel them as well as see them. What do you think lady?”

“Well yes they look touchable all right and yes they look kind of angry for sure.” As Pam was speaking Mailee moved to her side of the table.

“Would you like to touch one of its eyes, please?” Mailee said softly. Pam lifted a hand toward Marilee’s bodice, Mailee gently took her hand and softly touched the material and Pam stretched out a finger and touched the firm centre of the dragon’s eye. It felt warm, alive. “Very lifelike, you touch it Rick.” Pam said as she squeezed his thigh. Mailee move around and Richard touched the material and then the raised part with two fingers, gently squeezing it, to which Mailee smiled at him and pressed it to her breast briefly before pulling it away, but with head turned a bit so Pam didn’t see winked at him seductively.