Brittany-Part I, The Beginning.

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Brittany-Part I, The Beginning.Being my daughter’s best friend, Brittany was a fixture around our house for years and I for one had no problem with that. Whether it was her luscious round ass, her toned thighs or those massive young tits, she offered plenty of visual stimulation. The rumors of her slutty tendencies only serving to fuel the fire. The 18 yr old was the embodiment of sex and she knew it and was not afraid to let others know. Tight tops, short skirts, skimpy bikinis and other such revealing clothing were her attire of choice and again I had no issues with that. In fact I used those images to satisfy myself almost daily and on those rare occasions when my wife would actually want sex it was Brittany that I would think about. I would imagine it was her perfect teen ass that was bent over before me. It was her 18 year old pussy that I was imagining pumping my cock into. That was what made me cum the hardest. I never thought that it would actually happen though, I was wrong.It was a Saturday and as usual Brittany and my daughter Jessica were lounging around the pool. I spied from the upstairs window as I stroked my needy cock. I had just finished when they both looked up. I quickly ducked to avoid detection. A few minutes later I heard them enter the house. When I came downstairs Jessica was on her cell phone.“Mom called. She said that she has to cover the overnight shift at the hospital.”“Wonderful. What do you girls have planned for tonight?”“Well we were actually going to see if you wanted to go catch a movie.” my daughter had no problems with spending time with her parents. In fact she seemed to enjoy as did I.“Sounds good. Check the listings and pick one out.” try as I might I couldn’t help but steal a few glances at Brittany as she bent over to get something from the fridge.“Hey how about the drive-in!” Brittany chimed in.“Oh yeah! Can we Daddy? We haven’t been in so long.” our small town was one of the very few that still had a operating drive-in movie theater and it used to be a regular haunt for us not to mention the local teenage populace often congregated there. How could I say no? ************************************************************************A few hours later and the car was packed and ready to go. When the girls came downstairs my eyes about popped out of their sockets. Brittany was wearing a short, pink pleated skirt that came to about mid-thigh. The white tank top that she had on strained to hold in balıkesir escort her large tits and the deep neck line showed enough cleavage to make any woman jealous….and any man hard. I was no exception. Not to be outdone Jessica had chosen a similar outfit with her jean skirt and black tank.“Wow. You girls change or minds or something? You got dates? I feel kind of under dressed.” I chuckled as I stood there in a pair of loose fitting shorts and an old t-shirt. They assured me that I looked fine and we all climbed into the car. As Brittany climbed into the back seat with Jessica I got a great view of her ass as her skirt rode up. The sight of those lacey panties made my cock twitch. I struggled to recall what that particular style was called. Booty shorts? Boy shorts? Either way I approved.I half expected them to run off in search of friends when we got there but to my amazement they didn’t. By the time the first movie was over Jessica was passed out asleep and I admit that I was feeling groggy when Brittany’s voice chimed in.“You mind if I sit up front? I can’t really see back here and Jess is starting snore.”“Not all. Come on up.” I covered the dome light with my hand as not to disturb my daughter when Brittany opened the door. This time as she slid into the front seat I got a nice little look at the front of those lacey panties. Needless to say I was wide awake….and so was my cock. There was no way in hell that I could focus on the movie, instead my mind chose to zero in on the sexy ten sitting next to me. I was lost in thought when I heard her.“Oh my god. I think those people are doing it.” my brain still not out of the realm of sexual thought, I gave her a quizzical look.“Look, see the car next to us. I think she is going down on him.” sure enough that was what it looked like to me as well. I could only see him but he was laid back and looked to be enjoying himself and every so often I would see the top of her head.At this point neither of us were watching the screen, instead we were both intently focused on the show in the car next to us. After a few minutes the girl raised up and I figured that he had cum, instead she slid onto his lap and began to slowly ride him. My cock was throbbing. I heard Brittany softly moan.“Wow, I didn’t think people actually did that at drive-in’s.” I about shot my load when I noticed that Brittany was softly feeling one of her large, firm tits. In retaliation I started to slowly kneed balıkesir escort bayan my aching cock through my shorts.We were both lost in out own little sexual thoughts. Me personally I was mainly watching Brittany as she watched the woman next to us riding her man. Her shirt pushed up over her tits as he began to kiss and suck each nipple.“Oh that’s so fucking hot.” I heard her whisper. I’m still not sure what came over me. Maybe it was the years of provocative dress, or the seemingly endless flirting but I couldn’t help myself. I reached over and gently caressed the tit that Brittany wasn’t already full on feeling up. I half expected her to freak out but instead she let out a loud moan. When I looked up at her she was looking at me and biting her bottom lip. She gave a quick glance to the back seat and them smiled.“She’s still sleeping” she assured me. We started kissing. Her tongue pushed into my mine as my grip on her massive young tits intensified. I lifted that shirt up and latched my lips onto the nearest nipple. Brittany moaned louder. She grabbed my hand and slid it down to her thigh. I took the cue and began to work that hand up under her skirt and when I felt her panties she spread her legs open, allowing my access. She let out a stifled scream as I rubbed the damp material against her mound. I could feel her wetness growing.“Oh fuck yes. Feels so good. MMMM put your finger inside me. Finger fuck my little pussy!” she was getting louder but I didn’t care. My only thoughts were of making this little slut cum.“Two, put two inside me!” I quickly drove a second finger up her soaked snatch. Her pussy was so wet, I was sure that there would be a damp spot on the seat. “Harder. Harder! Fuck that little cunt!” she was grinding on my fingers as I roughly worked them in and out of her tight hole. I had pulled my cock free of my shorts and had started to slowly stroke it when I felt her push my hand away and wrap her fingers around my shaft.“MMMM such a big fucking cock!” her hand stroking me as she was fucking my fingers faster and harder. I could hear the sounds of her sloppy pussy swallowing my fingers. Her moans started getting louder and louder and was afraid that Jessica would wake up and put an end to this so I reluctantly abandoned her tits and began to kiss her again. As her orgasm neared her pace on my throbbing dick slowed to a crawl. I could feel her moaning against my lips as I pounded my fingers escort balıkesir loudly against her hairless mound. Faster. Harder. Deeper. Rougher. Finally she pushed herself down on them and grabbed my hand, holding it still as felt her teen pussy cum. Fuck was it amazing. As she broke our kiss I pulled my hand from between her thighs, coated in her sweet juices. I watched in awe as she grabbed my hands and slowly sucked each finger clean, tasting herself then kissing me in an attempt to allow me the same sticky treat. Her hand once again found my rigid pole.“MMMM such a nice thick daddy cock.” she moaned as she stared at it, her head dipping down closer. I gasped as her tongue slipped across the head, lapping at the pre-cum that ran like a river. She ludely spat on it and took the head into her talented mouth. I watched as the young slut swallowed me to the base and I almost shot when I felt her tongue snake out to tease my balls. I grabbed the back of her head, which she seemed to really enjoy, and began to guide her mouth up and down. “No hands baby. Just that mouth.” I instructed. She did as I said and I instead felt her fingers working on my cum filled sack. This girl certainly knew how to suck a dick.I guided her up and down, slow at first so I could not only feel it but also watch her pretty face as she deep throated me. Her skill was second to none and it was obvious that this little whore had sucked more than her fair share of dick. Her tongue swirled around me as she bobbed up and down. When she when go deep she would hold me there in her throat and start to work her throat muscles around my swollen head, looking up at me as she did. Wetness was leaking from her mouth. She was getting sloppy and I fucking loved it.“Oh that’s it you dirty little fucking slut! Suck my fucking cock.” she pulled me free of the warmness of her mouth.“MMMM fuck my mouth. I want that daddy cum!” I pushed up into her mouth as I forced her head back down onto my aching tool. I held it there as I pumped my length in and out of her until I felt that familiar surge boiling up in my balls. I let up and allowed to finish me. Her lips clamped around the head as her hand jerked me off.“Yes Brittany, that’s it. Oh you sexy little fucking slut! Here it comes!” I felt myself start to erupt and I’m not sure that Brittany was expecting there to be so much of it. I kept pumping spurt after spurt into her slut mouth and true to her nature she did all she could to take every last drop. Finally she sat up and showed me the cum in her mouth before swallowing it. As skilled as she is there were a few drops that escaped and were running from the corners of her mouth, she wiped them up with her fingers and then sucked them clean.