Catherine’s Nude Beach Diary Ch. 01


I’m Rob, a retired senior living in Pismo Beach along the central coast of California. I have just spent the past weekend with two hot and horny ladies at the Pismo Beach State Campground. They are friends but couldn’t be more different physically; Nanette is very svelte with nice tear-drop boobs while Hannah is an incredible BBW with huge floppy tits that are so much fun to squeeze. The expression, more than a handful, applies to her. Both ladies had to go home when their husbands returned from a fishing trip. I will remember this weekend for a long, long time.

I reserved this RV space for six days and am glad I did, as I needed a couple of days to recuperate and give my cock some much needed rest. Both ladies proved to be sexually aggressive and demanded everything I had to give.

Our rendezvous was preceded by several days of sexting. We connected after a chance meeting at the Diamond Adult World sex shop in Grover Beach. A mixup resulted in Nanette sucking my cock through a glory hole in the store’s video booth. With the help of the store’s assistant manager, she was able to track me down. I’m so thankful that she did. Before we met in person, Nanette texted me a couple pictures, one was her beautiful alabaster breasts with pink erect nipples. The second was a picture of her sweet, waxed pussy lips and cute little triangle of brown hair adorning her mound. I was hooked, and we made plans to get together as soon as she could get free.

This past weekend proved to be the best time for both of us. Nanette’s husband left on his fishing trip. Imagine going fishing instead of making love with this sexy lady. I was available as well since my special lady, Catherine, took off on an adventure with her next-door neighbor to visit all of the nude beaches from here to the Canadian border. She wanted to explore new horizons and new cocks. She loves strutting her stuff in front of strangers and loves watching men walk up and down with their hard shafts pointing in her direction. They had a list of several beaches they checked out, including Baker Beach in Humboldt County and Collins Beach in Oregon. I kept telling them there is no better nude beach than Avila Beach, but the ladies were on a mission.

I had a few days to rest and get ready for Catherine’s homecoming since I received this text on Monday.

(Catherine): Hi Rob. Samantha and I have had a wonderful time exploring the nude beaches, but now we are on the way home. We should be back on Thursday. Meet me at my place at 6:00PM, I’ll cook dinner and tell you all about our adventures. I miss you and your hot cock. You can tell me all about your weekend. Love you. ‘C’.

I texted back letting her know I would be there as instructed and that I had quite a story to relate to her regarding my exploits. We enjoy sharing our sexual adventures as our stories always fire us up and we end up having incredible sex with multiple orgasms. Catherine is my soulmate and I am hers.

I love her sparkling blue eyes and sweet smile that lights up any room she enters. When we first met over a year ago, I was immediately attracted to her tall form, standing at five-feet nine inches and big, beautiful Double-D tits. Catherine has a joyful outlook on life and makes friends with everyone she meets.

Catherine is also a confirmed nudist and enthusiastic exhibitionist. She loves to be naked wherever and whenever she can. This explains her current adventure exploring the nude beaches in the Pacific Northwest with her next-door neighbor, Samantha.

It’s Thursday afternoon and I just returned my travel trailer to the storage yard. I’m ready to find out all about Catherine’s trip. My bags are packed, and I head up to San Luis Obispo. Catherine greets me at her door wearing the same red cocktail dress she wore for our first anniversary celebration. The neckline is cut so low that her tits threaten to spill out, and the hem line is way above her mid-thigh. I know right away tonight is going to be special. But then, every night is special with my sex goddess.

“Welcome sexy man. I really missed you these past two weeks. Samantha and I had fun on our trip, but it didn’t compete with our love making. Come in, come in, I’ve got a lot to share and I bet you do to.”

Catherine grabs me by the waist and presses her Double-D’s hard against my chest. I’ve missed her too. Our lips mash together in a passionate kiss as her tongue invades my mouth. We clutch each other as if it’s been years since we were together. It’s only been two weeks and I know we both have stories to share.

“I missed you too, Cath. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures, especially after that text and picture you sent me.”

“Oh, the one where Samantha is eating my pussy on the beach?”

“That very one. I’m sure there is a long story to go with it.”

“Well, that was our tame moment. There is a lot to tell, but first dinner and then I need to set the right mood for us.”

“Well this red dress is a sure start to getting my mood right.”

“Wait until you see what I have on, or don’t have on underneath. Now, come into the kitchen, balçova escort I’ve been very busy cooking this afternoon.”

Wonderful aromas fill the kitchen. Catherine stands over the stove stirring the soy-chile glaze for the flank steaks cooking in the oven. I can’t resist cuddling up to her and wrapping my hands around her waist. I nuzzle her neck and lift my hands to cradle her boobs covered by her red satin dress. I feel her firm Double-D’s and am reminded of just how spectacular her body is.

Catherine turns her head and our lips meet in a gentle kiss. She then twists her body and raises a large wooden spoon covered in hot liquid.

“Better watch those wandering hands buster, or you might get a face full of soy-chile glaze. You’ll just have to wait for your dessert, now go check the steak in the oven.”

I can take a hint. Catherine returns to stirring the pot with the biggest grin on her face. I check on the flank steak. The thermometer shows medium-rare, so I pull out the steak and place it on the island. Catherine finishes cooking some brown rice while I ladle the glaze onto the steak. Catherine and I share an amazing dinner complete with red wine. We talk about what’s been happening in the news since we were last together. We both drop hints about how we spent our time but hold the details for later.

After dinner and coffee, I help Catherine clean-up. We are both excited to get the evening started and move into the den. Catherine starts up the gas fireplace and tells me to hold tight for a moment. She leaves and returns a few moments later, clutching a large blanket.

“Rob, help me spread this out on the floor next to the fireplace. I don’t want to get my sheepskin rug dirty. I have a feeling we might be getting a little crazy tonight.”

Her blanket is big enough to fit six people on it and it is super soft. With the blanket stretched out, we stand in the middle face to face. I lean in and our lips lightly touch. I taste the strawberry lipstick highlighting her lips. Our mouths linger as I stare into her bright blue eyes.

“May I remove your dress Catherine?”

“Please do.”

Catherine turns around and I unbutton the top three buttons that hold her bodice in place. She turns around to face me again and I lower her top to reveal the demi-bra supporting her breasts. Her crimson areole surround thumb-size nipples already erect and begging to be sucked.

“I detect a darker tan Catherine. It looks like you got a lot of sun.”

“To be honest, I think I was nude more than I was dressed. I don’t remember the last time I was naked for so much of the time, unless it was our trip over in Sequoia National Park.”

I push Catherine’s dress lower as I bend my head to capture her right nipple between my lips. I suck gently on the nub and scrape her sensitive skin with my teeth. Catherine catches her breath with my touch. I move to her left nipple and suck a bit harder. She places her hand around my head and presses my face against her firm tit. I spend several moments sucking her nipple and then raise up for another kiss. Our mouths press together, a little more forceful this time. When we break apart, Catherine sighs.

“Oh wow, you are already making me wet. I was hoping to make this evening last, but I think I need an orgasm right now.”

I kneel and slide Catherine’s dress down to the floor. She places her hand on my shoulder and steps out. I am now face to face with her silky-smooth pussy.

“No panties tonight Cath?”

“No panties. It’s time for your dessert.”

I detect moisture along her inner lips. Catherine got her first Brazilian for our one-year anniversary as a surprise for me. Her cunt has been hairless since and she loves me to go down on her. Not just me, but her next-door neighbor Samantha as well. I help Catherine lay down on the blanket and kneel between her spread legs. I move my face closer to her pussy and inhale her sweet fragrance.

“So, Catherine, tell me about that picture you sent. Samantha was eating you on the beach. Did you have an audience.?”

“Rob, please lick my cunt. I’m so horny.”

“Not until I get the details.”

“You are so bad. That was our second day of the trip and we were at Marina State Beach just above Monterey. We were the only ones on that stretch of beach so we both went topless, even though it’s not a nude beach. The warm sun felt good and I let Samantha talk me into getting completely naked and then she surprised me by eating my pussy. Now it’s your turn, so get to it.”

I don’t keep Catherine waiting another minute. She moves her hips up and I kiss and lick her smooth mound. I lick up all the sweet juices that form on her labia. Catherine’s dark red inner lips hang down from within her slit and I lick them from bottom to top. I place my hands on her thighs to open her pussy a little more. Her inner labia separates and I dart my tongue into the center. I lick up and down her smooth outer lips and lick all around her thighs. I suck her pink flesh between my lips. Catherine places her hand foça escort behind my head and pulls me tight against her cunt. I use my tongue to drill deep into her core and then slide up to her clitoris.

“Gawd Rob keep licking my clit, suck it baby. You’re driving me crazy. So good.”

I press my lips tight against her pussy and move my hands up to her breasts. My fingers trace around her crimson aureole and pinch her nipples. Catherine grabs my hands and presses them to her boobs. She is so close to cumming. Catherine’s thighs close in and trap my head. I suck her pink pearl between my lips and maintain a constant suction. Catherine bucks her hips as I stimulate her clit. My tongue flicks her nub back and forth until she moans.

“Oh, my gawd, I’m cumming. So good my love, you’re the best.”

Catherine’s body spasms and my mouth is filled with sweet juices. Her cum covers my face and my lips stay pressed to her clitoris while her hips push up from the blanket. I hold her ass through her climax and then ease up as her sensitivity spikes. It takes several minutes to regain her composure. Catherine is flushed and her breathing is ragged. Her legs remain separated as I move up and lay beside her. My hand covers her smooth mons and I massage her outer lips while she comes back to earth.

Catherine pushes my hand away and kneels up. She is ready to reciprocate, and I am ready for her soft lips to wrap around my cock.

“Stand up Rob and let’s get these pants off. I want you as naked as me.”

I stand and unbutton my shirt while Catherine works on my belt buckle. She loosens it and slides my pants down to the floor. My cock jerks up and nearly hits her in the face. I step out of my pants and Catherine casts them aside. She grabs my hard shaft and stares at my cock.

“Well, well, look at what we have here.”

Catherine moves her fist down to the base of my cock and squeezes. My thick shaft responds to her touch as I begin to throb. She looks directly at my cock and talks as if I don’t exist.

“This is what I need. A nice hard, thick cock to play with. So, where have you been these past two weeks? How many ladies have you satisfied since I last had you in my mouth? How many sweet pussies have been wrapped around you, hmmm? Well that doesn’t matter now, I have you in my grasp and you are going to satisfy me all night long. My hot seven-inch friend.”

With that said, Catherine opens her mouth wide and sucks as much of my shaft as she can. She moves her hand to the base of my shaft and applies pressure with her thumb and forefinger as she licks up and down my shaft. Her saliva bathes my cock. She opens her mouth again and sucks my shaft into her mouth. Her lips move up while she applies a gentle suction which feels so good. She releases the tip of my cock with a pop.

“Mmm, you taste good.”

Catherine takes me into her mouth again and bobs her head back and forth. She licks all around my shaft and then grabs my balls, rolling them around her fingers. She pulls my hairless sack down as she continues sucking. I am really enjoying this blow job.

“I love your shaved balls Rob. So yummy to lick. Remind me to tell you about our adventure with the young boys at Humboldt. They need to learn how to manscape.”

Catherine is eager to finish me off quickly, so I can fill her cunt with my thick cock. She grips my shaft as hard as she can and proceeds to jack me off. Her hand moves quickly up and down as she applies a hard suction to my glans. Once again, she has me close the edge. I rest my hands on her shoulders to steady my body. My legs are shaky.

“Gawd Cath, I am so close again. I’m going to cum. Get ready to swallow my cum, baby.”

Catherine has her lips glued to my glans as she masturbates me to orgasm. I press my hips to her face and release several strands of jizz down her throat. I watch my love swallow each spurt without missing a beat. When she takes a moment to breathe she continues to pump my shaft, drawing a few more lines of spunk onto her hand. When she is satisfied that I have no more cum, she releases her grip and licks her fingers clean.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm, there is just something about your cum that I love. I just can’t get enough of it. Just be warned this is only your first climax of the evening. I want so much more.”

That’s the Catherine I know. Insatiable and ready for more. We both drop down on the blanket to rest our satisfied bodies. I roll on my back and Catherine rolls on top of me pressing her firm tits into my chest. She straddles my body and grinds her sex into my soft shaft.

“I’m going to need a few minutes to revive my poor cock before we continue.”

“Take all the time you need, we have all night. My pussy can wait for your thick cock, as long as it is within the next fifteen minutes.”

“Geez Catherine, you are killing me.”

“I know what, play with my tits and stroke my cunt while I tell you about our nude beach travels. I’ve already told you about Samantha eating me on Marina State Beach. I swear my new neighbor torbalı escort is a sex fiend. I think she may be a borderline nympho.”

“I would agree, after all I’ve only been around her three times so far and all three times we’ve ended up naked and fucking.”

Catherine kisses me and presses her tongue deep into my mouth. Our tongues tango for several minutes before she rolls off me and onto her back. I roll to my side and palm her right breast, squeezing and molding her firm flesh. Her nipple responds to my touch and hardens immediately. I move my hand to her left boob and do the same. Her Double-D’s stand proud.

“So, we were at Baker Beach in Humboldt County and Samantha and I were enjoying the warm sun. We were both topless but had out bikini bottoms on. We used sunscreen to protect our skin and our boobs were glistening with the sun’s rays. We were about twenty yards from the water. After an hour or so we noticed a young man walking back and forth along the shoreline. He was wearing sunglasses, but we could tell he was checking us out. Samantha massaged and squeezed her tits when he was close to us to see if he would notice. He noticed alright, as he laid his towel on the sand and plopped down just fifteen feet away. He was sitting sideways pretending to look out to the ocean, but we knew he was focused on our tits.”

I can’t blame the kid, I would have done the same thing. In fact, I used to do just that as a teen and in my early twenty’s. I’d go to Avila Beach and stroll around looking for older ladies with huge boobs. I would then find a spot close enough, so I could ogle their tits. It made for some nice masturbation material that night. I move my hand down to cup Catherine’s smooth mons and ask her to continue her story.

“About fifteen minutes later, Samantha tells me she is going to try to entice him over. She was so horny during our entire trip. Samantha shimmies out of her bikini bottoms and is completely naked. She walks over to the young boy’s towel and sits down right beside him cross-legged. I’m sure he had a clear view of her smooth pussy, as well as her huge tits. I thought he was going to jump out of his skin. I could see her talking to him and then she starts rubbing his back. She has no shame.”

I dip my fingers between Catherine’s labia and feel the moisture begin to build. I use my finger to rub her slit back and forth creating more wetness.

“Cath, I think you are getting turned on just remembering what happened. Are you sure you want to continue?”

“Yes, yes, I haven’t even gotten to the good parts yet. There is so much more to tell. So, I’m watching the scene before my eyes and then Samantha stands up. The young man stands up and pushes his shorts down to the ground. I see his cock pop up and stick straight out, hard as a rock. Samantha grabs his cock and leads him over to me. I’m thinking, ‘Oh my god, she is going to get us arrested’. Samantha introduces me to Joshua. She says Joshua is twenty-two and goes to school at Humboldt State. Samantha lets go of his cock, moves her towel over, and tells him to put his towel between ours. Mind you, I am now face to face with a twenty-two-year old’s hard cock just inches away. I could have leaned over and licked his shaft.”

I rub Catherine’s clitoris which has now become quite erect. She spreads her legs to let me have more room to play. I look down to see that my cock is starting to come back to life. I’m semi-erect just listening to this story.

“So, Catherine, did you lick his shaft, or go all the way and suck his cock? Did he have a big one?”

“Rob, please let me continue. No, I didn’t suck his cock. Well, at least not at this moment.”

“Cath, you are so bad. I bet I can tell where this is going to end up.”

“And Joshua has an average size cock, nothing to write home about. He also has hairy balls. What’s wrong with these boys? Why don’t they understand ladies love smooth balls and will always go down on them if they are just clean shaven. I much prefer your mature, hard seven inches and smooth balls, I’ll never deny you a blow job.”

“That’s good to know, especially since I’m now rock hard myself.”

“Joshua sits down between us with his hard cock pointing up. I could tell he was a little nervous. I bet he never thought he would be sitting between two naked MILF’s with a hard-on between his legs. Samantha and I take a few minutes to quiz Joshua on his life. We ask about his studies; if he has a girl friend; how long has lived in the North State, things like that. And then Samantha says, how often do you masturbate, and would you masturbate for us. Well, the poor kid just about fainted. Before he could muster a response, she said, don’t worry, I’m just kidding. She has an evil sense of humor.”

“And big, beautiful tits.”

“Rob! Enough! Anyway, I can tell Joshua is just dying to reach over and feel our boobs. I might have let him, if Samantha didn’t pipe up and ask if she could spread some sunscreen on him to protect his fair completion. You should have seen his reaction, he almost came on the spot. So, Joshua lays down on this blanket and Samantha pulls out her bottle of SPF30. She squirts a line of lotion on his chest and begins to spread it around. As she is applying the sunscreen, she leans over so that her left nipple is just inches from his mouth. I don’t know why he didn’t grab her boob and start sucking, perhaps he was just too…”