Challenging Mallory


Mallory was eighteen. Her mother was a nurse and worked a lot, sometimes two or three days at a time. Mallory’s older brother Kris lived with them too. He was twenty four and had lost his job in the city six months before.

This particular Saturday, her mother was at work until Monday at six a.m. Mallory and Kris were alone for the weekend. They were arguing a lot and getting on each other’s nerves as they sometimes did when their mother worked a lot of overtime.

Saturday afternoon, Mallory had a friend over to spend the night, they swam in the pool and spent the night up late talking and sharing secrets. Kris had told them atleast three times to shut up, they were keeping him awake.

Sunday morning, Kris had argued with her about the night before. He’d forbidden her from having friends over and had locked himself in his room.

Late Sunday night, Kris had pounded and pounded on the bathroom door. Mallory took her time in the shower and when she finally came out, Kris was pissed.

They argued again, only this time, he was in her face. He backed her against the wall, threatening her and calling her names. When she went to walk away, she’d hurled the words, “Fuck You!” at him. He’d come down the hallway after her, knocking her to the floor.

As she fell, the silk robe she’d been wearing fell open, revealing her bare body. He climbed on top of her, forcing her legs apart. “Is that what you really want little sister? To fuck me?”

She could feel the hardness between his thighs, she could feel it pulse, wanting out and wanting her. She pushed him off of her, pulling her robe tight. When she got to her feet, she slapped his Yenibosna Escort cheek and ran off.

He went to his room, his cock was so hard. He pulled it out and jacked off right there. Spraying his trash can with the hot sperm. When he had his cock put away, he went to the garage for a smoke.

He smoked a cigarette while he rolled a joint on the workbench. It hadn’t been touched in years, so he’d begun using it when he wanted to smoke. His mother bitched him out for smoking weed, so he tried to hide it from her. As he lit the joint and took a long toke from it, Mallory came in the garage.

“You’re smoking again? Mom’s going to be pissed!”

“Mom’s not going to find out. Now is she?”

“She is when I tell her!” she threatened.

“And I’ll just tell her you showed me yourself, naked!” He countered.

She flipped him off and turned to go back inside. “That’s what you said earlier, then you chickened out!” he laughed.

She walked over and took the joint out of his hand, sucking in the relaxing vibe, almost choking on it. She hit it a few more times before replying, “I’ve never chickened out on anything in my life!”

He realized what he could do now, smiling he snatched his weed back and said,”You did earlier, I distinctly remember you saying Fuck You and when I tried to give you what you wanted, you pushed me away. Definitely chickening out!”

When he finished hitting it again, he passed it back to his sister. “You want this or you going to chicken out again?”

She grabbed it and took a long, slow hit and replied, “If I wanted to fuck you, I would. That wasn’t a challenge.”

They Yenibosna Escort Bayan finished the joint and he walked back to the house. She followed him to the kitchen before saying, “Like I said, that wasn’t a challenge.”

He turned at the stairs and faced her, “Well, this is one…… With that, he dropped his pants and showed her his thick, eight inch cock. It was hard and hairless. He stroked it, making it grow even more. “You going to chicken out?”

She was to him and on her knees in a matter of moments. She explored his groin area, rubbing his balls and stroking his cock. It throbbed in her hands, begging her to suck on it.

She flicked her tongue across his ball sack, kissing her way up the shaft and finding his head. Her hand stroked his length while she popped the head in her warm mouth. She slobbered on him, her saliva dripping down to his balls. Her tongue flicking over it, popping it in and out.

He placed his hands on his hips and arched his back, shoving his cock towards her. “That’s close, but it doesn’t count until you deep throat it.”

With that challenge laid out for her, she let go of his shaft and felt for his balls. She cupped them tightly, rubbing her fingers over them. Her mouth slid down to his balls, as deep as his cock could go down her throat. She gagged a little, drool running down his balls. She didn’t let him go though, she bobbed, up and down.

She twisted her tongue around his length, massaging the veins as she did. Her fingers crept down his ball sack, across his taint to his asshole. Her finger massaged his puckered hole, rubbing at the soft, tight skin.

She Escort Yenibosna pushed her mouth down further, soaking his balls more. She flicked her thumb across the pools of saliva before massaging his asshole with it.

She licked her finger, drenching it before finding his hole again. This time, she didn’t just massage. Her finger poked inside of him. He let out a long, low moan. He started to stumble, so she led him to the stairs.

He set back against them, her lips caressing his length and her finger inside his ass. He spread his legs wider, allowing her room to his balls. She let his cock out of her throat and he stroked it, slapping it against her cheeks and her hungry, gaping mouth.

She lowered her lips and kissed his balls. Flicking her tongue across and then licking between them, following the path to his ass. She licked the edges while her finger pushed in and out of him. He stroked faster and faster.

He was panting heavily, his hand moving at rapid speed. She sucked his balls in her mouth in between licking a trail to his puckered ass. She could feel his pressure building. She teased him, every way something new for him.

He’d had sex before, but no one had given him such a wonderful blow until now. He stroked harder and harder, rubbing down over his balls and then stroking a few hard strokes. Finally he was ready to explode, she let go of him and opened her mouth.

His orgasm was amazing. He stood up and his speed rose. Her mouth hung open and his cum just exploded from him. His seed sprayed across one cheek, in her mouth and finished spraying down the other cheek. It hit and ran down to her chin.

She looked so cute, sitting at his feet, soaked in his cum. He didn’t want to forget this, so he found his cell phone in his pocket and snapped a photo of his sister’s face. She got a embarrassed and hurried away from him. He called out her name, but she kept going.

Part 2, Coming Soon….