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BrianBrian was a good find. A good phuk. A one in a thousand.He was in his late 40s when I met him – me in my late teens. For quite a while he was a sugar daddy – best years of my life.He had a big cock (over 8”) which was quite intimidating at first but the money was good and his expert-level experience in the bedroom was a huge advantage. I was not too sure when he requested (at our 2nd meeting no less) anal. I refused and all was good but by the time we met 5 times he was practically insisting and I realised I would loose him if I did not accept.We never met more than once a week; and sometimes it would fall to twice a month. I missed the money and his cock when that happened. Each time we met his long, hard cock and his experience would offer me 2 or 3 marvellous orgasms that kept me going.When I eventually agreed to it he spent a good half hour playing with my bum. Relaxing me and playing with me and taking his time to open me up nicely with tongue, then finger then two. And after pounding me pussy hard for a while he pulled out and placed the tip of his cock on my bumhole.I gasped with surprise but he just held there, spat on my and massaged it with his cock like a paint brush. He then applied some lube and used his fingers some more and then place his cock on my tight opening once more. He gently opened my bum cheeks and just held there. He allowed me to take control.Before long he was in me. And it was definitely not unpleasant. I gently rocked back and forth with just a few inches in me and he just held me. He regularly applied saliva and more lube and as tokat escort I got slipery I sped up and more of him churned away inside me. I remember bracing myself on the thick carpet and arching my back as much as possible as I could hear my intestines churning and gurgling as he phuked me. Make that: as I phuked him. Because he kept perfectly still. He just pulled my bum cheeks open and groaned gently as I moved back and forth.After a good few minutes of this my bumhole was getting hot and despite being naked I was beginning to feel quite warm. A very confusing and happy feeling – I thought. But just then he rocked his hips forward as I moved back. My head starting spinning and I felt flush bright red. This happened another 3 or 4 times. He was gentle and patient and soon it was me grunting through gritted teeth. He had stopped moaning and was just concentrating.Then he slowed down and I kinda hoped he was gonna cum but he did not. It was unpleasant for me but I remember thinking “good it’s over” but it was not. He slowed right down and stopped me from moving with his hands. Then he pulled himself all the way and held there for a bit. He placed the tip of his cock in my gaping opening and pushed again and vanished inside me. This he repeated several times very slow and deliberate.He admired me, spat on my gaping bumhole and got up. He ordered me to stay there and went and got his phone. He got back inside me and opened up the camera. He made a 20-second long clip of gently phuking me and pulling out of me then threw me the phone. He went back to gently phuking escort tokat me and made me watch.“Just look at that tiny bum…” he said.“Ugh-hmmm” is all I could say as I watched in fascination.“Now look at that gape!”“Ugh-hmmm” is all I could say as I watched in horror.“Isn’t that marvellous?” he asked but I was too scared to answer. But not scared of my arsehole gaping like that as I watched it on loop. But rather the fact that he was only half in me.Then he went back to applying more lube and then kept still. I soon got the idea and starting rocking back and forth and he started jerking forward ever so slightly. My innards squelched and churned and after a few more strokes I needed a rest. I moved forwards but he staying in me. I moved a bit more till he flopped out. I moved round slightly and felt anal and pussy juices leaking out of me. His cock stood long, thick purple and very, very angry. He just smiled at me.“Where ya going?”“Nowhere – just a bit…. Intense?” I complained but he smiled politely and said:“You are doing fine – this is unreal!”‘Thanks a phuking lot!’ I thought to myself. He just stayed there and soon I was reversing myself onto him again.“I really wanna phuk you!” he said as I rocked gently back and forth.‘Like, what have we be doing thus far?’ I thought to myself again.He let of my buttocks and grabbed my waist.‘Uh-oh!’ I thought and he held me still a few seconds and then starting rocking. He kept me still and I arched my back as much as I could as that made it a bit easier.And I was very grateful I did because he picked up pace tokat escort bayan and after 3 or 4 strokes he was pulling me onto him and the room started spinning as I felt dizzy. I tried to protest – insides were really complaining now with horrible gurgling sounds but something strange happened to my pussy. It flushed bright red and hot and gushed!I looked down in amazement and grunted through a few more thrusts and then I came!It was a marvellous (if somewhat frightening) orgasm that had me yelping in pleasure but he was not done. He was grunting, I was groaning. He was spitting on my bum and I was dripping with sweat. Then he paused for a few seconds and once we were a bit quieter he almost whispered“I’m gonna cum inside your bum!”‘Hurry up I thought….’He pulled me onto him and jerked forwards. It was as his pelvis slapped onto my bum I realised we were now truly phuking.He grunted but all I could do was arch my back. So he repeated and I just kept silent. Every stroke he grunted as he slapped into me and I just clenched my teeth as he pummelled me relentlessly for several minutes.In that time I had another 2 orgasms was bright red and my bumhole was burning. I had tears streaming down my face and then he stopped. He grunted and groaned and jerked inside me. I felt a jolt and a huge flush or his spunk inside me. This happened a few more times and he just kept me still and moaned. After a few seconds of panting he slowly – ever so slowly pulled out of me. I remember travelling forwards as he gently pulled back and it took ages for that huge tool to finally slip out of me. That’s how deep inside me that thing was buried.Since then we almost exclusively phuked anal – as my experience grew I enjoyed it even more. The best being when he used to spank me at the same time. Utter heaven! I do so miss Brian!