Classmates Taste Good Too


It was 1973 and I had broken up with Roy’s sister and gradually saw less and less of Roy. As time went on and I developed new relationships with women I decided that for all practical purposes my time with men was at an end. It was time to settle down and concentrate on my future as a straight male.

One evening I answered my apartment door to find Arthur standing there. He was a classmate of mine from what is now the Nova Scotia Community College in Dartmouth and amoung the women I was seeing was his younger sister. Inviting him in I had no idea that it was opportunity knocking on my door. Arthur was one of those unfortunate men that could never attract a female. Birth defects left him with a deformed head and a truncated arm and most people did not take the time to find out what a truly great guy he was.

After a few minutes of small talk Arthur told me he was there about his sister. His father had found out that she was sexually active and being underage was on a rampage to find the man. As much as men would have been more accurate she had refused to give him any names but Arthur knew that she had been to my place many times and had come to talk to me before going to his father. Standing in the living room with him quickly decided that this was not a problem that I wanted to Sakarya Escort face and needed to get out of. Rather than deny everything I told Art that his sister came over quiet often, usually when a party was under way. She never seemed to be with anyone specific and I couldn’t help him. Art then asked if I had ever had sex with her. Hesitating a little I told him that I preferred something different.

At first he seemed confused, then somewhat indignant. He told me that he was aware that I was engaged in my first year of college and that I liked girls. At that I said “Ever wonder why we broke up all of a sudden?” Stepping up to him I asked if he would like me to prove it. Only silence greeted my question so I reached out and lay my hand on his crotch and asked again if he wanted me to prove it. The minute I grabbed his crotch I could feel his cock harden, not in the gradual swelling that I was used to, but his cock just sprang to life, instantly rock hard beneath my hand. I slowly stroked him waiting for an answer he could not or would not make. His eyes seemed glazed over and I could feel his body vibrate next to me. It dawned on me that this might be the first time anyone had touched him in this way.

With one hand I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants Adapazarı Escort and started pulling down his zipper, all the while rubbing his cock through his pants. Sliding my hand into his pants I realized that his underwear was soaked with precum, his cock and balls were slippery wet. As I closed my hand around his shaft I could feel it start to pulse in my hand. I had just enough time to pull his pants down a bit and get my lips around his cock before he started cumming. His 6″ cock exploded in my mouth shooting long steams of very thick hot cum into me, choking me not with his cock but the volume of cum he was giving me. I kept swallowing until the flow reduced down and then sucked his cock deep into my mouth to milk the rest of his cum from him.

Once he stopped shooting cum into my mouth I went to the washroom to get a wet cloth to wipe my face and clean him up. When I returned Art was standing exactly where I left him looking quiet ashamed of himself. Without saying a word I knelt and started wiping off his cock, balls and underwear. As I was wiping him off his cock started to stiffen up again and as I held it in my hand I could feel him thrusting his hips towards me, fucking my hand with his now hard cock. I licked the head as I stroked him and asked Serdivan Escort if he wanted another blowjob or wanted to try something different this time. Again I took his silence as approval to do what ever I wanted. I went back to the washroom and returned with a jar of Vaseline. Dropping my pants I began to lube up his cock and pulled him own to his knees. Kneeling in front of him I reached back to grasp his cock and line the head of his cock up with my asshole. Pushing back into him I could feel the head of his cock force it’s way into me. Letting go with my hand I started slowly pushing back into him, feeling his cock sink into me.

Art suddenly shoved forward driving the last few inches of hard cock up my ass and began to pound my ass with his cock. He hammered that 6″ cock into me as fast as he could, fucking me as deep as he could. This time he managed to last about 5 minutes before I felt his cock swell up in my ass as start to jerk his cum into me. I tried to force myself back into him so I could feel his cock explode into my ass but he kept up his pounding of me. I could feel the cum pour from my ass with each thrust. He seemed to be cumming forever before he slowed down and then collapse onto my back. After a few minutes he pulled his now soft cock from my ass, stood and pulled up his pants. Even before I could get to my feet he was at the door. All he said was “I’ll tell my dad it’s not you” and left. I never saw Art or his sister after that although I spent more than one night jerking off thinking of him and hoping he might come back for another visit.