What do you get when you mix coconut rope with two sadists and a non-masochist? The answer is a wow experience and deep space. I was talking to a friend, and a great rope top (RF), one morning when we got to talking about the party coming up in a few days. I love rope and she had tied me before many times, so I asked her if we could do a scene there. She graciously agreed to do so. I let my Lady (NK) know about it so she could plan accordingly and while I was talking it dawned on me that this might be a great time to do a co-topping scene if NK felt up to it. We had talked about that type of scene several times before but it never seemed right. This time NK felt was a great time if RF was willing. I quickly got in touch with RF and asked her if she would be willing to co-top. Her response was an immediate yes.

In the week leading up to the event I was very anxious because I had no real idea about what they were thinking or even how it might work. I asked my Lady if she had any thoughts about how they were going to work together and she responded with her anxiety inducing non-committal answer, “we’ll see how it feels at the event.” She knows the best results come from my generally not really knowing what’s going to happen as the nervous energy always adds to her enjoyment of the event. It also adds to my complete experience in a generally positive way.

The very Kadıköy escort bayan first time I experienced rope I got to have a very brief encounter with coconut rope, courtesy of RF, and found I really enjoyed the biting nature of it’s embrace. Sadly, since that first experience I had never been tied with it for a scene. My Lady has a short piece of coconut rope which she uses as a useful sensation to contrast with tickling and spanking. Just the touch of it greatly enhances my reactions and drives me deeper into space as she had discovered, so when we started to discuss the scene at the party the first thing she recommended was that coconut rope be used by RF.

That suggestion actually enhanced my anxiety, because while I knew I liked it I was already anxious about potentially just being restrained and unable to react normally to my Lady’s spanks and tickles. The thought of fighting restraints produced a rational fear and the thought of fighting restraints, which caused more pain than jute or hemp due to the rough nature of it, made me think real hard about if I wanted to go there. I finally decided since it wasn’t a hard limit and I did want to be restrained by coconut at some point, there was no better time to try it.

After a good discussion we found the bench vacant and my Lady ordered me to undress. This time was different from other parties, Escort Kadıköy because I had never been tied completely naked and hadn’t thought about it until that moment. After my clothes were removed my friend RF started to tie me and I became very self conscious of the people that decided to stop and watch our scene. It was a new experience because I was standing naked in front of so many people for an extended period of time. Normally my period of public nakedness was very short because it was usually immediately followed by laying over a spanking bench or over my Lady’s knee. This time it was many minutes of people just looking at me fully naked as I was being tied.

I am not normally self conscious, but for some reason I was at that moment fully aware and self conscious of my vulnerability. After I was suitably trussed I managed to lay over a spanking bench as the rough rope dug into my sensitive skin. RF began securing my hands and feet as NK began tickling me and then hitting me while admonishing me to be still and not make it difficult for RF. Naturally she was also trying to make me react to make it more difficult for the rope top so she could punish me some more. She is a very thorough sadist and knows exactly what she wants and how to get what she wants. After several agonizing minutes of this torture RF moved completely out of the way Kadıköy Rus Escort for my Lady.

I was already starting to float and was struggling hard to free my self from this predicament. NK got her hairbrush and began to redden my bottom in earnest with each stroke causing me to flinch which caused the rope to bite into my ankles and wrists not to mention into my chest and back where I had been trussed up tightly. Every now and then she would switch to tickling me causing more struggling to free myself and more pain against the tickling sensation. It was a euphoric sense of agony causing me to breathe extremely fast. I finally recognized I was close to hyperventilating and cried out it was time to stop. When my rope top began untying me I went blissfully into space. I was floating on this high for what seemed like ages. My Lady and I found a way to cuddle as I began to come down. I really want to give my thanks to both Ladies for giving me an exquisite experience of pain and endorphic pleasure.

I have had some time to think deeply about the experience and was surprised by my self consciousness about being naked and exposed for an extended period of time. It dawned on me that for some reason I was self conscious about my genitals. I have never had an issue with people looking at my naked butt before but full frontal nudity, I discovered, was disconcerting for some reason. I presume it was merely leftover childish insecurity from another era in my life about how people might judge me. I have been trying to figure out if that self consciousness had any real impact on the entire experience. I am sure I will be giving that some further thought.