Cloud Nine: Ch. 5

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Cloud Nine: Ch. 5“Just about everything you do turns me on,” Gene said, “especially if you’re naked. Girls, like roses and fine wine, were put on earth for men to enjoy.”“You’re a chauvinist bastard,” Libby chuckled.“Yep, I guess so.”“That’s okay, you’re a lovable bastard.” She pulled the vibrator out of her cunt, then shoved it back in again, hard. “Are you imagining that you’re watching another guy fucking me right now?”Her question hit so close to home, it nearly befuddled him, and he had to think fast. “I’ve never seen a guy with a bright red cock.”She knew she had hit the mark, and chuckled. The thought excited her even more. She pressed her clit so tightly between her fingers that it popped out of its hood and waved at him as she wiggled her hand faster.He knelt in front of her so he had a close-up view of the vibrator fucking her cunt and her fingers working her clit.“I’m going to cum now,” she whispered hoarsely. “Oh, yes, it’s here, darling! My cum is here! I’m cumming for you! Watch me, darling, watch me cum!”Her fun gun fired and she wailed as her climax arrived on bolts of lightning, her body stiff, her weight on her heels and shoulders, her ass twisting and jerking violently, her cunt only inches from his face. In her orgasmic fury, her voice got louder and louder as she came harder and harder. Her body shook, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she lost control of herself and bounced ecstatically on the couch. Her wails of joy echoed in his ears, and the erotic aroma of her hot pussy filled his nostrils, so heavy he could taste it.“What an erotic vision,” he said softly, watching with rapt delight as her mauled her clit and pumped the bright red jelly vibe in and out of her drenched cunt.She came back to earth and pulled the vibrator out of her cunt, and he kissed her slit tenderly.“Magnificent,” he said softly, “so breathtaking.”She giggled and ruffled his hair. “My pussy, or my bawdy show?”“Both,” he laughed. “You like for me to look at your cunt, don’t you?”“Yes,” she whispered, “God help me for being so lewd, but I love it. You’ve corrupted me something awful.”“No, I merely opened the door and helped you be yourself.”“Did you like it?”“Yes, but probably not as much as you did.”“Knowing you were watching made it so much better.”“Do you get yourself off often? Don’t I keep you satisfied?”“Yes, darling, you keep me fully satisfied, but one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. I simply like to cum, and I like to experiment with different ways of getting off. Usually, you get cum all over me before you leave for work every morning, so I take a long, leisurely bath and rub my clit good while I’m in the warm water. I even use the pulsing shower massage on it sometimes and get off that way, and I usually poke myself two or three times a day with my vibrators.”He licked her asshole, then dragged his tongue up the full length of her cleft and tickled her clit.“Ummm,” she muttered, “that felt good.”“This will feel even better.”He parted her cunt lips with his fingers and licked her slit with a broad tongue, then gave her whole crotch a methodical tongue bath. Her clit stood stiffly erect, and her body jerked and her hips undulated and wiggled from side to side each time his tongue passed over the wet flesh of her large hood.“God, I love it when you lick me that way,” she moaned.Juice flowed from her hole in a steady stream, running down the crack of her ass, and he periodically chased it with the tip of his tongue. She caressed her tits and her milk buds stood up hard and pointy, as large as the end of her little finger. She was well on her way toward another delicious orgasm, then his mouth left her cunt.“Oh, no,” she wailed, “don’t stop now!”He ignored her plea, got on his knees and rubbed the bloated knob of his cock up and down her crack. Again, when she was close to cumming, he stood and rubbed her stiff nipples with the head of his cock.She looked up at him through lust-glazed eyes and muttered, “You’re a mean bastard.”She didn’t mean it. She utterly enjoyed everything he was doing. He had never been a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of guy. From the time he got her cherry, he always took the time to do things just for her pleasure and make her almost beg for an orgasm, and her heart overflowed with joy.He chuckled mischievously. “How badly do you want to cum?”“So much that I’m about to go crazy,” she whimpered. “Are you going to fuck me now?”“Hmmmm,” he responded noncommittally.The idea was tempting. But not yet. He wanted her ready to climb the walls before he got her off. He dropped to his knees and glued his mouth to her cunt, and his tongue did an erotic snake dance on her rigid clit as he licked it lavishly.Her breath escaped in a great whoosh the instant his mouth closed over her juicy gash. When his tongue lashed out at her clit, she almost screamed with joy. Her hips thrust, her thighs shook and quivered and bliss contorted her lovely face. Her tits bounced and jiggled as she bucked and lurched, throwing her cunt at his mouth.“Oh, my God,” she cried.Her hands flew to his head and closed over his ears and she tried to pull his entire face into her pussy. His tongue continued to stroke her clit, maintaining the same steady pace. Her body movements increased in fervor ödemiş escort and intensity, and she thrashed around so hard that he had to hang onto her thighs to keep his mouth on her cunt. Loud, keening wails of pleasure poured from her mouth as she came very hard, eased off just a second, then came again, this time deeper and harder.He licked her faster, and her frantic movements matched his new pace. Her orgasm built steadily, carrying her to unearthly heights, and she came so hard, she thought she was going to faint from unsurpassed joy.Her ardor took a long time to subside, and he stayed at his post, licking her clit tenderly as she eased away from the sheer precipice of passion. She reached the bottom and lay still and limp, her heart filled with admiration for her extraordinary man.“Damn,” she muttered, “take that rocket out of my ass and let me rest a minute.”“You like the way I lick pussy, huh?”“Oh, God, what an understatement,” she exclaimed. “I always cum so hard, I think I’m going to lose my mind.”He kissed her full on the mouth and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth, making sure she got a good taste of her own pussy juice, and could see signs of surprised pleasure floating in her eyes.“How did my tongue taste?”“Interesting,” she said, her voice as soft as a gentle breeze on a warm summer evening.“Have you ever tasted another girl’s pussy?”“Darling, I didn’t live life in the fast lane the years we were apart. Sometimes, I wish I had, but I can’t change the past. I taste my own pussy when I lick your cock after you fuck me, and I lick my vibrator after I use it. It’s sort of reflexive, probably because I lick your cock.”“Do you like it?”“The first time I did it, I thought it was kind of kinky, but, yeah, I like doing it. Are you trying to tell me something, or ask me something?”He got up and sat on the couch. “Your turn now, my tongue needs a rest.”“Okay, play your games,” she laughed, “but one of these days, you’ll admit that you’re a closet voyeur.”She rolled over on top of him and her tits traced fiery little paths on his skin as she slid down his body, and his cock twitched when she dragged it between the two massive mounds of magnificent mammary flesh. She held his shaft lovingly with both hands and licked the bare knob amorously several moments, then drew the stiff column of pulsing flesh deep into her mouth. It felt like a bar of iron covered with slick velvet, and she mixed quick, ravenous strokes of her tongue with her sucking.He lay still, with his hands resting lightly on each side of her head. “Every time you suck me, you get a little better,” he said softly.She lifted her head and stroked his cock gently as she looked up at him. “Do you want me to suck you off?”“Whatever you want, baby, you’re running the show now.”She grinned, lewd and hot, and pulled his dick with both hands as she stood and straddled his hips and slowly rubbed the tip of his pecker back and forth through her juicy slot.“I love everything about sex, darling,” she whispered passionately. “I didn’t know the depths of my passion until I met you. I simply love to have a stiff cock in my mouth and cunt and ass.”“I knew it the moment I met you all those years ago,” he said softly.“Do you mean that I looked like a round-heeled, cheap fuck?”“You looked like a shy virgin,” he laughed, “but I knew that all I had to do was light your fuse, and your sexual fire would roar into life.”“Sometimes, you’re so full of bullshit, it’s a shame,” she chuckled. “But you’re right, I really am a horny little bitch.” She brought herself right to the brink of a glorious explosion, exactly as he did earlier with his talented tongue, then onto his shaft as she slowly lowered her ass and the tip of his cock nosed between the drizzling lips of her cunt. His long, thick dick slid in easily, inch by hard inch, deep into her slick pussy, and the acute pleasure made her gasp. She arched her back and suddenly let her ass drop, taking him all the way up to his balls. The tip hit the mouth of her womb, and she shuddered and gasped again. “I can cum right now,” she whispered happily.He put his hands on top of her shoulders and pulled her forward and licked her nipples and hunched his dick into her. “Why wait? Cum all you want, all you can. I like to watch you cum.”Her ass rose and fell with an unhurried, easy rhythm as she slid her cunt up and down the full length of his hard lance. She wiggled her chest and her thick tit buds grazed his lips, and he held one big mound with both hands and suckled affectionately.“I like it when you suck my nipples,” she whispered. The better his prick felt, the faster she fucked, jamming her cunt down hard, banging the head into the bottom of her sheath. “Your cock stretches my cunt wide open, baby. God, I love the way it feels.”He levered his hips up, thrusting into her slick sheath in counterpoint to her humping, and she matched her pace to his, his cock hard and strong inside her, filling her full. Each thrust brought her got closer and closer to another climax, and she could tell that he wasn’t ready to cum.She certainly was! She shoved her ass all the way down and scrubbed her clit through his pubic hair. She suddenly clamped her muscles tightly around his thick dick and she spasmed and jerked escort ödemiş and bucked tumultuously, her cunt sucking his cock as if trying to milk it.At the height of her orgasm, he grabbed the cheeks of her ass and twisted it in tight circles as he rammed his cock into her cunt with all his might, lifting her knees off the couch with the force of his thrust each time he threw his hips up.She hung on and rode the rocket of passion until it burned out, then abruptly got off his lap and walked away, leaving his stiff cock waving in the air. While she was gone, his cock lost a little of its firmness. She gave him a big wink and knelt and meticulously licked it all over, then held up a small, slender vibrator.“I use this on my clit. Lie back and let me show you how it feels.”Gene lay back, and Libby turned on the vibrator and touched the tip to the sensitive head of his prick, and he recoiled.She snickered and said, “Just lie still, darling, I’m not going to hurt you. You’ll really like it.”She ran the vibrator lightly around the knob of his dick, then licked the head with a soft tongue as she ran the tool down and around the shaft in a spiral motion, over his balls, into the crack of his ass and over his ass-hole. He groaned out loud as sensuous sensations shot through him, then her soft lips closed over his cock and the air rushed out of his lungs. She kept her lips loose and made her mouth into a large cavity, holding just the head inside, as she ran the vibrator over every inch of his shaft, and his hips jerked off the couch, shoving his hard cock into her mouth.“Oh, baby, that feels good,” he said, his voice half-groan and half-whimper. “Are you going to suck me off and let me cum in your mouth?”“Mmmmmm,” she mumbled.Her soft tongue moved gently, urgently, over the head of his cock as the vibrator started a slow, tingling climb upward, along the underside of his shaft. Top to bottom and around and around and back again it went, and orgasmic tensions mounted and tenacious fingers of fire shot through him.She lifted her head, dragging her tongue over the head of his cock, making it twitch and quiver. “Ready to cum, baby, ready to give me a tasty drink from your fuck fountain?”She had never called his cock a fuck fountain, and he nearly laughed. If the circumstances hadn’t been so damn serious, he would have. “Yeah, in a few minutes,” he said, panting, his chest heaving with the exertion of holding back. “Let me enjoy what you’re doing for a little while longer.”“I want you to cum a lot, darling. Will you do that? Will you fill my mouth full, give me plenty of your tasty juice to drink?”“Oh, yes, you bet I will!” It was getting harder for him to breathe.Still teasing his dick with the vibrator, she took the head back in her mouth and resumed her soft sucking and tender tonguing.Suddenly, taking both of them by surprise, he erupted, and hot jism geysered into her mouth. She swallowed rapidly and noisily, moving her mouth and the vibrator up and down as his cum gushed into her gulping mouth in sticky gobs. When he stopped cumming, she swallowed the last of his cum without taking her mouth away, then released his cock.He sat up and she smiled at him and kissed him full on the mouth.“Salud, lover,” she giggled. “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”“It was wonderful,” he replied.“Good, I’m glad you liked it. I read a lot, and then I have to try out what I’ve read about. Reading is nice, but doing is a lot more fun.”“Where in the world would you read such a thing?”“Sir, are you doubting me? Do you think I’ve been conducting experiments with others?”“Not necessarily, I think your active imagination has been working overtime.”“You could be right. How about nursing on the nipple between my legs?”“I think you would rather cum on a tongue than any other way.”“You could be right. I sure do love it when you suck my pussy.”“Would you let another girl suck your pussy?”“I don’t know.” She didn’t tell him that the idea was often part of her fantasy when she got herself off. “Right now, I just know that I want you to do it. I want to cum in your mouth the way you came in mine. Besides, your cock always gets hard when you eat me.”She sat on the couch and lay back and flexed her knees, spread her firm thighs wide, and melted as his tongue probed her pussy and worked along her slit.Everything between her shapely thighs fascinated him. He liked the way she trimmed the hair away from her slit, exposing the moist softness of her succulent folds. Her lips were thick and puffy and formed a small pout, and he spread them with his fingers and tasted the savory juice oozing from her hole.“Your pussy is very pretty,” he said softly.“You just like to look at pussies,” she snickered.“Of course,” he replied.He licked and sucked on her clit, working his way down to her honey hole, licking and kissing every fold, making little slurping sounds. He went back to her joy buzzer, sucked it between his lips and flayed it tenderly with the tip of his tongue as he stuck two fingers up her cunt and finger-fucked her with strong, swift strokes, quickly turning her into a wildly quivering mass of passion.She played with her swollen tits as she put her legs over his shoulders and hunched her hot snatch up to his face. Moaning and ödemiş escort bayan groaning, and finally screaming, she came for a good two minutes as his tongue concentrated on her clit, bucking and wiggling violently and drumming her heels on his back in light, rapid movements.He gave her pussy a final lick, pushed her legs apart and came up for air. She grabbed his head and kissed him deeply in appreciation, then checked his cock for hardness.“Yeah, it’s just right,” she giggled.She reached into the pile of stuff she brought from the bedroom and picked out a latex band with a nodule on it. Connected to the nodule was a thin battery cable that led to a small control box.“What the hell’s that thing?”“A cock ring with a battery-powered vibrator built in. Haven’t you ever used one?”“I’ve never used a cock ring of any kind, let alone one with a vibrator on it. Where did you get all these things?”“I’ve been shopping,” she said noncommittally. It had taken a lot of courage for her to go into the sex shop and make her purchases. “The instructions said it will keep your cock hard for a long time and increase your pleasure when you cum. It’s also supposed to make your cock feel good and make my pussy explode when you push the nodule against my clit. I’ve never had a cock in me and my clit stimulated at the same time.” She slipped the latex band to the base of his shaft and gave his cock a gentle tug. “There, now put your beautiful tool in my pussy and let’s see if that thing lives up to its billing.”He lifted her legs over his shoulders and entered her cunt in one easy thrust.“All the way in, baby,” she urged, “go really deep and rock the cradle!” When the nodule was against her clit, she activated the vibrator and the softly buzzing device sent subtle waves of pleasure through her groin. “Stay deep in my pussy and rub that thing gently over my clit. That’s right, I’m going to cum, baby, I’m going to cum!” She locked her ankles behind his neck, relieving him of the burden of holding her legs up, and her ass came off the couch. “Oh, yes, lover, fuck me, fuck me good! Oh, baby, your cock feels wonderful, and that thing on my clit is driving me out of my fucking mind!”He stood between his hot wife’s thighs, a big grin on his face as he tamed her wild pussy with his rampaging rod and that silly damn cock ring.Her ass bobbed and weaved and twisted, going up and down and around and around as she fucked back at him with all of her strength. His cock moved smoothly in out of her hot, clasping cunt, driving her higher and higher.“Slow down, lover, and make it last as long as you can,” she muttered. “See if you can fuck me forever.”He plunged his cock all the way into her slick love tunnel and pressed the buzzer against her clit again, and the vibrations went deep into his groin, affecting him almost as much it did her. He held the position as long as he could, then started fucking her again.Forever turned out to be a minute too long. Her body bucked and jerked wildly as her orgasm exploded out of her pussy and swept over her like a tidal wave. He shoved his cock all the way up her cunt again and pressed the vibrator against her clit.She peaked and started coming down, and wailed, “Forget the fucking vibrator and fuck me hard!”He fucked her another ten minutes as hard as he could, and she came continually, then he dumped a prodigious load deep in her sex tunnel.“God, that was terrific,” she breathed.“You’d better turn that damn vibrator off before it drives both of us crazy,” he laughed.“Will it get your cock hard so you can fuck me again?”“Not for a while. You got everything I’m capable of giving.”“Don’t pull out, I want to ask you something.”He hunched against her crotch, then picked her up and sat down with her on his lap, his softened cock still in her.She put her hands on his shoulders and wiggled her ass gently and kissed him lightly. “Do you remember the pledge we made to each other the night before our wedding, that we’d tell the other one if we met somebody we really, really wanted to fuck?”“We haven’t been together long enough for our minds to be working on parallel tracks. I was going to ask you the same thing. Who did you meet?”“Aaron Taylor, an old high school chum. The night we graduated, we tried to do it, but it didn’t work out. He came all over me, and we cracked up, and then couldn’t get in the mood again. That’s why you got my cherry.”“He does all of our computer security work. I didn’t know that you and he were friends.”“We haven’t kept in touch. I ran into him today when I was shopping, and he’s changed a lot since high school.”“So have you,” Gene chuckled.“Yeah, and he noticed right away. He wanted me to go to bed with him today, but I wouldn’t cheat on you. He says he’s a lot better now, and I believe him. I think it would be fun to find out. Who did you meet?”“I’ve known her for quite a while. Cynthia, my secretary.”“Oh, yeah, she’s very pretty, and so sexy, sultry, actually, and I’ll bet she’s a dynamite piece of ass. If I had a cock, I know I’d want to fuck her.”“Is it really that easy? Are we going to do it?”She kissed him lightly again and frowned. “Will it change anything between us?”“Not as far as I’m concerned.”“Then we’re going to do it. Tomorrow is Friday. You make a date with Cynthia, and I’ll make a date with Aaron.” She wiggled her ass and flexed her cunt and grinned. “Your cock is getting hard again. Take me to bed and fuck my brains out, show me how you want to fuck your sexy little secretary.”¦¦¦