Breakfast with Julie


“Baby, it’s time to wake up” you hear my soft voice, pulling you out of a restful sleep. Slowly you open your eyes and see me standing over you. “Good morning, Tim. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, I did, Wendy, thank you,” you reply softly.

“Good. Go get cleaned up and come to the kitchen, Julie and I have prepared breakfast for you. Oh and don’t come dressed, we like how you look naked.”

After the night we had, you cannot wait to see what today has in store. We have never added another woman to our bedroom activities. Julie is strikingly beautiful; shoulder length blonde hair, expressive light blue eyes that become a deeper and darker blue, as she gets sexually excited. Her body is perfectly tanned and toned, from her perky 38C breasts, her firm “onion butt” down to her long, lean legs. I took special care in selecting Julie, as you have always had a thing for blondes with nice asses. How you ended up with me, I will never know. It must be my personality.

Sleepily walking into the kitchen, you see Julie lying on the floor, naked, with her legs spread. Standing there with your mouth open and eyes wide, you look from the naked “hottie” on the floor to your adoring, loving girlfriend, sitting between Julie’s legs with a strawberry in hand, and smile. Beside Julie, on the floor, there is a tub of whipped cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup and a bowl of assorted food, bananas, a long thick cucumber, grapes and strawberries.

“We have been waiting so long for you,” I pout giving you my sad girl look. “Would you like to play with us, Kocaeli Escort Tim?”

“Yes, Wendy, I would like to play.”

“Good, come sit over here on the floor watch carefully.”

Taking the strawberry and slowly inserting it into Julie’s pussy, pushing it in gently with my finger. Grabbing another strawberry and repeating the process of insertion until all you can see the little green stem of the last strawberry poking out of Julie’s pussy, which is now full of sweet strawberry juice.

I pick up the bottle of chocolate syrup and squeeze it over Julie’s cunt, the thick sauce runs down her slit, coating her clit and running over her strawberry filled hole.

Opening the whipped cream, running my finger through the sweet white fluff, I slowly put a dab on Julie’s chocolate sauce covered clit. Moving my whipped cream covered finger to my mouth, I look into your eyes and slowly suck my finger clean.

“I’m hungry, Tim, are you hungry too,” I ask with a smile.

“Yes, I am hungry,” you reply quickly.

Leaning down between Julie’s legs, I slowly lick some of the syrup from her chocolate covered pussy. Lightly licking her cream and chocolate covered clit then licking down to her hole, pushing my tongue inside and pulling a strawberry out, catching it in my mouth. Moving towards you, I feed you the strawberry by kissing you deeply, the juice runs down your neatly trimmed beard, which is now covered with whipped cream and sticky chocolate sauce. I go back to Julie, removing another strawberry with my tongue and feeding Kocaeli Escort Bayan it to you.

After I remove the last strawberry from Julie, I grab the cucumber and hand it to you. “Tim, I need this to be nicely lubricated, all of it, suck it.”

“Yes, Wendy,” as you take the cucumber and begin to lick and suck on it. Slowly taking the cucumber into your mouth, like you are sucking a nice fat cock, as deep as you can before turning it around and sucking on the other end trying to get it as wet as possible before handing it back to me.

“Thank you, Tim,” as I take the cucumber from you.

Slowly I insert the cucumber into my pussy, watching you as I slide it as deep as I can before pulling most of it out. Julie sits up and moves closer, putting her legs underneath mine and taking the other end of the cucumber inserting it into her pussy. I lean back onto my arms as Julie reaches down and holds onto the cucumber. I begin to move back and forth, the cucumber sliding in and out, Julie’s grip is loose, so she can feel the cucumber-moving deep into her pussy with every thrust I make. I shake as my orgasm overtakes me, leaving a wet spot on the floor. I continue to fuck Julie with the cucumber until she cums.

Removing the cucumber from her pussy, I hand it to you. “I enjoyed watching you suck this before, suck it again, and then eat it.”

Watching as you suck the cucumber, I tell Julie to lie back. I move up Julie’s body, straddling her face. I lean forward and begin to lick and suck on Julie’s freshly fucked cunt. Julie responds Escort Kocaeli by sucking my wet pussy, sucking and licking, nibbling on my swollen clit. She slides her slender finger deep into my soaking wet pussy as I push back against her. I can feel her adding more fingers, first two then three as she stretches my hole. Finally, I feel every finger inside; I can feel her separating her fingers prying my cunt open. Slurping and moaning fills the room as I explode my sweet cream all over Julie’s face and hand.

Moving off Julie, I tell her to go shower, and I will call her a cab.

Sitting next to you, I grab the bowl of fruit; all that is left is grapes and one banana. I can feel you looking at me.

“What? I am hungry; did you think I was going to use these too?” Smiling I take your hand and kiss your cheek.

“So, Tim, did you enjoy breakfast?”

“Yes, I did. Thank you.”

Gently pulling you closer and whispering as sexily as I can into your ear, “I will make you some scrambled eggs, bacon and toast after Julie leaves.”

“Thank you, baby girl; you know how much I love bacon.”

“Yes, I do. I also know how much you love blondes and donuts…maybe next time I will find a blonde gas station chick that can give us a discount on Hostess chocolate covered mini donuts. That deal only works if you can be a good boy, though,” biting my bottom lip to keep from laughing.

“I’m always a good boy, princess,” laughing you gently lean forward and kiss my mouth.

“I know you are that’s why I keep you around.” Kissing the top of your head softly I gently lift your face so I can look into your beautiful blue eyes, “I love you so much, my special little guy.”

Smiling lovingly as you take my face in your hands, “I know you do my beautiful angel. I love you.”