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CHRISTY’S HOMECOMINGChristy’s Homecoming I had been away at college for about eight months when I decided to pay a long over due visit home. Since leaving the comforts of my family it had been a very lonely time for me. I had always had the love and the shelter of my family, growing up as the only girl in a house where five men ruled was not easy, but all that changed the night of my sixteenth birthday, for it was on that night that I became my family’s sex toy and the dynamics of my family changed forever.I had spent the last three years fucking every single male member of my family. My father started me off that night fucking me at least three time before my grandfather and my three older brothers took their turns . The night before I left for college our family fun continued for what would be the last time for awhile.While at school I met a guy whose family was party much like mines. They were a family that loved sex, but more then anything they loved fucking each other. After spending time getting to know Josh and his family I decided that it was time to tell my own family about this wonderful man who had asked me to be his wife. The day that I arrived home is a day that I will never forget. I had been gone for eight months and why I had the though that dad, grandpa and the boys was going without for the last eight months I’ll never know, but for some wired reason that what I was thinking as I walked through the door. So I can’t tell you what a shook it was to walk into my living room and find a young girl on top of my dad fucking his brains out.“Honey what are doing here? My nearly breathless father said as the young blond continued to ride him at a rapid pace.“Oh I just decided to come home for the weekend” I said.Dad could tell that I was rather put off at the sight of him banging this little whore in the same spot that I had last fucked him in. I was even more P.O. when I heard the bitch yell “Daddy” as she came all over his cock..“Dad what the fuck did she call you? The sight of my dad fucking another woman was one thing, but hearing the bitch call my father daddy was something I would not stand for.I reached over and pulled her off daddy’s dick as the last bit of cum came gushing out. Just as I was about to let her have it dad jumped to his feet and got in between us.Hay baby come on now you know you’re daddy’s number one girl.” Dad said as he tried to calm me down. “Who is this bitch?” The blond said as dad held me in check.“This my daughter Christy.”“Christy this is Maggie” Dad said as he sat us both down on the couch beside him. “Oh my god Christy I have heard so much about you I feel like I already know you. God I’m so sorry.”“Ye well I don’t know you from fucking Adam.”“Chris this is your brother Jason’s wife Maggie.” Dad said as he griped his robe.Out of all my brothers I have all ways been very close to my big brother Jason. After all Jason was the second man to have ever fucked me after daddy of course. So to come home and find this bitch on top of my father, but then to top it off she’s my new sister in law to boot. Man this was sure turning out to be quit a home coming.Once I got over the shock of having a sister in law I could tell that she was going to fit in real good in our family. Later on that day I found out that Jason had met Maggie in a bar and that he had fuck after only knowing her only an hour or so. They muğla escort ran off to Vegas the next day and got married. When Jason brought his new bride home dad made it very clear all things were to be shared included wives. That night Maggie did her wifely dudes, as well as servicing her new father in law.I had only been home a few hours when dad let me know that he was ready for some more pussy. Daddy and I went up to his room where we had spent many hours in sexual bliss. Once behind close doors it was just like old times between dad and me. Daddy started telling me what had been going on while I was away at school, all while he was undressing me,.Once I was undressed daddy laid my down on his bed, opening my legs daddy immediately began to fondle my pussy. My clit was almost like putty in the hands of a master as he manipulates and arousal the passions inside me. The feeling of daddy big hands exploring my body could only be matched by the ecstasy of his nine-inch cock exploding in my pussy as we share our love.“Oh baby I have missed you.” He said as his lips met my pussy for the first time.“Oh god daddy please I can’t wait please fuck me” I begged .Daddy knew how much I wanted it, and if the trust were to be told my father was just as horny for me as I was for him that night. Daddy’s tongue played with my clit for nearly a half hour. Daddy knew that he was driving me crazy, he knew that I couldn’t wait to feel his rock hard dick plowing in and out of my pussy. Daddy always enjoyed eating good pussy, he would always tell me that I had the best tasting snatch he had ever tasted. But I didn’t care about how good my pussy was tasting to him I just wanted to feel my daddy’s dick inside of me, as I begged him again.“Oh please daddy don’t make your little girl beg, Oh fuck me.”Daddy could no longer resist my plea, getting up and remove his pants the very sight of his pleasure tool as it pops out of his pants sent waves of cold chills down my spine. Spreading my legs daddy got on top of me, slowly he guides the head of his dick pass my pussy lips. Deeper and deeper I felt it go in. My body started to quiver with excitement as daddy starts his rhythm groove. Stroking in and out, my body was on fire with each and every stroke “HARDER, HARDER OH DADDY FUCK ME HADER.” I yelled.I was sure that Maggie could hear us from her room, but I didn’t care. The only thing I wanted was for my daddy to keep pumping his dick inside me. All while daddy was fucking me he’s telling me how much he loves me and how much he missed his little girl. Daddy was fucking me so hard and so good that I could feel myself about to exploded.Oh daddy make me cum, I want cum all over you big beautiful cock, Daddy I want you to cum inside my pussy please, blow a load in my pussy.” I said as the rushingwaves of pure pleasure hits.“Daddy, daddy,” I kept saying as he pulled out of me and rolled over onto the bed. Both of us trying t catch our breaths, and knowing that no matter what had happened in the last eight months, that this was the best fuck that we had both had since I left for college. I bet you haven’t been fucked like that since you left home?” Dad said with a touch of glee in his voice.I was tempted to tell daddy about Josh and his family but I thought it would be best to wait awhile before I sprung the news on him, besides it was true that having sex with my escort muğla dad was always the best sex as far s I was concern.The next morning I went down stairs, daddy had already left for work and there was no one in the house except for grandpa Al, Maggie and me. When I walked into the kitchen there sat my dear sweet grandfather, the image of the last time that I saw popped into my head. The image of me leaning over him giving one of the best blow jobs that I had ever given is something that will stay with me forever.The look on grandpa’s face when he saw me was priceless. When I walked over bending down and giving a very slow open mouth kiss, and the fact that I was wearing a pair of very tight jeans that showed off my tight round ass just seem to have made grandpa’s day.:”God dam Christy you look good.” Grandpa said as he ran his hand over my ass.“Thanks grandpa you to do.” I said as I poured my self a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.Mum I heard Maggie grunt as she continue to fix breakfasts.. I could tell that there was something not quite right between grandpa and Maggie. My grandpa like daddy was always very at ease around beautiful young women, but there was something about his new granddaughter in law that rubbed my grandpa Al the wrong way.“What’s up with the grunts you don’t think my grandpa is good looking?”“I might would think so if the old man would stay in an old man’s place.” Maggie said.“What’s that suppose to mean? I said“She means that all these other young bucks around here can get some whenever they want it, but if an old man like me asks for a little piece of that ass then I have committed the all time sin.” Grandpa said.“That’s right I don’t fuck old men.” Maggie insisted “That’s funny when I walked in here yesterday it seem that you wasn’t having any trouble fucking by dad’s brains out.” I said as I sipped my coffee.“That’s different your dad is not an old man, he can get it up and keep it up unlike some people.” Maggie said as served grandpa his breakfasts.“My dad is close to sixty and grandpa is almost eighty, but I would be willing to bet that grandpa can out fuck my dad.” I said as I give grandpa a wink.“Look when I was thirteen my great uncle came to live with us and he use to always try to get in my panties, he would try to feel me up. So one day I decided to let him fuck me. That old son of a bitch couldn’t go five minutes, after that I swore that I would never fuck another old man for as long as I lived.”“Will I’m sorry about your uncle but I can guarantee that grandpa can go a lot longer then five minutes.” “Ye right your grandpa is a real super stud.” Maggie said with smirk that I was just dying wipe off her smart ass face.“No really I can prove it.” I said as I watched the glee in grandpa’s eyes come to light.“How are you going to do that?”“Well if you would clear the table.”“You mean you would fuck this old man right here, right now?I got up and walked over to where grandpa was sitting, I unzipped my jeans and took grandpa hand and slowly sled it inside my panties. Maggie quickly cleared the table as I removed my jeans.Climbing on top of the table as grandpa removed the wine color rube he was wearing. Grandpa started by given me a deep slow kiss while at the same time lowering the t strips of the tank top that I was wearing. My thirty six inch tits was nice and hard, just the way grandpa muğla escort bayan like them. Taking them in his hands and squeezing them as he slowly began to suck on my golden brown nipples.I could see grandpa’s dick getting harder and bigger as he laid me down on the table. Spreading my legs open grandpa stared to play with my pussy, he began to fondle my clit with his tongue. Grandpa’s tongue always seem to get me going when ever he sucked my pussy, it always seem to be the right size. I loved the feel of his tongue licking my pussy wall.While grandpa continue to give pleasure to my pussy I noticed that Maggie was watching intently, and I knew that she was really getting turned on. After grandpa finished eating my pussy he said that it was his turn. Standing to his feet Maggie got her first good look at grandpa’s body, I don’t think Maggie was quit prepared for what she saw.Grandpa was a well build man, he had always taken very good care of himself. Grandpa’s hair was completely white. He stood six foot one. Grandpa worked out every day, and he looked better then half the men who were much younger then himself.Grandpa’s cock was almost fully erect, it was a half a inch longer then dad’s. Maggie tried not to show her reaction but it was clear that the sight of a nine and a half cock was more then she expected.As I sat in a chair with grandpa waving his big cock in my face I could see that Maggie was trying to hold back, but I could tell that she wanted to join in on the fun.I opened my mouth as grandpa traced my lips with the head of his dick, I loved the feel of his nice round dick head as it rested on my lips. Grandpa began to slowly thrust his meaty cock in my mouth. Although the first cock that I every sucked was my brother Jason, it was really grandpa who taught me the fine art of sucking cock. When I still lived at home every day after school when I got home after I did all my home work grandpa would reward me by letting me suck his cock, it was our little secret.The taste of good cock is something that you never forget, and grandpa had the sweetest tasting cock As I was working grandpa woody I kept watching my sister in law. I knew it was time to up the handy. By now Maggie was sitting in a chair playing with herself“You sure you don‘t want none of this?” I said between sucks.“I wouldn’t mind doing you, but not the old man.” She said.“Not yet” I thought as grandpa push me back on the kitchen table spreading my legs grandpa plunged his rock hard cock into my tight pussy. . Screams of pleasure erupted from the ender parts of my being as grandpa plowed through my pussy. Grandpa and I encaged in rough sex, grandpa fucked me harder then daddy had the night before. Maggie had left her seat and was standing next to the table.Grandpa reached out placing his hand between her legs, his touch was all it took.“Oh grandpa please, please.” She kept moaning as grandpa finger fucked her, while he dick fucked me.“Please please what, if you want some of this then you are going to have to beg for it bitch” I heard grandpa say as he pumped my pussy harder and harder.Grandpa pushed Maggie back as we were both about to cum, he blow a load of his sweet cum in my pussy. It felt so good knowing that I had proved my point. It wasn’t until two days later when I head Maggie and grandpa going at it, and a few days after returning to school I got a letter from Maggie thanking me for opening her eyes to the truth. She said that she and grandpa have started fucking every morning before breakfast, and that she had finely had a threesome with dad and grandpa. I can’t wait until spring break.