Cajun fun

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Cajun funThis is a true story of when i was visiting family in houma,LA.I decided to take a trip to houma,louisiana to visit family i hadn’t seen for a long time,my aunt uncles and cousins.when i arrived i was welcomed by my aunt and cousins,”where’s uncle paul” i asked just as i said it he pulled into the drive way with his work mate and i almost hit the floor this guy was amazingly hot.i sat awkwardly in the living room trying my best not to stare at him but it was impossible,i just kept getting wetter and wetter. after dinner i decided to take a walk to get away from the awkwardness in the house my family darıca escort live right next to the bayou as my uncle and his friend are fisherman and hunter. just as i went to walk out the door he followed me,he said “you shouldn’t be walking out there alone there gators and all sorts running around let me come with you” i could feel my face burning up all i could think was god i hope my face hasn’t went red.he grabbed my uncles rifle and said “lets go” immidiately i started getting wet again he has a rugged hunter look about him my type of guy i said “ok” nervously and we left after walking for around escort darıca 10 minutes into the woods we stopped next to the water he said “me and your uncle work here everyday pretty nice isn’t it”,instead of replying i just went for it grabbed his face and kissed him. to my surprise he started kissing me back,after a few minutes of making out i felt his hand slide slowly down my body,i couldn’t help but quiver he said “sorry too far?” i said “not far enough”. he undid the buttons on my jens and slid his hand down rubbing my pussy by this time i was so wet i couldn’t take it,i could feel him getting hard darıca escort bayan so i rubbed his cock through his jeans and his breathing got deeper,at this moment in time life could not get any better.i slid off his jacket and undid his jeans and started rubbing his cock by this time he had take my jeans down completely and he was rubbing my pussy hard i couldn’t help but moan “i said won’t somebody hear us?” he said “nah not likely out here at this time”. he pushed me towards a tree i leaned over and he slowly slid his rock hard cock inside me it felt amazing he started slowly and got faster and faster i practiclly screaming by now he was rubbing my tits and kissing my neck.i had already came like 3 times and he said “i’m gonna cum,should i pull out?” i told him it was fine and he came inside me he came so hard i swear i could feel it.