Charlottesville High School Ch. 04


Jessica Harris, Charlottesville High School’s Assistant Principal, is not surprised when Lupita Lloyd, a university senior working as a student-teacher, flirts with the class; it’s a behavior a woman as ravishing as Lupita would have learned during her lifetime. Nonetheless, it needs to be addressed and she asks Natalie and Sandy to counsel Lupita; Jessica figures Lupita will relate to these beautiful young women.

For those just joining us, in Chapter 1 Nina and Richard seduced Natalie Bettis, their buxom blonde math teacher. In Chapter 2 Vivian and Ralph bedded Sandy Wright, their sociology teacher. In Chapter 3 we learned how Natalie and Sandy spent their time when their student-lovers are out of town.

As always, all story characters involved in sexual activities are 18 years of age or older.

* * * *

Vivian and Ralph dragged their well-fucked bodies home late that night. At breakfast the next morning Sandy swore me to secrecy and explained the three rules designed to keep the affair private. I pledged to obey them; they made so much sense I contemplated how to raise them with Nina and Richard without blowing Sandy’s cover.

It turned out not to be an issue. When I got home from the gym Sunday afternoon I found Nina in my apartment. She asked where I’d been Saturday night; why hadn’t I responded to her text? The question was casual and I’d prepared a lie, but something about Nina made it impossible for me to dissemble and my carefully rehearsed explanation came out a jumbled mess. She wasn’t suspicious when she asked the question; she was by the time I finished my answer.

Nina went into full dominant mode and I slid into the submissive. She tied me to my bed, planted a butt plug into my ass, using a dildo brought me to the edge of orgasm, stopped, did it again, then again. I confessed everything. When Richard appeared an hour later I pulled my head from Nina’s sweet strawberry snatch and confessed it all over again.

* * * *

Fondling my breasts I stood at my classroom window the next day watching Nina and Richard talk to Vivian and Ralph. They entered the building and ten minutes later I received a text from Sandy inviting me for dinner. That night, over a couple of pizza, two happy threesomes became one happy sixsome. Vivian and Ralph explained the rules; I accepted Sandy’s invitation to move in with her.

* * * *

A week later I felt some trepidation when Jessica Harris asked me to join her and Sandy in her office after school. Had we’d been discovered? But Ms. Harris’ demeanor was friendly, she’d said she needed a favor, and she wouldn’t be the person responsible for disciplining two sexually expansive members of the faculty. That, and a positive text from Sandy, reassured me.

After greeting us at her door Jessica sat behind her meticulous desk. After a few minutes of small talk she got to the point.

“I’d like you two to mentor Lupita Lloyd. She’s working with Barbara Palvin now. Barbara’s an exemplary classroom teacher and Lupita’s learning a lot, but I have some other concerns.”

The request was unusual, I taught math, Sandy sociology. Lupita intended to be a history

teacher, which was Barbara’s field.

Sandy asked, “Can you be more specific?”

“Lupita is very smart, makes an excellent presentation, and prepares harder than any student-teacher I’ve known. She’s a wonderful candidate for the faculty here, or anyplace else. However, while her general presentation is dignified and reserved, in the classroom sometimes she flirts with the students, not a lot, but some.” Ms. Harris stopped, considering how to say what came next, “I’m sure it comes naturally to her. She’s a beautiful young woman, she’s spent a lifetime dealing with people that way.”

Lupita was stunning. Born in Nigeria, she had a strikingly dark complexion and was built like a model: five feet five, 110, maybe 115 pounds, slim shoulders and hips, flat belly, small breasts and butt cheeks. She kept her hair cropped short, which emphasized her slender face, high cheek bones, intelligent dark brown eyes, and radiant smile.

“What can we do to help?” I asked.

Ms. Harris twirled a pen in her hand, then continued. “I asked Ms. Pavlin to talk to her about it, but it’s not helping. The problem may be generational. Barbara’s in her seventies. For Lupita it must be like being lectured by her grandmother about the good old days. It’s not relevant. This is where we come to the politically incorrect, this conversation never took place, part. I think Lupita will more readily identify with you two, you’re both young and beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“You need to understand, this is a request, not a demand. It would mean extra work, but Lupita’s an exceptional candidate, I really want to find a way to get to her.”

I’d had several dealings with Lupita; I liked her.

“You can count me in.”

Sandy chimed in, “Me too.”

* * * *

The next day Sandy and I sat in on one of Lupita’s classes. As advertised, she was good. In control, bursa escort throughly prepared, engaged with the class. Still, there was an unmistakable, almost palpable, sexual energy present. The students noticed that their teacher was a fox; their sexual interest in her was manifest. And despite her regal facade Lupita seemed to bask in the attention, giving off her own sexual aura; you couldn’t help but feel it. There wasn’t that much flirting, but what there was accentuated by the sexually charged atmosphere.

Sandy and I decided to meet Lupita away from the school, a place less formal, less inhibited, and so asked her to dinner at a fashionable downtown spot. Sandy wore a halter dress showing plenty of leg. I wore tight jeans and a white shirt, unbuttoned enough to reveal a bit of cleavage. Lupita wore a conservative short sleeve dress with an African design. When we arrived she scanned our clothes, noticed we’d dressed to show off.

We chit-chatted over drinks, the waiter took our orders, and we turned to the task at hand. Sandy said, “Jessica Harris asked us to work with you, to be additional mentors.”

Lupita took a sip of her drink and, cooly looking at us over her glass, said, “And what did you conclude? Do I flirt?”

Intelligent woman I thought, she’d got right to the point and put us on the defensive. Sandy and I, however, had prepared for this question.

I said, “We’d been told about it, and yes, there is some, but not a lot. What struck us is that the entire class, including you, give off a definite sexual vibe. It’s what makes the flirting noticeable.”

Sandy joined in before Lupita could respond. “Which is certainly understandable, all those scrumptious young men and women eager and ready to go. They’re all thinking about sex, heck you can smell the testosterone and estrogen. Then someone like you walks in, fricking gorgeous, and it goes into mega-drive.”

Lupita studied our faces; this was something she hadn’t expected to hear.

My turn. “Let’s face it, when I’m standing in front of a class a dozen guys and a few gals – sexual preference has become so fluid – are imagining me with my clothes off, thinking,” I nodded at my exposed cleavage, “about the girls here. When Sandy walks down the hall every boy and most of the girls’ eyes are on her butt. What are we supposed to do, pretend its not real, ignore it? A girl likes to be admired and I don’t go to the gym every day so I won’t be noticed. Yeah it’s a turn-on.”

Lupita said, “This is not the lecture I expected,” then added, with a smile, “and I’m sure its more than a dozen.”

“Thank you. The school board likes to pretend they’re all virgins, but those kids are thinking about sex all the time, they sexualize each other, they sexualize us, and most are screwing like bunnies or wishing they were. And let’s face it, we’re not much older then they are. If I was living another life and met some of these kids on a beach vacation, who knows what would happen.”

Lupita, still careful, asked, “So what do you do about it?”

Sandy said, “Why don’t you sit in one of mine and one of Natalie’s classes tomorrow. Observe us, get an unbiased view. We’ll get together after school and talk.”

We finished our drinks, ate dinner, split a dessert over coffee. We laughed, discussed the hunkier boys, the sexier girls. Lupita displayed a definite preference for the strong assertive type, with a little naughty streak.

* * * *

The next day Sandy and I got to the coffee shop a few minutes early. Tao Okamata, the school’s art teacher, had posted a notice that Marisa Hopper, one of her students, had several pieces on display. They were good, and sensual.

Lupita, joining us in while we were standing in line, said, “You guys are amazing. During your classes I kept thinking about dinner last night. You know all those good looking young hard-bodies are staring at you, fantasizing about you, but show no sign you’re aware of it. And you’ve got the class completely under control. What’s your secret?”

Here goes nothing.

“Well,” I said, “so many of these kids are immature, lack good judgment, some lack any judgment. If you flirt or respond to all that sexual energy, they notice, heck, it’s already ninety-nine per cent of what they’re thinking about. Some kid will misunderstand what is going on, say or do something stupid. The school is a rumor mill, whatever happens, or is imagined, spreads instantly.”

Lupita said, “Yes, I understand the problem, but I don’t see a solution. If we all agree that the sexual energy is there, almost tangible, that it’s a turn-on, how do you ignore it? Do you suppress it?”

Sandy answered. “No, you can’t, or at least we can’t completely muzzle it. It would inevitably come out. Instead you redirect it, identify the mature kids, build relationships with them. They are also the class leaders, so they can help you control the classroom.”

Carefully, Lupita said, “What do you mean, ‘relationships?'”

Sandy said, “Let’s just say you identify bursa escort some kids around whom can be yourself, let down your hair.”

Lupita said, “I see. How do I meet these leaders?”

* * * *

The next day I arranged the pile of books on my desk to signal to the kids that we needed to get together. While watching the last school bus pull away I undid my hair, letting it fall loose past my shoulders, unbuttoned my jacket, revealing a tight white scoop-top tee-shirt and sheer bra, undid several clasps on my navy blue skirt, creating a long slit, and put on the five inch heels I kept in a desk drawer. I sat at my desk grading papers; if someone unexpected arrived I’d re-button the jacket, kick off the shoes, not exploit the slit.

But, happily, it was Ralph and Richard who opened my door.

I walked toward them. My erect nipples were visible; my leg snaked from my slit; their happy eyes celebrated my form.

“How are my favorite boys?”

Ralph said, “Real well,” and brought his head to mine. Ours was a long sweet kiss; I loved the taste of his mouth, the passion of his tongue and lips. His hand slipped inside my jacket to my breasts. I turned to Ralph, kissed him; in all ways he was his friend’s equal.

“Can we get together tonight?”

“Yeah, how ’bout six.”

“How about earlier, I need to be fucked.”

“We’ll be there in thirty minutes.”

* * * *

Sandy and I had discussed having the serious conversation before the fucking, but things being what they were, we couldn’t wait. Afterwards we cuddled in the living room, comfortably naked with each other. Sandy and I sat on the couch, our legs draped across each other.

Sandy said, “Natalie and I have been asked to mentor Lupita Lloyd.”

Eight eyes perked up at the mention of that name.

“We think she may be a candidate for membership in our club. Can you guys rustle up a couple of discreet students? We’re looking for the strong, assertive type, with a little naughty streak.”

Sandy and Vivian looked at each other, started laughing.

Vivian said, “You think they would?”

Nina said, “I know they would.”

Vivian said, “You sure.”

Nina said, “Yep.”

Richard chimed in, “Would you let us in on the joke.”

Nina said, “No joke. Brent and Cindy Buston.”

Richard said, “What? They’re brother and sister.”

Ralph said, “My god, you don’t mean.”

Nina said, “I mean. They’ve been fucking each other, and me, for months. Haven’t you ever wondered why they don’t date, why they hang out with each other all the time?”

Vivian, her body resting against Ralph, said, “My Dad knows a guy who raises horses south of town. I have a key to his place. When he goes out of town on the weekends I go down there, tend to the horses, go riding. The property adjoins Three Rivers junction. The Ecology Club has been talking about cleaning up a local river, Brent’s president, I’m vice-president. We could put together three groups; one teacher and two students, who could ride up each stream to figure out if it needed attention. Could you convince Ms. Lloyd to come?”

I said, “I don’t think that will be a problem.”

* * * *

Lupita, Sandy, and I found the horse farm without any trouble; Vivian’s directions were spot-on. Vivian and Ralph, Nina and Richard, were already there. Brent and Cindy pulled in right behind us.

Brent, six feet tall, blonde and beautiful, was an all-state swimmer. It showed in his build; his body was triangular: broad shoulders, long torso, flat abs, thin waist, and powerful slender legs. His sister, a couple of inches shorter, shared his athletic ability, she starred on the basketball team, and build: wide shoulders, slim waist, narrow hips. Her brown-blonde shoulder length hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Both wore jeans and boots. Brent had on a red tee-shirt, Cindy a sports bra that held her “C” breasts in place.

We deposited our bags in the rambling farm house, then walked past the swimming pool and hot tub to the stables. Vivian had readied the horses and prepared picnic lunches. Lupita was a bit of hesitant – she had little experience riding – but Vivian assured her the horse was trained and that Brent and Cindy knew what they were doing. All nine of us rode across the pasture’s rolling hills into the forest, coming out where Morgan Creek emptied into the Yee River. Nina, Richard, and I headed down the Yee, Vivian, Ralph, and Sandy went upstream. Cindy, Brent, and Lupita cantered up Morgan Creek.

* * * *

After an hour Cindy, Brent, and Lupita came to a bend in the creek where the water slowed and deepened around a sandbar. It was a bucolic spot and Cindy suggested lunch. Cindy and Brent climbed down, then helped Lupita dismount. Cindy secured the horses while Brent and Lupita spread a blanket on a shady moss-covered spot and unpacked the picnic lunch: chicken salad, fennel-cabbage slaw, and water.

After they finished eating Brent said, “I guess we should turn around. bursa eskort Morgan Creek has been near pristine; not a candidate for a clean-up crew.”

“It’s been beautiful,” Lupita agreed, “Thank you for inviting me, and let’s remember to thank Vivian for the lunch. It was delicious.”

Cindy pulling the tie from her ponytail, lay down, her head resting on her brother’s thigh, her hair fanned out behind her. “If no one minds I’d like to hang a bit longer. It’s beautiful and the horses could use the rest.”

Brent, who was playing with his sister’s hand, looked to Lupita, “Is that okay?”

“Yes, I have no plans.”

Cindy rolled to her side, looking at the creek. Brent let go of her hand and stroked her hair. Cindy cooed happily.

“I could take a lesson from you two,” Lupita said, “My brother and I fought all the time, still do. You guys seem like best friends.”

Cindy sat up, shook her head, her hair bouncing about, and leaned against her brother. “That’s because Brent does whatever I tell him. Don’t you babe.”

“Pretty much,” he said.

“Good, because that water looks too good to waste, let’s go swimming.”

Brent replied, “We don’t want to ride back in wet clothes.”

Cindy stood, reached behind herself, and undid her top. “Who said anything about clothes?” She pushed her jeans over her hips, stepped out of them – she’d already discarded her boots – and headed for the water. “C’mon bro’.”

Brent looked to Lupita. “Do you mind?”

Lupita said, “No. I’ve been skinny-dipping.”

Brent stood and pulled off his shorts and pants. He clearly had no objection to being seen and Lupita, who’d been admiring his body all day, accommodated him, scanning his powerful physique. However, it was when he pulled off his underpants that she caught her breath. It was huge; even soft it was six or seven inches long. The shaft was dark brown and the uncircumcised head tinged red although, as she watched, the veins running down its side brightened and distended. Blood was being pumped into it; the head started turning purple.

Brent, seemingly oblivious to her gaze, said, “Care to join us?”

Her eyes returned to his face and his winning smile. She was tempted, but she still wasn’t sure what was going on. She recalled Natalie and Sandy’s advice, take your time.

“No, but thank you. For the moment I think I’ll enjoy the shade.”

He turned to the water, signaled Lupita’s decision to his sister with a shrug of his shoulders, and started in her direction. Lupita, leaning against the tree, watched them, her eyes drinking in their magnificent forms. What kind of lovers would they be?

She’d been turned on when she got out of bed that morning, sure that Natalie and Sandy had something wonderful planned. Then she’d learned what they said about horses was true. The gentle rocking, the leather saddle pressing against her sex; her pussy had been swollen and her cunt damp long before Brent and Cindy stripped. Now she was staring at two lovely young bodies who epitomized the eager young unbridled sexuality that turned her on whenever she walked into a classroom. She thought again about joining them in the water, but Sandy and Natalie had insisted that discretion was paramount. She would let the action come to her.

As she watched Brent and Cindy, she recalled her confusion when she’d been paired with them. They fit the description of the students recommended by Sandy and Natalie, mature and discreet, but they were brother and sister. Now, watching the hungry way Cindy looked at Brent, it was clear they were no ordinary brother and sister. Lupita would take Natalie and Sandy’s advice, she’d bide her time, let events unfold.

Brent swam up river, slicing through the water, his form graceful. He stopped, turned back to his sister. She waited, arms folded across her ample chest; he disappeared under the water and she went sailing backwards. Brent had flipped her ankles. She emerged from the water, took hold of her brother’s arms, and they wrestled, their well-defined muscles evident, until he tripped and fell into the water. Then he stood, laughing; they held each other, her breasts pressed to his chest. His penis hung down, semi-erect. She reached for it, turned her head, their lips met. Her tongue slipped into his mouth.

Then Cindy shoved him and took off running. He came after her, caught her on the sand bar, scooped her up in his arms, carried her to the middle of the creek, gave her a long sexy kiss, and dropped her in. She emerged from the water cackling in delight, one hand round his waist. The other grasped his dick. He hardened in her hand. They motioned Lupita to join them.

It seemed like time. Lupita shouted, “Promise not to throw me in the water.”


Lupita stripped and for the next fifteen minutes the three of them enjoyed the water, becoming accustomed to each other’s naked bodies. Finally it was Cindy, holding Brent’s hand, who said she’d had enough. They returned to the blanket and Brent lay down, a woman on either side, her head resting on his outstretched arm. Time slowed; the air was fresh, the sound of the creek merged with the wind in the leaves and songs of the birds. Brent’s body was firm. Lupita moved closer to him, lay her ankle on his, said, “This is nice.”