Candys break up lll


Candys break up lllAll her fantasies wear about to come true. Sticking her tongue out Beth ran her tongue up each side of Candys vagina. The burning between her legs turned to flames as she tasted an other woman for the first time. Candy pressed on the back of Beth’s head as she pushed her tongue into her. Beth could feel her own juices building as she lapped up Candys sweet nectar. That’s it, Candy moaned. As she instructed her, Candy pulled at her nipples. Closing her eyes she felt her orgasm building deep within her. As Beth sucked on her friends clit she was pleased hearing the moans she caused. Candy reached down and pulled Beth up as she coated Beth’s tongue. The taste of her own juices fresh on Beth’s lips sent a tingle through her body. Rolling anadolu yakası escort over, Candy reached between Beth’s legs. She was surprised how wet Beth was. Kissing her way down, she planted kisses around Beth’s large breasts. Slipping her fingers into her wet vagina, Candy bit Beth’s swollen nipples softly. Gasping for air, Beth held Candy tightly as a body shaking orgasm raced through her. Bringing her soaked fingers to her mouth Candy sucked on them as Beth watched. Heart pounding with lust, Beth said softly, teach me how to make love. Smiling Candy nodded and kissed her deeply. Candy kissed Beth’s breast and side as she slid down. Caressing one leg, Candy kissed the inside of the other. Pushing her legs pendik escort apart, she kissed Beth’s pelvic area before running a finger over Beth’s swollen clitoris. She bit her hand trying to cover her scream as a jolt shot through her. Laying Beth on her stomach, Candy kissed her shoulders and back. Kneading her meaty flesh, Candy spread Beth’s butt cheeks. As she circled her tongue around Beth’s anus, she slipped her fingers between her soaked lips. Beth buried her face against the mattress and screamed as her butt was being assaulted by Candys tongue. Candy smiled watching Beth’s body responding to her touch. As Candy tugged at her hips Beth sat up on her knees. Holding Beth open, she licked her way down to her moist lips. Beth tuzla escort moaned loudly as Candy moved her finger over her vaginal lips. Her nectar spilled with the parting of her folds. The sounds of smacking echoed as Candy sucked Beth’s juices from her quivering pussy. Her head exploded as a second and third orgasm ripped at her body. Collapsing covered in sweat Beth lay shaking as she recovered from the strongest orgasm she ever felt. Laying beside her, Candy stroked her softly. Looking up Beth said, I never dreamed it would have felt like this. Kissing her shoulder Candy reminded her this can never be mentioned at work. Pulling Candys arm around her, Beth kissed her hand and smiled. Beth woke and looked around. Hearing the shower running she stepped into the bathroom and watched Candy through the glass door. She cupped her breast and rubbed her clitoris as Candy bathed. Her heart jumped when Candy turned and motioned for her to join her. Stepping under the water Beth felt her vagina starting to tingle thinking about round two