Broken In


I had just changed jobs and I really didn’t know anybody at work. That was until Dennis invited me over to his place. Dennis was a tall, good looking guy whom everyone at the company seemed to like. I was surprised when he asked me to stop over and have a beer or two. I went over to his apartment one Friday night and Dennis invited me in. He broke out two beers and we chatted for awhile.

Dennis then said he wanted to show me something. He asked me to follow him back to his bedroom. Once we got there I looked around. All I could see was a king size bed taking up most of the room. Dennis then walked over to me and took me by my belt buckle and pulled me close to him. I was taken by surprise, to be honest. That was when Dennis kissed me hard on the mouth.

I had never done anything with men before. I had only dated women. I tried to pull away, but Dennis was holding me tight to his body.

“Dennis, stop please!” I said to him.

Dennis totally ignored me and he started stripping me down. Off came my shirt and then my pants and underwear. Dennis told me to kick off my shoes and socks. I just stood there until Dennis reached down and took them off for me. I was totally naked now and I was embarrassed. My cock had gotten hard from all that activity. Dennis proceeded to undress and then he pushed me onto the bed with me on my stomach.

I guess I was in a state of shock still. What had gotten into Dennis? The next thing I knew Dennis was on top of my backside. I watched as he reached escort kayaşehir over to a night stand and he grabbed a tube of cream. The light went on and I knew what he had planned for me. I tried to wiggle free, but it was no use. I could hear Dennis lubing up his cock. I forgot to say that Dennis had a big erection. I guessed he was seven inches in length, but his prick was so thick. I looked puny next to him.

I felt Dennis pry my legs apart and I then felt the knob of his cock probing my hole.

Please Dennis, don’t!”

It was no use me begging him to stop. Dennis started to push his erect dick against my tight opening. God, did it hurt. I started to grunt and moan at the same time. Dennis was feeding my ass with his thick rod. He finally must have gotten the whole thing into me. I felt his body pounding against my bottom. His enormous cock was stretching my small ass hole out, that much was for sure.

It was quiet except for my grunting and skin slapping against skin. As I look back on it, Dennis took me like I was his virgin whore that night. Sometime during that fucking I must have given in to Dennis. I started to push back against his hard erection. That was when Dennis started to speed up in his fucking of my ass. He was pounding me hard by that time. I could feel drops of sweat from Dennis hitting my back.

After that buildup Dennis finally let out this roar. He grunted loudly and then sunk his thick cock into me once more. I felt Dennis erupt inside escort anadolu yakası my belly. All that heat from his male cum was heating up my bowels. Dennis kept stroking me for many minutes after he first shot his load into me. I did feel his cock going soft and Dennis did finally pull out of my tortured asshole. He laid onto my back at first. He kissed and bit on my neck after we had finished up our man sex together.

“You better go and get cleaned up,” Dennis told me.

I felt like a truck had hit me. I slowly got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. I sat down and emptied out as much of Dennis love cum that I could. My ass felt so raw after what had happened. I walked back to the bed. Dennis was on his back and he was stroking his prick. I was surprised to see he was hard once more.

“Climb on top,” he told me.

I just looked down at his naked body. If I did as he asked there would be no turning back. I knew I would be fucking men from then on. I got onto the bed and climbed over the middle of Dennis. He reached out and placed his hands on my hips. He started to push me down onto his rod. It was much easier this time around. His male cream had lubricated me for some more fucking.

Dennis started to bring his ass up from the bed. As I sunk down on his thick erection he fed me more of his cock. After a few minutes Dennis took his hands from my hips and brought them to my chest. He began to massage and pinch my nipples. That had always made escort avrupa yakası me hard when a woman had done that to me. This time was no exception. My hard cock was bobbing up and down as Dennis fucked me for a second time. Dennis did reach down and take hold of my cock. He started to stroke me up and down.

I was getting so worked up by this time. I had become accustomed to Dennis having his cock buried in my hole. I was getting so close to popping from Dennis stroked me. I think I just lost control and I shot a stream of my cum onto his chest and face. There was cum flying everywhere. That seemed to push Dennis over the edge as well. I felt him hosing my ass again with his warm liquid. I used my ass muscles the best I could to milk all his love offering from that giant prick.

When we finally did finish up I fell onto the bed and felt like I couldn’t move. Dennis rolled over next to me and we kissed once more.

“I want you as my lover, Alan.”

That was the beginning of the two of us fucking all the time. I did manage to experience fucking another man. Dennis told me he liked to be fucked once in awhile. When we were in bed I lifted his legs up and rested them on my shoulders. I slid my hard cock into my lover and fed him as deeply as I could. I have to admit I did like fucking another man. However I much preferred to have Dennis use me with his thick member.

I know it is probably very stupid the two of us fucking without protection. It’s just when I feel Dennis slide his bare cock into me and then he blows his sticky load into my ass, there is no other sensation quite like it. No one at work knows what we are up to together. I am going to hold onto Dennis as my lover for as long as I can. He plans on fucking me in the shower tonight. I can’t wait!