COLLEEN GOES BIG (Part II) The Morning After

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COLLEEN GOES BIG (Part II) The Morning AfterI woke up on Saturday morning naked in a king bed. My foggy mind didn’t really remember getting into bed, but the tenderness between my legs reminded me how thoroughly I was used last night. The memories made me tingle as I walked into the spacious bathroom. In the full-length mirror, I noticed several places of dried cum on my body and some bite marks, hickeys, and scratches on my neck, chest and tits. I heard noise from somewhere in the suite, so I put on a white button-down man’s dress shirt I had packed and walked out to the living area with only the bottom few buttons done. I saw Mike asleep on a couch, and the bachelor Steve was brewing coffee in the kitchen area. “Good morning handsome,” I said. Steve turned, smiled, and looked me over. The thin shirt did not hide much of my body, and Steve took advantage of the view.“Good morning Colleen. Want some coffee?” Steve asked while ogling me.“That sounds so good …. but I don’t have any money to pay you,” I said, mischievously sticking out my lower lip in a pout.We kept eye contact and I could tell Steve thinking the same thing I was: how I sucked him off in the club and how he was the first guy to cum in me last night. “Hmmm, that is a problem,” Steve said and he leaned back against the counter.I could see the beginnings of a hard-on under Steve’s sweats, so I walked toward him and seductively dropped to my knees. My hands stroked his cock a few times through the thin material and saw a small spot of pre-cum on his pants. I pulled down his sweats down and off and took the head of his mostly-hard cock in my mouth. Steve’s hands grabbed the back of my head and he pumped his hips into my face. I opened wide to let him fuck my mouth.“Oh, fuck yeah, Colleen. So fucking good baby,” Steve moaned. His hands pushed my head harder into him until I gagged. He pulled back some and I looked up at him with watery eyes and a few tears running down my cheeks.“You are fucking amazing baby. Your mouth was made to suck cock,” Steve said breathlessly. My hand reached up to caress his balls, causing him to steady my head, pull my hair a little, and fuck my mouth more urgently. After a minute or so of pushing into my waiting mouth, I felt Steve’s uşak escort ass tighten up and he started spewing random obscenities. I guessed it would not be long until he came, and I was right.“Oh fuck baby, I’m gonna cum,” Steve groaned as I felt his dick spasm and a spurt of cum hit the roof of my mouth. I pulled off him a little to better swallow his load without gagging. After last night, Steve’s load was not huge but it was delicious. I held Steve’s cock in my mouth as he recovered and softened. I stood up and said, “Can I get that coffee now? Black. I’ve had my cream.” Steve reached his hands inside my shirt and squeezed my tits.“Coming right up Miss,” Steve teased. He turned and poured me a mug of steaming coffee. We chatted for a bit. He said there were three bedrooms in the suite. They gave me the master bedroom, and Mike got the short straw and had to sleep on the couch. He and Darren were in one room and Nate and Eric were in the other. I needed to shower, so I thanked Steve with an open-mouthed kiss and said I was looking forward to the day.On the way to my bedroom, I decided to check out the guys’ rooms so I pushed a door open and saw Darren sleeping on his side facing away from the door with a sheet covering to his hips. His muscular back and shoulders looked amazing against the white sheets. After looking at him for 10 seconds, I decided the shower could wait.I crawled onto the bed and leaned over to softly rub and then kiss and lick Darren’s muscular back. My hand slid under the sheet until I was gently squeezing his firm ass. My head soon followed as I licked down Darren’s spine and began to kiss and bite his chiseled butt cheek. My hand reached around to grab Darren’s mostly soft cock, and I stroked it slowly. Darren began rustling and groaning a little; he was half-asleep but his amazing cock began to wake up. I moved around to the other side of the bed to admire his gorgeous manhood in my hand and couldn’t resist taking it in my mouth. Even semi-hard, Darren was big, and I flashed back to how filled I felt last night when he fucked me. After a minute, I felt Darren’s hand on the back of my head and I knew my blowjob had woke him up. He laid there and let me attend to his cock, which escort uşak was getting harder. After about two minutes of me worshipping Darren’s amazing tool, he rolled onto his back and pulled me on top of him. For the first time, our eyes met and his look told me that he wanted me to satisfy him. Of course, I was more than willing to do just that.I straddled Darren and guided him into my pussy. I was wet with excitement from having sucked off Steve and licked Darren’s body, and Darren slid inside. His length and thickness still stretched me, and it took a bit to work him all the way in. But when my ass finally rested against his balls and legs, I was in heaven. Darren never said a word, but his eyes said that he owned me. His hand reached up, pushed the shirt open, and grabbed my tits. His big hands squeezed as his huge cock pounded into me. My head was spinning because Darren was fucking me deeper and filling me fuller than any man ever did before. His breathing quickened and Darren’s expression told me he was about to come. I leaned down and kissed him, sucking on his tongue until his hands grabbed my ass, he thrust into me, and I felt the first jet of cum spurt in me. Darren grunted and his body jerked as he held me still and dumped his huge load deep in my pussy.After letting Darren recover for a moment, I whispered, “Sleep a little more baby, I want you rested and ready.” I slid his softening cock out of me, clenching to hold in his cum. I slipped down his body and used my mouth and tongue to clean up his sloppy, semi-hard dick. I pulled the sheet back up to Darren’s waist, blew him a kiss, and walked quietly out of the room, without Darren uttering even one word.In my room, I decided to take a bath instead of a shower. I found some bubble bath and my body sunk into the hot water. My mind was alive after the morning activity, but my body was tired. The hot water was relaxing, and I closed my eyes to think about how deliciously slutty I had been. I sensed someone else in the room and opened my eyes to find Nate standing near the bathtub wearing only a tee shirt and a hardon. One part of me wanted to just relax in the bath, but I was committed to being their slut; so I looked at Nate’s cock, waved him toward uşak escort bayan me, and began to stroke his dick with my warm and soapy hand. After several long strokes, I pulled Nate toward me and he leaned over the tub, bracing on the wall so I could take his cock in my mouth. The soapy taste quickly went away, and Nate began to fuck my mouth rhythmically. He reached with one hand and grabbed a fistful of my damp hair, all the while thrusting in my mouth. Before long, Nate grunted, “Oh fuck, Colleen, I’m gonna come.”He was true to his word. Just as he was about to explode, Nate moaned “On your face baby.” So I pulled off his cock and stroked it near my face. Two or three strokes later, a stream of Nate’s cum hit the tip of my nose. Another landed on my cheek, one hit my hair, and one dripped into the bath. I continued to stroke gently as Nate recovered, before taking him into my mouth to clean him off. As Nate backed away, he said, “Thanks Colleen, you are amazing.” I smiled and then saw Eric standing in the doorway; he had watched me service Nate and he was slowly stroking his own cock. Our eyes met, and Eric looked desperate.“Come over here baby, nobody has to take care of themselves around here,” I teased. Eric hurried toward me, and I got on my knees in the tub and began sucking his cock. Eric was already primed and didn’t need long before he grabbed the back of my head and face-fucked me. Some of Nate’s cum from my face smeared into Eric’s pubic hair. I slipped him out of my mouth.“On my face or in my mouth baby?” I asked.“Face,” was all Eric could say. So I stroked his cock and tongued his cockhead until he groaned and emptied an impressive load on my face and in my hair. I turned to see Nate snapping pictures with his phone, and to this day I love to look at the pictures of my cum-covered face courtesy of Nate and Eric.“Ok, boys, can a lady get some privacy around here?” I joked.“Colleen, you’re a lot of things, all good, but a lady ain’t one of them,” Nate teased.“OK, can a cum slut get some privacy around here?” I said.“Certainly, young lady,” Nate said as he and Eric walked out of the bathroom.The water was now only lukewarm but it still felt good. I thought for a second that I should find Mike and let him use me like the other four had. But I was spent, so I made a promise to give Mike extra attention later and closed my eyes. I realized it was not yet 12:00 Noon, and it made me smile to wonder what the rest of the day might bring.