Caught by Mom

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Caught by MomI was mortified by the sound of her voice as she said “And just what the hell are you doing with my panties?” I stood frozen with a pair of her panties in my hand as I jacked my cock and another pair of used ones held to my nose. I didn’t know what to do… I tried to hide and Mom grabbed my arm. You aren’t going anywhere with these as she grabbed the panties away from my face. She grabbed the panties that were still wrapped around my cock. I ran to my room and slammed the door. I hurriedly got dressed hoping I could leave. I had just got my license at 16 but no way Mom would let me drive the car. Dad had been gone for about 5 or 6 years. I had always had a thing for older women and Mom was definitely a Hottie. All my friends called her a MILF and I thought so too. I had recently started spying on her whenever konya escort she was in the shower or changing and a couple times snuck in while she was sleeping and looked at her gorgeous body. I was really horny and had been looking for a pair of her panties when I saw a pair on the top of the dirty clothes. I picked it up and started sniffing it. I was mesmerized with the musky smell of her pussy. Red bikini panties. I love red. Anyways, after Mom had caught me masturbating with her panties, things were a little cool for a couple days. I tried keeping my distance because I was so embarassed. Eventually Mom came to my room one night and told me that she wasn’t upset with me that it was normal for a teenage boy to have feelings and need an outlet. She then surprised me when she said that seeing my hard cock had stirred escort konya some feelings in her. After all it had been over 5 years since Dad had run off with his secretary. Mom asked if she could see my cock again. As an incentive she held out her red panties. I could smell that they had recently been worn. And I brought them to my face. My cock was starting to make a tent in my gym shorts when Mom said, I see you like those huh? As I inhaled deeply I instinctively push my shorts down and my rock hard cock was out in front of my Mom. She reached over and started stroking my cock. I loved the smell of my Moms panties but Mom asked if I wanted to smell the real thing. At first I didn’t realize what she was asking. But when she laid back on my bed and let her robe fall open exposing her naked body. She stuck a finger konya escort bayan in her pussy and then held it to my nose. I almost came right then and there.I was totally fixated on the smell of her pussy. I moved closer to her pussy. The smell was musky and rich. The closer I got to her pussy the better. I had never seen a real pussy up close. Only the porn that I occasionally got. As I leaned forward Mom grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face right into her pussy. I was in heaven. I started rubbing my nose up and down the slit when Mom told me to lick her. I started licking up and down her pussy lips. The taste was intoxicating. Mom started rubbing her clit in a circular motion while I licked her lips up and down. Mom came all over my face. I came all over the floor and hadn’t even touched my cock. Mom went and got a towel from the bathroom and cleaned up the mess. I didn’t want to wash my face. I laid on the bed just enjoying the smell.Mom taught me alot about eating a womans pussy. To this day it is one of the first things I love to do.