Castle in the Woods


The day was as beautiful as anyone could want, warm sunlight, colorful leaves, the last vestiges of fall, glowing.

She took her basket and the blanket she brought with her, to the top of the hill where the deserted castle stood. Smiling softly to herself, she shivered with anticipation.

As she spread the blanket in the old library, she heard the sound of footsteps behind her. Rising slowly, eyes lowered, Camille turned expectantly, knowing that bliss was but a few feet away. “Well done, my pet” she heard him say. Smiling softly she approached him, ever mindful of her position. He raised her face to his, kissing her gently, tugging at her lip with his teeth. “You have been a very good girl, and I know just how to reward you”.

The sun was streaming in the windows, warming the stone room, giving it an inviting glow. “You are far overdressed my pet, I think you need to remedy that!” Knowing the command well, she began to disrobe. He took his pleasure watching her, eyes caressing each exposed inch of flesh. Rising from his chair, he opened the basket, knowing that this was not to be a normal picnic and not disappointed in what he found.

Master Butterick hearing no sound behind him, turned to see her watching him, awaiting his next command. “You are magnificent, my sweet”, he gently stroked her face and then dragged his fingers down her throat over her breast. Hearing the sharp intake of breath, he knew that the day would be his, dedicated to his pleasure.

“Now, bring me the ties that bind, my love.” She pads quietly to the basket, takes out the silken cords and returns to her Master, presenting them to him obediently.

He beckons to her, and gently ties her wrists together, making the knots strong in the soft cord. “Now my pet kneel before me,”

Camille kneels before her Masters chair, eyes lowered, while he removes the other treats from the basket.

She hears a tinkling sound and trembles. He slowly begins Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort to roll the wheel across her jaw, down the side of her neck to her collarbone. Passing it over her soft breasts and across the taught nipples. She moans quietly, feeling the exquisite pain/pleasure. He rolls the wheel back up the other side of her neck and places a kiss below her ear.

“My pet, I am going to enjoy this day, I plan to use you for my pleasure. If you please me well, I will allow you your own.” He whispered to her as his teeth grazed her earlobe.

He takes a stout chain from the basket and threads it over the old oak beam; he fastens her wrists to the chain and returns to the basket for his crop.

Softly he begins stroking her breasts with the crop, increasing the pressure, gently striking each nipple. She whimpers and arches her back. The sounds increase his passion and he strikes a bit harder with the crop.

“Does this please you pet? Is it making you wet for me?”

He watches the slight nod and smiles. “Perhaps you are hoping for release, and you shall have it.” She moans again. “But, not yet my sweet, not just yet.“

Before I give you your pleasure, I want to make sure you appreciate it.”

He strikes her rounded ass with the crop, and smiles as she jumps. She is trembling and tiny sounds emit from her throat. That’s it my pet, enjoy the sting, let it build your passion for me.

The smell of a match scents the air as he lights a candle. Slowly, drop-by-drop he lets the hot wax drip onto her soft body. Each drop earns a tiny sound, a soft moan from the back of her throat. Applying the hot wax to her softest spots makes her cry out. But the cry is drawn from passion and desire. Her eyes follow him, pleading for release.

“Do you want to cum now, my pet?” He asks with a knowing smile.

Again a silent nod, breath coming in short bursts.

“Soon, very soon, but not Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort yet” the words give promise but no release and she knows that when it comes it will be glorious. Her Master unties her wrists and bids her kneel before him.

“You know what pleases me, my pet, use your talents to bring me to my release, but do not give in to your own ”

As he sits, he is exposed and she instinctively wets her lips. Gently her tongue seeks his warmth, licking and stroking the softest skin a man can have. Hearing his breathing change, she stops in wonder. Feeling the sting of the crop on her ass, she begins again with more intensity. Licking and sucking on his balls, then sliding her tongue up to the tip and taking him into her mouth. Again she stops, this time to adjust her position, a delay which earns her another strike of the crop. The pain is so incredible and it reverberates through her body. The desire for release is so overwhelming that she has to force herself to concentrate on his pleasure. The feel of his cock against the roof of her mouth is nearly more than she can take.

Licking and sucking while gliding her breasts against him, brings him closer and closer to an explosion of passion. He takes her head in his hands and sets the rhythm; her own hands fall to her sides, submitting to his desires.

The explosion begins; he wraps his legs around her, massaging her ass while he thrusts deeply into her mouth. Feeling the warmth begin to flow, She instinctively swallows, increasing the pressure on the head of his cock, causing him to moan, to emit an animal howl of intense proportions.

Satisfied, he strokes her hair, dragging his fingers across her jaw. She leans into the caress, pleading for her own release.

“You have done well, my pet” he smiles down at her, then reaches into the basket for yet another toy. “Here you go, use this to bring yourself even closer, but do not give Ataşehir Ucuz Escort in.”

Handing her the vibrating toy, he bids her lie back, and watches her stroke her soft folds, knowing that it wont be long before she is at the brink of ecstasy.

His suspicions are correct; she begins to writhe, and moan, moving quickly to the highest spot, ready to plunge into the abyss.

“Take it away from there, my love.” She whimpers, nearly in tears of frustration. He joins her on the blanket, parts her thighs, gazing down at her soft smooth beauty and strokes one finger across her wetness, bringing it back to his lips for a taste. Her pleading eyes follow his finger. “Who makes you cum?” he demands of her.

“You do Master” she replies. “Very good my pet” you have done well and I am pleased.

Smiling, he lowers his face, and breathes in her pungent fragrance, alternating between kissing and biting at her thighs. She moans, and squirms, knowing she cannot hold out much longer. “Please, Master” she begs.

“Tell me what you want my pet”, he demands. She becomes shy, hesitant to voice her needs, not wanting to be demanding of the man who she desires to please in all things.

“Tell Me,” he commands her. A tiny voice begs for release, “Please Master, take me over the edge”

Without a word, he plunges his tongue deep into her warmth, licking and stroking at her tender bud.

The waves of passion overcome her and she cries out, screaming and writhing uncontrollably.

Tears begin to flow, her mind on another level of consciousness. The fireworks of her orgasm keep exploding as her body grabs at his tongue, her legs stroke up and down his sides, her wetness flows over his face.

Gently floating back to earth, she is aware of his body covering hers, warming her skin, easing her trembling. She smiles through her tears.

He moves to one side and gently gathers her into his arms. An air of intense satisfaction surrounds them, the day, as he expected has been a perfect one. He is pleased with his pliant sub. And she is happy having pleased her Master.

The sun sets behind the Castle in the Woods, and Master Butterick takes Camille back to Mundania to plan for yet another day of pleasure.