Christmas Visit


He sat in the airport lounge, trying to wait patiently. her plane was a bit late due to the weather. There was no one to blame and He tried to be patient, but it was difficult. It had been so long since T/they had seen each O/other. He smiled at the memory of T/their first meeting. Although it had been brief, it had been very passionate. T/they had only been able to spend an evening together. her visit to be with Him this time, was going to be for ten days, through the holidays.

At long last, He heard a PA announcement that her flight had landed and was approaching the gate. He made himself relax. He had not wanted to think of it, but the weather did worry him a little bit. It was snowing, but not too hard. It surprised him that the muscles in his body started to relax as he didn’t realize he was so tense. He had been worried … probably over nothing, but it was His nature.

It was a small airport, so it was not long before He saw her. He saw her eyes searching for Him and then spotting Him almost immediately. her smile warmed Him. He loved seeing that smile. she had often insisted that she was attractive in a cute kind of way, but not beautiful. But every time He saw that smile, He melted. He found her to be a very beautiful woman and T/they had agreed to disagree. He chuckled at the thought.

she ran into his arms and buried her face in His neck. He knew that she was crying. He held her tightly and tried to fight having His own eyes fill with tears … and failed. T/they simply stood there, in the middle of the airport lounge, as if no one else was there, holding each O/other. He finally pulled back from her and looked into her eyes with a smile.

He kissed her softly and then whispered, “Let’s go get your luggage.”

After picking up her luggage, T/they walked to His car …. her suitcase in one hand, her hand held in His other. T/they talked as T/they always did. T/they were best friends. It seemed so natural for T/them. He spent time telling her what was going on with His job, what was bothering Him about a specific project, and how badly He needed this break from work. she spent time talking about her family, how things were going for her daughters in college, occasionally rolling her eyes about something one of them did, and repeatedly telling Him how excited she was to be with Him.

It was cold, not that cold for a winter day in Minnesota with no wind. But He knew she would not be used to it. He had already started the car so that she would be comfortable. He had not mentioned it to her, but she already knew He was protecting her, taking care of her. It simply seemed natural to Him. But to her, the feeling of His watching over her helped her relax.

She squeezed His hand as if to say, “I know You will take good care of me.”

As He drove back to the city and then to His home, they continued to talk, but He could tell she was a bit distracted. He was pretty sure He understood why. she was a bit anxious to see His home. she had seen pictures, but that wasn’t the same as walking through it. she truly wanted to see Him in his own home, his comfort zone. Maybe He was a slob and his home was not taken care of or clean. she prayed that was not the case. she didn’t think it was, but how could she know? These were only a few of the questions running through her mind. she had some anxieties about being with Him for ten days. she wanted to see this work with her One. she wanted to be with Him. Would this work?

Part 2

There was less talking now as she was watching the country side and then into the city, getting nearer His home. He knew she was nervous. T/they had been together before, but never in His home and never for this long of a stay. He left her to her own thoughts and He drove. When He finally pulled into the neighborhood, she knew they were close. her eyes never stopped moving. He pulled onto a street of town homes and then into the drive way of the second set of units, opening the garage door at the same time.

When He stopped the engine inside the garage, He placed his hand on hers, stopping her from getting out of the car. “I know you are nervous, little one, and that you are not quite sure what to expect. But I will take care of you during your stay. you must relax in order to enjoy it. But if you have any questions, any concerns or doubts, you must tell Me. W/we need to talk and communicate just as W/we always have. The only difference is that W/we are speaking face to face.”

she touched His face and said, “I love You Master.”

He carried her suitcase inside, following her. she found herself walking into the kitchen and then noticed his office to the right. she smiled and walked to it, standing in the doorway and looking. This was where she met Him. This was where He chatted with her. This was where He had made love to her. This was where T/they had become best friends and lovers. she turned to see Him watching her and smiling, knowing what she was thinking.

He carried her suitcase to the bedroom and then returned.

“Let me take your coat, little one.”

He helped her remove it and Bostancı Olgun Escort hung it in the closet along with His own.

“Come on. Let me show you around.”

The kitchen, dining room, and living room were all open so you could stand in the kitchen and see out the door to the deck in the living room. The kitchen counter separated the kitchen and dining room. A half wall separated the dining room from the living room. Next to the deck door was a Christmas tree and next to that was a gas fireplace. On the right side, across from the dining area, was a stairway to downstairs. He showed her into the master bedroom. There was a second door to the deck. To the right was the master bathroom and in between was a walk-in closet.

Indicating the dresser, He said, “The two drawers on the left are yours to use, if you wish. I’ve also made room in the closet as well.”

Then he grinned. “But I haven’t decided on the sleeping arrangements yet.”

she turned to look at him, surprise on her face, and then saw his grin. “For a Dom, you are such a brat,” she laughed.

Then He took her downstairs to see the TV room, the guest bedroom, and the guest bathroom. Throughout the tour, she recognized that everything seemed to have its place. His home was neat and clean. It was obvious that He cared a great deal about how His home appeared to her.

T/they returned upstairs and He told her to relax while he prepared for supper.

“I think I will unpack and take a shower,” she told him.

“Ok. The towels are in the cabinet next to the vanity. Be careful of the hot water. It goes from luke warm to very hot without much of an adjustment,” he told her.

He smiled as He watched her go into the bedroom.

she began unpacking and placing her things in the drawers He had provided. she found herself examining the bedroom more closely. she walked over to the deck door and looked out. He loved this view and now she got to see it for herself. Then she sat down on the bed to feel it for the first time. she glanced at the head board and thought about how He might bind her wrists to it. It sent a shiver through her body, accompanied by a giggle.

she removed her clothing, setting them aside and then walked into the bathroom. She faced the mirror and slowly explored her body with her hands, something she hoped He would be doing soon. she turned on the water in the shower, tested it, and then noticed the seats on both ends of the shower. she giggled about how T/they might use them. she stepped in, under the hot water, and began lathering up with the soap. she continued to explore her body as if her hands were His. her sex was already tingling before she touched herself. she moaned quietly as her hands explored. her fingers gently caressed her folds as the other hand pinched a nipple. His hands would soon be doing this to her. she ached for His touch. And then she stopped herself. No, she wouldn’t cum now. she would only cum when He wished it. her body was still tingling. It would not take much for her to release.

After turning the water off, she reached for the towel and begin to gently dry her body. she watched herself in the mirror again, looking at the body that He owned. she loved it when he growled, “MINE!” she wanted her body to be prepared for Him. she wanted to be just as He would expect, just as He would desire. she applied lotion to her body and then the scent of vanilla of her perfume. she wanted to be perfect for Him.

And then her curiosity got the better of her. she saw the small glass plate with several bottles of cologne. she tested each one to see if any of them were what she remembered. she also wanted to see if she liked any of them. Yes, she definitely liked them, one of them better than the others, but none of them were what she remembered. she opened the cupboard again and begin looking more closely. she was pleasantly surprised to find that everything was neat and orderly. she saw His toiletry bag and opened it up. she found another much smaller bottle of cologne and tested it. Yes, this was the one she remembered. she couldn’t decide which one she liked better.

With the towel wrapped around her, she began to explore the bedroom and his closet. she found his closet to be orderly with all of his shirts, pants, and suits arranged neatly. True to His word, there was space for her to hang some of her clothes. she checked the dresser and the drawers besides the ones she was using.

“Ok, so I’m a snoop,” she giggled to herself.

But she wanted to know so much more about her Master and the man she had given herself to. When she opened the bottom drawer, she found an assortment of scarves and silk ropes. she blushed upon seeing them, but also with eager anticipation.

Satisfying enough of her curiosity, she finally started to dress. she decided on a light blue top, that allowed just a bit of a view of her lacey bra underneath, and a black skirt that was not too short, but a few inches above the knee. She pulled out a matching pair of panties to the bra, smiled to herself, and put them Bostancı Sarışın Escort back. After putting the clothes on, she put on her heels and went back into the kitchen to join Him. she was ready to provide the best impression she could. she wanted so badly to please Him.

Part 3

He had already placed a table cloth on the dining room table and the table was set. He was finishing the cutting up of vegetables for a tossed salad.

He looked up to see her and smiled, “You look lovely little one.”

she smiled and replied, “Thank you. Can I help?”

“Sure. There’s a bottle of red wine in the cupboard there”, pointing to the right cupboard door. “There’s also a bottle of white in the fridge. Could you get them both out and I’ll open them.”

Then He picked up His iPod and put it in the sound dock to play some soft music for them. He then walked over to flick the switch to the fireplace to light it.

she found both bottles and then noticed that the white wine was a Riesling. she smiled. He had remembered her preference.

He kissed her cheek and said, “I prefer a dry red with my steak, but I know you prefer the white.”

She grinned and he chuckled, “Yes, little one, steak. I know you love a good steak dinner.”

He opened both bottles of wine to let them breathe and then pulled out a grill lighter to go light the gas grill on the deck. she followed him to the door to the deck and watched him as he uncovered the grill. He took the grill brush to clean the grill before turning on the gas and then lit the grill. she opened the door to step outside with him.

He turned to see her and said, “Careful. I removed the snow from the deck, but it is still icy.”

The cold caught her a little off guard and she hugged her arms to her body. she walked to the edge of the deck to look across the valley to the next hill.

“Your pictures don’t do the view justice,” she said.

He smiled, “I do love it here. The view had a lot to do with My decision to purchase this place.”

she shivered and He put his arms around her. “See the tracks down there thru the snow? Those are deer tracks. you may get lucky and see some of O/our shy neighbors.”

she rested her head against His shoulder and smiled. “Ok, it’s cold. Let’s get back inside,” He said.

About twenty minutes later, the steaks and the baked potatoes were done. He had her sit down at the table as He served the food and poured the wine. He sat down next to her, looked at her and smiled.

Placing His hand upon hers, “I’m so happy you are here. I know you are still a bit nervous, but I hope you will enjoy your stay as if this was your home too.”

she nodded, “Yes, I am still a bit nervous, but I have started to relax. I’m very happy to be here too. The last few months seemed to crawl by once W/we planned this. But now I’m here, and with You. I look forward to spending every hour with you for the next ten days.”

He raised her hand to His lips and kissed her hand.

T/they enjoyed the meal. The steaks were done just right. He would look at her every once in a while to see her enjoying her food. she would catch him watching her. she giggled and blushed. It was not often that anyone else cooked for her unless she was in a restaurant. she loved to cook and she wanted to cook for Him while she was here, but she could get use to this.

When they had both finished their meals, He asked her if she wanted some dessert.

she laughed and said, “I thought I was going to be your dessert.”

He looked into her eyes, a serious look, “Oh you will be.”

His tone made her shiver.

Since both of T/them were comfortably full, T/they decided against dessert. He picked up the dishes from the table to rinse them and put them in the dishwasher.

“Why don’t you take O/our wine glasses and go relax in the living room. I’ll be with you in a minute.”

she set the wine glasses on the coffee table in front of the couch and kneeled on the floor. her thighs were slightly spread, her hands placed upon them. her back was straight with her head up and her eyes down. This was the first chance she had to kneel for Him and she wanted it to be perfect. When He came into the living room and found her kneeling, His heart started pounding in His chest. Each time she kneeled in this position, He took at as a sign of her gift of submission to Him. It represented the gift of herself to Him, something He still pinched Himself over to realize it was all very real.

He sat down next to her and caressed her cheek, whispering, “I love you little one. Come up into My lap.”

she smiled and moved with grace into His lap. she took His hand into hers, kissed it, and then caressed it against her cheek. He pulled her into His chest and held her close. her body seemed so right against His. He rubbed his nose against her ear and then pulled His hand from her hands to lift her chin. He kissed her softly. And then kissed her again, sucking her lower lip between His. After another soft kiss, He pulled back to look into Bostancı Şişman Escort her eyes. Why could He not convince her to see how beautiful she was? He was definitely going to work on that. And He had an idea how He would start.

They sat quietly, drinking T/their wine, listening to the music. she stayed cuddled in His lap. His lips would kiss her now and then. T/they simply enjoyed T/their touching and cuddling one another. His hand was resting in her lap. she didn’t know if He realized that she wasn’t wearing panties, but his hand in such close proximity was starting to make her core tingle. When His hand began moving along her thigh to the hem of her skirt, her body shivered and she was sure He felt it. Upon reaching her naked skin, His fingers slowly traveled back up her thigh. He looked into her eyes as if to watch her reaction to His touch. But he simply wanted to see her. He wanted her to see Him. He wanted her to realize the pleasure she gave Him by touching her so intimately.

His hand moved slowly, but never stopped until His fingers reached her pussy, which was quite moist by now.

she blushed when He smiled and whispered, “Good girl.”

As His fingers explored her, His other hand moved up her back to her neck, gently gripping her hair. He held her firmly as He kissed her, pushing his tongue past her lips to wrestle with her tongue. she shivered again and moaned into His kiss.

Yessss. she had been wanting Him to touch her like this since she first saw Him at the airport. Reacting without thinking, she spread her thighs for Him. And He responded by penetrating her. she moaned again and wrapped her arms around His neck, not wanting to let go.

Sitting in His lap, she started to feel His arousal.

Without speaking it out loud, her mind was screaming, “Take me!”

Pulling back from T/their kiss, He moved his lips to her ear and growled “Mine!!” she shivered again.

she had longed to hear that from Him. He pulled his fingers from her and slid His arm under her legs. His other hand released her hair as His arm slid down to her back. she felt the loss of His fingers, but soon felt the pleasure of Him carrying her to the bedroom. she kissed His neck as he slowly walked to the bed.

He set her on the bed and began undressing her. she sat still and watched His eyes as her clothes came off. First her top, then her lacey bra. He removed her shoes and then as she lifted slightly, He removed her skirt. He pulled back the bed covers for her to slide underneath. He took her clothes and neatly laid them over the small chair next to the dresser. Then he began to remove His own clothing as she watched. Finally naked, with His clothes set next to hers, He slid under the bed covers next to her and pulled her body to His. T/their kisses became even more passionate then before. she wrapped her arms around His neck as He moved over her. His hands were touching and caressing her everywhere. It was as if neither of them could get any closer to each other, as if neither of them could hold each other any tighter.

He pulled away from her lips to move to her neck. her moans were often and louder. He nibbled and kissed His way down to her breasts. Her hands moved to His head to hold Him to her chest.

She could feel how hard he had become as his cock rubbed against her thigh. “Please, Master. Please take me!” she whispered.

“In due time, little one,” he growled.

But the truth was that He wanted her badly. It had been so long since He has used her body. He was having trouble maintaining any semblance of control. He moved back up to her neck, kissing and gently biting her skin. He groaned, not being able to hold back anymore and slowly penetrated her.

All of the nerve endings in her body were tingling as she felt Him completely penetrate her. she knew she could not last long until she released. It had been too long. she felt His hips rock back and forth as He withdrew and thrust back into her. All of His moans were loud with His lips pressed against her ear. T/their bodies moved together, each of T/them taking pleasure from the O/other and each of T/them giving pleasure to the O/other. she felt her climax building quickly and fought against all of her urges to release. His pleasure had to come before hers. she would not climax too soon.

Just when she thought she would lose the battle within herself, she felt Him start to lose control. It pushed her over the edge. Not realizing it, her teeth sank into his shoulder as she cried out. her climax hit her body and mind so hard, she felt as if she was floating three feet above the bed. His climax soon followed hers, which pushed her limit to her pleasure even higher. He could not help Himself. He slammed into her as hard as he could as He lost all control. Any earlier thoughts He had about taking care not to hurt her in any way were lost as He cried out in pleasure.

As they both tried to relax, her breathing was heavy and uneven. she could feel his chest heaving from his own panting. Finally realizing that His own weight was fully on her, He lifted himself and looked down at her. But she pulled Him back to her body, not wanting to let go of Him. He rolled His body over onto His back, pulling her with Him and finally allowing her to breathe deeply to catch her breath. He looked into her eyes again as He caressed her hair, pushing it back from her eyes.