Cassie’s Love


Cassie was 19 and built like a porn star goddess, standing at 5’6 with long shapely legs, a beautiful golden tan and long blonde hair. The blue of her eyes were matched only by the seductive waves that crashed on the rocks of the California coastline. Her breasts were flawless and her pussy perfectly shaven. Cassie had always been a beautiful child, both inside and out. She was always very popular and many males, young and old, had fantasized about her while jacking off in the late night hours.

The summer she turned 18, her mother and father announced they were getting a divorce, which came as no surprise to Cassie. She had been the referee in their arguments more then once. After the divorce, her father moved to the East Coast, and to a new life. Her mother, on the other hand, stayed in California and proceeded to date some of the most disgusting men Cassie had ever met in her life.

One night upon returning home from one of her numerous dates, Cassie’s mom, Gloria sunk down in the couch and began to cry. She heard Gloria’s sobbing from all the way upstairs, and this troubled her.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” asked Cassie, standing on the bottom step.

“Nothing honey, go back to bed, I’m sorry I woke you up,” Gloria whispered from the darkened living room.

Well now that Cassie was awake, she would not be able to go right back to sleep.

“No, it’s ok, Mom, do you want to talk about it?”

“No, really I don’t, Cassie,” said Gloria.

“Well it must be something big to make you cry, Mom, you never cry,” answered Cassie.

“I miss your father,” said Gloria, after a long pause, “He’s in New York living the good life with that bitch he cheated on me with and I’m still here trying to re-enter the dating scene at 41 years old, it’s a joke.”

“Mom, you’re not a joke, these guys are just jerks,” said Cassie, rubbing her mom’s shoulders.

“What am I thinking, Cassie?” she asked, sinking further down into the sofa.

“Mom, you’re a beautiful woman, any man would jump at the chance to make you his,” said Cassie, rubbing a little harder.

“Oh honey, you’re sweet, but I have to face it, I’m not 20 years old anymore and I’m sure as hell not built like you,” she said, wiping her nose with a hanky.

“I think you’re beautiful, Mom,” whispered Cassie, looking down into her mother’s tear filled eyes.

Gloria reached out and grabbed her daughter, hugging her tightly and gently running her fingers thru her hair. Cassie responded by sliding off her knees and onto her young ass, snuggling into her mother. She found comfort in the way her mother stroked her hair. She closed her eyes and listened to her mother’s heart beating softly beneath her ample breasts.

Hours later, Cassie awoke, still snuggled against her mother. She turned slightly to see the time ….. 4:19 a.m. Her mother was sleeping peacefully, having cried herself to sleep, cuddling her babygirl. It was still dark outside, so Cassie tried to move steadily and quietly, as not to disturb Gloria.

“Where are you going, honey?” whispered Gloria.

“Mom, it’s late, I’m going to bed, do you want to just sleep here?” asked Cassie.

Gloria extended her hand out and pulled Cassie back down to the sofa.

“Don’t go, Cassie, stay here with Mommy a little longer,” she whispered.

Even though Cassie was sleepy and wanted to return to the comfort of her bed, she stayed with her mom. She took her place back on her mom’s chest, snuggling into her tits and again listening to the perfect beating of a sad heart.

As Cassie rested her head on her mother’s soft pillows, she began to notice how large and perfectly round they were. Would hers ever get this big? She could not resist reaching up and gently cupping one, to get a feel for the Kayaşehir Escort entire breast.

She jumped a bit when she heard her mother moan and shift on the sofa.

The more Cassie rubbed her mother’s tits, the more she liked it. They were perfectly round and full and her small nipples were beginning to rise on the tips. Still Gloria slumbered as Cassie reached down and slid her hand beneath her mother’s loose fitting silk shirt. Her eyes widened when she realized there was no bra beneath the silk, just the fleshy pillows she had been resting her head upon.

It excited Cassie to feel her mother’s tits, so natural, so heavy and so perfect.

“Baby, what are you doing?” asked her mother sleepily.

“I’m touching your tits, Mom, please say it’s ok,” whispered Cassie.

There was a long pause, then her mother shifted again, only this time to sit up on the sofa. Cassie could feel her mother reaching.

“No, Mom, don’t turn the light on, I like the mystery of the darkness,” said Cassie.

Her mother agreed to keep the light off and also to let her daughter continue massaging her tits.

“Would this be easier if I slid my shirt off, Cassie?” Gloria asked.

“Mmmm, yes Mom, take it off,” Cassie purred in the darkness.

In a flash, Cassie felt the cool breeze of the shirt zip past her as Gloria tossed it to the floor.

“This is only right if I am allowed to rub your tits too, baby,” Gloria whispered.

“Not yet, Mom, just sit back and let me make you feel better,” said Cassie.

Gloria didn’t say a word, she just slumped back down in the sofa and closed her eyes, enjoying the firm touch of her porn star goddess daughter.

Cassie leaned in and licked her mother’s nipples gently, letting the tip of her tongue bounce off the warm flesh. Then teasingly twirled her tongue around the tip of the nipple before gently, yet firmly, nibbling on it as it rose in her mouth. She felt her mother’s hands cup around her head, pulling her daughter’s young mouth closer to her nipple.

“Ohhh God, Cassie, I haven’t felt this good since you were a baby and used to drink from my nipples,” moaned her mother.

Cassie began to suck harder, tugging Gloria’s erect nipples with her teeth. Her mother massaged the other tit, as not to leave it unattended. As Cassie worked her mother’s nipples back and forth, she slid her hand down to Gloria’s lap. Gloria responded by opening her legs slightly as to tell her daughter, yes I want this too.

Cassie wasted no time moving her small hand up her mother’s thigh, which was smooth and firm. She felt the heat from her mother’s pussy radiating from beneath her panties. As Cassie alternated from the left nipple to the right, her hand continued its upward search for the heat that was so prominent.

Gloria spread her legs a bit more when she felt Cassie’s hand bump her panty clad pussy. Her eyes widened when she felt her daughter’s small fingers hook just inside the elastic of her panties that were now becoming wet.

“Mmmm” moaned Cassie, realizing her mother was getting off on this as much as she was.

She wasted no time extending her slender middle and forefinger into the warm wet slit, her fingertips slightly inside her mother’s hot hole.

Cassie released the suction she had on her mother’s tits and leaned up, kissing her hard and passionately.

Gloria was not sure what was going on, but this felt so good and she wanted to see how far they could both take this in the early morning darkness.

As they kissed, Cassie let her 2 fingers slide inside her mother’s snatch. And Gloria slid her hand up underneath Cassie’s nightie, cupping her daughter’s young, perfect tits.

Cassie kissed her mother even harder and in return, Kayaşehir Escort Bayan Gloria rubbed her daughter’s tits harder, pinching her young nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Cassie responded by pushing her 2 fingers in deeper and wiggling them around inside her mother. They both moaned into the kiss, each getting more and more turned on.

Cassie could feel her mother’s tight pussy clamp down around her small fingers. She could feel the sticky sweet juices that flowed thru this mature, hot pussy. Cassie gave her mother’s pussy one last deep push, then quickly pulled her fingers from the dripping cunt.

“Stand up, Mom, “whispered Cassie.

Gloria said nothing as she extended her hand into the darkness, feeling for her daughter’s hand.

Cassie reached out too and found her mother’s hand, pulling her up from the sofa. The 2 women stood face to face, unable to see each other, but feeling their breath.

“Take your clothes off, Mom,” ordered Cassie, as she slid her nightie from her hot teen body.

Gloria obeyed and finished removing her clothes, until she too was naked in the darkness.

“Now get on your hands and knees, Gloria,” whispered Cassie.

This was a side of her daughter that Gloria had no idea existed, but she liked it alot.

Obediently, Gloria fell to the floor and got on her hands and knees, unsure of what her daughter’s next request or action might be.

Cassie smiled wickedly, loving the new found control she had. She walked over to the fireplace and turned on the small lamp that sat on the mantle. Both the women squinted their eyes, trying to adjust to the sudden shock.

Cassie just stood there for a moment, looking at her mother on all 4’s, her beautiful mature body, ripe and ready for some attention. It made Cassie’s pussy throb just seeing her mother like this.

Gloria turned her head and looked up at her daughter, her body so firm, so young, so hot. She found herself so sexually attracted to Cassie’s beautiful tits.

Cassie said nothing as she walked over to her mother and stood behind her, looking down at her beautiful round ass. Slowly she slid down to her knees, until her young body was only inches from her mother’s asshole. She reached out and placed her small hands on Gloria’s ass, gently prying the tight cheeks apart, exposing the delicious pink, puckered hole.

Gloria closed her eyes and bit down on her trembling bottom lip, slowly easing her ass back towards Cassie.

Cassie smiled and leaned in, taking a deep breath, inhaling her mother’s sex. Her tongue slithered out, barely touching the puckered hole.

“Ohhh mmmm baby, that feels good,” purred Gloria.

Again, Cassie dipped her tongue into the hole, this time letting the tip slide in. She wiggled it around just inside her mother’s rim, teasing her even further.

“God, I love my ass rimmed, baby,” Gloria moaned, gently rocking her hips as to ride her daughter’s tongue.

Cassie found herself becoming extremely turned on by this as she pulled her tongue from Gloria’s asshole.

“Mom, do you know what 69 is?” asked Cassie.

“Mmmm baby, I do, I do,” answered Gloria.

Again, Cassie smiled as she leaned in one last time and placed a wet kiss on her mother’s left ass cheek. Quickly she slid down and positioned herself so that her young pussy was inches from her mother’s watering mouth.

Gloria lowered her pussy down to her daughter’s lip, gently rocking side to side, brushing the fine hair across Cassie’s lips. Cassie reached up and wrapped her hands around her mother’s ass, bringing her further down. Gloria moaned as she felt the heat from her daughter’s mouth dance across her swollen clit.

Cassie wasted no time planting Escort Kayaşehir her tongue inside her mother’s slit, slowly sliding it up and down, licking her like a lollipop.

Gloria lowered her mother to her daughter’s beautiful bald pussy, the smell of Cassie’s sex dancing inside her nostrils.

“Open those sexy legs for me, baby,” Gloria whispered.

Cassie obeyed and spread her long, tan legs wide, revealing her sexy fleshy petals and her beautiful round clit.

The 2 women began licking and kissing each other’s pussies almost in unison. Back and forth their tongues probed each other’s fuckholes, occasionally dipping inside to drink the nectar that seemed to flow so easily.

Cassie raised her hips and began riding Gloria’s face, back and forth as she sucked her mother’s clit into her young mouth. She could taste Gloria’s sweet thick juices oozing out from her clit and coating her tongue. Cassie began to buck her hips harder, almost mashing her clit into her mother’s teeth. As she nibbled her mother’s swollen nub, she reached up and slid a finger into Gloria’s ass.

Gloria moaned and hummed into her daughter’s fresh, hot pussy, responding to the ass fucking.

Quickly Cassie pumped her slender finger in and out of her mother’s ass. Her mouth assaulting Gloria’s growing clit and sucking in her puffy pussy lips.

“Oh God, Cassie, Mommy’s going to cum, mmmmmm make me squirt for you baby,” her mother moaned.

Gloria went to work on her daughter’s soaked pussy, grinding her mouth and teeth on the teen’s swollen clit, sucking and nibbling Cassie’s bald pussy lips into her mouth.

Cassie responded to this by sliding another finger into her mother’s asshole, which had now opened even wider.

The 2 women both moaned and purred in total lust as they each came close to climax.

Gloria lowered herself even more, wrapping Cassie’s legs up in her arms and completely burying her face in her daughter’s hot pussy. She sucked and licked and stroked Cassie’s pussy lips and fuckhole as if her tongue were a small dick. This only made Cassie fuck her mother’s ass harder and deeper, pumping and wiggling her small fingers deep inside the warm asshole.

Gloria’s body began to tremble as small chills covered her body.

Cassie knew her mother was ready to cum so she began fucking her ass and sucking her pussy with force. Her fingers plunged in and out, bottoming out each time as her tongue slid deep within her mother’s juicy, hairy pussy. Gloria fucked her daughter with her mouth like a pro as Cassie began to tremble as well.

Within seconds, both women were panting into the other’s pussy, both shaking uncontrollably as their bodies writhed on the living room floor.

Then the screams of passion as Gloria and her hot teen daughter both came together. Their pussies both squirting like hot pornographic fountains, each feeding the other their sticky sexual nectar. Cassie didn’t miss a drop as she slurped and sucked the hot, sitcky cum that oozed from her mother, drinking it as if she were thirsting to death.

Gloria did the same, never missing a drop of the sweet, hot milk that her teen porn goddess was feeding her. They both licked and sucked ’til there was nothing left. Neither of them said a word, they kept their position, both savoring the taste of the other. ‘Til finally, Cassie slid out and got on her knees, crawling to her mother. They kissed passionately, exchanging flavors.

As the sun began to rise and small dots of light filled the living room, both Cassie and her mother knew their relationship had forever been changed.

“So do you still think you are wasting your time in California, Mom?” Cassie asked, grinning wickedly.

Her mother didn’t say a word, she just stood up and helped her daughter off the floor.

They stood there for a moment, kissing and hugging, their hands exploring each other’s naked bodies.

“I love you, Cassie,” Gloria whispered, “You have made me feel good again.”

“I love you too, Mom,” she answered, “Let’s get some breakfast.”