Brittney and Jeff Ch. 02


The warm wind in my face. The roar of the motor. The smell of exhaust fumes from the non stop traffic. Just me my thoughts and the road. My bike has been quite therapeutic for me the last few days. It gives me a chance to process my thoughts and emotions. I’ve completely changed my life since the birth of my daughter and her mom hates it. And I’ll be damned if she gets away with this.

I’m on my way to see my little sister who I haven’t seen in over 2 years. If it wasn’t for her support I might have lost my shit by now. After our last two conversations it’s going to be interesting to see how tonight goes. She has lit a fire of burning sexual desire in me. She has accepted my bicuriousity and encouraged it. And I’ve had a rock hard cock for days now. I wonder how she would react to me telling her about my other fetish. INCEST. Mother son and brother sister porn is my go too. Although I have never thought about my mother or my sister personally after the other day I wonder.

I pull up to the driveway to be greeted by my sister and nephew. Except for our skin tone we don’t resemble each other at all. I am six foot one. 140 pounds. Thin but muscular. Long brown hair. Brittney is maybe five foot nothing and thick. But she wears it well. Her tits are gigantic. Probably Fındıkzade Escort triple f’s. The only thing her and my ex have in common is their tit size. I think I may be a tit man because of my sister. She started developing her chest around the same time I hit puberty. And believe me I noticed.

We make small talk and visit with my grandparents. I fill them in with all the drama going on over dinner. We eat then sit down and watch a movie together. 8:30 rolls around and our grandparents offer to take little Johnny to bed with them.

Me and Brittney watch the rest of the movie in silence.

“So you want to go talk in the room” she asks.

“Sure” I say as she leads me back to her bedroom.

“So how are you doing?”

“Angry, stressed out, a lot of anxiety. I think it’s causing my body to ache a lot.”

“Ya it does that. You just got to relax. Here lay down and take off your shirt. I’ll give you a massage.”

I oblige and lay face down on her soft cozy bed. Much better than the motel bed I have been sleeping in. She straddles my butt and begins rubbing my shoulders.

“So does this compare to those big black hands the other night?”

I knew this was coming. “They were enjoyable but there is nothing Fındıkzade Escort Bayan quite like a woman’s touch sis.”

“That’s good to hear. Gay sex is fun and all big bro but I don’t need you going full gay on me” she says laughingly.

“I love pussy way too much to do that.”

“Good” she says as I try to adjust my boner. She has moved to my lower back now and slides down to remove my shoes. “Here take off your pants.”

“I don’t have any underwear on.” She looks around then gets up and walks to her dresser. Opens a drawer then turns around and throws something at me. “Put those on.”

I unfold a pair of black lace panties. “HAHAHAHA very funny” I say. Then she grabs my pant legs and starts pulling.

“I’m not joking I want to see.”

“Okay turn around though.” I put the sexy lace panties on. My favorite. My dick is sticking through the waste line. They hug my butt cheeks nice. I lay face down. “Okay.”

“Ooh nice butt.”

“Just rub me!!” She starts rubbing my feet and I start to doze off. I kind of come out of my trance as she starts rubbing my butt. She is moving her thumbs closer and closer to the inside of my thigh. Then towards my cock. I pick up my pelvis slightly and she reaches down and pulls Escort Fındıkzade my cock towards her.

She starts rubbing my dick with her left hand while rubbing my ass with her right. She continues this for several minutes alternating between hands. Then she puts both hands on my waste and pulls me up onto my knees. Sliding a finger between the thin lace she pulls my… or her… panties to the side exposing my shaved butthole. I feel her tongue press against my anus.

With both hands my sister begins milking my cock. My ass feels amazing as Brittney penetrates my asshole with her tongue. I can feel her spit dripping down to my balls.

“Lick my balls sis.” She sucks both of them into her mouth. Removing one hand from my cock I now feel her rubbing around my tight hole. “Go ahead and fuck my ass.” Without hesitation she slides in a finger. I moan loudly.

Panties to the side. Cock being stroked. Balls sucked. A finger in the ass…wait… two fingers in the ass. I’m in ecstasy. In, out, in, out. Up, down, up, down. My sister is so amazing. Faster. She picks up the pace. My body starts to jerk.

I feel it Cumming and so does she. She strokes my cock faster. Sucks my balls harder. And fingers my ass harder.

“Oh god sis I’m ccuuummm!!” Right then she takes her mouth off my balls and pulls my cock back and takes my dick into her mouth. I fill her mouth with my jizz and she swallows it all. I collapse on the bed.

Knock knock. “Mommy” we hear.

“Shit parent time” she says as she throws a blanket over me and I fall right asleep..