Christmas Sex With My Wife


This is a story about my fetish for my wife’s feet and pantyhose and if this isn’t your thing then please just move on. If it is then I hope you enjoy this story!

I love the holidays not only for the festive spirit and positive feelings but to once again know that my wife will be dressing up a bit and have on some sexy heels and hose!

As we got ready for mass on Christmas Eve I couldn’t wait to see what she was wearing I was almost like a kid waiting for my gifts. When she came out she was stunning as always. A nice red sweater and a knee length pencil skirt “my favorite one” and sheer barely black Hanes Silk reflections that I bought for her topped off with her 4″ pumps. Oh boy this was going to be a long night and she smiled knowing that the look on my face said it all. There was an hour and a half church service followed by dinner at her moms house, Christmas had come early for me!

We got to church about 45 minutes early to make sure we got a seat and this was a good move as church filled up quickly as the C&E’s arrived. She knows when I am looking and never fails to attract my attention. If she thinks I am not looking she will cross her legs towards me so that I have a clear view of her arch and foot. Now this might not seem like much but for someone with me fetish this is pay dirt and even those who don’t have my fetish have to admit that they find themselves checking out a women when she does this. When she slightly lets her heel dangle a bit not coming off she knows she has my full attention and will quickly pop her shoe off then back on. When I look up I see a slight smile on her face as she looks forward like she didn’t notice my reaction. When the kids move around a bit I get an opportunity to sit next to her and I always make it a point to somehow feel her leg. I will drop something or place my hand on the pew next to her and gently slide my finger against her silky leg. I had to stay behind to talk to a friend so I watched as she and the kids made their way out and had to smile at all the guys who checked her out, it’s easy to see if you know how to look. I was filled with a sense of pride knowing that they were staring at my wife, after 3 kids she looked fantastic for a 40 year old!

While at her moms house the kids played with their cousins from out of town and left the adults to get caught up. We sat together at the table and I was dying to touch her so as we chatted I would occasionally place my hand on her knee and feel the sexy silkiness. My one nephew who is about 4 constantly hid under the table until I yelled at him, probably a future hose and foot lover in the making. We were having a good time getting caught up with everyone when my wife accidentally Nevşehir Escort dropped her fork. Me being the gentleman I am and desperately wanting a close up peak at her legs again decided to get it for her. I slid my chair back and lowered my head beneath the table; she had crossed her leg towards me and had left her shoe on the floor. I was set up and was instantly hard! I softly took her warm foot in my hands and lowered my lips to her toes breathing in her scent. I held her foot firmly to my lips and kissed them long and lovingly. When I pulled back to admire them she fanned out her toes quickly and slid her foot back into her shoe. I noticed that she had now placed her foot on the fork and as I tried to free it she stepped down harder on it lifting her heel and pressing her toes on it. She knew this was driving me mad and when I finally came back up my brother in law asked me what I was doing down the so long. “Admiring the view.” She didn’t even acknowledge what had just happened but slowly moved her hand to my cock and squeezing it hard and fast through my pants smiling at the knowledge that she does this to me. By this point I was so Horney that I thought another grab like that would have me exploding in my pants. The evening dragged on forever and I couldn’t wait to get her home, she had some wine and I could tell she was as Horney as I was I just hoped that the kids went to bed early.

Once we arrived home we opened another bottle of wine and relaxed as our kids changed for bed. We had already wrapped their gifts so all we had to do was wait for them to crash. I had just refilled both our glasses when I realized the kids were in bed so Santa quickly got everything in place and we settled down on the couch to enjoy the night. We have a sectional couch and she sat in the corner I of course placed myself near the corner so I could feel her legs and feet. She propped them up on the ottoman before me. “Honey my feet are sore from being in these heels all day.”

Like I needed to be told twice! I set my glass down and slid to the floor sitting between the ottoman and the couch with my legs stretched out under hers and my back against the other part of the couch. She had turned a bit towards me making it easier for me as I slowly almost reverently removed her left shoe. I stared for a second admiring her perfect feet and toe then brought her shoe to my nose breathing in her scent. I repeated this with her right shoe and it was like manna from heaven for me. I took her left foot as it was closest to me and gently at first massaged her foot working my way down to her toes and we continued to talk about the kids and family and events of the evening. This was hard for me because Nevşehir Escort Bayan other things was hard and guys know that when the little brain starts to take over big brain loses the battle but I was doing ok.

“That felt wonderful baby, now do the other one.”

She moved her foot a bit so I could easily reach her other one and then without warning she placed it on my chest right below my neck flexing her toes and continued talking like nothing was happening. She had gotten up to fill her glass and when she came back I was about to continue my massage when she placed both feet on my chest and again acted like nothing was happening. I took this opportunity to massage her calves and as far up her leg as I could reach. She was now teasing me and would slide her foot down to my cock and step on it flexing her toes and squeezing me. I could feel the pre cum starting to soak through my pants and I think she did as well as she kept her foot there flexing her toes over the head of my cock for a while then brought her toes to my lips and forced them in. I opened my mouth willingly and accepted her toes licking them and enjoying their taste. While I sucked on her toes she took her other foot and rubbed the side of my face gently Lord almighty she was pushing all my buttons and she knew it. I spent a full hour there on the floor at her feet and it was the greatest gift for a hosiery and foot fetishist!

My lovely wife got up without warning and headed into the bedroom, I knew she was ready and at this point so was I. quickly checked the doors and cleaned up a bit giving her time to get ready for me and headed in to find her waiting for me. She was lying across our bed naked in the all too familiar position; I quickly knelt on the floor and lowered my lips to her. She was soaked and I slowly licked the length of her lips enjoying her sweet taste. When I reached her clit I softly licked it with the tip of my tongue until she had enough and grabbed my head and pulled me into her. I slowly thrust my tongue into her as far as I could with my nose pressing her clit. Reaching around her legs I pulled equally as hard grinding my face into her pussy. I don’t know who enjoyed that more, I love eating her until she orgasm’s. When that happens she sometimes pushes me away because she say’s it tickles too much. One of these days I will tie her up and do this until she squirts and I told her this in the past. Before she could catch her breath I moved up and slid into her easily as her pussy was soaked. I started slowly at first almost coming all the way out and would thrust hard back in her she loves this. I was going to do everything she liked to pay her back for giving me the same earlier.

I Escort Nevşehir fucked her as hard and as fast as I could sliding my hands under her back and grabbing her shoulders from under her I used this to gain as much leverage as I could. Soft moans filled my ears and I knew she was coming close again so I stopped! I slowly slid out of her and down her body until I was standing, I grabbed her under her knees and pulled her pussy to the edge of the bed. Our bed is nice and high so I stood there and grabbed my cock and slowly rubbed it up along the length of her lips pressing it hard on her clit each time. I had one arm under her right leg while her left leg reached around me trying to pull me into her more. She knew what was coming next and I didn’t disappoint. I dropped to my knees and licked her soaked pussy flicking my tongue on her lips like a hummingbird’s wings. I felt her muscles tighten and relaxed numerous times and when I was ready I stood back up and slammed into her. I placed both her legs over my arms and held her thighs again pulling her into me with each thrust until she came. When she did I slid out of her a bit and lowered my mouth to her nipples, this want the greatest position but she loved it when I sucked her nipples while still inside her. I took her left nipple between my lips and sucked as hard as I could flicking it with my tongue. This drives her crazy. She loved having her nipples sucked hard and since I discovered this I do it all the time purely for her pleasure. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her tit; I loved this and sucked harder letting her know I enjoyed it. I moved to her other nipple and sucked it equally hard occasionally biting it with softly with my teeth. More moans and even a,” Holy Fuck. I want to get on top of you now.”

Who was I to argue, I knew she was ready to make me cum. When she got up I could see the edge of the mattress and sheet were soaked form her. I lay on my back and she didn’t hesitate climbing on me. I knew she was on a mission and was sure I was going to explode soon. My sexy wife ground her pussy down hard on me sliding back and forth hitting just the right spot. I knew this because she always digs her nails in my chest. I love this and even wish she would do it harder. That was all it took, she increased her pace when she felt my first shot fill her. Each pulse of my cock was met with a squeeze and a thrust; she was milking me dry and Cuming at the same time. When she had gotten every drop out of me she still rode me slowly and I could feel our mixture of cum leaking back out onto me and we could hear the sound of her wet pussy sliding on my softening cock. She slid off my cock and fell foreword onto me breathing heavily into my ear. We lay like this for a few minutes until she was ready to move. Looking into my eyes I could see that she was happy and satisfied and there was absolute love there as we kissed softly. I reached around her and held her tight as we got our energy back. “Merry Christmas baby I love you!”