Christmas with the Count Pt. 04


This is the fourth part of the second story following the exploits of Maggie, her friends, and the enigmatic and vicious Count Pyre. This story is mainly set in Romania. I only used this country because of the joking Count Dracula similarities. All of the people and places are purely imaginary, and if they bear any resemblance to real people that is unfortunate and unintended. If the story line upsets anyone from that great country I apologise unreservedly.

There are some old characters who make a reappearance, plus plenty of new ones that will hopefully keep you interested. The story contains elements of extreme BDSM that may upset some people. If that is the case with you, then please move on. Apart from that, there is something for everyone. Straight sex, lesbian, toys, lingerie, anal and group sex. I hope you enjoy it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. If you hate it just leave a bad rating and move on. I am not a professional writer and just do this for a bit of fun. For me the main enjoyment I derive from writing these stories is in creating the characters. If you have strong feelings about any of the persons in the story and would like to read more, or less, about them please leave your remarks in the comments and I will try to accommodate your wishes when Maggie & co. come back for the third story. From the ratings I received for the first Maggie story I know that some of you like my stories, so I hope you like this one. As always, thanks for reading. I wish to emphasise that this is a pure work of fiction and I hold all rights to the work.


Maggie was lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Charlotte was to her right in the bed, and Gabrielle to her left. Gabrielle must have joined them during the night without disturbing Maggie. It was lovely and warm under the duvet with two warm bodies on either side of her, but Maggie desperately needed to pee.

Maggie scooted backwards until she could stand on the bed and then walked down the bed and stepped onto the carpet. “Mission accomplished,” she said under her breath as Charlotte and Gabrielle remained sleeping.

Maggie wrapped the large bath robe around her and walked barefoot into the bathroom, closing the door behind her, so as not to wake the others. After relieving her urgent need she lifted the bath robe and stared at her bum in the large mirror. The bruising from the Count`s paddling had already started to fade. Maggie thanked God for the recuperating powers of the mansion, then laughed at her stupidity in believing this to be a fact.

She spent twenty minutes in the shower, letting the powerful jets of warm water ease her aches and pains. Maggie felt like a new woman as she slid the glass doors to one side and stepped out onto the heated tiles of the bathroom.

Teeth brushing and hair drying took up another twenty minutes. Maggie wrapped herself back in her robe and cautiously opened the door. Her two friends were still sleeping soundly, so Maggie tiptoed to the walk-in closet, threw on the first things she could find, her favourite blue cotton miniskirt and Ralph Lauren jumper, then left the room.

Entering the kitchen, she found Franky sitting at the table with a coffee. She was chatting to Bert, who had his customary tea and cigarette in his hands. There was no sign of the others, even Paulo and Paulo were absent.

Maggie made herself a coffee and sat down next to Bert, before stealing a cigarette from his pack lying on the table. As she did this Bert picked up the pack and put it in his pocket saying, “Right then. I`m off to pick up the minibus. Anybody want anything when I am out?”

Maggie asked him to buy her ten packs of cigarettes for the trip, then he left, leaving her alone with Franky in the kitchen. “Are you OK Franky?” Maggie asked. “Last night was pretty intense.”

Franky gave her a shy grin, “I`m fine Maggie. Yes, it was as you say……. intense!” Taking a sip of her coffee she went on, “My God the Count was on top form. It`s a few years now since I saw him like that. Filled with lust and virility. I could have come ten times just watching him, as he controlled his harem. How are Gabrielle and Charlotte?”

“They`re fine,” Maggie replied, “Both fast asleep in my bed. The Count was unbelievable last night. His powers of recovery are incredible. Four orgasms in less than an hour!”

Franky gave her another shy grin as she murmured, “Five actually. He finished in my mouth not long after you all left. There`s life in this old mouth still!” then she laughed, and it echoed around the huge kitchen.

“Charlotte was a bit upset. Not about the spanking, but that he spanked her after she had worked so hard. “Maggie told Franky.

Franky put her cup on the table and looked Maggie in the eye as she said softly, “The Count was so pleased with what Charlotte and Gabrielle had done in his absence. He told me so. The point of yesterday was to confirm his dominance on his return. You are an intelligent girl, Maggie. You must have fındıkzade escort realised that. Charlotte could have given him a million-dollar tax refund and he would still have beaten her and used her body so roughly.”

Maggie was nodding as Franky spoke, “I sort of guessed that was what was behind the whole thing. That is why he took us all, and not just one or two as usual. I will try to explain to Charlotte. Gabrielle just seems to accept everything that happens. No questions asked. So, she won`t be a problem.”

Maggie made herself another coffee, then opened the fridge, picking out some ham and cheese slices. Sitting back at the table and nibbling her snack she asked Franky between bites, “What time do we leave from here?”

“I think it is planned to leave around six. Bert is getting the minibus now, so you can bring your cases down when you want. It is only the Count and us four going.” Franky informed her.

Maggie searched in one of the kitchen drawers and found the spare pack of cigarettes that Bert always left there. There were matches as well, so Maggie walked out into the snowy garden and lit up. The cold wind swirled under her short skirt and cooled her naked bottom. There was still a residual throbbing from last night’s punishment, so Maggie was quite happy that her bum was soon numbed from the cold.

She finished her coffee and cigarette and went back to the kitchen, refilling her cup before making her way back upstairs.

Her two friends were sitting in bed and giggling when Maggie walked in. She handed Charlotte the coffee and the two other girls passed it back and forth between them as Maggie recounted what Franky had told her downstairs.

When she was finished Gabrielle stayed silent, but Charlotte spat out, “Bastard!” Then laughed.

Maggie stripped off her skirt and jumper and snuggled back under the duvet next to Charlotte after saying, “We still have a few hours, so I`m going to get a nap.”

Charlotte wrinkled her nose and stated, “Phew, you stink of cigarettes. Don`t you think I will be kissing you or sticking my tongue in your cunt smelling like that!”

Maggie laughed and just said, “Good!” before rolling over and pulling the duvet up to her chin.

In a small malicious act, she placed both of her icy feet directly on to Charlotte`s warm legs. This earned her a short, “Bitch!” from Charlotte.

Maggie must have dozed off, because when she woke her bed was empty. Looking at her watch on the nightstand she saw it was after twelve. Maggie had slept another two hours. She answered the call of nature in the bathroom, and then sat at her desk wrapped in the huge bath robe.

Maggie was making a final check of the house accounts when there was a knock on her door as Bert brought her the carton of cigarettes. She found her purse and gave him the money. Bert told her the minibus was downstairs and he had left the luggage door open, so she could load her cases whenever she wanted. She told him that she would inform Charlotte and Gabrielle.

Once he was gone Maggie closed all the house accounts spreadsheets. Flicking on to her Porn Hub account she spent a pleasant hour having a relaxing masturbation session. watching gorgeous women being screwed in every hole and smoking a couple of cigarettes. By the time she realised that she had forgotten to open the window the room was full of smoke. She had been so engrossed in watching the movies with her vibrator resting on her clit that she had forgotten to air the room as she did normally.

Maggie had just started to move towards the window when there was a loud knock on her door and a second later the Count walked in. He coughed loudly and Maggie saw his face redden. Her fear grew as his face formed into a frown. Maggie was frozen to the spot as the Count moved quickly to her closet. Her stomach turned over when he returned, and she saw the cane in his hand.

There was no preamble as he just glared at her and said, “Strip!”

Maggie let the robe fall off her quivering shoulders and onto the carpet, leaving her naked before him. Automatically she bent and grabbed her ankles, moving her legs slightly apart.

He was behind her in an instant and Maggie heard, and then felt the cane stripe her arse. The Count had recovered his power, and the thrashing was delivered with ferocity. Ten lashes that stung, causing Maggie to scream out as each stoke was laid across her already bruised cheeks.

When he had finished the Count presented her with his erection. Maggie was still bent double as she opened her mouth, and the Count pushed his veiny shaft and purple head inside. Maggie lathered the Count`s cock with her tongue, her hand went to cup his balls, but she stopped when the cane landed across her back in rebuke, “Mouth only,” he told her.

Maggie swallowed him as far as she could, her tongue moving frantically around his head and thick shaft. As Maggie opened her throat and he slipped inside the Count ejaculated, leaving Maggie coughing and spluttering as copious amounts of taksim escort the Count`s spunk hit the back of her throat.

Maggie recovered enough to lick and suck the remaining viscous come from his cock and then he pulled up his pants and zipped his fly. “I came to see if you were ready for our trip Ms Rossi. I didn`t think I would find the need to correct your behaviour so soon, but you know I detest the smell of smoke. You should also remember that our agreement allows me to take your body when and how I wish. That also means where I wish.”

“Sorry Master,” Maggie gasped, “It will not happen again Master!”

“Good.” He smiled at her, everything forgotten. Maggie was astonished how he could switch from such rage to a friendly giving person in seconds. Once the punishment had been doled out it was if the infraction had never occurred. In some ways she found this much better than normal relationships where she or her partners had sometimes sulked for weeks after they had argued.

“We will meet at the minibus no later than six. Goodbye Ms Rossi,” and then he was gone.

In a minor act of defiance, she threw open the windows and lit another cigarette, but carefully blew the smoke directly out of the window. Then she went to inspect the damage to her arse. The welts were already rising and taking on a bluish-purple tinge. Maggie rubbed her cooling cream onto the marks and was relieved as the pain began to subside.

Maggie pulled on her skirt and jumper once more and went in search of Charlotte and Gabrielle. She found Charlotte sitting on her bed reading over financial reports on her laptop. They greeted each other warmly before Maggie asked, “Are you ready? What are you wearing for the trip. Do we have to dress up, or can we go comfy and casual?” Maggie regretted not asking the Count the same question, but her mind had been elsewhere at the time.

Charlotte thought about the question for a good minute as her fingers clicked across her laptop keyboard. Once she had finished entering the figures, she looked up at Maggie and answered, “I´m not sure. I would love to travel in my harem pants and a sweatshirt, but knowing the Count, I will probably wear sexy professional.” Charlotte paused for a second before she added, „Plus. It`s a private jet, so the Count will probably want a fuck at 30,000 feet!”

Both girls giggled at the thought of joining the mile high club with the Count. “Agreed, then it is professional with slutty underneath!” More giggles from both girls. “Where is Gabrielle?”

Charlotte got off the bed and started to walk into the bathroom as she answered, “Probably in her room. I came back here when we left you, and she was going into her room last I saw her.”

“OK, I will go check on her. How are you feeling? Still hurt?”

In answer Charlotte stopped in the door of the bathroom and pulled her baggy trousers down. Her bum was one big black-yellow bruise. Then she went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Maggie walked along the landing and into Gabrielle`s room. The room was empty, but Maggie could hear water running, so she walked into the bathroom. The shower was on, and the glass doors were steamed up. Maggie pulled the door open and gasped. Gabrielle was sitting on the small bench inside with Milo`s cock in her mouth.

“Oh I`m sorry,” Maggie apologised and went to pull the door shut.

Gabrielle took Milo`s cock from her mouth and said, “No problem,” Gabrielle`s hand continued to stroke Milo`s manhood as she spoke, “Milo`s train was cancelled, so he will leave tomorrow. I am just giving him his ….um…. Christmas present.”

Maggie looked up at Milo`s face and laughed, “Well he seems to like your…um…. present.”

Gabrielle`s hand never stopped moving on Milo`s shaft as she chatted with Maggie. She grinned as she asked, “You think so?”

“Oh definitely. Anyway. I just came to tell you that Charlotte and I will be dressing smart, sexy for the trip. So, you know what to wear.”

“OK. Then I will wear the s…….” Gabrielle was interrupted by a large spurt of come flying from Milo`s straining cock and hitting her straight in the face.

Milo gave a sheepish grin as Gabrielle stood up and used the shower head to sluice Milo`s come from her face, before turning to Maggie and saying “I will see you downstairs at five thirty. Now if you excuse me, I want my next present from Milo.”

Gabrielle was still laughing as Maggie slid the door shut and went back to her room.

Maggie picked up her two suitcases and with a lot of effort managed to transfer the heavy bags from her room to the back of the grey minibus. The snow was falling heavily now, and her feet were freezing by the time she got back into the warmth of her bedroom. She still had a couple of hours to wait, so ran a bath and lay in the scented water for nearly forty-five minutes, continually adding hot water, as she tried to warm her bones.

Her normal shower regime took another twenty minutes. She dried and styled her hair, touched up her manicure, başakşehir escort then applied a little lip gloss and eye makeup. Maggie selected a red lacy bra and panties set and thick black thigh-high stockings. She had bought a thick, dark green wool skirt suit for the winter. The skirt was short, but the thick stockings provided enough protection for the walk to the bus, and then from the bus to the plane. Knee high leather boots with a three-inch spiked heel and her thick black winter coat completed her outfit. The boots and coat had cost her nearly half her monthly salary, but they were high quality from one of the best boutiques in Carnaby Street, and she loved them.

Grabbing her handbag and makeup case she wandered down to the lobby. Franky and Gabrielle were already there and a few minutes later they were joined by Charlotte struggling with her wardrobe sized suitcase. Bert arrived from the kitchen and carried Charlotte`s suitcase to the bus, and then did the same for Franky and Gabrielle`s two smaller cases.

The Count arrived as Bert returned to the entrance hall. Bert had apparently already loaded his small overnight case. The Count explained that he had clothes and everything he needed where they were going and then he stated, “Shall we go then ladies?” Before they all trooped out to the bus. The Count sat in front next to Bert and the ladies made themselves comfortable in the back. Bert had left the heater running, so it was pleasantly warm in the minibus.

They arrived at the private jet terminal just after seven. The formalities were completed easily with passport control and customs. They sat in the comfortable lounge and the hostess provided them with glasses of champagne. Maggie noticed that the atmosphere was a little subdued. For Maggie, Gabrielle and Charlotte they were flying into the unknown, so they were all three quiet with their own thoughts. Franky and the Count chatted easily but appeared bored by the whole thing.

After twenty minutes the hostess informed the Count that his jet was ready, and they should proceed through door number 3. The group rose as one, before following the Count through the door and then walking the thirty yards or so towards a sleek black jet. The jet`s livery was matt black with the Count`s mark, the same as Maggie wore on her breast, in gold on the tail.

At the foot of the stairs stood a stunning redhead. The flight attendant was dressed in a long royal-blue trench coat with a scarlet scarf around her throat. Grey nylon covered legs were visible protruding from the knee length coat and she wore bright red four-inch heels.

As Maggie got closer, she could see the woman was tall, even without the heels. Maybe five feet ten or eleven. Short reddish-brown hair was styled around her ears and fell to her collar. Deep green eyes flashed in the artificial lights of the airport. The most noticeable thing was that she was Heidi Klum beautiful. Again, Maggie wondered, “Did the Count know anybody that was short, fat and ugly?”

The Count introduced everybody as the women took it turns to climb the five steps and into the spacious cabin. The redhead was called Olga, and she greeted them all with a noticeable Slavic accent, even though her English was perfect. In the cabin they were greeted by a male steward who Maggie also thought was drop dead handsome. Dressed in blue slacks, pale blue shirt and a red tie with the Count`s logo printed on it. Franky introduced him as Dimitri. He also spoke English with a Slavic accent.

As she took her seat Maggie cast her eyes over Dimitri. Six feet one or two. Short wavy black hair, dark grey eyes, trim muscular body and a warm smile. Franky was whispering something in his ear as the Count entered with Olga a step behind. The Count stopped briefly and shared a few words with the two pilots sitting in the cockpit, and then settled down into one of the leather seats.

Maggie looked around the cabin. There was a galley next to the door where they had entered. There were eight leather upholstered seats the size of large armchairs. They were set at angles around the plane, not in the usual rows of a commercial plane. Maggie saw the controls on the armrest that allowed the seats to convert into beds. The rear of the plane had a curtained area. The curtains were tied on each side for take-off. Maggie could see it was filled with a large double bed, with blue and red striped bed linen.

Olga closed the aircraft door, then spoke briefly with the flight crew before closing the cockpit door. The plane began to move almost immediately. Maggie stared in amazement as Olga removed her coat and scarf. Underneath she wore nothing except a red garter belt, grey stockings and her red high heeled shoes.

Maggie swept her eyes over Olga`s athletic body. Her B-cup breasts were firm with small pink nipples, erect from the cold. Both nipples were pierced with a large gold ring about one inch in diameter Maggie saw the Count`s mark branded into her right breast. As Olga sat in the flight attendants chair facing them her legs opened slightly, revealing pink lips with a small, inverted triangle of reddish-brown pubic hair above that acted as an arrowhead pointing to her sex, and the small gold ring that pierced her clitoris. In her navel was a large ruby coloured piercing.