Cleaning Up Cum Ch. 02


This story is meant to make you cum and hopefully you will taste it. If you don’t like to eat cum and have your wife fucking other people. Please past this one up. If you do like stories like this READ ON and enjoy your orgasm.


Everybody that knows me, knows I am an obedient husband that satisfies my wife’s desires. She has complete control of me.

I was a virgin when I first met my wife. I am 10 years younger than my wife. She is a nice looking, respected school teacher during the day. And at night she turns into a slut wife whore, that would fuck anybody anywhere.

The first time we went out, we ended up in bed and I went down on her and sucked her pussy. It was so hot and wet. She forgot to tell me that she had just fucked the neighbor next door. And I was sucking his cum down my throat. Being a virgin I didn’t know the difference, I thought all pussies were wet with white cream pouring out. HELL I was a virgin.

We would fuck and suck for hours but it always ended the same way with me cumming in her ass or pussy. And then going down on her and savoring the taste of hot thick cum. Mixed with the best pussy juice on the planet.

I have learned a lot since our early years, I can tell you now how a well fucked pussy looks, feels, and taste like. Because that’s all I get, and I love it. I love to watch a large cock pumping cum into her well used cunt. And she enjoys watching me swallow load after load of it. I never could understand , what the big deal was for men eating cum, and licking their woman’s pussy clean.

When I’m down there cleaning her well-fucked cunt, she will treat me right . When she is clean and no more cum is leaking out. She will make me get on my hands and knees. And arch my back so my ass is sticking in the air. Then she will start massaging my big balls from behind as her tongue flickers across my tight asshole.

Then she will start licking around and around on my rosebud asshole. We call it Daytona, because her tongue races around my asshole like a race car going around the track. Round and round till pre-cum starts forming on my pee- hole. When she sees a drop of cum forming at the mouth of my penis, she stops licking it.

She will than insert a dildo up my ass and milk the cum out of my balls. When she hits my g-spot the cum starts leaking out. She places a saucer under me to catch it. When I am done she raises the saucer up to my lips and I slurp the Nevşehir Escort love juice up, and lick the plate clean.

Sometimes if she is still horny, she will make me get on the bed face down with a pillow. Raising my ass up off the bed. She will then get a rubber glove and a jar of Vaseline.

She will lube me up and start fucking my ass one finger at a time, till she gets her whole hand and wrist up my now loose horny asshole. This is called fisting and it takes months of training to be able to take a fist up your ass. This is not for a beginner.

It feels like you are cumming and cumming but you’re not. She will wiggle her fingers around and I will have spasm after spasm of heavenly bliss. It always makes her horny to fist fuck me. As she tells me what she is doing to me.

She will cum, without even touching her clit. She also allows me to fist her pussy, I have tried to fist her ass but I can only get three fingers in her ass, but where working on it.

She wants to be able to take one fist in her ass and one fist in her pussy. The other day a lover of hers came over to the house. And she had us kneel on the bed, side by side with our asses in the air.

She got out the Vaseline and the gloves. She lubed both of our ass’s up and started fist fucking both of us at the same time. Then she made us lay down on the bed face to face, cock to cock. She still had her fist up both our assholes.

His cock was twice as large as mine We were both laying in the bed with our cocks Touching each other his cock was touching my stomach, and my cock was rubbing half way up the shaft of his cock.

But the thing that impressed me the most was that his cock was as big around as a beer can. Oh my God how big it was. The head on his monster cock was unbelievable.

Know wonders my wife loves this guy. I have seen smaller cocks on a horse. I was curious, I wanted to touch it, feel how big and hard it was.

I had a million thoughts running through my head. Like watching my wife, fuck that huge cock. And watch her suck on it. I wanted to try to fuck it. I wondered how much cum a cock that size could shoot.

I couldn’t resist, I reached down and took his massive meat in my hand. It even got harder and I swear, you could feel his heartbeat. It was throbbing in my hand. I rubbed it up and down feeling the veins bulging out. Encircling the head of his cock with the tips of my fingers. I Nevşehir Escort Bayan had both hands wrapped around it and still had 3″ of cock sticking out.

He started moaning and pumping his ass up and down. Like he was trying to fuck me. About that time my wife started working her fist out of our ass’s. I turned loose of his cock and started moaning with pleasure.

When her hand started slipping out of my ass. My body started having tremors of sexual bliss. It took about two minutes to work her hand out, and I felt like I was non-stop cumming, but no cum . Sometimes you do cum, you have no choice.

As soon as I stopped sweating and shaking, I dropped down on top of his giant cock and started licking and sucking. My wife got pissed off and reached down and squeezed my balls hard. Believe me I stopped sucking and got control of myself.

She slapped my face and called me a fucking cock loving faggot. I knew right then that she was in a dominating, aggressive mood. And that she was going to treat me like the Anal Slave I am.

She then made me go over and sit in a chair where she had a large dildo laying in the seat. When I picked it up she told me to insert it into my asshole. And to fuck myself for them to watch.

I picked it up and it was a 14″ double-headed dildo, I started working it up my ass slowly. As I watched my wife lick all around the head of Mike’s huge cock.

My wife weights about 95 pounds. She is very petite; Mike’s cock was as big around as her arm. Watching her lick and suck on his giant member was about all I could stand.

I already had one end of the dildo in my ass and was now wedging the other end of it up my ass too. All of a sudden the other end slipped in. And there I was with two cocks in my ass at the same time.

Over the years she stretched my ass out so much, I could take two cocks in there. The sight of me with two fake cocks fucking myself was making my wife real horny.

She was trying to get the head of Mike’s cock in her mouth while she was finger fucking her pussy. All of a sudden she jerked her mouth off of Mike’s cock and told him to fuck her. Mike started snaking his large cock up her cunt. She was moaning and telling him to stick more of it up her twat.

He fucked her hard for about 10 minutes and I could tell he was about to cum. By the way he was breathing. I was masturbating when Mike started pumping, spurt after spurt Escort Nevşehir of cum deep into my wife’s vagina. When he got off of her she kicked her legs up in the air so the cum wouldn’t leak out. I looked down at my wife’s beautiful cunt and it looked like a big gaped fuck hole, full of rich cum.

She told me to pull the double dildo out of my ass and come over to the bed and fuck her. She wanted my cum to mix with his.

When I pulled the dildo out of my well fucked ass, there was a funny sound. As my ass hole was sucking air. When I walked over to the bed. My ass was farting from all the air I had pumped up my ass.

I wanted to suck his rich cum out of her cunt before I fucked her. But she wouldn’t let me. So I stuck my hard little cock into her well plowed pussy, and started fucking her.

When I cummed in her, I started to go down and clean her up with my mouth. She stopped me and reached up on the headboard and pulled a pussy plug out. She inserted the pussy plug in her cunt.

And told me that I could eat her out after I clean Mike’s cum off his cock and he leaves.

I got down on my knees and started worshipping his big beautiful cock. I could just barely get the massive head into my mouth. I licked up and down on the shaft, I covered his cock in saliva. as I was sucking on it I was thinking how much fun it would be to fuck this cock.

I looked up at Mike and told him that I was sorry I couldn’t take more of his cock in my mouth. I then suggested that he could try to fuck me, that my ass could take more cock than my mouth.

My wife butted in, and told me to get my faggot ass over on the bed with my legs in the air. She then had me beg Mike to fuck my ass. I was laying there with my legs in the air, spreading my ass cheeks with my hands.

Telling Mike to ream my ass out, telling him to fuck me hard. Telling him how bad I wanted his seed in my ass. My wife butted in again and said, here you can have some cum. She sat down over my face and pulled her pussy plug out.

Cum gushed out of her fuck hole and I captured every drop. Just as I was licking around her asshole. Mike plunged his massive cock into my ass. I was moaning with pleasure as he slowly inched his cock into my deep hungry asshole.

After my ass adjusted to the thickness, I started fucking him back. Mike was enjoying his self and after he cum in me. He told my wife that he wanted to make this a weekly affair.

She agreed, and I have been fucked many, many times by Mike. He has even started letting me fuck his tight ass. I love my wife.


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