Charity Slave Auction Ch. 08 Pt. 02


Chapter 9 Part II

Part II -The Alternative view

Watching on the CCTV I see that Kay is waking up. I get myself ready by changing into a tight red latex mini dress and matching 5″ red Louboutin stilettos. I put on a deep red lipstick which compliments my manicured nails. It’s been 10 hours since Kay passed out in her cage at the end of the auction.

The plan has worked well as we have been able to transport her completely obliviously to this new location. The room she is in has been made to look like the rooms at the English Country mansion she had originally gone to the previous evening.

I watch her on the CCTV as she sits up and has a drink of water from the jug on the bedside table, and then pauses for a few minutes clearly trying to understand where she is, before she then gradually gets up from the bed.

I watch her walk so beautifully in her amazing stiletto heel thigh boots over to the curved wall mirror and starts to look at herself; is she admiring how good she looks in her outfit? Yes, I think she is! this is good as it suggests she is quite relaxed. This is my opportunity, whilst she is distracted; so I decide to slip in through the door and then make my way towards the bed.

The deeply carpeted floor makes my approach totally silent, especially as Kay is wearing the hood which masks her hearing a bit. After a few moments she turns around and sees me and starts to come towards me, I can see surprise in her eyes and then recognition as she starts to smile.

I go and sit on the edge of the bed and she joins me. This is my most nervous moment waiting to find out if she has any inkling of what has happened to her. I start to talk to her to find out what she does and does not remember. She is obviously a little confused, but not worried at all.

It is obvious she is pleased to see me; indeed I can tell I have chosen exactly the right outfit. I notice her eyes appraising my body and instinctively I know she is aroused. This is a great sign.

As we start to talk it is obvious straight away that she remembers nothing after passing out in the cage. I now start to tell her things that will make her question her own memory and spin my story that actually she did not pass out until much later.

As I tell her about what supposedly happened before she passed out she seems to believe me and she assumes she has just forgotten because she had too much to drink; and whilst I had ensured she had had a few drinks during the evening it was actually what was in the gag that finally caused her to pass out.

Things are going really well so I now up the stakes and lean in closer and subtly slide my hand onto her smooth latex encased thigh and stroke her leg towards her crotch. Her reaction is critical if I am to get through the most difficult part of what I have to tell her. Almost involuntarily I notice her shift her position and open her legs slightly. Yes she wants me to touch her; she is aroused just as I planned.

I remind her that she won the auction and that we then went on to the party together.

I can tell she is not really focusing on what I am telling her which is exactly what I wanted, she is accepting it all on Nevşehir Escort trust because her mind is on where my hand is heading.

I let my hand slide down between her legs my fingers just gently brushing the edge of her tightly latex clad pussy, I can feel her heat. I know I have her because she lets out a little gasp. I know her body is responding to my touch. This is perfect as I can move onto the more tricky part of the conversation about who bought her and what her commitment is with “the prize” for coming top of the auction.

Using my fingers, I gently trace the outline of her labia through the latex catsuit, I can feel the heat and wetness spreading under the thin latex separating my figures from her pussy. I am so close I can hear how her breathing has quickened. I see her eyelids flutter as she enjoys the sensation and I see her nipples harden showing through the latex. This is now my time to cover the tricky part of the conversation.

“So, you remember you signed that agreement to take part in the auction when we were in the dressing room.”

“Yes.” Kay vaguely mutters.

“I just need to remind you that because the bidding reached more than £100K the agreement is that instead of them just getting the outfit, they get you to wear the outfit as well.”

“Hmmm right, so?” she replies but is hardly paying any attention.

“Whenever they want, for up to 12 months.” I tell her.

A vaguely whispered acknowledgement of “Hmm yes.” is almost lost in the pleasure she is feeling as my fingers working her pussy.

Having achieved that objective, I change the subject quickly.

“You enjoyed performing last night didn’t you?” I say to her.

“And when you were in that cage, you were oozing sex appeal sweetie. You are a natural performer.”

“Would you consider doing me the honour of getting back in the cage so I can play with you?” I ask her.

“Look I even got dressed up specially for you… do you like it?” I say.

By now Kay’s arousal is such that is all she can think of.

“Sue you look stunning.” she replies almost moaning with desire.

“So,. will you do it for me?” I ask.

“What, now?” she replies.

“Yes darling.” I quickly add “Why aren’t you feeling horny enough?” knowing full well she is so desperately turn on she will do anything I want.

To seal it I lean forward and kiss her on the lips and also at the same time I unzip her pussy and put my fingers into her already sopping wet pussy. She lets out a loud moan.

“Oh yes you are horny enough aren’t you!” I say giggling.

I take Kay’s hand and help her stand up.

“Oh, I just remembered Kay I want you to wear this blindfold to intensify your pleasure.”

She does not object so I take out the little blindfold and attach it to Kay’s hood, I pull it across her eyes and then attach it to the other side of the hood.

“Don’t worry my beautiful I will guide you, oh and by the way it would turn me on if you called me Mistress when I ask you things.”

I take her hand again and start to lead her out of the “bedroom”.

This is incredible I never thought this would go as smoothly as it has.

She still totally believes Nevşehir Escort Bayan she is at the Mansion and has no idea that she really was auctioned and sold.

I open the door which leads straight into a corridor which links directly to The No. 1 Fetish Club.

Once through the door we are on a glass and metal walkway with glass walls which runs around the room below including the bar and seating area of the club. It is designed so that everyone in the club can see who the next entertainment is but also doubles as access to the club’s private rooms. I guide her along the walkway and then into a small room.

I guide her up onto a raised catwalk and then along to where a cage is positioned in the centre of the room.

What she can’t see is the glass wall behind which is sitting an invited selection of club members. She also can’t see the video camera’s or the photographer who is in the room.

I help her into the cage and then position her spread-eagled putting the chains onto her wrist and ankle cuffs before locking the cage shut.

“So, slave you seem to have lost some of you shine I think I better polish you up again before we start.”

“Yes Mistress.” she replies. I smile satisfied she is playing along so well.

I start by pouring some lube onto my hands and then begin rubbing it on to her latex covered torso and her bum, hmm she feels good under my hands. After a few minutes I stop.

Then I invite each of the guests to take a turn, handing them a small container of lube and invite them to rub it over Kay where ever they want. They obviously focus on her arse, between her legs and over her breasts. She doesn’t seem to notice the different hands caressing her body. The photographer is making sure he gets plenty of close ups for them as well as it all being videoed from 3 angles. By the time ten of them have had a turn and I return to rubbing her myself half an hour has gone by, I get close and whisper in her ear.

“Hmm you enjoyed that didn’t you slave?”

“Oh Yes Mistress.” Kay replies breathlessly.

By now her entire body is covered in a thick layer of shiny lube that is running down her breasts onto her torso and down to her pussy. All the lube that has been applied to her bum and thighs is running down her legs to her boots and dripping off her pussy onto the cage floor.

“Hmm, you enjoy having your body caressed, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.” she replies.

“It makes you horny and wet doesn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well you better show me then… unzip yourself.” I command, wondering if she will do it.

I suspect she will as she believes we are all on our own; she has no idea it is all being filmed and watched for later use! I watch her right hand come down and feel for the zip. I watch closely as she starts to pull it down. Oh yes, she is doing it!

The latex of her catsuit pulls apart and her pink and very wet pussy almost bursts out of its restrictive imprisonment.

Slowly she pulls the zip all the way down fully exposing herself — voluntarily.

“Oh Kay, I can see how wet you are from here!” I say.

“Lets’ have a closer look.” I say and I put my hands around her waist Escort Nevşehir and pull her right to the front of the cage. I hear her gasp.

With two fingers I part her labia and stroke her pussy up to her clit, I then push my fingers into her vagina. My she is so wet. Her mouth is open wide as she gasps and moans in pure pleasure to my touch.

“You like that don’t you?” I say to her.

“Oh yes Mistress.” she replies almost hoarsely from excitement.

I pull my fingers out covered in her creamy cum and place them right in front of her mouth and pause so she can smell her own sex. I then push my fingers into her mouth and wait for to suck them clean.

“Would you like me to play with your pussy more?” I say.

“Hmmm yes please Mistress.” she says desperately.

Once again I invite each of the men one at a time to come over and stroke her pussy and then watch as they get to suck their fingers clean of her creamy sex.

Each time Kay moans as the men stroke her labia and then they push two fingers into her cunt and vagina and tease her clit. The pause between each one means Kay never quite orgasms, she is kept right on the edge.

After the last one has finished, I bend down and ever so delicately run my tongue around the outside of her pussy. Kay desperately struggles to escape my attentions but the short chains and cage is too small for her to break-away from my administrations, plus I have my hands firmly on her arse. She is breathing so hard now and is in contortions of pleasure.

Just as I can tell she is about to cum I zip her back up leaving her totally denied and frustrated.

“I want to save that for a little later.” I say teasingly to her.

She struggles again against her cuffs and chains.

“Oh, do you want something Slave?”

“Please Mistress.” she pleads.

“Well ask nicely.” I say.

“Mistress will you make me cum.” She implores.

“Nicer.” I order.

“Mistress please fuck me.”

“Better, a bit more.” I tease, seeing how far I can take this with her.

“Mistress please I beg you to fuck me.” she says.

I walk over to a table and get a big dildo and bring it back to the cage. I reach in and unzip her again. Then to her total shock I push the large dildo in. She gasps in shock. I grab her arse checks and pull her onto it.

Kay starts to moan as I work the dildo in and out of her wet cunt. It doesn’t take long for her to orgasm and let out a huge scream as she cums. I pull the dildo out and watch as her creamy cum drips out of her cunt. Her head drops as the tension in her body evaporates and she hangs limp from her cuffs. I leave her like that for a few minutes while the men leave the room.

“Did you enjoy that?” I ask.

“OH FUCK I have never experienced anything like that Sue, it was incredible.”

“Remember it is Mistress!” I tease keeping her in role.

“Yes Mistress.”

“What was it like wearing the blindfold?”

“It was very strange, very intense and of course with no visual clues everything was a complete surprise. I couldn’t believe how each time you played with my pussy you managed to stimulate me in different ways by using your fingers differently.”

“Oh good, well we can have a lot more fun together.” I say as I zip her back up.

I then unlock her cage and remove the chains from her cuffs and lead her back out onto the catwalk.

I take her back the way we came, thinking about the next stage of revealing her future to her.