Caught in the Open

Big Tits

On a whim I decided to drive up to the adult “novelties” shop down the road, it just happens to be open twenty-four hours. I got there and browsed around for a while, finally deciding on a couple DVD’s and as I was walking up to the counter I noticed some dildos and butt plugs staged prominently near the register. I glanced at them for a minute and grabbed a big ten inch dong, a nice a fat buttplug and a big bottle of lube. Gotta love impulse buying.

So I stepped up to the counter with my porn and self-lovin type funstuff. The clerk smiled at me, he was kinda young but damned cute. I thought that he looked too young to work at a place like this and mentally noted him for the spank bank. I walked out to my car and tossed the non-descript bag into the passenger seat and started on my way home. My cock had started getting hard when the cute clerk smiled at me and now it was getting harder thinking about my new toys. It had been a while since I had had anything up my ass and coming across that display of big insertables made me tingle. Now my cock was rock solid and my ass ached to be filled.

I pulled off the main road and onto a secluded side street and opened my bag of goodies and got the lube out. Next I pulled the buttplug out, I chuckled as I noticed that the package said “X-Large”, I freed it from it plastic confines and laid both the plug and the lube within an easy reach. Then I put the seat back and reclined it as far as it would go. Pulling my pants off made my cock spring to attention. It felt good to get it out of those tight jeans. I even pulled my boxers off. I leaned back and put my legs on the dash, on either side of the steering wheel. Cold air danced across my tight hole. It felt good. I grabbed the lube and spread it onto my fingers and started to probe my hole, it was tight from years of neglect.

Gently I pushed one finger in at a time, until I had three fingers fully in my ass. Still tight though, I wondered if the big plug would fit. I knew that I wasn’t going to leave this spot until it was in though. I reached over and fumbled around for the plug and when Sakarya Escort I had it in my hand, squirted some lube onto it and positioned it at my waiting hole. I felt the tip pushing in to me, it started spreading me open almost immediately. I was moaning and my cock was leaking precum onto my stomach. Gently I started fucking my asshole with the probe, letting it go just a lil deeper each time. I felt like I was going to cum right then and there. I kept pushing it inside me. I was in heaven. I pulled my leg into my chest trying to get my ass open more than it already was, and then all of a sudden it was in, I could feel rub against my prostate precum oozed from my hard cock. I was moaning uncontrollably now. I was about to cum.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

I jumped and my eyes were open in a flash, my cock went soft and when I looked up I saw a police officer standing outside my car window. I froze, I didn’t know what to do. There I was sitting in my car with my legs up and spread with a huge black buttplug in my ass. With cum leaking out of my cock. Not to mention being naked as the day I was born. He looked down at me and made the motion that I should roll down the window. So I did. He told me to get out of the car. I went to go pull up my pants, but he tapped on his gun. I knew he didn’t want me going for anything under the seat, even if it was just my pants. So I pulled the door handle and stepped out of the car awkwardly. Standing up I could tell he was taller than me, which always seemed to weird me out cause I was already 6’2 so anything taller than that made me uneasy. Especially now with the cop towering over my naked self.

“What exactly do you think you are doing and where the hell do you think you are?” he asked. Like I really need to humiliate myself by explaining what I was doing. I could feel that my face was bright red.

“You do realize that what you are doing is illegal and you could go to jail for it.”

I nodded. I was looking down at the ground this entire time. He chuckled.

“Not to the mention the embarrassment of having to go to Adapazarı Escort court, in front of a room full of people and explaining what you were doing in your car on the side of the road.”

I nodded yet again. Still staring down at the pavement.

“Well I guess we’ll just have to make sure this doesn’t get to court.”

I saw him unzip his fly and pull his cock out. My eyes bugged out of there head and what this cop was proposing I do. Not because it was ridiculous, but because it’s exactly what I wanted and his cock was huge, even when only semi-hard it had to be ten inches already.

He pushed me down hard onto my knees, and pushed his cock in my mouth. I sucked it into my mouth as far as it would go. It quickly found the back of my mouth and my gag reflex. If it had been a long time since I had my ass filled, it had been longer since I had had a big fat juicy cock in my mouth, and this sure fit the bill. I sucked him as best I could. He was hard now and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get this monster all the way in my mouth so I wrapped both my hands around it and stroked him while I continued sucking him off. He was moaning, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I kept gagging on it, but less each time. I knew he was trying to force his hot member down my throat anyway he could. Slow or fast he was going to get it down his cocksucker’s throat. I can’t say as I was opposed to the idea. So I greedily sucked at his cock, encouraging his onslaught of my throat. When I had it about three-quarters of the way in my mouth, he grunted and told me to get up and turn around.

As soon as I stood up he had be turned around and bent over the hood of my car. He had his had on my shiny new buttplug, twisting it around. Then he quickly pulled it from it’s home and replaced it with his cock. He shoved it hard up into me. Even still I knew he had more to give, so I pushed back. Wanting his whole cock deep inside my ass. I pushed back onto him over and over, trying to fuck him as best I could. It wasn’t long before he pushed me down onto the car, hard. He Serdivan Escort was fucking me mercilessly now. Forcing every inch of his (had to be 13 inches) cock into me. Even with the plug having already stretch me out, he was still ripping me a new one with each plunge of his massive cock.

I couldn’t take anymore of this, I started shooting cum all over me car. I was sapped of energy and helpless now. He fucked away at my ass for what seemed like hour. Harder and harder. Unrelenting.

Soon though he started to slow down, forcing his cock hard into me but slower. And not quite pulling it out much either. I knew he was going to cum. I clenched my ass around his cock as hard as I could. He pulled out after the last thrust and told me to suck him off. I did as was told and started sucking his big fat cock again, stroking it just like before. His hands grabbed the back of my head and he started fucking my face once more. He was grunting and moaning loud, I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

He pushed me off and back against the car, he started stroking it hard and fast now. Right in front of my face. I smiled and went to take it back into my mouth again, but he pushed me back, hard, and held me there still stroking it in front of my face.

Then I felt it hit my face, he was cumming gallons. Only three shots and it already covered half my face, but he wasn’t done yet, he was still jerking it fiercely. Another stream of cum hit my eye. Another on my forehead. Yet he was still pumping his nig hose. Three more shots finished him off and my face was completely covered in cum. I went to wipe some of it off but he caught my hand and told me not to get dressed or clean myself off until I got home. Then he spun me around so I was facing the car again. He forced the plug back into my ass hard. He chuckled, and leaned down to my ear and whispered…

“Thank my lil buddy at the video store, for tipping me off to your purchase back there.”

He spanked my ass before walking back to his patrol car.

I got in my car and just sat there, marveling at what had just happened. Again I noted the clerk at the adult store, but this time the note was to remind me to repay him for the favor. I started the car. Wiggled my ass around my new buttplug and drove off, thinking of all the ways I was going to pay back that twink cashier. But that’s another story altogether.