Closing the Sex Shop

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Closing the Sex ShopAfter a good night sleep, I wake up rubbing my wet pussy. I know I was at the party last night and had sex with a few guys, but dreaming about what Kelli and I are going to do at work this evening, has me dreaming.I crawled out of bed, grabbed my glass dildo and headed for the shower. When I got to my bathroom, on my closed toliet seat, sits my purple dildo. I don’t remember putting it there, but who knows..I did have a little to drink last night. I straddled the dildo and began to fuck it. It slid in with ease, my pussy is that wet. I pumped up and down and could feel the cum coming from my pussy.I pump it a few more times, then pull out and bend over to suck my dildo. My cum is all over it and the toliet lid. I reach down to my pussy and gathered more cum, then put my fingers in my mouth. mmmm I taste good.I get in the shower with both my toys, I take the purple dildo and work its way into my ass, then lean up to the wall, til the suction is stuck. Then the glass dildo is in my pussy. MMM almost feels like last night, except that I have to do all the finish fucking my holes and soap everything up and rinse off. I pull out the shave cream and lather my pussy and shave it til baby smooth. My legs and pits are shaved the same. I get out of the shower, and use the baby oil to make my skin silky soft.I walk to my dresser with just a towel on, reaching in my undies drawer and pulling out a neon pink thong and my white lacy bra. I then, blow dry my hair and get it curled. I put my makeup on, and make sure that I use the sparkle blush and put some on my chest.I go to the closet, thumb thru my shirts and find the baby blue near to sheer button down top, that shows my cleavage. Just enough to give the guys a flash. Then I find my little jean skirt, that when I bend over, you can see….I found the pumps Kelli had me wear the other day and put them on.As I walked out to my car, the mailman had to take a second look at me. He smiled and said to me that I was hot. I said thankyou and got into my car. When I sat down, my skirt was up soo far on my thighs, that you could see my eskişehir escort panties if you looked through the window.I went through the drive=thru for a glass of iced tea and a sandwich. I went to pay the cashier in the window. I noticed the guy taking the money was at the party last night. He looked at me and said Hi. He also had this huge smile on his face, cause he could see in my window. I told him to come by the shop after he got off work.I got to the shop, Kelli and Claire were waiting for me. Claire had been super nice with explaining different people and and their interests. She also had shown me how to record purchases into the computer. For some reason Kelli likes to keep track of what her regular customers buy.The guy from the drive=thru came in, flashed his drivers license and asked if I could chat for a few minutes. I said yes, and we walked to the video’s. I was showing him some that I liked and he shown me some of his favorites. He asked if Brian was my boyfriend, I said yes, but I’m free to see who I wanted. He introduced himself as Kevin.I joked around with Kevin for a bit, then pulled out my inkpen that looked like a dick and wrote my phone number on his hand. He said he will call me later tonight.Kelli had me learn how to count the money drawer down for the night. Then she had shown me where the safe was and how to drop the money in. When she opened the safe, there was a box with purple lining. Inside was a gold dildo. She said she had bought it online and it cost her a pretty penny. She also said that she keeps it locked up here, cuz she has too many people in and out of her apartment.I asked her if I could try it out sometime. Kelli handed it to me and said to use it now, here on the desk. I looked at her and smiled. The dildo was cool to the touch. I leaned back a bit and pulled my feet to the desk. Kelli pulled my thong to the side and I was able to put the dildo inside me. I never had fucked myself with a gold dildo before, much less a metal dildo. It felt the same, but it was cooler than my glass ones. Kelli had taken the dildo out of me, put it to her mouth escort eskişehir and licked it clean. Then, bent down to my pussy and began to lick it. Claire came in and had unbuttoned my shirt and undid my bra. My tits bounced at Claire. Claire had sucked on each nipple and rubbed and tugged my tits.Kelli has put the dildo in my pussy again, pumping me harder and playing with my clit. She rubs my clit like Brian does and gets me to squirt. OOOOH that feels soo good. Claire takes over and rubs me the same way, hard, fast, harder. Kelli has taken her skirt off and reveals her strap-on. She walks towards me and tells me to suck it, like I suck Brians cock.Claire is licking and fingering my hole, then fingers my ass. She said that my pussy juice tastes sooo good and continues licking me. Kelli has me get up and turn around. She slaps my ass and has me bend over. Kelli slaps my ass a few more times, then spreads my legs a bit and puts the strap-onj deep into my pussy. We both make a moaning sound as she is fucking me.Claire, is now on the desk with her skirt pulled up and her glistening pussy is in my face. I pull her closer and begin to lick and finger her clit. Kelli is fucking me harder. Claire cums on my face and I rub on her clit harder, she is panting and is ready to squirt.Kelli has removed herself from my pussy and has slid it into my ass. Just a little lube and in it goes. Kelli is moaning and moving her hips wildly. When I asked if she was getting off she said yes. The dildo was a double dick. One in her pussy, the other to share with.I put the gold dildo in Claire’s pussy, then in my mouth. I have Claire get on all fours, with her ass in my face. I begin to lick her juices off her pussy. I take the dildo and begin to fuck her ass the same as Kelli is doing mine. Claire and I both get off and Kelli is fucking me hard again. I spread Claire’s legs and look at her pussy lips and her now swollen clit. I slip my tongue in her clit and flick it just enough to make her wiggle. Kelli pulls from my ass and goes to let Claire suck on the dick. I get up and go behind Kelli and begin to eskişehir escort bayan lick her asshole. A sweet taste it is.I’m fingering and licking her ass. Claire is yelling as she cums. Kelli tells me to fuck her asshole and no lube. I put the tip of the head in her ass. Kelli yells for me to shove it in. I ram her ass as I feel the dick in my pussy penetrate on my g-spot.Kelli cleans up Claire’s pussy and She gets up to leave. Kelli and I are getting into the movement of the fucking. I tell Kelli, that I’m cumming again and she is too. I pull out of her, she lays on the floor and I get ontop of her in the 69 position. We are cleaning each others pussy with our tongues.We finish and get dressed. My phone had rang a few times, I didn’t even hear it, with all our moaning. Brian called twice, Daddy called to see when I will be home and Kevin called to see if we could hook up tonight. I called Brian and told him that I was going to Kelli’s for a little while. Daddy asked when I will be home, he wants to hear about my days work and the party last night. I told him I will be home later. Then I called Kevin. He asked if we could meet for dancing and a few drinks.I’m dressed to fuck, but I will knock some socks off at the night club down the street. I meet Kevin there. He’s drinking a bottle of beer and checking out the other sluts dancing. When I approached him, I told him that I can out dance these little sluts anyday.We went to the floor and began dancing. Kevin’s hands were touching me everywhere. One chick comes over and gets between us, takes Kevin’s hands and puts them on her tits. I look at her, and shove her to the ground. I said that he is my fuck tonight and for her to find someone else.Kevin and I went back to the bar, there was one barstool and I sat down. I had my legs crossed, as Kevin was rubbing my thigh. I had ordered a glass of water as we chatted about the party last night. Kevin was getting braver with his hands and they have found their way to my pussy. I spread my legs enough for him to feel the moisture.His fingers are in my clit, I’m wiggling around and spill my glass of water on my shirt. I realized then, that I forgot to put my bra back on, so my nipples were poking thru my wet shirt. The bartender was checking out my tits, then told Kevin he better take me home to put out my fire. I winked at the bartender and we be continued