Chance Encounter Ch. 03

Big Tits

Nurse Katy made her rounds checking her patient’s vitals, waking them up from whatever dreams pleasant or not and in robotic fashion went about her duties. All was routine for the buxom brunette until she reached room 301, when she opened the door a few things happened quickly one after the other. She sniffed the air and there was the distinct odor of sex lingering still, the chemical reactions that followed were that her nipples hardened, her pussy got very wet very quickly and her breath quickened.

“It smells like sex in here!” She muttered as she stepped inside. A figure detached itself from the shadows and stepped into a shaft of light cast from streetlights. “Maria, I should have known.” Maria Esteban smiled brilliantly with hands on curvaceous hips.

“I couldn’t resist,” Maria purred.

What has gone on before.

Mike woke up on a bright and beautiful summer morning day. The naked body of Karen, the young secretary from work, was spooned against him and she was waking up too. She pressed her bubble butt against his groin which stirred eagerly.

“Morning lover,” she murmured as she turned to face him. Her hand drifted down between them. “God I love your cock!” This was their first time together since that accidental meeting at work where she tripped over him while he tied his shoe. Her hand squeezed and stroked him till he was fully erect. “Can I ride you this morning; you must be tired from the fucking you gave me last night?” Mike nodded and she climbed on top of him and slowly eased his thick long cock into her hot wet depths. “Ooh yes! So thick! So long!” Mike leaned up and captured a nipple in his mouth and suckled while she gently rode up and down. Karen threw her head back and cried out louder and louder not caring who might hear. “Oh god yes! Fuck me Mike!” He lay back down as she rode him faster and harder now, his hands went to her hips and pulled her down onto him impaling her deeper now. Mike thrust upwards and pulled her down drilling as deep as he could into her. She cried out but nothing intelligent she was in the grips of a powerful orgasm. He could feel her pussy contract around his cock and her shudder of ecstasy as she was fully engulfed in pleasure. When the climax had passed she fell forward on top of him her breasts pressing against his chest. Her breath coming in quick deep gasps. “I never get tired of fucking you.”

“I’m glad, if you want a key just ask.” He paused, “you could ‘cum’ and go as you please.” Her answer was to lift herself off his cock and lowered her body till her breasts were wrapped around his cock. She pushed them together and licked the tip when it emerged as she titty-fucked him.

“You like?” she asked as she licked and sucked the head as her soft breasts teased an orgasm from him. His gasp of pleasure and slight thrusts of his hips all the answer she needed. “Good.” She slowly moved her tits around him wanting to get as strong a climax as she could from her lover. His pleasure so important to her that all her attention was focused on him and not the clock on the end table; long minutes went by as she moved and sucked and licked wanting to taste his cum as it shot down her throat. Mike grabbed the covers and grunted louder and louder. She replaced her tits with her mouth and she stroked him hard and quick and he came hard down her throat and she milked every ounce from him. She swallowed quickly to catch each and every drop and only after he was done did she glance at the clock. “Aw fuck I’m gonna be late for work.” She jumped off the bed and leaned over to kiss him quickly. “See ya tonight.” And with a flurry of activity she was dressed and out the door in record time.

“Now that is a perfect way to wake up.” He said to the empty air. Grinning from ear to ear Mike showered, dressed and headed for the park. It was going to be a glorious Kastamonu Escort day.

Mike walked through the park amidst others who were walking, riding and skating. He watched the girls clad in t-shirts and short shorts. One skater in particular caught his attention, blond with long legs and a mighty fine rack. She was gliding through skaters and walkers alike and with each step she came closer and closer. The impact was sudden and painful; she had lost control and collided, her tits striking Mike in the face his last memory was moving backwards then pain and darkness.

When Mike awoke he was on a stretcher and a needle pricked his arm and the pain in his side and head faded. A face looked down at him, a young Latin woman with fine breasts that were fighting the uniform she was wearing. Maybe it was drug or the perpetual horniness he suffered from but his pants swelled as his cock hardened. The doors of the ambulance slammed shut and the young woman looked down, “oh my…we are excited are we?”

“Nice tits…he…he…he…” Maria Esteban smiled and unzipped her uniform top exposing her firm young breasts. John licked his lips. Maria mirrored his action, “I love to suck cock!” she whispered as she unzipped him and freed his cock. The ambulance jerked into motion and the siren wailed. Mike tried to hear her but failed.

“We don’t have much time.” She lowered her lips to his cock and eagerly sucked and licked at him. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft and stroked furiously. Mike pulled against his restraints his moans of pleasure drowned out by the siren. Maria watched his face light up as she worked hard to make him spurt down her throat. Pity they had so little time, his cock was big and great to look at. How good it would feel inside of her. She sucked and bobbed her head as her hand worked in concert. When she was done she would milk every last drop of delicious cum from him.

Two minutes out.

His cock was swelling already and his breath came in ragged gasps. She stared at him, the hunger to be pierced by this wonderful flesh made her pussy drip for him.

Ninety seconds out.

His hips began to thrust up driving his cock deep down her throat. She sucked all the more eagerly.

One minute out.

His breathing became harsher and his cock swelled even larger still.

Forty-five seconds out.

The first spurt of hot cum hit the back of Maria’s throat and she swallowed instinctively.

Thirty seconds out.

She stroked and sucked stealing every drop of cum.

Twenty seconds out.

She licked the last drops off of him and tucked him back in and zipped up his pants.

Ten seconds out.

The ambulance slowed and the siren died and Mike slurred, “Thanks…for…showing…those great tits.”

Five seconds out.

Zip went the uniform top. “Thank you lover,” Maria purred. John’s eyes closed and a shit eating grin was etched on his face as he was wheeled into the ER.

Later that night…

Maria’s shift ended and she sat in her car and debated. Mike’s cock still in her mind, her pussy was soaked…again. She started the car and pulled out into the night. John awoke in the late afternoon, the ER doctor standing at the foot of his bed.

“Hello Mike, you took a nasty bump on the head as well as two cracked ribs.” He paused. “You are here for observation for a concussion; you will be released tomorrow morning barring complications.” A quick check of his vitals and Mike was alone in his hospital room. Two hours passed when the door opened and Maria Esteban stepped in.

“I thought you were a dream,” Mike muttered. Maria only smiled. “Are you back for more?” Her smile broadened. “Be gentle, two cracked ribs and all that.” She finally spoke.

“I will be very gentle, my Pet.” Kastamonu Escort Bayan She turned off the lights, leaving just enough light from the street to navigate by. Maria was no longer wearing her EMT uniform; the curvy Latina was wearing a white silk blouse and a short black skirt. As she sauntered over she undid button after button till her finely formed breasts were revealed. “Do you like?” Mike’s voice left him but her nodded. “Good.” She stopped and turned around and in one fluid motion bent over and grabbed her ankles allowing her skirt to ride high on her shapely ass. Pale light accentuated the globes of her ass cheeks. “And that?” Mike swallowed hard and nodded again. “Tell me what you want!”

Somewhere Mike regained the power of speech. “Play with your pussy.” Maria purred and slid a finger into her soaked sex. She had dreamt all day of surrender to him, giving anything he wanted. “Come on, finger fuck yourself.” He said more forcefully, the squish-squish sound filled the air accompanied by Maria’s moans of pleasure. Mike lifted his covers and revealed his iron hard cock.

“Oh my!” Maria groaned.

“Get over here and suck my cock.” She complied without hesitation. Maria gently climbed on his bed and facing away from him took his cock into her warm eager mouth. Her pussy was scant inches from his face but his injury kept him from leaning up and licking that delicious looking slit. He could however slide two fingers into her sex and tease her clit with his thumb. As her head bobbed up and down Mike’s fingers kept time moving in and out of her now drenched pussy. “Eager to ride that cock of mine?” She let him pop out of her mouth.

“Yes please,” she pleaded.

“Turn around so I can get a better look at you.” Maria slowly turned around and thrust her breasts in his face. Who was Mike to refuse an opportunity? He suckled a nipple while his free hand cupped and teased the other breast. “Have a seat,” he muttered as he switched to suckle the other breast. Maria adjusted her position and guided his saliva slick cock into her fiery depths. The thick head of his cock opened her wide as the sinuous shaft followed rubbing her clit inch by healthy inch until she was completely impaled. They moaned in unison. Mike heard the door open and pulled the curtain as quietly as he could until it was mostly closed. Stealthy steps made their way up to his bed. Maria sat transfixed by his cock and the stranger.

“Mr. Jones?” Mike looked over and saw the girl who had run him over with the long blond hair, blue-gray eyes, full lips and a set of tits to die for.

“Yes?” Maria began to very slowly lift and drop using just enough motion to distract him; Mike let a slow moan escape his lips, “ohhh.”

“Are you in pain?” the girl asked. Mike looked down watching the rocking motion of his dick buried in the EMT’s pussy.


“Such a brave man,” the girl’s body language spoke volumes.

“Why are you here, so late I mean?” For an answer she turned around and pulled down the running shorts she was wearing revealing the finest ass bisected by a bright red thong. When she turned to face him she was lifting up her t-shirt revealing those amazing breasts trapped in a matching red bra. “Oh my god!” John muttered torn between the tight clenching pussy wrapped around him and the nearly naked coed.

“I felt so bad I wanted to make it up to you, maybe I could climb up and…”

“Oh no! It would be too crowded…” Maria almost laughed out loud “…I mean my ribs.” Pause. “Perhaps you could bring that chair over here bend yourself over it and I could finger fuck you till my ribs are good enough for an honest grudge fuck.”


Without hesitation she walked over her bare ass moving oh so nicely from side to side then bent over Escort Kastamonu and picked up the chair and carried it back placing it close enough for him to reach but not at an angle she could see Maria already impaled on his cock.

“Perhaps more light?” she cooed.

“No!” he nearly panicked again; light would give away the Latina’s silhouette behind the curtain. “…no…your skin painted in the moonlight so much better.” Maria mouthed the words, ‘nice one.”

“Do you really think so?” She said as she unhooked her bra revealing those perfect globes of flesh. Her pale nipples were erect and she peeled off her thong it was clearly soaked from her drenched pussy. “Ready tiger?” Mike nodded as she knelt in the chair and her upper body bent over the back of the chair. Mike reached over and lightly traced her pussy lips. The young woman wiggled in delight. Then he ran his hand over each perfect cheek; all the while Maria rode him softly and deeply. Mike grabbed a handful of left cheek and squeezed her firm young flesh.

“Damn girl that is a mighty fine ass you have,” the words were barely out of his mouth when two things happened at the same time. First he drove two fingers deep into the wet sex of the coed and second Maria came hard her pussy convulsing around him. Mike began to finger fuck the girl while he looked up and mouth the words, ‘keep going.’ Maria looked pleasantly flushed and she was biting her lip to keep from crying out. Her response she did just that and she started to ride him once again but this time slower with longer movements. She wanted to feel each and every inch of him inside her. Mike looked back to the girl he was fingering and her head was down, eyes closed and her breathing was deep and rhythmic matching his finger motion precisely. She was grunting and groaning over and over.

“…yeah baby…finger my pussy…just…like…that…” Mike drove his fingers deeper and harder now with short powerful thrusts. Her grunting grew louder as the pleasure in them both built and built. Mike and the coed were racing together towards climax. Mike’s cock swelled as his orgasm neared, Maria dismounted and knelt between his legs and took him once more into her mouth. His cock tasted of their mingled juices as she stroked him hard and fast sucking and licking to bring him off with as powerful an orgasm as was possible. Mike’s breathing became labored and the girl bent over the chair bit her lip as her climax crashed down on her like a mountain and Mike was moments behind grunting loud as he gushed into Maria’s mouth and pulsed down her throat and she swallowed her stroking milking every greedy drop for more.

Mike pulled his fingers from the girl’s pussy and she sat down hard in the chair. There was a deep hunger in her eyes. “I want your cock in me…” she produced a business card, so besides being a student she was a consultant for a business. She leaned down and kissed his cheek, she smelled of lavender, sweat and sex, “heal quickly.” She dressed, leaving the thong behind as a keepsake no doubt, and left the room quietly. When the door closed Maria sat next to him her pussy still tingling.

“Man that was intense!” she broke the silence, “I mean…if you and her hook up…damn!” Mike nodded and reached up and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her into a deep sensual kiss. Time slowed…stopped. When he let go she just hung there suspended above him. She looked down at him worship in her eyes. He scribbled down his address and handed her the paper.

“There will be a spare key under the mat, come in to the bedroom, undress, crawl into bed and suck my cock like your life depended on it.”

“Yes sir.” Maria dressed still caught up in the euphoria as Mike watched her sultry walk towards the door, his gaze on her perfect ass. She nearly reached the handle when it turned and she ducked to the side. Nurse Katy entered sniffed the air and muttered.

“It smells like sex in here!” Maria stepped out and revealed herself; there was a sense of recognition between the women. “Maria, I should have known.” Maria Esteban smiled brilliantly with hands on curvaceous hips.