Britney Intrigues Mommy

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I came home from work late on Friday evening. It was a long, stressful day and I just wanted to change into my sweats, open a bottle of wine, and watch a movie on the couch. As I entered the house, everything was quiet, and all the lights were off. I assumed my 18 year old daughter was out with her friends. I walked up the stairs and started hearing some soft moaning. My daughter Britney’s door was slightly ajar. I walked over and peeked in.

My beautiful daughter was laying on her bed naked with her legs spread wide open. She was rubbing her clit vigorously, as she fingered her pussy hard. I was shocked at how turned on I was. This was my own daughter and my pussy started tingling as I watched her please herself. Her moaning was driving me crazy. I ran into my room and pulled out my fat dildo. I took my pants and underwear off so fast and shoved the cock inside me. I fucked my wet cunt until I came all over it. Afterwards, I couldn’t believe what just happened, and tried to forget it as I showered.

Britney came into the bathroom, “Hi mom, I Giresun Escort didn’t know you were home.”

“Hey sweetie, sorry I didn’t say hi first, it’s been a long day and I just wanted to jump in the shower.”

“That’s ok mom.” She said. “I’m kind of tired, I’m going to bed early tonight. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Ok baby girl, goodnight.” She closed the bathroom door and I finished my shower.

As I poured the last of the bottle of wine into my glass, I couldn’t get the sight of my little girl fingering her tight little pussy out of my head. I wonder if she lets boys play with her pussy like that. I wonder if she’s ever let a boy stick his cock in her.. I found myself getting turned on, and started rubbing my hard clit. I had no panties on, and was only wearing a long tee-shirt. My pussy was getting so wet, and I knew what I needed. I needed my daughter’s sexy pussy.

I crept up the stairs and into my sleeping girl’s room. I softly sat down on the bed, trying not to wake her. I pulled the blanket down and Giresun Escort Bayan saw that she was only wearing a tee-shirt, just like me. I pulled it up a little, exposing her perfectly shaved teenage pussy. I lightly ran my fingers up and down her slit.. Mmmm.. It felt so good to touch that sweet pussy.

I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop. Still asleep, Britney quietly moaned, and slowly spread her legs open. I had a close up view of her pussy and it looked delicious. I inched my face closer, sticking my tongue out and softly licking her clit. Oh god it tastes so good. I closed my mouth around her clit as I sucked it into my mouth. I continued to lick and suck her clit as I slid a finger into her wet pussy. I started fingering her faster, and harder.. Mmmm..

“Mommy what are you doing! Oh my god.. Mmmm.. Whattt… mmmm yeaa… ohh goddd mommy..”

Her pussy was so wet, I knew she loved what I was doing. “Mmm you like that don’t you baby? You like the way mommy eats your pussy?? It tastes so fucking good, I wanna Escort Giresun make this cunt cum so hard.”

“We cant do this mom, its not right. What’s gotten into you?” Britney asked, as she moaned and grinded her pussy harder on my face.

I slid my finger out of her soaking wet cunt and rubbed it up and down her clit. “I know its wrong sweetie, I’m sorry, but I saw you masterbating earlier and I needed to have this pussy. Doesn’t it feel good baby? Tell mommy what you want me to do to you.”

Britney held one leg up, spreading her pussy open even more. “finger my pussy mommy. Stick 2 fingers in me and fuck me hard.” I did just what she said, shoving my fingers in and out of her tight, wet pussy. “Mmmm you like that? You like mommy’s fingers pounding your fucking cunt? You’re such a dirty girl. Your mommy’s nasty little slut now. Cum for me baby. Give mommy all that fuckin pussy juice.”

I slammed my fingers as hard and as fast as I could in and out of her cunt. Her body started shaking as she screamed out in pleasure, “Ohhh fuckkk I’m cumminggggg!!”

My daughter’s pussy dripped cum all over my hand, and I licked it all up, sucking each finger. She tasted so good. Britney collapsed on the bed as she tried to catch her breath.

“Get some sleep baby girl. Mommy’s gunna be hungry again in the morning.”