Co-worker’s Man Ch. 32

Big Dick

“C’mon Kid. Time to get something to eat. Even you can’t live on cum and piss alone,” I heard Frank saying as he was shaking me by the shoulder to rouse me out of my sleep. I woke up feeling pleasantly content and my ass was still thrumming from the tremendous fuck Frank had laid into me on the picnic table. The feeling of his huge cock being so high and deep within me had been fantastic.

I sat up as he was pulling into a restaurant that I recognized as being just on the outskirts of The City. I had eaten there before and it was nice place with great Italian food, a large dining room with a number of circular booths and a quaint old world atmosphere. He pulled into a parking spot and by this time it was starting to get dark. I followed him into the restaurant and Frank asked if we could sit at one of the circular booths towards the back. The waiter sat us and Frank had me sit in the middle of the booth while he sat to my side. I sat quietly as he ordered for both of us and then Frank motioned for me to follow him. He went down a corridor to the men’s room and I followed him in. The room was empty and Frank directed me towards the larger handicapped stall. He locked the stall door behind us and started to unzip.

“C’mon Kid, you must have to piss too, get it out,” he said as he nodded towards my crotch. I opened my pants just as he was reaching in and hauling out his dormant monster. “Here, hold this for me.” I reached over and lifted his heavy tube of meat and pointed it at the bowl. I had my own dick in my other hand and just as my own stream started, I felt his urine start to pass thru his cock under my fingertips. His powerful stream of piss seemed to dwarf my own as his hot acrid piss splashed mightily into the bowl. I crossed our streams together and his seemed to push mine to the side in a battle of spray. My own piss dwindled and ended while Frank continued unleashing a further torrent of golden water. Finally it ended and instead of shaking off the final drops, I fell to my knees and wrapped my lips around his spongy cockhead.

“That’s it. I figured you’d want a little taste,” he said as I lovingly licked him clean. I kept sucking at his beautiful manhood and felt it start to thicken between my suctioning lips. I sucked at him for about a minute before he finally stopped me, “Okay Kid, save it. Let’s get back before they bring our food and it gets cold.” We both zipped up and I followed him back to the table. The waiter soon brought our plates of food and we ravenously dug in. I could only eat part of what Frank had ordered for me before I was full. He continued to eat as I sat back and wiped my face with the napkin.

“I ordered dessert for you Kid,” Frank said between bites. “It’s under the table,” he said as he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed downwards. Looking around to see that no one was watching, I slid beneath the tablecloth to my hands and knees. At some point Frank must have undone his pants and pulled out his cock because it was out and pointing at half-mast towards me. He let his knees drift apart and I quickly crawled between them and took the crimson knob into my mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned as I felt the familiar size of that huge cock pleasantly filling my mouth. I started to slide my face forward and backwards along his hardening dick as it filled and extended. I soon had the full 10 ½” at my disposal. I wrapped one hand around the lower part of his thick shaft and was pumping it into my vacuuming mouth as I reached into his open pants and drew out his sperm-laden balls. I rolled them gently in my hand as he started to ooze precum onto my waiting tongue. His hard cock was throbbing and pulsing in my mouth as I continued to make love to it with my bobbing head and suctioning mouth.

“Are you both done sir?” I froze as I heard the waiter talking. I knew he couldn’t see me as our tablecloth hung over the front almost to the floor. Frank put his hand quickly beneath the table and grabbed a handful of my hair. He pulled my head back and forth instructing me to continue.

“My friend is done and I think I’ll be finished in oh….just a minute or two,” he said as I continued to suck at his rigid cock. From the hardness of his cock, I thought it might be even sooner than that.

“Fine sir, would you like coffees?”

“Yes, and bring extra cream for my friend. He loves cream.”

“Very good sir,” I heard the waiter say and then felt his footsteps moving away from our table. I went back to sucking ardently at Frank’s hard erection and soon felt his balls start to draw up in their protective sack.

“Get ready Kid,” Frank whispered down to me as I felt the pulsing up the shaft of his cock and then he started to flood my mouth. It quickly filled my mouth and I swallowed as he kept erupting into my eager mouth. My hand was pumping furiously along his pulsating shaft as I coaxed out wad after gooey wad of his precious semen. His cock was lurching and spasming in my mouth as he spat out his delicious milky load. I loved every savory drop as his climax finally finished and the last drops drooled from his gaping piss-slit. I kept a mouthful of his cum Sakarya Escort in my mouth and climbed from beneath the table just moments before the waiter arrived at our table with a tray.

“Your coffees sir,” he said as he set down two steaming mugs. “Some sugar and some extra cream,” he added as he set down a pot of sugar and a little pitcher of cream. He cleared off Frank’s plate and left. I pulled my mug in front of me and then Frank watched intently as I leaned forward and drooled my mouthful of his thick milky cum into my cup. We both looked on as it started to swirl in marble-like fashion in the steaming liquid.

“You are a nasty little bastard, aren’t you Kid?” Frank said with a smile. “I love it. Drink up.” I raised my coffee to my lips and he watched as some of the hot liquid with his swirling cum slid into my mouth. We sat quietly as we enjoyed our coffees; Frank having his black and mine laced with his potent semen.

“Come on Kid. Watching what you did with that coffee has me anxious for more. Let’s get to the hotel,” he said as got up and threw some bills down on the table.

I was glowing under Frank’s praise as I followed him back out to the truck. He sped into The City and within a short time we were at our hotel. Frank led the way into the lobby while I followed behind carrying our bags. A nice looking guy about Frank’s age greeted him with a big smile from behind the reception desk.

“Good evening sir. How can I help you?”

“Yes, I’ve got a reservation for two for tonight.” Frank gave him his name and reservation number and put his credit card on the desk.

“Oh yes, of course sir,” the man said as he called the information up on his computer. “Oh, there seems to be a little bit of a problem,” he said as he glanced over at me.

“What’s that?” said Frank enquiringly.

“Well, we’ve got you down for a room with the large double shower as you’ve requested, but that room only comes with one king-size bed. I’m sorry, there must have been some kind of mistake,” the man said with a concerned look on his face.

“No. No mistake,” said Frank immediately. “One bed is all we need,” he said confidently to the desk clerk. The clerk looked from Frank over to me and I could feel myself starting to turn red and looked down.

“Oh, I see sir. No problem at all.” I looked back up to see him giving Frank a knowing smile. “Okay then, that’s room 428. If you need anything at all…….anything,” he said as he handed Frank the room keys. “Don’t hesitate to call. My name’s Greg and I’ll be here all night. In order to make sure you enjoy you stay with us sir, I’ll handle any of your requests personally. There is always back up staff available if I need to be away from the desk.” He paused with each of them holding the opposite ends of the room keys.

“Well thank you, Greg. I appreciate that. If anything happens to….uh….come up…I’ll give you a call.”

“Very good sir. Thank you,” Greg said with a beaming smile.

I carried the bags and we rode the elevator up to our room. It had a large king-size bed from which Frank quickly pulled the sheets and covers down to the bottom. It looked like he was ready for more action.

“Okay Kid. You brought your enema kit, right?” I nodded in agreement as I started to unpack my bag. “Good. I want you to go in and use it like I taught you and then get the shower going.” I set the big new jar of Vaseline and the dildo Frank got for me from Claudia on the bedside table and then took my stuff into the bathroom and got myself cleaned out twice with the warm soapy water as I knew Frank liked. The bathroom in the suite was huge and had a big glassed in double shower like Lori and Frank had at their place. I got both ends of the shower going until it was hot and steamy and then climbed in and started to clean myself. I heard the door opening and looked up to see Frank looming over me, his massive body making me feel so small and insignificant. I watched in awe as the water pelted against his large frame and washed over his muscular body.

“Here you go Kid,” he said as he passed me the bar of soap. I lathered up my hands and started attending to his body. I loved the feel of him under my fingers and hands. He let me explore his entire body from head to toe as I spread the soapy lather from between his toes, along his muscular legs and thighs, over his bulging ass-cheeks, across his taut stomach, thru his chest hair, over his muscular pecs, along his defined arms and into his hot moist armpits. We were both moaning with pleasure as I kept re-lathering my hands and washing his beautiful body.

As he washed his own face and hair, I finally allowed my hands to slide into his magnificent crotch. I slid the side of my hands deep into his hot moist crack and slid my fingers over his hot pink rosebud. I then took his silken wrinkled bag into my hands and carefully smoothed the soapy lather over those heavy swollen orbs. My fingers scratched down thru his pubic hair and I circled them teasingly around the base of his thick heavy cock. The lather looked so fucking sexy as the shower was rinsing Adapazarı Escort it down his body and along the length of his semi-hard cock to drop in milky gobs to the shower floor below. It looked like the massive loads of cum I was so used to seeing flow forth from his mighty weapon. I looked down at my own cock and I hadn’t touched it since Frank came into the shower but it was standing straight up and hard against my stomach as I was enraptured at having Frank’s huge manhood under my fingertips. I re-lathered my hands again and started doing the “pulling in the rope” thing as I drew my hands one over the other along the length of his thickening shaft.

“Uuuunnnnhhhh……yeah,” Frank gave out a low growl and spread his arms out to press against each side of the shower as his cock extended and filled under my slippery drawing hands. I kept “pulling in the rope” and soon my hands were “pulling” the full 10 ½” of hard thick rope.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful,” I accidentally said out loud as I had my loving hands absolutely full of his magnificent hard erection. Its thickness and power felt so incredible in my hands. It was hot and rock hard yet velvety smooth at the same time. I was absolutely in love with Frank’s cock.

“Your hands feel great Kid,” he said as looked down at me with lust-filled eyes. “Get down on you knees and keep jerkin’ it like that. I feel like blowin’ this load all over your face,” he instructed. I dropped to my knees and kept my slick hands pulling one over the other as I watched his broad purple cockhead get darker and darker as his ardor increased. His body was blocking the spray from hitting directly into my face and I watched intently as the flowing precum at the wide eye of his cock started to get milkier in color.

“OH YEAH! HERE IT COMES!” he bellowed and I watched mesmerized as the first thick wad jettisoned forth in a rush to plaster itself against my cheek and nose. He was twitching and convulsing as I kept my hands pulling and pumping away at his shooting cock. Soon, my face was a swirling mess of milky white semen as he dumped load after load of his creamy fluid onto my upturned face. I felt his hot cum rain down on my face and pictured the soapy lather that had only moments before been sliding off the tip of his cock. My fingertips could feel pulse after throbbing pulse as his semen sped up his lengthy shaft before launching itself onto my face. I felt it finally stop shooting and the final drops oozed down to fall onto the glistening cloudy mess already covering me.

“Holy fuck, Kid! Your face is just covered! Let me help you with that,” Frank said as he started using his fingers to push his warm cum towards my mouth. I let my lips part as he shoveled it onto my waiting tongue.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned as he slid his fingers and cum again and again into my mouth until he had fed me every drop of his viscous load. I loved the musky taste and the luxurious feeling of the warm cream sliding down my throat. And as usual with Frank, there was lots of it to love.

“Well, that should keep you satisfied for a few minutes. C’mon, let’s finish up in here. I’m not done with you yet,” he said as turned back into the spray of the shower. Eager with anticipation, I got to my feet, washed my face and rinsed off as well. I got out of the shower first and quickly dried myself. When Frank emerged, I had a big fluffy towel waiting for him and dried him from top to bottom. When he was satisfied, he moved back into the main room. I watched the easy movement of his powerful muscles as he walked away from me, his beautiful round butt on full display. I found myself sub-consciously licking my lips as I followed him. He stacked up a bunch of pillows near the head of the bed and sat back against them.

“C’mere Kid. Remember I told you I wanted my dick in you somewhere all night tonight? Well, right now, I want you back sucking on it. I’ve got a few more loads for you before we’re done,” he said as he drew his legs up and apart and hefted his big cock towards me. I automatically crawled forward on the bed between his thick powerful thighs and lowered my head towards his big flared crown. He let go of his cock as I started sucking on it. It was more like making love to it rather than just sucking on it. I kissed and licked all along the massive shaft and then would take the warm spongy head into my mouth for awhile. Keeping my mouth and hands busy, I varied the ways in which I pleasured his magnificent manhood. He sat back and relaxed as I made myself at home between his legs. After about ten minutes, I felt his cock start to stir as it once again started to fill. My lips started to stretch around his cock as blood flowed into that growing spear. Within a few more minutes, his cock was back up to its full 10 ½” and I was purring like a kitten as its size and warmth in my mouth comforted me. I was surprised when Frank reached over and picked up the phone from the bedside table. Who the heck could he be calling at a time like this?

“Hello? Yes, is this Greg?” Obviously he was calling the front desk.

“Yeah, good. This is room 428. Yeah, Serdivan Escort that’s right. Well, I was wondering if you could help us out. My friend here has a bit of a sore throat and it’s been kind of hard on him. I wonder if you could maybe bring something up for him that might help to soothe his throat?” I kept sucking as there was a pause as Greg must have been speaking on the other end.

“That’s great! Just let yourself in when you get up here. And make sure you get your backup to help at the counter there, you might be awhile.” Frank said as he put down the phone. I looked up at him with my lips still wrapped around his mouth-splitting cock. “Just keep sucking Kid,” he said as he put his hands on my head and started moving my mouth up and down on his cock. I kept my suctioning mouth busy on his hard erection and a few minutes later heard the click of the room passkey and then the door opening and closing. I knew better that to take my mouth off Frank’s cock and look around. I just kept bobbing my head relentlessly as saliva flowed from the corners of my mouth down his upright shaft.

“HOLY FUCK!” I heard Greg exclaim as he walked across the room.

“Yeah. This is why my friend here has a sore throat. It keeps getting stretched. What do you think Greg? Do you think you can help him out? Maybe give him a hand?” Frank asked with a knowing tone to his voice.

“Uh…yeah…..can I have a chance to suck it too?” I heard Greg ask eagerly.

“Sure, there’s plenty there for two cocksuckers. You boys are just gonna have to learn to share. Now get all your clothes off Greg. Let’s see what you’ve got,” Frank said in an authoritative tone. As I kept sucking, from the corner of my eye, I could see Greg shedding his clothes. He appeared to have a pretty good build on him, like a swimmer, and I could see a good sized cut cock starting to swell between his legs. Once Greg had his clothes off, he climbed onto the bed and knelt beside Frank. He reached out tentatively with his hand and tried to wrap it around the part of Frank’s cock that was exposed below my stretched lips.

“Oh fuck! It’s so big,” said Greg with a moan. He started to shuck his hand up and down and it bumped softly against my lips as we worked up a steady rhythm. Greg leaned down and looked closer at my bobbing head as the saliva continued to flow down Frank’s mighty shaft. He moved his hand away from Frank’s rigid cock as he leaned further forward and wrapped his lips around the side of the base of that huge upright member. He kissed, licked and nibbled his way around the base of Frank’s rod and then started working his way up. I backed further up the shaft and eventually right off the tip as Greg made his way up to the top.

“Come on now boys, let’s see you share,” Frank said as he put a hand on each of our heads and pulled them towards the head of his hard erection. Both Greg and I started swiping our tongues across the membranes of the enflamed crown and our tongues playfully came together. We wrapped them around each other and our lips pressed together as we came at Frank’s raging cockhead from opposite sides. All three of us were moaning as Greg and I settled into a shared duty of working together on Frank’s cock with our searching mouths. While one sucked on the head, the other would lick and nibble at his shaft and balls. I looked down at one point at Greg’s cock and saw a beautiful erection over 7″ long throbbing between his legs, the tip glistening with precum. Frank sat back and for the next fifteen or twenty minutes teasingly tormented us by feeding us a continuous supply of his sweet precum.

“Are you guys getting hungry there? Do you need me to feed you something a little more solid?” Frank asked.

“Mmmmmmhhhmmmm,” we both moaned in unison with our lips and tongues entwined on his throbbing crimson cockhead.

“Okay Kid. You work on the shaft and let our guest take this one. Greg, I’m gonna let you take this load in your mouth, but don’t swallow any of it until I tell you.” We both moaned in agreement and I slid my mouth further down Frank’s throbbing shaft as Greg slid his stretched lips down over the protruding crown. As Greg starting furiously bobbing his head over the top half of Frank’s rearing cock, I licked and nibbled around the thick base. I took my hand and started scratching my nails thru the pubic hair around the base as I knew Frank liked. I saw his balls drawing up again and he started to let out a series of guttural growls.

“Get ready cocksuckers…….HERE….IT….COMES!” he roared as his body started to convulse and twitch under our dual attack. I could feel the pulsations along the shaft of his cock as the semen sped up his urethra and spewed into Greg’s mouth. I looked up and saw Greg’s eyes pop wide open as the size and force of Frank’s initial blast caught him by surprise. It looked like his cheeks were bulging out and then I saw the milky fluid start to leak out the corners of his mouth. As Frank continued to shoot into his suctioning mouth, more of his thick creamy cum was running from the corners of Greg’s stretched lips and running down the upright shaft. I slid my tongue upwards and gathered in the excess spend that Greg was unable to hold. For a minute or more, Frank continued to fill Greg’s mouth as his erupting cock unloaded time and again. Finally his hips ceased bucking up into Greg’s vacuuming mouth and Frank lay back, drained of cum.