Bus Dropped Her and I Picked Her

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Bus Dropped Her and I Picked HerHi, I’m sarosh I’m a big fan of xhamster. I spent most of time reading stories posted here. Thanks for all the readers and the authors. I’m from kerala. But all that i am writing here was happened in cochin. I completed my animation ngineering in cochin and got placed into a advertising company and my first and i am still working here from past one year. Daily I had to travel to my office in MTC bus, which were heavily crowded and hardly got place to stand. lot of youngsters used to travel in that direction bus. Youngsters! Girls! Even they use to depend on bus everyday almost one hour journey.The best time was whenever a bunch of females climbing bus in peak hrs. No much place and I always stood at the center as the girls entered they had no other go than to brush me with their fresh and soft flesh. This would make my corporate penis bulge inside my pant in joy. I often use to enjoy this. I don’t know how many felt my bulge, how many enjoyed and how many cursed.The real Sex Color into my life was ignited in Bus. It was evening; I was waiting for bus after my office along with the thick crowd. 3 bus came in row and I got into second one. No seat was there and had to stand. There were very few girls. I got disappointed. Bus moved two stops. One female got into the bus. I never thought this female would be the sex goddess in my life.She was not fair like me and but still very attractive because of her sexy structure. She had nice round boobs perfectly suiting her body and the curve was very superbly visible from her salwar n kamiz fitting. The whole male crowd in the bus was staring at her silently. Since there were no seats she had to stand too. She was struck between two lust filled males, one was a 35-40 country man and other was a 24 years old fair guy, It’s me, I was in seventh heaven. I started thinking on how I could feel her sexy hot structure. Just felt like I ll grab her round breasts into my hands and squeeze them like a horn. I had to control myself very much. I was holding the pole at chest level. Since she had no support she leaned on the pole when driver applied breaks. Oh my god! Her right breast pumped on my hand on pole! You can imagine me and my naughty guys situation. I got an instant hard in pant. Since the pole was in between us, she didn’t notice but apologized for “breast pumping act “. I was praying that driver should apply break again and again for my luck the man in 35-40 was drunken and smelled badly. Which irritated her and she had no other option then to stand there. No place was there, but She had a fair guy(me) in front of her. She requested me to come to her place and she move to my place just to avoid that drunken man. I decently accepted while moving we had no other choice to brush our bodies with each other. I ll explain, It was just like Im hugging her tightly each movement was like, from her thighs to chest was sticked to my body while turning I could not control my hard and my penis had clearly poked her lower abdomen. I was afraid that she would make a scene but luckily she didn’t for next 30 min, my hard was on as we constantly brushed each other. Each time I use to notice her reaction. She acted like nothing is happening. I almost was wet inside. Her stop came and she was getting down. I felt like even I ll get down with her and try to talk like they show in movies. I didn’t have that courage to talk. Stood there looking at her till she was out of bus. I really had not expected but she turned to me when she got down hatay escort and gave a smile.Smile? What would be that for? Did she notice clearly that I was enjoying her touch? Did she mean to thank me for keeping her away from drunk? Or did she mean something else! I was totally confused I was not able to forget anything that happened that evening. I reached room and masturbated like I never did before. I had a real orgasm in my entire life. Semen was flowing out of my penis as it was searching for her from next day every evening after office I searched for her but never got after 17 days (More than 17 masturbation) exactly She again got into the bus in which I was standing. She didn’t notice me. Crowd was bit less compared to other days. I could not control myself and went to her in rush and stood in front of her showing my face with a smile. She recognized Me! Since the crowd was less and she knew me bit more, I had no chance of rubbing or brushing against her. We exchanged words.. Her sweet voice killed me. I can’t say I was in love or in lust for her. Her stop came. This time I didn’t think much. I got down with her. She was surprised and asked me was that my stop. I lay that I’m going to my friend home. She invited me formally to her home. Me with out hesitating said yes to her invitation. We talked till we reached home. Mean while we exchanged our numbers as I forced. She gave with bit hesitation. She offered me juice and went inside kitchen. One old lady was there at home. No one was there other than two. I didn’t wait as I was almost fucking her in my dreams and thoughts all the while. I entered into kitchen with the glass. She was showing her back n standing. I went so close to her that I was just inch far from her. I could clearly smell her body. I had hard in my penis and it poked into her ass. She was shocked and turned suddenly. I was about to hug her but she pushed me back and her face was red with anger. She without shouting asked me to leave. I begged sorry. But she was not at all in position to listen. She told she would shout and call everyone. I had to leave I was very disappointed at my stupidity. I was not able to masturbate even. I picked up my mobile and called her. She didn’t receive. I kept calling her but she didn’t receive. Then I sent more than 30 messages begging sorry from her. No response was there. I felt bad and was thing what all happened. Suddenly my mobile got a msg blinking “1 Message from Divya I jumped to open it as she had responded somethingDiv: It’s ok.Me: I’m really sorry for what I did.Div: It happens, forget.I was confused with her msg “it happens” what does it mean? What did her really mean? Females are so complex to understand even after seeing her angry I messaged her askindMe: Did you feel bad. Are you angry on me?Div: No was shocked and afraid I was again confused.Me: Then can I meet you again? I ll never repeat anything like before.I didn’t get reply for long. It was already 12 30. Then she asked me to call her. I called. We talked for almost one hr. Most shocking thing was she is married and most pleasured thing was her husband was in USA! I stared asking her how she can stay without her husband at first she behaved normal but suddenly she disconnected when I asked her are you happy in your life and got a message from her sayingDiv: What makes difference to you.Me: I’m your friend now you can consider me to share your feelings. I ll help you.Div: Ok, good night, I was really meaning to satisfy her. May be she understood but thought hatay escort bayan I was stupid asking her all this very soon. Didn’t get any reply from her. I slept and morning ther was a msg from her saying Thank you for being my friend and she had considered me! She called me when I was in office and asked me to come home after office. I was full of? And only expectation of sex sex sex, evening I called her and said that I was leaving from office. She told me to come for dinner as it was Friday. I said I ll come now but she strictly asked me to come after 9. I waited and knocked her door 5 min early. She opened it. Was stunned at her appearance and she had dressed in nice pink saree exposing her naval and very short blouse. You can think of a sex filled mind made my penis hard. She asked me to stay silent and directed me to first floor from her duplex home. Now was dam sure that I’ll have a party today at 10 she came up with sweets and dinner. Oh my God! She was perfect in all edges and I didn’t wait went and took plate from her and kept it aside and hugged her. More than me she was hungry for a male. I started smooch her lips and I literally sucked all the juice from her wet lips but still they invited me to suck again. I was creasing her back with my one hand and other hand reached her ass. I felt like I was touching smooth pillow it made me hornier.I just made her stand against wall and slide one hand inside her hair and pulled her head back and started kissing her neck, ear ending, shoulders with other hand I was squeezing her milky soft belly.. In this act her saree pallu fell down exposing her. Like a hungry lion a grab her both round breasts and squeezed and pressed and was biting her neck area.She started making sounds Mmmhhhh Umm and then she realized the door was not closed yet. She closed the door and rushed back to me. This time I pulled her saree in such a force that she spinned one full round. I held her close to me all the while kissing biting and creasing her body. We rolled in every corner of the room, now she started to remove my dress. My t shirt and she rolled her hand on my chest and enjoyed with her moaning sounds. Now I was biting her breasts and made her blouse wet. She asked me to remove it. I had no patience. I just pulled it hard tearing little. She became hornier by this act. She pushed me on the bed and removed her blouse. She was wearing a black bra. I jumped back from bed and sat on knees infront of her and started squeezing her breasts over bra and was kissing her naval. Fondling it with my tongue and she was moaning heavily. Without waiting I removed her skirt too. Now she was standing only with bra and black panty. She was feeling shy to expose her assets to a boy younger to her. I grabed her waist part and started squeezing her bare ass covered with a last piece of panty. I kissed her stomach navel, slowly moved bit down to lower abdomen. She made a bit loud sound and held my hair and pulled my head hard towards her. I started kissing on her pussy exactly over panty it was already wet. She made me stand and removed my jeans and without waiting she kneeled down and started biting my hard big tool without removing my undies. I felt mad for the touch of o beautiful woman. She pulled my undies in no time and me penis was in her hand. She was staring it for one whole minute and then slowly pushed me on bed and she mounted on me touching her lips to my penis tip. I felt shock through my body. She slowly started massaging my penis with her escort hatay soft wet lips. I held her head with hair and was pulling her towards my penis at one moment I saw she fad taken my full penis inside her mouth. She still wanted to do it and I even wanted it more. I stood up. She was not ready to leave my penis. Slowly I bent down and removed her bra. I lifted her and started sucking her sexiest breasts. I was pulling her breast out with her cherry nipples in my teeth. She went mad and she was pushing her body towards me. Now went down directly and pulled her panty exposing her wet clean shaved beautiful pussy. Hey pussy was just tow inch far from my eye now. Who waits slowly touched her vagina with my lips. I pushed her on bed. She fell on bed and opend her legs wide and show a wonderful view to me. I opened my tongue and slowly was brushing her vagina from top to down. She was shivering. I did it for some time ant slowly started to do it fast and was sliding my tongue inside her vagina and she asked me to come up. Now I was leaning on her and gave kiss, her breasts were hard still, her eyes were asking me to do something and she had opened her leg wide. She in a silent voice told me dear im all yours have me.I held my penis in my hand and placed it on her vagina and started to move the tip of penis through her vagina. She lifted her head and was seeing what I was doing and she widened her legs till max what she can. She was moaning aaahhhh aaahhhh Ummmm Ummmm and her each moan made me stronger. She held my penis and told “Deepu Put this dragon inside me.I couldn’t wait as I heard her tellin my penis as dragon. I just with a push inserted my penis inside her vagina. Now she was screaming. Her pussy was really tight. I felt like I’m fucking a virgin. She told she didn’t have sex from 5 months. I was pushing slowly tearing her pussy. Still it was tight. I didn’t give up as she was screaming in pain n pleasure. I pulled my penis full out and with full force I drilled into her pussy. She felt like screaming with high voice but she was biting my shoulder and controlled. She didn’t allow me to move for some time and held me tight on her after few min slowly I started stroking into her pussy. She started to respond. Each time I push inside she use to lift her pussy for me. Then I increased my speed. We both were enjoying too much. Then she told me to move back and turned showing her back indicating me to hit her in doggy style guy’s best sex pleasure.I mounted on her like a dog and started pumping my penis into her love hole. I was hitting very hard that she slowly dropped herself on bed. She lifted her ass with legs wide open. I felt mad at her posture and slept digging my face in her ass. Her ass hole had invited me it was beautiful. I made it wet and mounted on her to fuck her ass it was very tight and I could not enter her as she was having too much pain. Then we applied oil and I kept pushing till, I digged her ass completely. I was hearing her screams which turned to moans. I fucked her ass for long. She was pushing her ass towards me which was adding extra pleasure for the fuck. Then we had fucked long and I was pushing in deeper her ass and finally exploded loads of semen into her ass. I got tired and even she was both were in sweat even in that AC room. I didn’t remove my penis out of her ass. I just leaned on her and slept holding her breasts. Same night I fucked her 3 more times and she told me to leave before her in law gets up. I left from there with a great achievement. We had lot of sex in all possible positions for one whole month, almost regularly. Last month she flew to US with her hubby and still mails me. I’m single here in Chennai again. 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