Chloe, Shopping


Friday afternoon at work, I was sitting in my office contemplating a boring weekend alone. My wife, Mary, was going to visit with family for the next week starting Saturday morning and I could not get the time off.

M I was startled out of my reverie as my best friend’s wife and my co-worker, Chloe, came into my office and told me to be ready to take her shopping Saturday. Chloe is also my wife’s closest friend and we have an unusual relationship. This will be evident shortly.

I wasn’t too thrilled about shopping all day but with Chloe most anything can turn into the time of your life besides it just wasn’t my place to say no. I whined a bit just to make things look good.

“Shopping? Chloe, why do I want to go shopping tomorrow?”

I didn’t want to seem too eager but she knows better. She always knows better. Chloe bent over me to get her face in mine and reminded me, “Mary is leaving town and it is play time. I own you, remember?”

I tried one more time, “But shopping…?”

To which Chloe replied with one of her wicked smiles, “You have never gone shopping with me. You might enjoy it.” as she teasingly slid her hand over my bulging cock. There is something about Chloe’s smile. It can be described as wicked or naughty but it always makes my cock hard instantly as I wonder what she is thinking.

She then turned on her heels and walked out of my office. I couldn’t help myself, I had to watch her shapely ass and lovely legs sashay across my office and out the door.

Just after she left my office, she turned and peeked back through the door and announced playfully, “Caught ya!”

I blushed at my lack of control as Chloe chuckled and walked off. I pride myself on my self control but I have no control in Chloe’s presence and she knows this. She takes advantage of it whenever she can and it excites me to no end. She knows this as well.

I woke up on Saturday morning with a huge hard-on. It just wouldn’t go down. Mary noticed this but was in a hurry to leave for the airport. She apologized and told me that she would make it up to me next weekend when she came home. By next weekend, if Chloe has her way, I might be very nearly dead from exhaustion, I thought.

When I picked Chloe up, she came out of the house wearing a short, white tee shirt, form fitting jeans and a pair of high heeled, white sandals, nothing outrageous. Chloe is a beautiful woman of 30 with an innocent and pretty face, long, platinum blonde silk for hair and a small, voluptuous body that never fails to get my cock hard.

She told me to drive to a shopping mall in another town about an hour away. When I asked why there, she only replied cryptically, “You’ll see.”

The drive passed with small talk and stories until we were about 20 minutes from our destination. At this point, Chloe leaned against the passenger side door and pulled up her tee shirt showing me her big, soft tits. They are shaped like nose cones with big, puffy, pink nipples and they immediately make my mouth water for want of suckling at them.

Today was no exception. Chloe could clearly see my reaction and smiled as she always does at her effect on me.

“Like what you see, baby? Do my big tits make your cock hard? You are going to like what I have in store for you today!”

Chloe didn’t wait for my reply, she knows. She simply shifted in her seat so that she was leaning against me, brushing her luscious, soft beauties on my arm as her hand wandered down to my crotch. She proceeded to tease my throbbing cock with her long nails and purr into my ear about all the fun we are going to have.

She nibbled and licked my ear as she whispered naughty little questions and comments… “Do you want to taste my wet pussy? Have you ever fucked someone in public? Do you think that all the men in the mall want to see me expose myself? I want to have someone watching as I suck your cock. I am going to spent all day teasing your cock, keeping it as hard as a rock, leaking and throbbing.” I couldn’t do anything more than whimper and moan.

When we pulled into the parking lot, Chloe reached over and pulled down my zipper. She freed my cock from the confines of my undershorts and pants and proceeded to lick it from bottom to top and then tickle the underside of its head with her tongue. She did this while I was cruising to find a parking space.

She momentarily lifted her head and noticed that I was heading to the back of the lot, “Oh no you don’t. Find a space down front, close to the stores, baby! That one over there is perfect.”

I did as I was told while she resumed licking my hard cock. When I finally pulled into the space, she grabbed me by the cock and pulled me into the back of the minivan, pushed me down on the seat and proceeded to give me a sloppy, intense blowjob.

Sucking hungrily, she had me ready to cum. I warned her, “Chloe, I’m going to cum!” as she told me I must always do before I cum.

She quickly sat up and opened the sliding door and Bostancı Fetiş Escort jumped out of the van while pulling down her tee shirt. She left me with my cock sticking up out of my flye, her spit dripping onto my balls and my pants.

Standing there with the door wide open, she laughed and told me, “Hurry up and get that thing back in your pants. I want to go shopping. I will meet you at the makeup counter in Belks.”

With that she left, hurrying into the mall, leaving the van door wide open as I sat there with my cock still hard and sticking out for all to see. I hurriedly shut the door and tried to get my throbbing cock back into my undershorts and my flye zipped. I knew that there was no way for me to meet up with her if I took the time to let my hard-on deflate. Hell it had been hard as a rock since I woke up this morning and her teasing just made the situation so much worse.

I walked through the parking lot with my flye zipped but an obvious telltale bulge and wet spot in the front of my pants. Everyone who looked my way must have noticed it. When my cock gets hard, it cannot be easily hidden away.

Finally, I got into the store and spied Chloe getting a makeover at the counter. As I approached the counter she looked down at the bulge in my pants and then looked up at me, smiling brightly. She had already gotten her nails done with a bright red to match the lipstick she chose. Her eyes were done in black eyeliner and mascara with a bit too much dark shadow. She was made up like a tart, a tramp, a slut. My cock lurched at the site of her pretty and innocent face looking so slutty.

“Do you like my new look, baby?”

“Yes, you look great, sooo sexy!”

The lady behind the counter chuckled; she knew Chloe was made up to fuck, just as everyone else in this mall soon would. Chloe reached for my hand but her hand “accidentally” brushed up against my hard cock before she got my hand and tugged me away.

Over to the accessory department, we went. Here, Chloe picked out a bright “scrunchie” and put it in her hair. She made an off centered ponytail on the top of her head just like the “TV” bimbos of our youth. We headed out of the store hand in hand with me thinking about watching that pony tail bob and bounce as her slutty red lips slid up and down my cock.

Just before we got to the mall entrance, Chloe pulled me over to a corner of the dress section. Here, surrounded by long dresses on clothing racks, she took my hands and guided them up under her tee-shirt. I palmed both of her warm, soft yet firm tits and squeezed and then pinched her hardening nipples just as she likes. She let out a soft whimper and then we walked out of the store with our arms around one another and our hands caressing each others ass.

Chloe leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I want to buy a new bra.” The thought of spending time in a lingerie store with Chloe looking at sexy women’s underwear made my cock jump. She steered me across the open center of the mall, through a small crowd.

I was sure that everyone who looked in our direction could see my cock bulging in my pants and Chloes hard nipples poking out of her tee shirt. I was flushed with embarrassment and excited beyond belief.

I knew every man would look at Chloe and couldn’t help but watch her big tits wobble as she walked arm in arm with me. This thought thrilled me as well. We seemed to walk all over before we found the shop Chloe was looking for.

With a bright smile she announced, “We’re here!” I was expecting a department store lingerie section or something of the sort but I looked up and saw the sign, a wet dream from my youth, FREDRICKS OF HOLLYWOOD.

Chloe took my hand and pulled me close, pressing her soft tits up against my chest. She gave me a lingering kiss, twining her tongue nimbly with mine as I felt her hand lightly glide up the length of my hard cock. As she broke the kiss, she smiled at me and said, “Let’s play.”

We walked through the store hand in hand, looking at all the exciting lingerie. Whispering about the possibilities and talking excitedly about the fun we could have. Chloe led me over to a section where they had fantasy wear. Here she showed me a sexy French maid’s uniform and asked, “Remember this, baby?”

I let out a low moan as I remembered how she teased and seduced on the night of my bachelor party. She got me so excited and then made me beg her to suck my cock and let me fuck her. She made me admit that I was hers to use for her pleasure any time she wanted before she let me lick the cum of three other men from her well fucked pussy.

God what a night!

She always seems to know just what to do to turn me on and she enjoys doing it. She loves making my cock hard and keeping it that way for hours before having me pleasure her and then making me cum. I cannot cum without her permission but it is always worth the wait and her teasing makes it so much better.

As I was thinking these exciting Bostancı Gecelik Escort thoughts, Chloe led me blindly to the brassiere section. The saleslady came over and asked if she could help us but Chloe told her no, we were just looking. As the saleslady turned to walk away from us Chloe asked me loud enough for her and the few other patrons in the store to hear, “What bra do you want me to wear later when I sit on your big cock and fuck you?”

The saleslady turned back and everyone turned to look at us. I flushed with embarrassment and throbbed with excitement. Chloe’s hand slid up the front of my pants and gripped my bulging cock. With our audience listening and watching, Chloe proceeded to take each of the bras off display, hold them under her big tits and describe their advantages in vivid detail to me. “This one has cut outs for the nipples so you can see them and suck on them. This bra will push up my big tits and make them swell over the cups. How about one that just surrounds my tits like this without covering them? This is a shelf bra, it will hold my tits up like they are on a shelf and give you free access to suck and squeeze them.”

As she went through and demonstrated each bra type for me, she would lean against me and brush me with her big tits or stroke my cock. God that woman loves to tease me and so help me, I love it when she does. I eventually stammered, “I-I-I l-l-like the shelf bra and the way it will hold up your lush tits.”

Chloe promptly tried one on. I waited for her outside of the dressing room. She opened the door and raised her tee shirt asking me, “What do you think, baby? Do you like the way it looks?”

Her tits were so artfully and sexily framed by the black bra, my mouth salivated as I could only nod my agreement. There was a bit of movement behind me and I turned to look. It was the husband of one of the other female patrons. His wife was busy talking with the saleslady about panties across the store. He looked hungrily at Chloe. Smiling brightly, she simply caressed and squeezed her tits and nipples for us before lowering her tee shirt.

At the counter, Chloe told the saleslady she would wear her purchase out of the store. The husband and wife were directly behind us in line to make their purchases as well. Chloe turned to me and whispered breathily, “Watch carefully.”

While the wife was paying for her merchandise, Chloe traced her hand up the husband’s thigh to his crotch. As Chloe’s hand slid over his hardening cock length, the husband startled. His wife turned to see what was going on and Chloe smoothly grabbed my hand and led me out of the store as she blew a kiss to the embarrassed husband.

I asked, “Where next?”

Chloe answered, “I need just the right top, something to hug my big tits and show them off.”

At one point while crossing the mall again, Chloe pulled me into a maintenance hallway and kissed me deeply. Still embraced, she asked, “Do you like shopping with me, Ross? Isn’t this fun?”

I answered, “Oh God yes! I am so hot.” “Good, I am going to make you a lot hotter than this before we are done. When I am through with you, you will just take me and fuck me not caring if there is anyone around. What do you think of that?”

I moaned my reply, “O-o-o-oh-h-h.”

Chloe lifted her tee shirt and pulled my head down to her tits. She hissed, “Suck my big tits, sextoy!”

As I began sucking and licking her nipples and squeezing her big, soft tits in my hands, she unzipped my fly and pulled out my throbbing cock and balls. She slowly and steadily stroked the underside of my cock and fondled my balls.

“Don’t forget, you have to tell me before you cum.” she reminded me.

After just a few strokes, my cock was twitching and my balls were rumbling. “Oh God Chloe, I’m going to cum!”

Quickly Chloe dropped to her knees and licked up the underside of my cock, slipping her hot, wet mouth over the head. I watched her head and ponytail bob twice with my cock in her sucking mouth.

She then pulled free with a wet, slurping pop and squeezed the base of my cock, “Not yet, baby! I have some more shopping to do! Meet me over at Wet Seal when you can.”

With that Chloe got up and hurried off to shop more, leaving me with my cock throbbing and dripping her saliva, struggling to get it back into my pants. I was worried about someone seeing me with my cock out like this but as I struggled more, it became obvious that I would have to take my time.

My cock wasn’t going to deflate soon with all the teasing Chloe had done and with my imagination running wild on what she would do next. I had to slowly, very carefully stuff it back into my pants and even more carefully zip them up. With a bit of a struggle and some more time, I finally got it done and took off after Chloe.

Wet Seal was all the way across the mall and as I hurried there it seemed that more than one woman noticed the bulge sticking out in my pants. Again the Bostancı Genç Escort embarrassment combined with excitement to make me throb. Once inside Wet Seal, I began looking for Chloe. All the clothes in this store were formfitting and skin tight.

There were many good looking, very shapely, young women browsing the store. I felt self-conscious as I looked throughout the store with my hard cock pushing at the zipper of my pants. Chloe stepped out of the changing area wearing a clingy, silky, with a black and white zebra print.

The material clung to each of her tits individually to emphasize their shape and size. The white portions of the material were sheer enough to show parts of her black bra and her pink nipples.

As I moved to her, I heard her tell the saleslady, “This is just what I wanted. I’ll take it.”

Turning to me, “Pay for it, Ross.”

Once the purchase was complete, she motioned me over to a mirror in the back corner of the store and asked me, “Like it?” as I walked up behind her.

“Very sexy, just like the woman wearing it.”

Chloe took my hands and pulled them up to her tits. She made me pinch and tweak her nipples through the silky material telling me, “It’s your job to keep my big nipples hard and excited. I want everyone to see them.”

We exited the store. “Where next, Goddess of Lust?”

“I want a very short, very tight skirt. I saw just what I wanted in Lord and Taylor.”

Once again, across the mall. The skirt was bright red and wonderful. It couldn’t be much wider that a wide belt and it was made of a knit material that stretched and hugged Chloe’s hips and ass in such a delightful way. Chloe’s legs were smooth and shapely, well highlighted by the short, tight skirt.

On our way out of the store, we took the elevator to the first floor. The elevator was mirrored and as soon as the doors closed, Chloe kept turning round and round, bending and leaning, looking at herself in the mirrored walls.

“Ross, do my panties show under this skirt?”

They did, wonderfully so.

“Yes, Chloe I can see your panties when you move.”

Chloe pouted, “That just won’t do!”

I was afraid she would decide to take the skirt back and get another that was longer but I should have known better. Chloe placed her hands on the mirror and bent over at the waist, showing me her captivating, panty clad ass.

“Take them off of me, Ross. We can’t have my panties showing now can we?”

I did as I was told and slid her panties off her lush ass and down her shapely legs. She stepped out of them and kicked them across the elevator without changing position. From this position, Chloe wiggled her ass at me and said, “Get to work, Sextoy. Lick my dripping pussy.”

I was on my knees in a flash, burying my face in her sweet pussy and ass, licking for all I was worth. Chloe moaned and ground and wiggled her pussy and ass onto my face as I teased her clit with my tongue.

My tongue traveled up the sensitive strip of flesh between her pussy and ass. Her moaning and wiggling increased as my tongue slowly drew nearer to the pretty, pink pucker of her ass. My tongue glided across the pucker and began tickling it more and more and her moans increased.

I slide my tongue through the tight ring and she pushed back so that my tongue was buried in her ass. She began pushing back and forth on my tongue, moaning and commanding, “Fuck my ass with your tongue, Toy. Tongue fuck my ass good.”

Many different thoughts were running through my mind at the same time. The elevator could open at any minute and we could have a crowd watching us fuck so nastily. Was it illegal to have your tongue in a woman’s ass in public, could we be arrested for indecent exposure or be the cause of a huge orgy? There could be a security camera in the elevator. Would security stop us or just watch the spectacle.

These thoughts turned me on even more as my hand slid up Chloe’s thigh and I slid my thumb into her hot, wet pussy. I continued tongue fucking her ass as I fucked her pussy with my thumb and rubbed her clit with my index finger. Chloe began wailing, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” over and over as she rocked her hips and thrust her ass back into my face and onto my tongue with greater vigor. With a shiver, Chloe’s orgasm finished and she straightened up and turned around, placing a hand on my cheek as the elevator doors opened.

A man dressed in a suit with a store ID tag stepped into the elevator as Chloe kissed me deep and then licked her shiny cum off my lips and face. The musky odor of a woman freshly fucked filled the elevator.

The man tried to look haughty and down his nose at us and our obvious antics but Chloe simply walked over to him smiling her wickedest smile and took his left hand and placed it on her right tit. His wedding ring gleamed in the light as he began squeezing her succulent flesh. Chloe then took his right hand and slid it up her slick thigh to her dripping pussy. His eyes opened wide as his hand reached her wonderful snatch.

She looked at his ID tag and then up into his eyes and told him, “Roger, you missed quite a show. You would love seeing me in action. I am your every dirty thought and wildest fantasies come true. I am a living, breathing wet dream.”