Club X


This is an incest story, with themes of group sex, swinging and light bdsm. Let me know if you have any story ideas for me. All characters are 18+. Enjoy!


“Come on Lauren! It’s your 21st birthday! You have to go out!” Valarie calls from across the room. The long-legged Latina quickly crosses the room and looks down at the seated brunette before her.

“I do want to go out, but I want you to tell me where we’re going.” Lauren responds, brushing a strand of her wavy brown hair out of her face.

“Chica, I told you. We’re going out to a club!”

“What club then Val?”

Valarie smiles, “That I’m not going to tell you. But trust me, it’s going to be fun!”

Lauren sighs, seeing that this conversation is going nowhere. “Alright fine. We’ll go to this secret club of yours.”

“Lauren, this is going to be amazing! A 21st birthday you won’t forget. Let me slip into what I’m going to wear to give you an idea of what you should.” With that, Val grabs her bag and closes the door to Lauren’s bathroom, leaving Lauren rolling her eyes at no one in particular.

We’re going to a club. All I need is a tight dress and some heels. Lauren thinks waiting impatiently for Val to finish dressing. After several minutes, the door to the bathroom slowly opens and Val steps out into view. Lauren’s mouth drops. Val is wearing black stockings that go to the middle of her toned thighs, her large breasts are “covered” by a black sheer bra, leaving her brown nipples visible through the material. In a matching piece of clothing to her top, she is wearing a lacy thong that leaves her mound visible. “Like it?” Val asks, doing a little spin. Her large rear has already swallowed the back of her thong.

Lauren just stares, “Val… I know you want to sleep with me again but this is kind of a lot, don’t you think?”

Val laughs, “Come on chica… it would be fun. But that’s not what’s going on here! This is my outfit for the club!”

“You know your literally wearing lingerie?”

Val smiles, “I know that and where we’re going, we’ll fit right in!”

“What kind of club are we going to?”

Val grins, “Club X! Can’t you just trust me? Put on the outfit I picked out for you and let’s get going!” Lauren just sighs and takes the bag from Val, making her way into the bathroom. Once she gets inside, she strips naked, revealing her C-cup breasts, with small, pink nipples, before sliding her panties down her toned legs, exposing her bald pussy to the air. Her soft inner lips protrude slightly past her outer lips.

“What did you let Val talk you into?” Lauren asks, looking at her reflection. She then bends down and opens up the bag of clothes. The first thing she pulls out is a roll of black tape, which she sets on the counter. The next item in the bag is a fishnet body suit, with slits over her pussy and ass. The third thing in the bag is a skirt so short that it doesn’t even cover most of Lauren’s medium sized ass. Lauren just shakes her head. “Val… what are you planning?” She asks herself as she starts to slip the bodysuit on.

Finally, “dressed”, Lauren opens the door to the bathroom and walks out. The black material of the bodysuit is a sexy contrast with her pale skin. Both of her nipples are covered by a single horizontal strip of tape and the short black skirt makes an attempt to conceal her body. “Ohhh… you look amazing!” Val says with a smile, leaning back and miming rubbing her clit.

Lauren rolls her eyes, “Oh come on Val… what is all this for?”

The curvaceous Latina sits up, “Fine… I’ll tell you because apparently you hate surprises. We’re going to a sex club that I know of.”

“A sex club?” Lauren asks. “Val I know you like to sleep around, but a sex club seems a little extreme…”

Val just laughs, “Come on Lauren! It’ll be fun. Besides, you don’t have to have sex with anyone there.”

“But I feel ridiculous just wearing this stupid outfit.”

Val smiles wide, “Good thing they make you wear a mask then…”

Lauren opens her mouth to find something else to say but quickly realizes that Val isn’t going to change her mind. “Alright… fine, let’s go to this club.”

“I was hoping you would say that!” Val reaches into her backpack and pulls out an oversized coat that completely covers her torso. “I hope you have one of these! Oh! And a recent STD test!” Lauren nods and quickly retrieves the coat from her closet, and the papers from a folder, while Val calls for a taxi.

The taxi arrives quickly and the two women step inside. Val gives an address, and soon the two women are making small talk on the way to the venue. Lauren’s stomach is full of butterflies as the two taxi pulls into a seemingly empty parking lot outside of a large warehouse. “You two sure this is the place?” The taxi driver asks.

“Completely.” Val answers, handing the man a nice tip and stepping out of the car. Lauren steps out as well and watches the Taxi pull away.

“So where is it?” Lauren Muğla Escort asks.

“It’s disguised as an industrial warehouse for secrecy. You would be surprised at some of the people who come here…”

“How did you find out about this place then?” Lauren asks.

“That one guy I was with… you know, Alex. He was a member here and brought me a few times. After we broke up I kept coming here, and eventually became a member.”

“So how often do you come here?”

Val turns and smiles as she stands next to a door, “Often enough…” Then she makes a fist and knocks on the door. A latch opens and a man looks through. He sees Val, closes the latch and swings the door open wide.

“Come on in Valarie. I see you brought a guest…” A large man wearing black pants and a black shirt says, crossing his arms in front of his chest as Val and Lauren step inside.

Val nods, “This is my friend and today is her birthday.”

“Does she have the paperwork?”

“Show him Lauren.” Val says. Lauren reaches into her pocket and pulls out the paperwork, handing it to the massive man. He reads it over, checking to see if it is legitimate.

“Looks good to me. You two ladies can put your coats in the coat room, grab masks and go downstairs.” He steps to the side and motions for Lauren and Val to walk past him. They walk into the coat room and take off their coats hanging them up. Lauren looks down at her body, her hard nipples visible through the strips of black tape currently covering them and her ass almost completely visible below her micro skirt. I can’t believe I let myself get talked into this… Lauren thinks, hoping she looks less ridiculous than she feels.

“You ready?” Val asks.

“As ready as I’ll ever be…” Lauren answers, feeling butterflies in her stomach.

“Just relax and have a good time.” Val says, picking up a black mask and handing it to Lauren. Lauren slips the mask on and looks at Val. The mask covers the wearers cheeks, nose and forehead, leaving the eyes and lower face exposed.

“How do I look?” Lauren asks.

Val smiles, “Like you belong here!” With that, Val walks out of the closet, past another security guard, who opens the door and motions for the women to head inside. Lauren follows Val inside. The inside of the warehouse is very nicely decorated. There is a red carpet covering the whole floor, with a dance floor, large bar and tables and booths. There is probably about 100 or so people milling around the room in pairs or small groups. The men are dressed in nice jeans or slacks and collared shirts, the women in various lingerie outfits, but everyone is wearing a mask. There is another hallway on the far side of the room, with a sign overhead labeled: Private area. “So, is this what you expected?”

Lauren shakes her head, “Not at all… I figured it would be some greasy place with people just having sex all over. This… this is actually nice!”

Val laughs, “Come on, let’s go get you a drink!” She leads the way over to the bar and one of the bartenders comes over, a well-muscled, shirtless young man with buzzed hair.

“Can I get you two beautiful ladies anything?” He asks, flashing a white smile.

“Two vodka sodas please.” Val answers, showing the man her membership card. The bartender swipes it and hands it back to her, before going off to make the drinks. “Everything is charged to your account, which is connected to the membership card.” Val explains, flashing the bartender a smile as he hands her the drinks. Val leads the way away from the bar and over to a table. She places her drink down on the table and stands on one side, looking around.

“What now?” Lauren asks.

“Just enjoy your drink and watch people… maybe you’ll see a guy or girl you want to take back to the private area…”


Val smiles, “I’m serious, all of the people here have to get tested for STD’s every three months and provide proof or they lose their membership. I know you’re on birth control so the complimentary condoms in the rooms aren’t an issue either.”

Lauren nods and sips her drink. This is not what I expected a sex club to be like… She thinks, looking around at the people dancing.

“Hey ladies! You two here alone tonight?” A male voice asks, stepping up to the table. Lauren looks over and sees a tall man, wearing a mask and smiling at Val, while a slightly shorter man next to him is closer to Lauren.

Val smiles, “Yes we are… what about you?”

The first man smiles, “That’s funny, we’re here alone too! Maybe we could… dance a bit?”

Val smiles, “Of course. What do you think?” Laruen nods, finishing her drink and setting it down on the table. “Come on then.” Val says, grabbing the hand of the taller man and leading him away.

“Want to go?” Lauren asks the remaining man.

“Sure…” He says, sounding uncertain. He grabs Lauren’s hand and leads her onto the dance floor. The two make their way Muğla Escort Bayan over to Val and her partner. Val is already grinding on the man, while his hands feel her bare sides and stomach, occasionally reaching down and caressing her rear. Lauren gets close to her man and start feeling his body through his shirt. The man gives her a weak smile and does the same to her, although not with as much energy as Val’s partner.

A second man comes up to Val and her partner. After a brief conversation that Lauren can’t hear over the music, the second man starts grinding against her ass. Val looks over at Lauren and gives her a smirk. Lauren just gives her a smile and raises her partner’s hands up to her barely covered breasts. The man takes the hint and gives them a gentle squeeze, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples.

Lauren starts to grind her pelvis against her partner while he fondles her breasts. Suddenly, someone taps her shoulder. Lauren looks over and sees Val. She motions for Lauren to join her. Lauren follows Val off of the stage, leaving the three guys on the dance floor. “What’s up?”

“I know it’s your birthday and I don’t want to be a bad friend…”

“Val, it’s alright! If you want to go back with those guys, then go ahead. I’ll dance with my friend a bit more and see what happens…”

Val smiles, “Thanks! I’ll wait for you if you go back with him!” The two girls make their way back to the waiting men. Val goes back to dancing with her two partners, grinding her body on both of them. Lauren does the same, watching with jealousy as large tents grow in both of their pants. Vall, you are going to be sore tomorrow… she thinks, watching her friend and the two men slowly make their way off of the dance floor.

“Want to grab a drink?” Lauren asks, the man nods and leads the way off to the bar.

“I’ll have a rum and coke.” He says, looking at the female bartender.

“Make that two!” Lauren adds, catching up with him. The bartender takes the man’s card and swipes it before handing them the drinks. The man leads the way over to a table, with Lauren following.

“So, what’s your name?” The man asks.

“Lauren. Yours?”

“Brian.” He answers. “I’m sorry about my friend…” He starts.

“Don’t worry about it. I know how Val can get, I just hope he can keep up with her.” The two of them share a laugh.

“I just don’t want to disappoint you, but I was just his wingman. I wasn’t dancing with you like that because… well, I’m gay. I didn’t want to lead you on.”

Lauren nods, “It’s fine, I was just a bit jealous of her getting the attention on my birthday.”

Brian pulls Lauren in for a hug, “Happy birthday then!” No one should be alone on their birthday, especially in a place like this. I know a couple that is looking for someone just like you.”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to set me up with anyone!”

“I’m serious. They are a bit older, but just take the chance to get to know them, they are really cool people. They are pretty regular here so I’ve seen them before and gotten to talking with them.”

“Just talking?” Lauren laughs.

Brian smiles, “Yeah, just talking. Come on!” He picks up his drink and leads the way over to some booths parallel to the dance floor. He picks one seemingly at random and walks up to it, motioning for Lauren to follow. Let’s just talk and see what happens. It’s not like they’re going to know who you are. Lauren thinks. Brian takes a seat in the booth next to a smartly dressed man in nice jeans and a collared shirt He is just starting to go bald, but is clearly in shape. The woman sitting across the table from him is probably in her mid 40’s. She has curly brown hair that is about shoulder length. She is dressed in a black corset with a matching bra, thong and thigh high stockings. She has the body of a mom, a large ass, large d-cup breasts, slightly bigger than Val’s. Lauren takes a seat next to the woman who smiles at her.

“So your who Brian found for us? It’s really good to meet you!”

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Lauren says, looking at the woman, then the man.

Brian nods, “Alright… I hope to see you guys again soon!” With that, he stands up and leaves the table, making his way out through the crowd.

The woman puts her arm around Lauren’s shoulders. “You look so sexy! I wish I had the body to pull something like that off! Unfortunately, with kids and age, that kind of goes away.”

She sounds really familiar… Lauren thinks, trying to place her voice. Lauren nods, “I can see that. But, I do like the outfit. It’s so sexy!”

“Thank you! Do you come here often?”

“No, this is my first time. I came here with a friend but she went into the back with a couple of guys.”

“Couple of guys? She sounds fun!” The man says from across the table.

Lauren laughs, “Yeah, she’s kind of crazy.”

The three sit in silence for several seconds before the woman says, “So, since it’s your Escort Muğla first time here, want to see the back rooms?”

Lauren hesitates for a second before answering, “You know what, I came here for a good time, why the hell not!”

The woman smiles, “Good!” The man stands as Lauren and the woman get out of the table. The woman leads the way, with Lauren following, then the man behind her. She can feel his eyes locked on her partially covered rear. The woman nods at the security guard and leads the precession down a carpeted hallway. Many of the doors have occupied signs on them and the sound of soft moans escaping past the wood covering.

Finally, the trio comes to a door near the end of the hall that doesn’t have a sign on it. The woman knocks on the door before opening it. “Perfect!” She exclaims, walking into the room. Lauren follows her inside, looking around. There is a large bed in the center of the room. Around it are couches, tables and various restraints to tie someone to. Lauren looks around, “So where are we going to start?”

The woman takes her hand and leads Lauren over to the bed, “Right here.” Then she plants a kiss on Lauren’s lips. Lauren feels a tingling sensation in her body as the woman pulls away and looks into her eyes. Lauren smiles back and leans in this time, kissing the woman on the lips. The two quickly begin to kiss more passionately, the woman’s tongue slipping past Lauren’s red lips. Their hands begin to explore each other’s bodies. The woman gently feels Lauren’s breasts while Lauren’s hands reach back and feel the woman’s soft rear and run down her thick thighs. Lauren can feel her nipples grow hard and her breathing heavy. The two part after a minute.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” The older woman asks, hands quickly working the purposely small skirt off of Lauren.

“Yes… With a friend.” Lauren answers, feeling herself becoming turned on by this woman’s touch.

“Nothing quite like it, is there?” She asks, gently peeling off the thin strips of black tape covering Lauren’s nipples. Her hard, pink nipples are exposed to the air and the woman gently takes one into her mouth and starts to suck. Lauren sighs with pleasure as the woman’s free hand slips between her thighs and rubs her clit.

Lauren reaches forward and unclasps the older woman’s bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts are both topped with a large, pink nipple. There is a little sag in them, but they still ride fairly high on her chest. Lauren reaches forward and starts rubbing the woman’s nipples, feeling them grow hard. The woman pulls away from Lauren and smiles, slowly tugging her panties down her thighs. “Let’s see if you know how to pleasure a woman.” She says with a smile, leaning back on the bed and spreading her thighs wide open.

Lauren crawls up on the bed with her, positioning herself between the woman’s thighs. The woman’s snatch has a thin, trimmed patch of hair above it, pointing down at her clit. Her soft, inner folds protrude past her outer lips. Lauren spreads them open with her fingers and runs her tongue over the slit, causing the woman to sigh. Quickly finding her clit, Lauren gently sucks on the nub, while rubbing her thumb over her moist slit. Suddenly, Lauren feels a hand caress her hip.

She looks back over the shoulder and sees the man from before, now completely naked, rubbing a hand over her hip. “I couldn’t help get jealous of the sexy young woman going down on my wife.” He says with a smile as he uses his hands to spread Lauren’s ass cheeks. Lauren shudders as his tongue runs over her entrance as the man begins to eat her out. “That feels so good…” Lauren sighs as she returns her attention to the older woman, waiting patiently for her to continue. Lauren rubs the woman’s engorged nub with her thumb while lapping greedily at her wet slit.

“Just like that…” The woman sighs, groping her own breasts. Lauren laps at the woman’s clit while she slowly slides a finger into her. While Lauren works hard to pleasure the older woman, the man behind her expertly laps at her cunt, quickly working her to orgasm.

“You’re going to make me cum…” Lauren gasps out, her breathing growing heavy.

“Just enjoy it baby…” The woman sighs, grinding her pelvis against Lauren’s probing fingers.

With that, Lauren puts her head down against the mattress and enjoys the sensation of the man’s tongue expertly working her body. With a squeal of pleasure, Lauren cums, causing her whole body to tremble. The older woman lifts her head up and watches her new friend ride out her orgasm. She gives a small smile to her husband who flashes one back, the young woman’s juices dripping down his chin.

After a minute, Lauren recovers and looks back up at the woman, her face flushed, “You’re lucky! He really knows what he’s doing.”

She laughs, “Thank you! You’re doing a pretty good job as well. Just keep working at it.” Lauren nods, returning her attention to the vagina before her. To her disappointment, the man moves next to his wife to watch the younger woman work her to orgasm. Lauren once again lowers her lips to the drooling pussy before her, making sure to pay attention to the clit. Lauren slowly slips two fingers back inside of the woman, who moans softly.