Close Encounter


Caren was 37, single, about 5’3″ tall with dark wavy hair down to the middle of her shoulder blades. She had blue eyes, small breasts, shapely legs and a great ass. She worked out regularly at the gym, specializing in stair master exercises. She wore clothes that accentuated her body and usually could be seen at work wearing short skirts in the summer and tight fitting pants or dresses in the winter. She was a partier, going to happy hours nearly every week.

Her coworker, Mike, a little younger than she, always admired her looks. She was quite a piece of scenery to have around the office. When he would talk to her while she was seated at her desk, he would notice her beautiful thighs exposed when her skirt rode up as she sat there. Mike was not into office affairs. He always hated gossip and did not want to be the subject of the office banter if word got out of a suspected affair.

Caren and Mike would interact quite a bit at work. It would be hard to avoid one another, as they worked for the same supervisor. Mike went to happy hours also, although not as frequently as Caren. However, whenever he went, she was inevitably present. She drank and danced her share, and also conversed very much. She always looked good. One night, as some women will do after some drink, she was getting a little amorous with Mike. He could see the look in her eyes and hear the way she was talking, but he did not let anything happen. She never followed up after that. Another time, they were invited on another coworker’s boat. Caren showed up in a solid white bikini. Mike had to hide a hard-on for most of the outing, and almost invited her out for dinner afterward, but he bowed out.

One fine day at the office, the company decided they were going to make some cuts. Caren and Mike, along with a several others, were let go. Caren and Mike exchanged home phone numbers to keep each other abreast of job leads and so forth. The next morning, while at the unemployment office, Mike was leaving when Caren came walking in. She was wearing blue jeans that were oh so form fitting. Her fine ass was so curvy and moved so well when she walked. It looked great when she was standing still too, for that matter. He waited for her to finish her business, and then they went to a diner for some brunch. It was a commiserating session, venting about the loss of their jobs and wondering what lied ahead. When they were ready to leave, Caren kissed him goodbye on the cheek. Each one knew they lived about 3 minutes away from one another, but both said they were busy and wouldn’t be able to spend anymore time together that day.

From time to time, each one would phone the other with any job updates and also talk about other things in life. Each one had their separate circle of friends, so they did not socialize outside of the company of other coworkers prior to this job loss. But the situation they both found themselves in gave them something in common to socialize about.

As Kocaeli Escort time went on, the job search seemed more hopeless and Caren’s phone calls became more frequent. It was cool being home from work for the first couple of weeks, but now it sucked. Caren felt the need to talk more and gave updates about people she kept in contact with at the old office. She began to sound more downtrodden, and Mike did his best to remain upbeat. Soon, the phone would ring on a daily basis, and when it wasn’t a headhunter, it was Caren. But the conversations remained just that: conversations. There was never any talk of getting together. Caren, after all, had a boyfriend who either lived with her or lived just down her block.

As the months rolled from late winter to spring to midsummer, their phone calls had become second nature. One late Sunday afternoon in July, Mike’s phone rang. He heard Caren’s familiar voice say “hiii.” Only this time, it seemed a little friendlier and less depressed than usual. The conversation was relaxed and went on and on. They spoke about which ex-coworkers they saw last and what was new with them. Silences between talking did not seem to deter either of them. It seemed neither of them wanted to hang up. They commented about the weather and Caren mentioned that it was a good thing she had air conditioning in the bedroom of her apartment, as she lived upstairs and the rest of the apartment was sweltering. Mike told her how lucky she was to have A/C. He was sweating it out in his apartment.

“At least I have some cool air in the bedroom. I’ve been in here most of the day. Right now I’m lying on the bed in my shorts watching TV and eating some Haagen Daz,” Caren said, her voice tinged with slight wantonness. Mike could see those luscious tanned legs now. His penis jumped slightly under his loose fitting shorts.

Almost an hour had passed since the phone call began.

“My boyfriend went camping upstate for the weekend and he was supposed to be home by now. He must have gotten caught in traffic,” she said.

The conversation continued playfully now, with Mike teasing her about her boyfriend not being there and Caren teasing him back about not having A/C.

Then Mike said, “Man I’d love to get out of this heat for a little while. How about if I drop by for a few minutes, just until your boyfriend gets back?”

After almost 10 seconds of silence, Caren answered “Ok.” Mike said he’d be right over.

Mike arrived at the house. It was a house split into two apartments, one on the ground level and one upstairs. Caren’s was upstairs. After passing through the front door of the house, Mike found himself facing a staircase leading up. There was also a hallway to the left of the staircase leading to the back of the house, with a door to the right behind the staircase leading to the other apartment. Mike climbed the stairs. Caren must have heard his footsteps because she opened Kocaeli Escort Bayan the door before he had a chance to knock.

Caren smiled and they kissed each other on the cheek as Caren led him in by the arms. She turned to walk in front of him and Mike almost passed out at the sight of her legs and ass in those shorts. She was shoeless. She gave him the nickel tour of the place. He commented that she was right about it being hot in there. She then ushered him into the bedroom and closed the door. What a difference in temperature! But although it was much cooler in the bedroom due to the A/C, Mike still felt quite heated up. Apparently, so did Caren.

Mike noted there was nothing to sit on in the room except the queen-sized bed. Caren bent over the bed to clear away some magazines. Mike’s antenna went up as he gazed at the crack of her ass showing against her shorts and the way her t-shirt rode up on her.

Caren climbed onto the bed and patted the mattress next to her, looking at Mike and signaling him to get beside her.

“So how do you like the A/C?” she asked.

“It’s great. Much better than before” he replied.

“I knew you’d like it. And I’ll bet you’ll like this too.”

With that, Caren got onto her side facing Mike and began rubbing his chest with her hand and fingers. Mike touched her shoulder and leaned to kiss her. They locked lips and kissed long and deep, their tongues dancing together. He wanted her so much. He gently pushed her away onto her back. He reached for her shorts and tugged them off. He did the same with her sexy underwear. He wanted nothing to stand between him and her breathtaking womanhood.

Mike looked at Caren’s neatly trimmed pussy and almost salivated. His dick was totally attentive. But first, he wanted those legs. He bent her legs straight back over her head and slowly kissed and sucked his way from her gorgeous calves to the underside of her thighs. Her legs were so smooth, so soft, yet firm, and so shapely. He nibbled on the underside of her thighs down to her butt.

He allowed her legs to fall forward again. This time, he bent the knees and spread her legs apart. He gave her long sucking kisses on the insides of her thighs while his fingers caressed the outsides of her thighs. She was growing wetter by the second. He could smell her musk and this turned him on. The tip of his tongue traced a path along the sides of her wet slit. He then lapped at her pussy with a flattened tongue. Caren’s head was moving from side to side. Every now and then the tip of his tongue would brush up against her swollen clit and her hips would thrust forward with touch.

Caren was wetter than wet now and Mike knew she was ready for his cock. She confirmed this by exhaling a breathy whisper, “Hohhhh Mike, I need you so bad!”

Mike stood up and removed his shorts and briefs. His erect cock sprang from its lair, its tip covered in pre-cum. He Escort Kocaeli briefly thought about fucking Caren in the missionary position, but what he really wanted was her ass. He turned her over and she got on all fours on the bed facing the headboard. He marveled at how round her ass was. He never saw more beautiful buttocks.

He got into position behind her and rubbed the length of his hard cock against her wet lips, mixing his pre-cum with her cunt honey. She moaned in anticipation and raised her hips as a welcome to his initial thrust. Mike plunged his hardness all the way into her warm soft wetness. Caren took in a quick breath as she became impaled. Animal instincts took over now. Mike became obsessed. He wanted nothing more than to give Caren a good hard fucking. His stiff cock moved like an oiled piston inside her tight wet pussy. He looked down and saw his cock disappear and reappear between those incredible ass cheeks and he was so turned on. “Ohhh Caren……I always wanted to fuck you like this!!” he groaned.

Caren’s hands were gripping the top of the headboard. Her head was moving around, side to side and back and forth. The bed was shaking from their humping and the headboard was banging against the wall. His body was slamming against her beautiful ass. “Ohhh Mike…. yesss!!!” she said loudly.

His hands were holding her hips tightly as he drilled her. He increased his speed and the force of his thrusts. She felt as if a pile driver was screwing her. Soon she felt the tingling begin throughout her body. Her head was rocking back and forth as she held onto the headboard with all her might. “Oh fuck…..I’m cumming!!!” she yelled. He felt her tight little pussy grow even tighter around his pole as she began what became a long intense orgasm, followed by short little orgasms. She felt his cock twitch inside her and he was overcome by the incredible tingling sensation in the underside of his cock head as he pumped what seemed to be a gallon of hot cum inside her. She felt thoroughly filled up.

As emotions settled down and while still inside her, he took her by the hips, sat back on his heels, and pulled her back against his chest while she was still sitting on his cock. He ran his hands over her front, caressing her nipples and gently rubbing her clit and sucking her earlobe. She cooed as she felt his warm breath on her neck and shoulders and massaged his cock by squeezing it with her pussy muscles.

Caren looked to the side out the window and said “Oh shit… my boyfriend’s here.” Mike looked out the window and saw a car pulling up to the curb. They got up hurriedly, got dressed thanked each other and gave each other one last kiss.

Mike ran out the apartment door and spilled down the stairs. Instead of exiting the front door immediately, he turned to his right and ran down the hall to the back of the staircase. He waited for Caren’s boyfriend to enter. When he heard the front door open, Mike casually walked around from behind the staircase, giving the appearance he had just come from the ground level apartment. He looked at the boyfriend, smiled and said “hi.” His greeting was returned as Mike kept walking and headed out the front door, and his smile grew as he got into his car and drove home.