Collared Ch. 04

Clothed Female

Holding onto the bedding Jeta was laying flat out on her stomach while a bigger sized dildo was being shoved into her tight rectum. She whimpered as she felt her sphincter slowly swallow up the widest portion of the dildo. “It’s all inside. Now you just have to leave it there over night.” Cyrus told her lying beside her.

“I… I can’t, I just want to push it out…” She whined feeling her anus throbbing against the toy.

“You have to keep it in, or else it’ll really hurt when I put my penis in there.” Cyrus said casually.

Jeta pulled on her slave underwear shakily. Cyrus let himself lie on the bed, eyes closed. “If you don’t want it in there all night, then you have to let me put my penis in there…”

Jeta thought about this for a moment. She was already suffering. The feeling of something so big lodged in her anus was going to make it impossible to sleep, especially as she throbbed around it. She pulled off her underwear. “Just do it…” she told him.

Cyrus looked at her face. She didn’t want to, it was obvious. “Lie on your stomach then. I’ll be gentle I promise.”

She got down on her stomach, and he got behind her. Slowly Cyrus pulled out the toy watching as her ass gaped. He grabbed the lubrication off the night stand and poured some of it into her gape before he rubbed it all of the head and shaft of his penis. It was finally time. He pressed his hard erection into her opening watching it slowly swallow him up. Cyrus couldn’t help but groan at the feeling. “Oh my God…”

Jeta pressed her face into the pillows and willed it to be over soon. Cyrus lifted her hips so she was on her knees, and he slowly thrust into her, careful not to injure her. He reached under her and slowly began stroking her clit. She tried to hold back a moan, his speed, and his rubbing didn’t feel as awful as she expected. Cyrus closed his eyes biting his bottom lip as he felt her asshole relax a bit more, allowing him to move a little faster.

Cyrus kept on moving with her enjoying how his cock looked as it slid in and out of her tight hole. After about fifteen minutes he felt himself beginning to release. He groaned and released inside her ass. She felt the warmth of his semen even as he pulled out. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” He asked lying next to her.

Jeta shook her head and closed her eyes hugging her arms. Cyrus pulled the blankets over her and wrapped his arms around her. He felt bad, but at the same time that’s what slaves were for. She existed for his own personal pleasure.

Cyrus closed his eyes, and held her as he began to fall asleep in his euphoric state. He felt his eyes shoot open as the alarm sounded early in the morning. He groaned, and got up to catch a shower. Jeta curled into his sheets, Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort and he didn’t mind not getting his usual wake up blow job, especially not after what he did to her last night.

After showering he headed downstairs, and met up with Simon who was already eating breakfast. “Today’s the big day… we finally get to hear who’s being cut from their jobs.” Simon said unenthusiastically.

“Damn… already? That’s shitty…” Cyrus sighed.

“You think we could win the lottery and just move out of this boring city, and start a harem?” Simon asked sarcastically.

“You know I’ll get right on that…” Cyrus eat his toast.

After a bit Jeta came down the stairs in her slave uniform. She knelt on the floor by his feet, “May I eat master?”

Cyrus smiled and grabbed a plate putting some bacon, toast and eggs on it. “Here.” He handed it to her.

She hate hungrily with her hands, “This one took a cock up her ass last night, and didn’t hate it.” Cyrus told Simon.

“Really? I thought all girls hated anal sex?” Simon raised a brow.

“She didn’t like it I don’t think, but she didn’t cry or anything. She got really wet when I was fucking her and toying with her clit.” Cyrus smirked watching Jeta go red as she ate.

Trinity cleaned up the kitchen silently as per usual. “We should get to work before we wind up late.” Simon suggested.

The two finished eating, and headed for the car. Simon drove them. The plant parking lot was full, but Cyrus had reason to believe tomorrow it wouldn’t be. He was nervous, because if he lost his job, he’d have no means of living, and likely he’d become homeless in a short amount of time.

Simon and Cyrus headed inside the building together and watched as people gathered around the wall where people who were being canned would be posted. A few people walked away with relieved sighs, while others began cursing and yelling, and having to be escorted off the premises. Jordan cursed loudly, “God damn it! What am I going to do now?!” Jordan cursed.

“What happened? Were you canned?” Cyrus asked his friend.

“Yeah… now what am I going to do? I’ve got a ton of debt… I’ll have to sell my stupid slave if I want to get out of this mess…” Jordan gritted his teeth.

Simon stood for a bit looking for both of their names. He looked at Cyrus and gave a thumbs up that they were safe. “I wish you luck Jordan.”

“Yeah… thanks man.” Jordan sighed and headed on home.

Cyrus and Simon headed up to their level when they heard screaming coming from the head of the departments office. “You can’t be serious! I’ve been working here for three years, and I’ve been supervising for the entire time! Without me, this place Kadıköy Çıtır Escort wouldn’t have run in an orderly fashion what so ever! This is sexist!” A female voice rang out.

Cyrus turned to Simon who had a growing look of amusement on his face. “What is it?”

Suddenly to answer his question Faith Wolf headed out of the office and glared up at Simon as he blocked her way, “Get the fuck out of my way!” She shouted at him.

Simon started to laugh and stepped aside, “Good fucking day already, I can see it now!” Simon smirked as he patted Cyrus’s shoulder, “I’ll see you at lunch.”

Cyrus smiled a little, “Well… its been a long time since I’ve seen him smile…” He headed off to his sector to begin his work day.

It seemed half the plant was being shut down, and he didn’t know what to do. Would he even have a job by the end of the cuts? It was impossible to say, because this was only the first round of them. He was happy for his own luck, but he felt bad for Jordan and some of his other former co-workers. They really needed the job, and now they were going to have to scrounge up cash from odd jobs and terrible low paying jobs.

At lunch Simon and Cyrus spent a lot of time talking about the possibility of losing their jobs. “What would we really do if we lost our jobs?” Cyrus asked.

“Well we’d likely be homeless and you’d have to sell Jeta.” Simon said eating his sandwich.

Cyrus didn’t want that to ever be an option; she was his forever as far as he was concerned. “We’re selling Trinity before we sell Jeta…”

“You’d have to share her with me then.” Simon said pointedly.

“Well… I don’t care if she blows you at least…” Cyrus shrugged.

“No? So you think she could blow me today?” Simon smirked.

“No, fuck off.” Cyrus smiled a bit, “I meant in an emergency situation dumb ass.”

“I know what you meant, but I like to test my luck sometimes…. speaking of my luck, I can’t believe they canned the royal cunt… I’m so pleased.” Simon grinned ear to ear once again.

“It’s about time by the sounds of it. You know, I’ve never really heard anyone else say too much about her. I know people didn’t particularly like her, but you HATED her.” Cyrus pointed out.

“It goes beyond that for me… she used to single me out and try to humiliate me in front of everyone.” Simon explained.

“Did you do anything to anger her?” Cyrus asked curiously.

“No… well… I sort of got caught staring at her breasts the one day… ever since she started to be a bitch, and then it didn’t get better because I gave it back to her.” Simon explained to his best friend.

“So there was a reason behind it… you really have to be more careful with your Kadıköy Elit Escort wandering eyes, man.” Cyrus chuckled.

Simon shook his head and smiled, “Yeah, yeah.” Simon thought for a moment. “Do you think Faith Wolf will end up a slave someday?”

The idea was clearly both amusing and arousing. “You’d like that too much if that happened.” Cyrus told him.

“Would I ever? I doubt it would happen, but I’d totally spend every cent I own just to fuck her once, and come all over her face.” Simon said rather graphically.

“I’m eating…” Cyrus glared.

“I’m fine with that.” Simon smiled at him amused.

The two men parted ways when lunch was over only to meet up again by the car. “Man, this parking lot is totally a ghost town.” Cyrus noted as he looked around at all the empty parking spaces.

“Yeah, and pretty soon there will be less people working here.” Simon commented unlocking the doors.

Cyrus got into the car and buckled up before Simon drove them back to the house. Jeta was washing the floor when they arrived, and Cyrus tilted his head a bit watching her ass as she bent over to scrub. Jeta turned to look back at him, “Welcome home masters.”

“Hey Jeta.” Simon said lazily before sitting in front of the television.

The night carried on quietly, and it seemed the news could only talk about the lay-offs every twenty minutes. It was very clear that economy was going down the drain once again. Still, Cyrus held onto hope things would get better soon enough. Trinity cooked up some pasta and let them dish theirs onto their plates. Cyrus pulled out a chair for Jeta to sit with them to eat.

“Thank you master.” She bowed her head a bit as she sat down.

It had been a long time since he’d seen Jeta smile, and it was something he wanted to see again, but there was no way he’d be so lucky. He hoped his gesture would be enough but it was all for nothing, and he could have expected it. They ate together, and Simon discussed the possibility of gambling. “That’s not the best idea… what if we lose everything?”

“Well that’s a good point, but if we win we could buy a farm in the county, buy a solar panel and live free.” Simon chuckled.

“That’s really not a bad idea… but gambling isn’t the way to do it… I guess we’re just stuck here.” Cyrus shrugged a bit.

After dinner Cyrus went to his room, and let himself lie down. Jeta eventually joined him on the bed out of obligation, and curled up a little bit away from him. Cyrus looked at her back, and moved closer beginning to spoon her. He kissed her neck and placed his lips by her ear, “What do you say I leave your ass alone tonight, and just fuck your pussy?”

He still had time to use her vagina, at least until her needle wore off in the following week. Jeta nodded, “Thank you master…” She whispered.

Cyrus rolled her onto her back and pulled off her panties. Her legs spread, and he inserted himself inside of her. With a groan he bit his lip. No one but him would ever have her. She belonged to him.