Chyiari Ch. 02


She lay curled on the floor, shuddering in pain, teeth clenched as the lash fell again. The last blow. She did not know why she was here, but she had refused to submit. She was often beaten unconscious. Her wrists and ankles were raw and bleeding. A hand gripped her hair and jerked her head back.


“Never!” she gasped. With a low growl, she was flung down again and left alone to suffer. The men came and went. Again and again, she was given to a man or ‘another’ only to be returned as too independent, not properly obedient. And each time she was beaten. Now she lay unconscious, her body shuddering.

That was how he finally found her. He had searched for two years since she had been taken from him. He had walked into the…club…looking for information. He’d been introduced to the manager who was slightly out of breath and carrying a bloody lash.

“Sorry, Sir,” said the manager, “we have a…slight…discipline problem.” He shrugged. “I’m about ready to give her to the ghouls.”

The tall, topaz eyed man felt a sudden stab of unease. “Let me see her,” he said cooly. “I may have a…use…for her.”

The manager leered at the faintly sinister statement. “Of course, Sir. This way, please.” He led the huge man to where she lay bloody and unconscious.

The topaz eyes turned to golden ice. He had found her. “I will take her.” His frozen voice made the manager cringe just a bit.

“Of course, Sir!”

She was untied. He waved away the servants and handed over the requested price without argument. Then he wrapped her in the sheet she lay on and carried her away.

She woke up in a huge bed, covered with silk sheets. She looked at the man beside the bed. “Who are you?” Her voice was hoarse, chill.

“You may call me Physician,” he said. “I was brought in to tend you.”

“Why bother?” she asked, her voice dull.

“Because I was asked to, chyiara,” said Physician.

“Do. Not. Bostancı Sınırsız Escort Call. Me. That,” she said with frozen anger, her pain evident in her voice. “Only one may call me that and you are not him!”

Physician nodded. “Very well. What shall I call you?”

“Anything you wish,” she said with indifference. “Just not that.”

“Hmmm,” was his only response. He tended her and left her to rest.

Physician went to the topaz-eyed man.


“Her flesh will heal. Her spirit is battered but not broken,” said Physician. “I called her ‘chyiara’ and was rebuked.” He looked up into the cold, topaz eyes. “I was told that only one may call her that and I was not that one.” He smiled slightly. “She will heal, Sir.” The tall man nodded. Her room was now protected. She could not be removed again. He was still angry with himself for being so careless before.

She healed and gained strength. No one came to her except Physician and he did nothing except treat her hurts. The room seemed so familiar, yet she was certain it could not be where she wished to be. She had not yet seen the man who bought her this time, yet the now faint scars on her wrists and ankles reminded her that she would probably be beaten yet again for refusing to submit. She sighed. She could take no more. If he beat her, she would defy him until he killed her. Chyiari had not found her. She would willingly accept no other.

She knelt beside the bed, sitting back on her heels, hands resting on her thighs as she had knelt and waited so many times before. Her eyes were closed as she wept silent tears.

“Ah! Chyiari!” she mourned, lost.

He was in the shadows. Her plaintive whisper tore at him. Silently, he knelt before her. “Can you forgive me, chyiara?” he asked softly.

She had stiffened at the first word. Her eyes flew open. “Chyiari?” Her whisper was tremulous. Her hand slowly reached Bostancı Suriyeli Escort toward his face. “Chyiari?”

“Yes, chyiara.” He held out his arms. It had to be her choice. If she did not come to him, he would send her to a safe place and never see her again.

“Oh, Chyiari!” She threw herself into his embrace.

He sighed and held her close. “Forgive me, chyiara,” he said softly, “I did not protect you and it took so long to find you.”

She silenced him with a soft kiss. He lifted her in his arms and laid her on the bed. Her arms were tight around him and he reclined beside her.

“Why, Chyiari?” she whispered.

He sighed as he caressed her. “One of my kind though I was wasting my time with you. He thought I would not care if you disappeared.” The topaz eyes grew arctic. “He was wrong. But he hid you very well.” He pulled her tight against his body, softly stroking her back. “I am sorry it took so long to find you, chyiara.” He felt her lips on this throat, soft and arousing.

“I have missed you, Chyiari,” she replied softly. “I have always been yours and will be until I die.”

His kiss was soft and hungry. “I have great need of you, chyiara,” he murmured.

She smiled into his eyes. “Please, Chyiari,” she whispered, “I am yours.”

He did not bind her. The faint scars on her wrists and ankles twisted him inside…as did the scars on her back. Her soft hands were caressing his hard body, stroking his enormous erection, gently tugging him to her. H mounted her suddenly, plunging hard and deep into her.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Chyiari!” she screamed, clutching his shoulders as her body arched to his thrust. Another hard thrust and another until he had sheathed his entire massive length completely in her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, writhing as he thrust and thrust into her. Her orgasm was sudden and intense, the hard spasms caressing Bostancı İranlı Escort his monstrous penis as he kept pounding hard into her. She climaxed again and again. He thrust harder into her as his own climax built and then pulsed hard and hot into her. He took her until her orgasm was constant and he had completely sated himself in her. He finally eases slowly from her quivering body.

She sighed in sated pleasure. “Thank you, Chyiari,” she murmured as she fell asleep. She awoke much later, still in his arms. Her arms tightened around him. “Chyiari!”

“Hush, chyiara,” he murmured, “I am here.”

Her hands caressed him, compulsively touching him. “I feared you were a dream, Chyiari,” she whispered.

He smiled at her. “Real enough, chyiara.” Her breath was warm against him as she sighed and snuggled against him. He was becoming aroused again.

She felt him stirring against her. “Again, Chyiari,” she murmured, “please?” He rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. He lifted her by her waist and positioned he over his rampant penis. Then he impaled her slowly, savoring her tight heat as he entered her inch by inch until he had taken the entire massive length of him. She was moaning softly, eyes bright with desire. She began raising and lowering herself on him, quivering at the hot friction of him moving in her. She arched and convulsed in sudden orgasm, her hips slamming against him as the pleasure rolled through her. Then she collapsed on him, throbbing around his huge shaft.

He rolled over to have her under him and began thrusting deep into her. She writhed and climaxed again and again as he took her, sated himself in her. Hours later, he finally eased from her convulsing body. He stroked her body softly. A soft sigh of pleasure as she responded to him.

“Do you know what ‘chyiar’ means?” he asked softly, as he teased her breasts.

She moaned softly as he aroused her again. “No, Chyiari,” she whispered.

She heard the smile in his voice. “It means ‘master or mistress’, it means ‘slave’,” he whispered, still teasing her quivering body. He moved over her. “It means…beloved,” he murmured as he entered her again.

She arched to his hard thrusts. “Chyiari!” she moaned, “Beloved!”